TITLE: Deep Trouble
AUTHOR: Roeskva
ARTIST: pattrose
ARTIST: xenharmonica
BETA: skarpedin and pagan_twylight
CATEGORY: AU, Apocafic, Angst, Drama, Action/Adventure
WORDS: 75k
CHARACTERS: Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Samantha Carter, Teal'c, Jolinar, Martouf, Lantash, Jacob, Selmak, Apophis, Mark Carter, Janet Frasier, Gen. George Hammond, others
PAIRINGS: Sam/Jolinar/Martouf/Lantash
WARNINGS: Disturbing images. Some violence, non-graphic torture, sex
NOTES: * denotes host/symbiote internal communication. Written for Stargate Big Bang 2012 on Livejournal
SUMMARY: Goes AU from "In the Line of Duty". When Apophis returned with his ships to take his revenge on the Tau'ri, the only option was escape. Exiled on another planet with a minimum amount of supplies and allies, the plan is still to take back Earth. The only hitch? Their best chance at beating the Goa'uld is a Goa'uld, specifically a rebel named Jolinar who has taken Sam as a host. With Jolinar's allegiance uncertain, she must win over the trust of the Tau'ri and their leaders before she can return to the Tok'ra to forge an alliance that could change the galaxy.

Art by pattrose : http://pattrose.livejournal.com/386670.html
Art by xenharmonica: http://xenharmonica.livejournal.com/2274.html

* denotes host/symbiote communication.

Canon timeline for comparison:

In the Line of Duty: July 03 1998
Secrets: August 21 1998
Tok'ra I & II: October 02-09 1998


[ Chapter 1: An Unpleasant Surprise | Chapter 2: On the Run | Chapter 3: Refugees | Chapter 4: Revelations | Chapter 5: Occupied | Chapter 6: Doubts and Changes | Chapter 7: Stress and Developments | Chapter 8: Unpleasant Times | Chapter 9: Visitors | Chapter 10: The Tollan | Chapter 11: Talking and Learning | Chapter 12: Escape | Chapter 13: Trade and an Attack | Chapter 14: Progress | Chapter 15: An Attack | Chapter 16: Searching for the Tok’ra | Chapter 17: Blending - and Sharing | Chapter 18: A Ritual | Chapter 19: Decisions - and an Unpleasant Discovery | Chapter 20: A Hard Choice | Chapter 21: Changes | Chapter 22: Undercover | Chapter 23: Contact | Chapter 24: Explanations and Love | Chapter 25: Escape From Sifton | Chapter 26: In the Tok’ra Tunnels | Chapter 27: Cooperation | Chapter 28: Unexpected Revenge - and a Farewell | Chapter 29: Home ]

1. An Unpleasant Surprise
Earth, July 3rd 1998

"I believe Jolinar speaks the truth," Teal'c said.

"Look, he told me about this resistance. Now, they have a totally different way of life from the Goa'uld we know. They don't believe in taking hosts against their will," Daniel added.

"Right, like Carter and this Nasyan guy?" O'Neill sounded sarcastic.

"No, he had no choice. He wants to leave Carter," Daniel argued.

"But if they don't believe in taking hosts, how do they survive?" Hammond wondered.

"They take humans who are about to die. Who choose to continue to live and co-exist with the Goa'uld. Now according to Jolinar this can be a rewarding relationship," Daniel said.

The telephone rang, temporarily pausing the meeting as Hammond went to answer it.

"Hammond." He listened for some time. "You're sure? Who is it?" Hammond's expression darkened. "I see... and you are certain? Of course. We will start the evacuations at once. Goodbye." He looked at Daniel, O'Neill, and Teal'c. "That was NASA. They've spotted two motherships coming this way, having just emerged from behind the moon."

"Motherships!" O'Neill exclaimed, disbelief evident on his face. "We've just fought off one of those bastards for Christ's sake, and there's already another one coming for us? Which Goa'uld is it this time?"

"It's still Apophis. Apparently his ships weren't destroyed and NASA thinks they've been hiding behind the moon, while effecting repairs. Air Forces around the planet are scrambling whatever defences they can put up, but it will only be a matter of time - less than a day - before Apophis is here. It means we're starting evacuations to the Alpha site immediately."

"What about Sam?" Daniel asked.

"She - and Jolinar - will be evacuated to the Alpha site. We don't know enough to be certain if we can trust Jolinar, but he can be useful in any case."

"Useful..." Daniel frowned, worried this would mean as a guinea pig for ways to incapacitate or kill a Goa'uld most efficiently.

Since the Nasyans had already started arriving from the hospital, they were sent offworld while the groups that were going to the Alpha site were assembled. This was made somewhat easier by the fact that much had been prepared for the evacuation that had begun the first time Apophis attacked Earth, a few weeks ago.

Siler had spent time making lists of everything that would be needed, as well as tracking down the best places to get everything from, how much was stored where, and how to best transport it to Cheyenne Mountain and on to the Alpha site.

He had even considered the logistics of how to get the large quantities of food and other supplies through the Stargate as fast as possible. The solution he had come up with was unusual, but ingenious. They would use a long conveyor belt at the Alpha site, which could transport the crates away from the Stargate as they came through, meaning they would avoid building up a pile just on the other side of it, forming a bottleneck when they had to evacuate quickly. Those people who had already come through, would then stand in lines and move crates off the conveyor belt and further away, avoiding congestion.

Hammond had agreed to Siler's plans, and also that they should go forward with the implementation of them quickly, even if an attack had just been fought off. Who knew when there would next be a crisis that required evacuation? They had, after all, acquired several enemies in the short time they had been going out into the Galaxy, and would likely find more. Because of this, Hammond had ordered them to begin installing the conveyor belt immediately, and it had in fact just been installed the day before - which now turned out to be excellent timing. 

Helicopters continued flying food and supplies to Cheyenne Mountain. It was lowered through the large door in the roof, and down just in front of the Stargate. It was then taken through the wormhole, together with the many people that were walking through at an almost constant speed.

Some supplies were already at the Alpha site, but it was not nearly enough for the thousands of people they hoped to evacuate. There was also not enough housing, meaning tents, sleeping bags, and blankets were needed. Fortunately, it was still summer at the Alpha site.

There was a river close by, with clean fresh water, so that would not be a problem, at least, and was one thing less to worry about. Fuel was required for the diesel generators - which would only give enough electricity to small parts of the complex anyway. Clothes, food, weapons, ammunition, and medical supplies, were all needed in large amounts.

Because so much food would be needed, they had decided to focus only on ready-made meals, like MREs. Apart from it being more convenient to transport and store, that would also cut down on the gear needed for preparing food, and it also had a longer shelf-life. That was a very important reason, given that access to refrigerators and freezers would be extremely limited.

"Where are you taking us?" Jolinar demanded, when Teal'c arrived with a group of guards, and opened the holding cell.

"Apophis is attacking. We are evacuating," Teal'c said.

"The ashrak?"


Jolinar nodded, but did not inquire further and just followed Teal'c and the guards quietly.

The corridors and everywhere they passed, were in chaos. People were running back and forth with supplies, refugees were being hurried towards the Stargate - all clear signs of the evacuation happening as quickly as possible. It reminded Jolinar of the Tok'ra tunnels, when the System Lords had been spotted, on their way to attack them. The situation here was much the same - an underground military base being attacked by the Goa'uld. The difference was that the Tok'ra could usually flee with all their people and most of the belongings. Here, that was not possible. Jolinar saw from Sam's mind that there was too much stuff - and far, far too many people, a whole planet full of them, in fact.

Jolinar felt sorry for them, and for all those many people that would now be subjugated, killed, enslaved, by Apophis. Yet, there was nothing to be done, at least at this point.

It happened when they left the elevator on the floor where the gateroom was located. Suddenly, in all the chaos, Jolinar sensed an energy signature. It was brief, but Teal'c was the only other one she should have been able to sense. He was behind her, but this was ahead of her. It could only be the ashrak.

She quickly looked around, and tried feeling for the signature again. It was somewhat difficult, because of the nearness of the Stargate, but after a few moments she was certain. It was gone. That meant the ashrak was at least 50 feet ahead of her - inside the gateroom, probably about to step through the Stargate. He would then hide on the planet and wait for an opportunity to kill Jolinar - and she would be behind bars.

Jolinar stopped and turned to Teal'c. "For a moment, I sensed an energy signature ahead of us."

"The ashrak," Teal'c said, immediately raising his weapon.

"Almost certainly," Jolinar agreed. "I do not sense him now - he must be further ahead, in the gateroom."

Teal'c nodded. He activated his radio. "Shut down the Stargate. The ashrak is in the gateroom." He listened. "Yes, O'Neill." He turned to Jolinar. "You will be able to point him out when we get there?"

They heard the sound of the iris sliding in place in front of the Stargate.


Teal'c directed his attention to the guards. "Be prepared. We are to take the ashrak alive - if possible."

Cautiously, they walked towards the entrance to the gateroom. They had only taken a few steps when Jolinar sensed the ashrak again.

"I sense him," Jolinar told Teal'c. "Do not forget - that means he will also sense me... and you. He knows we are coming."

Teal'c nodded. "I am aware of this."

"I assume the humans of this installation will not allow me to have a weapon?" Jolinar said, more as a comment than an actual question.

"Regrettably not, however..."

They walked through the door and into the gateroom. The symbiote's energy signature was masked somewhat by the Stargate, making it harder for Jolinar to pinpoint the ashrak's position accurately. She looked around the almost full room. Most of the Nasyans had made it through, but refugees from Earth had begun to assemble and ship out as well. Among them where fairly many soldiers, all armed. The ashrak would have his traditional hara'kesh, but he would most likely have gotten his hands on a local weapon as well.

It would be close to impossible to get the ashrak without wounding or killing several others.

"The dark-haired man in the camouflage uniform, near the bottom of the ramp. He wears a black beret," Jolinar whispered to Teal'c.

At the same moment, the ashrak grabbed hold of a man beside him and raised his weapon. He flashed his eyes and shouted, "Open the Stargate. Now! Or I shall kill a great many of you, starting with this man!" He tightened his grip.

"Surrender. They will never let you go!" Teal'c told him.

"Jaffa. Shol'vah." The ashrak turned his attention to the woman standing beside Teal'c. "I see you have caught my prey. Give her to me and let us go, and I shall not harm anyone else."

"Jolinar has taken one of our own as a host and is our prisoner!" O'Neill shouted, just as he ran into the room. "As you'll be soon enough!"

"You have surrendered to them? To humans? How despicable!" The ashrak snorted. "The mighty Jolinar - stooping so low! You are hardly even worthy of my skill!"

"Then leave, if you feel the mission is beneath you. I am certain Cronus will easily forgive you going back on your word - not to mention the Ashrak Guild." Jolinar snorted.

"Kresh'ta orac!" the ashrak hissed. "Tok'ra shol'vah."

"Okay, stop that!" O'Neill ordered. "It's just not polite talking a language not everyone present understands."

"Ha'shak," the ashrak snarled, again tightening the grip on his hostage. "Last chance - let me go or he dies!"

"As you wish." Teal'c suddenly said, surprising them all. "It is Jolinar you want. Take her - and let that man go!" He pushed Jolinar towards the ashrak, who quickly snatched her, releasing his previous hostage.

"Excellent, shol'vah. A belated realization of who is superior here." He sneered arrogantly.

"You realize he will kill me if you let him go? While you do not care for my life, your Captain's life will be forfeit as well!" Jolinar told them.

"Begging for your life, Tok'ra?" the ashrak grinned.

Jolinar looked coldly at him. "Hear this. The days of the Goa'uld System Lords are numbered. Tell them that I died with hope. My death only feeds the fire that burns strong in the Tok'ra."

The ashrak scoffed, but did not deign to answer her. "Let me go, and no one else shall be harmed." He waved the MP5 at them, using his other hand to keep the hand-cuffed Jolinar in a tight hold.

Thinking Jolinar was not a threat, he did not keep much attention on her. That was an error, when suddenly Jolinar's handcuffs fell to the ground and she whipped out a pistol, emptying the magazine into the ashrak before anyone else had time to react.

For a few moments afterwards, everyone stood as stunned, the only sound that of the ashrak falling to the ground, dead. Then it was suddenly a chaos of motion around them. Jolinar calmly walked up to Teal'c and handed him the weapon, bowing her head respectfully to him.

Chapter 2: On the Run