The Sci-Fi/Action/Disaster Movie Drinking Game

I found this on a newsgroup sometime. If anyone knows who has written it, I will be more than happy to give them their due credit! Just send me an email.

Each occurrence costs the players one drink unless otherwise noted. If you want to make it competitive, each player could take a different subset of rules to see who's un/luckier.

You also may want to institute a "Buy 5, get one free" rule. E.g., in Stargate, the sons of bitches say "Stargate" about 16 times. Rule #1 will kick your ass in this case, so take it easy on yourself - after 5 Stargates, let the sixth go by with a nod, not a sip.

And now, drinkable quotes (none need to be exact):

Unfortunately, we do not at this time have any 'finish your drink' rules. Although if you watch _Stargate_ you can pretty much finish a drink for the # of times the title is quoted. ouch.