Tok'ra communicator manual

This manual will show how to paint a Tok'ra communicator kit to look like they do on the show. You can see one of them in the SG-1 episodes Jolinar's Memories/The Devil You Know.

The resin kit (unpainted communicator) can often be bought at conventions or online - or perhaps made yourself from either wood or resin. They look like this (front and back):

If you want to, they can be primed before painting, as this will make the paint stick to it better. I used Testors spray enamel, 1237 Flat Gray Primer. I then used Rub'n'buff spanish copper to colour the commicator. Spread it on in a thin layer with a q-tip, then rub it with a cloth. Repeat the rubbing the day after when it is dry, to make it shine more.

The next step is to apply some Rub'n'buff patina to the communicators. Just put on a little here and there, smudging it and rubbing it. It should look something like this:

Rub'n'buff can be bought in stores like Hobby Lobby or at

Now, use a flat, medium/small brush to paint the small area at the base of the communicator in a dark tan colour. I used Model Master Dark Tan (4700).

We now only need to apply the blue/purple paint in the "ribbons" across the communicator. For this I used a combination of Model master acryl french blue with a little purple added to it. I again used the flat brush.

The result is this:

To make the colours less likely to rub off, you can finish by using some kind of sealer, which doesn't react badly with the vax in the Rub'n'buff.