Chapter 9 summary: Martouf and Lantash continues to have hallucinations, interspersed with periods of lucidity. Now, however, they are beginning to get very amorous as well.
Warning: chapter is NC-17 for sex


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Sam had managed to convince Martouf and Lantash that it was best they slept in the large bed in the main bedroom, instead of in a bed in one the two small rooms. She did not feel safe with him in another room. What if he woke up and was hallucinating - and did something stupid before she could stop him? If he slept in the same bed as her, she would wake up if he did, she was certain, and would be able to stop him. She had a zat'nik'tel on the floor beside the bed, and all other weapons were hidden, so he could not easily harm himself - or charge outside to attack the trees.

Of course, she could not tell him this outright without hurting his feeling, so she had pointed out that it was safer for them to be together, if the trees tried anything, and besides, it was warmer.

At first, he did not want to share the bed with her because he was afraid that he would begin hallucinating again, and, perhaps, ravish her, as he had said.

After assuring him she trusted him, and after repeating her other arguments, he had agreed. She suspected he knew her real reasoning, and feared that she was right, but none of them mentioned it.

They had slept for maybe an hour or so, when Sam was awakened rather abruptly, by Martouf or Lantash pulling her to them. 

"My sweet, beautiful Samantha..." Lantash murmured. "Martouf and I love you so much." He searched for her mouth in the darkness and found it, kissing her deeply. "I look forward to pleasuring you..." He kissed her again, "and making you cry out in release, again and again, as I pound into you, filling you with my seed and making you mine..."

Sam was surprised, but not unwilling. On the contrary, she felt a strong jolt of arousal. She wanted him, and had done so for a long time. She pushed any concerns aside, and embraced him.

She returned his kisses, licking his lips, sucking on them. He pushed his tongue against her mouth, and she parted her lips, allowing him to deepen the kiss. Their tongues tangled, as Lantash's hand found one of Sam's breasts and began fondling it, making her moan low in her throat.

Lantash pulled off his shirt and tossed it aside, then dove in for another drugging kiss. He kissed her again and again, while his hands roamed Sam's back. He slid a hand up her side, finding a breast again and caressing it, rubbing and flicking the nipple until it was as hard as it could be, before repeating the treatment on the other.

Sam groaned and let her hands glide down his naked back, wishing there was some light in here so she could see him as well as feel him. She dipped a hand inside the top of his pajama pants, sliding it down to fondle his ass. Lantash gasped and moved his hands from her breasts, finding the hem of her nightgown and pulling it off her. Throwing it over his shoulder, he proceeded to pull his pants down and shrug out of them, before he pushed Sam down on the bed, pinning her under him.

She was intoxicating and he could not get enough of her. He kissed her desperately, leaving them both gasping for air when he finally let go. He could not remember ever having been this aroused before, and Martouf was urging him on as well, feeling as he did. Lantash ran his hands down Sam's body, enjoying her smooth, warm, naked skin under his fingers.

He found her breasts again, savoring the feel of them without any clothing in the way. He caught one of her nipples between his lips, flicking his tongue over the hard point and making Sam moan and grind her crotch against him.

"Oh, god, Lantash...I need you..." She wanted him desperately, more than she had ever wanted anyone or anything. Why had they not gotten together before now? She was a fool, and she wanted to make up for the lost time, cherishing this second chance. She pulled on him, trying to get him even closer to her.  

He laughed as he raised himself a little and slid a hand down between her legs. "Soon, my beloved...soon you will be mine." He began stroking her through her panties, pleased to notice the material was already getting wet from her arousal. All the while he kept sucking, nibbling, and licking at her breasts. He slowly licked up over her throat, continuing to her neck. "I love you so much..." he murmured, his voice hoarse, as he kissed and suckled at her neck.

Lantash groaned as he rubbed his painfully hard erection against Sam's thigh, trying to gain some relief from the pressure, but it helped little. He needed to feel her pussy envelop his cock, and he needed it soon. He slipped his fingers inside the hem of her panties and grabbed her waistband, pulling her underwear down. Sam helped him, kicking them off, leaving her completely naked in his arms.

His thumb circled her clit, rubbing it gently. He dipped a finger inside her folds, making her gasp - then added another, enjoying how warm, tight, and wet his beloved was. Wet for him. He kept stroking her clit, as he gently pumped his fingers in and out of her pussy.

"Oh...fuck!" Sam moaned deeply, bucking against his fingers. They felt wonderful, but she wanted, needed him to fuck her, pound into her with his cock. She put her hand on his shaft and began to fondle him, stroking, then pumping, making him gasp out and thrust against her hand. He felt very nice - and big.

A sudden memory from Jolinar made her slide her other hand up his back, finding the places on his neck that gave her the best access to Lantash, allowing her to pleasure him more directly through the skin. She knew touching him like this should increase the pleasure for both him and Martouf. She slowly glided her hand along his spine, applying pressure when she reached the right spot, massaging and stroking him.

Lantash made a hoarse sound. "" His eyes flashed as he found her mouth and kissed her desperately. Sam did not stop pleasuring him, continuing her caresses on both his cock and his neck. He quickly lost control against this assault on his senses, and spread her labia, plunging his shaft inside, groaning from the sensation.

Sam gasped and arched her back, wanting to get as close as possible to him. He began moving, slowly at first. She wrapped her legs around him, using them to pull him towards her every time he thrust into her. He soon began rocking faster, driving into her. Sam still had a hand on his neck, caressing him there, and together with the feeling of her pussy around his shaft as he plunged into her, it was fast making him lose all control in a haze of lust.

He continued pounding into her, Sam meeting each of his thrusts and moaning almost constantly now. His movements getting erratic, he gasped, then thrust into her one more time, hard, before he shuddered as he came in her. Sam was almost there, and frantically pressed herself against him, rubbing and grinding for a few seconds before she cried out from an intense orgasm, her pussy rhythmically clenching and releasing around his shaft.

They lay there for several moments, feeling completely drained from the powerful release, before Lantash rolled off her and pulled her to him, snuggling against her. "My sweet, lovely Samantha," He mumbled, sleepily. "You were wonderful."

Sam smiled and half-turned to give him a kiss. "So were you." She cuddled up to him again. "Aren't you glad I insisted we slept in the same bed? Lantash?"

She listened to his even breathing, and realised he was already asleep. Smiling to herself, she soon drifted off to sleep as well.

Sam woke slowly. Still groggy, she moved a little, turning over on her other side. She felt warm, naked skin against her, and suddenly remembered. Smiling, she opened her eyes and looked at the naked, sleeping man beside her. The sun must be pretty high in the sky, because despite the shutters, the room was light enough for her to see Martouf/Lantash. He was lying on his back, the blanket partially wrapped around him, leaving his chest mostly bare. She lay there for several moments, just looking at him. Thinking back to what they had done during the night, she felt a stab of desire.

She sighed softly. She wanted him again, but he was sleeping soundly, and truth be told, she was rather hungry - and she needed to use the bathroom. She carefully leaned in and gave Martouf/Lantash a soft kiss on the mouth. He made a small sound, but did not wake up. She smiled, then got out of bed, taking care not to wake him. She knew he had not slept well the night before - and the night before that neither of them had gotten more than a few hours of sleep.

Spotting her nightgown hanging on the edge of the closet, she smiled, her thoughts again going to their lovemaking and how eager Lantash had been. She sighed a little, hoping he would not be embarrassed over his behaviour when he woke up. She more than suspected he had been under the influence of the hallucinogen again. It had been making him amorous the last couple of times, something which she far preferred to the anguish, anger, and paranoia. She hoped it meant he was on the way to getting well.

She grabbed some clean clothes and snuck out the door, throwing one more look at Martouf/Lantash before she did so.

Sam had washed and dressed. Looking at herself in the small mirror, she suddenly missed the far more daring clothing she had worn when dressed as one of the personal slaves of a Goa'uld. That was the only thing she missed from that place, though.

She had just begun making breakfast, when she heard the door to the bedroom open again. She went to look through the doorway to the living room.

"Martouf?" She looked at him. He was only wearing his pyjama pants - either he had not been able to find the top, or he had not cared to put it on.

He turned to her, looking a little confused and groggy, but he smiled at her. "Samantha...I just need to use the facilities."

"There's warm water if you need it." She smiled widely at him. "And I'm making breakfast for us."

He nodded. "Thank you." He gave her another smile, looking a little awkward.

Sam returned to the food she was preparing, frowning. She had wanted to run to him and kiss him, but he had reacted rather strangely. Friendly, but she had hoped for more than that after last night. Of course, she was fairly sure he had not been lucid, so perhaps he either did not remember, or regretted what had happened...

She had just finished preparing breakfast, when Martouf came into the kitchen, looking very ashamed. "Samantha. I need to apologize for unforgivable behaviour last night. I...forced myself on you."
"Martouf..." Sam began, wanting to reassure him.

He dipped his head, and Lantash took over.

"I am the one to blame, not Martouf. I should have been able to control urges, but I was not. Worse, I cannot guarantee this will not happen again. This poison...I cannot seem to neutralize it. Every time I appear to have won, it returns. Samantha, there is no excuse for this behaviour, I..."

"Lantash. Stop!" Sam took his arm. "Listen to me."

"You are not safe with me!"

She took a deep breath. "Please, just listen. First; you were not yourself, you were being affected by something that acted as both a hallucinogen and an aphrodisiac, and so you are not to blame, even if you had, ah, forced yourself on me. Which you did not. I did not attempt to stop you. Not at all."

"I would not have stopped even if you had tried to stop me, and I am very strong. Samantha, I cannot remain here..."

"We do not know if you would have stopped. I think you would, but as I said, I did not want you to stop. Besides, I had the zat, remember? I could have stopped you if I really wanted."

He looked at her, stunned. "You did not want me to stop?"

"No, my sweet, silly Lantash! Have you not been paying attention at all? I have told you, repeatedly, that I love you."

"I...did not really believe you. I thought, perhaps, I was hearing things - very pleasant things. Or that you might tell me what I wanted to hear, in order to stop me from, ah, doing stupid things." He blushed, making no attempt to stop the reaction.

Sam smiled at him, stroking his arm. "I really do love you, both of you...and I enjoyed what we did last night very much. I have wanted you for a very long time."

"Then you are not angry with me? I am afraid I was very rough on you." He suddenly looked concerned. "I hope I did not harm you, or cause you pain." He looked nervously at the parts of her not covered by clothing.

Sam sighed. "You didn't harm me. Tau'ri girls are stronger than that!" She got an idea - something that should convince him both that he did not 'ravish' her, and that she did indeed want him. "I'll show you." She quickly kicked off her sandals, opened her belt and stripped off her dress, enjoying Lantash's expression as she pulled off bra and panties and stood naked before him. "See? No bruises!" She slowly turned before him, making sure he got a good look at her body.

Lantash made a strangled sound, then grabbed her hands, pulling her close to him. "You are teasing me, my Samantha. Tempting me with your luscious body...did you really expect I would be able to resist your guile?" He murmured into her ear.

"I was hoping you would not..." Sam smiled, kissing him.

He pushed her up against the nearby wall, one of his hands cupping her ass and slowly fondling a buttock. He slid his hands over her body, caressing her breasts as he kissed her deeply. Sam moaned into his mouth, already very turned on. She let her hands glide over his body, enjoying the feeling of his warm, smooth skin.

"My sweet beloved..." He kissed her mouth again, before trailing kisses down her neck, nipping and licking here and there. "You are intoxicating. I want you, so much...we both do..." He leaned down to take a nipple in his mouth, flicking it with his tongue, making her gasp. He laved the hard point for a moment longer before letting Martouf fore, wanting to let his soulmate have control for this mating - feeling a bit ashamed he had not done so when they first made Samantha theirs.

*You have nothing to apologize for - we may both have been confused, but I clearly remember not minding at the time. While I did not have control, you did not, ah, behave as a Goa'uld. You did nothing to prevent me from experiencing the pleasure - and it was a very pleasurable experience...* Martouf pointed out, 'hugging' his symbiote and sending him warm, comforting feelings.

Lantash returned the feeling, grateful, before they both focused their attention completely on the woman in their arms.

Martouf had been continuing his pleasuring of Sam's breasts, but he now went back to kissing her mouth. Sam tangled her tongue with his as one of her hands slipped down between them to fondle his already hard shaft, while her other found the spot on his neck that she had used to drive Lantash mad with lust the night before. She longed to feel him inside her again, wanted him to lose his control and just take her.

Martouf groaned and thrust forward, helplessly, pushing his manhood against her hand. "Sa...Samantha, don't...I want to...pleasure you slowly."

"I didn't say I wanted it slow..." She increased the pressure on both his cock and his neck as she captured his mouth again, kissing him passionately. "I want to feel you inside me."

He made a hoarse sound and pulled away from her, grabbing her hands and turning her around, facing the wall. Using one hand, he held her hands over her head; with the other he caressed her back, leaning in to place a few kisses as well. Still holding her hands, he pressed himself against her, rubbing against her for a moment before he slipped his other hand between her legs, spreading her folds and slipping a finger inside. Pleased, he found her very wet and ready. Sam gasped, pushing herself back against him, bucking against his fingers.

Martouf grinned. "Patience..." He placed his shaft at her opening and slid inside, gasping at the sensation. He held very still for a moment, trying to make this last a long time, instead of giving in and taking her fast and hard as he wanted. Sam whimpered and wiggled her ass, urging him to move.

He gave in, slowly thrusting in and out of her. It did not take long before he felt his control slipping, and he moved his hand to place his fingers against her clit, circling it, stroking it. His thrusts became harder, deeper, faster; the speed and pressure of his thumb against her sensitive nub increasing with them.

Sam was moaning deeply, moving with him. She cried out, bucking against him as she came, her pussy squeezing his cock. Martouf groaned and closed his eyes, the pleasure pushing him over the edge. He pounded into her a few more times, then rammed his shaft in one more time, moaning deeply with his release. He leaned against her, panting hard.

When he could again think clearly, he pressed a kiss against her neck and smiled as he held her. She was a little unsteady on her legs, as was he. "You are naughty, do you know that?" He laughed. "But that is just how I want you."

Sam smiled, turning in his embrace. "Then I take it you no longer fear you ravished me?"

"Oh, I do think we ravished you - but I also think you were a very willing participant in that..." His eyes sparkled as he leaned in to kiss her again. "Now...Lantash and I are feeling ravenous - perhaps we should partake of that wonderful breakfast you have made...before retreating to the bed chamber to sate another hunger that is starting to burn again..."

Sam rolled her eyes at him, swatting him playfully. "You are insatiable...but both suggestions sound very good to me..."

Another day passed. Martouf and Lantash still had bouts of the hallucinations and mood swings, but without the added stress of worrying about Sam's feelings for them, they did not go through the same anguish, and they did not try to run off to be eaten by the carnivorous plants.

This was a great relief for Sam, though she was still very concerned for them. The periods where they hallucinated seemed to be growing shorter, and further between, but now and then she despaired of them ever being able to leave, even if they found a way to avoid the trees. The Jaffa were out there as well, and if Martouf and Lantash had an episode while they were hiding or fighting the Jaffa, things could become very unpleasant.

However, all was not bad, and during the times when they were lucid she had to admit that she enjoyed being trapped here with them. She very much enjoyed their company, and she was falling even more in love with them. They were sweet and kind, good friends - and great lovers, both skilled and thoughtful. If only the murderous trees and the Jaffa were not out there, she might have looked upon this as a vacation.

The trees did not come closer, but neither did they leave. They were waiting, just at the edge of the clearing.

Chapter 10: They are not Gods