Deep Trouble, Chapter 15


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Chapter 15: An Attack

Summary: After one team are seen when they gate back to base, they come under attack and have to flee again. Jolinar is allowed to go look for the Tok'ra - together with SG-1.

September 30 1998, Beta site

After only a little over a week’s hard work, nine possible base worlds had been chosen, making it a total of ten bases, with the Beta site included.

The Council was by now convinced Jolinar had been correct when she said it was a security risk for them all to be on the same world, and they had decided to be the first to move to another world. They felt safer being on a world which had not potentially been 'compromised' when ‘untrusted’ civilians knowing the coordinates had been offworld. Indeed, when all their people knew the coordinates, and some of them had gone to places they could have been caught and forced to talk.

The Council chose a base which only few knew the address for, and then hand picked groups of people that were sent there to build housing and prepare everything. Guards were also chosen, which would live on that base, and protect the Council. It was all explained as being necessary, since the Council was the ruling body of the 'Free Earth' as the colony had started to call itself, and thus too important to risk.

A guard still followed Sam/Jolinar around, but he rarely interfered in where they went or what they did, so they usually ignored him completely. Jolinar had healed Jacob twice this week, and he was still better than he had been before she started doing so, but there was no doubt that it was a losing battle, and that blending with a symbiote was probably the only thing that would save him. While Jacob had mostly accepted Jolinar, and was no longer afraid of her, he was also still a long way from agreeing to become a host.

Of course, even if he had wanted to be a host, that was currently not an option, as Jolinar had not yet received permission to contact the rest of the Tok'ra, and thus there was no symbiote to blend with Jacob. True, Sam still was not sure she wanted to remain Jolinar's host, but after all that had happened, it would probably be months before Jolinar was strong enough to leave her, so that was also not an option, even if Jolinar would have agreed to take a male host.

Sam and Jolinar were just returning to their quarters after visiting Jacob and healing him again, when they heard the sound of the Stargate activating. It was immediately followed by the call to the guards, that they were to be ready if their visitors turned out to be hostile. Sam and Jolinar tensed for a few moments, but when no sounds of shooting followed, they relaxed and continued on their way. It was probably just one of the scouting teams that returned.

They had barely taken another step, when they heard the shout for 'medic', and Sam, who was currently in control, stopped.

*Jolinar, we still have the healing device. I know you are weary, but do you think you have the strength to help? We have so few medical supplies left, so any help at all could mean the difference between life and death.*

*Of course. I will do my best,* Jolinar promised.

They turned and ran the short distance to the Stargate. Turning a corner of the building just in front of it, allowed them see what had happened; SG-5 had returned from their survey mission to P3X-728, and had obviously been attacked. Lieutenant Barber and Major Harper had just stumbled through the Stargate, carrying Major Altman, who was obviously unconscious and in a bad shape. No one else came through the Stargate.

"Where's Jenkins!" Ferretti demanded.

"He didn't make it, sir," Barber gasped, as he and Harper carefully lowered Altman to the ground. "It was Apophis's Jaffa. They were everywhere, sir."

"We barely made it out." Harper almost collapsed on the ground, just as the Stargate activated again, the 'kawoosh' thankfully not hitting anyone.

"Get the wounded out of here! Take defensive positions!" Ferretti shouted.

Sam and Jolinar still stood at the corner of the building, and now watched as the soldiers ran to obey.

*The Jaffa - or whomever attacked the team - must have seen the address. This is bad!* Jolinar remarked.

*No shit!* Sam sounded sarcastic. *Let's go see if we can help SG-5 while the others - hopefully - fight them off. There's little else we can do.*

*Your team must not have gone to a stop-over world first, but have gone directly here, or that would not have happened. Why did they not follow this protocol?*

*I believe they have been told to do so, whenever it's reasonably possible. However, if they're being shot at, or are wounded, they may have deemed it important to get back quickly. Or they may simply have fallen back to how things used to be done, when they were going back to Earth. If it's a panicky situation, such things happen. Have you never done something when things were hectic and you didn't have time to think it through? Hmm?*

*You know I have, or you would not currently be my host.* Jolinar sighed. *However, I would never do something that jeopardized my entire base, which is what SG-5 have done. Yes, I understand the concept of 'errare humanum est', and it applies just as well to symbiotes as to humans, but there are times when the price of erring is simply too high. It must not happen!* She repeated, as they heard the explosions from the mines in front of the Stargate going off, followed by weapons fire. So they were truly under attack.

Jolinar hurried to the infirmary, where the wounded had now been taken. Altman was lying on an examination table, still unconscious. Janet was examining him and shouting orders to the nurses, while Harper was lying on another bed, waiting for his turn. Another doctor came over to him moments later.

Barber was well enough to be out and helping with the defense. Jolinar and Sam both knew it was only a matter of time before there would be several more patients.

"Excuse me, I would like to offer my assistance," Jolinar said, holding up her healing device. "I have this, which should work quite well on wounds such as those from a staff blast."

Janet looked at her for a moment, thinking it over, then nodded. "Please, try. There is next to nothing I can do for this poor man, with the equipment we have." She stepped aside, letting Jolinar have some space, but did not go further away than she could keep an eye on what the Tok'ra was going to do.

Jolinar concentrated and began examining and healing the wound with the healing device.

It was much later when a completely exhausted Sam and Jolinar stumbled back to their quarters, hoping to catch a few hours of sleep. Jolinar had saved Altman's life, then continued healing Harper, only to be interrupted by a flood of other wounded coming in, all with staff blast wounds. Janet and the other doctors and nurses worked on those in less critical condition, while Jolinar took those who were the most serious, healing their wounds as best she could, until the patients were well enough that the human healers could take over. They had all worked for hours, but had only lost one patient, out of the twenty-one that had been admitted in conjunction with the attack.

The Stargate had shut down, and the Tau'ri had managed to dial out quickly enough that Apophis's men had not been able to come through. They had kept trying, though, and another attack-force had come through a couple hours later. Now the Tau'ri were vigilant, dialling out as soon as their gate shut down, working to ship people and supplies through.

The Beta site had almost become their home, and while few had their own quarters, they all did have a roof over their heads. Now they had to move to one of the newly chosen base worlds, much quicker than anticipated, and start over. It was a wearying thought, and it would mean another few months in tents and makeshift quarters, before enough buildings could be constructed for everyone.

Sam and Jolinar were too tired to care about the danger, and barely spent a minute thinking about whether or not another attack would be called before they woke up. There were a great many people and many resources to move, so it would take many days before all was completed, at any rate.

October 04 1998, Gamma site / New Earth and Primo.

It was only a few days later, when Sam and Jolinar were called in front of the Council. It was now installed on a new base world, the address of which was held secret from almost everyone, including Sam and Jolinar, who had been forced to wear a hood while going through the Stargate.

Most people, equipment, and supplies, as well as the farm animals, had by now been moved away from the Beta site, and divided up among the nine worlds chosen for bases. Another base planet would be found as soon as possible, to make it the ten worlds that had been decided on. As well, other potential base worlds would be picked, for any future evacuations that might become necessary.

One of the bases held fewer people, namely the one the Council resided on, though it had many more guards than the others. It was already sparsely populated when the Tau’ri arrived, and was called Primo by the locals.

Another one of the bases was bigger than the others, having been picked as the main one. The world it was on was first going to just be called the 'Gamma site', but then it was decided that it might help raise the moral, if it was called 'New Earth', so that was what it became named.

The hood was finally removed from the head of Sam and Jolinar, and they were told to sit in the small, newly constructed waiting room.

*This is ridiculous!* Jolinar complained. *We were lead through the chaapa'ai with a hood on - all right, in order to not allow us to see the address here - but why would they keep the hood on us until we were inside? Are they hiding something?*

*Maybe, it wouldn't surprise me, but most likely it's just their idiotic idea of extra security - too little, too late, and if at all possible in the wrong area, so it will annoy as many people as much as possible, without doing anything to improve safety. Typical!*

They did not have to wait for long before a young man arrived to tell them that the Council was ready to receive them, and they followed him into a relatively spacious room, furnished with a large table and several nice, fairly comfortable chairs.

*How come they get to have all this, when everyone else sleeps in tents?* Sam grumbled, not really expecting an answer.

"Welcome, Jolinar... and Major Carter," Samuels greeted.

*Is that a General's star I'm spotting on his shoulders?* Sam observed, outraged.

*I believe so. Someone must have decided to promote him. I wonder what for? Torturing us?*

*To quote Colonel O'Neill - talk about failing upwards.*

"Greetings, what do you want from me?" Jolinar demanded.

"Jolinar - you look healthy, if somewhat tired, and I see your hand is healing well. I am pleased," Doctor Nichols said, leering at her.

*Nichols! Jolinar, how can they let him in here!* Sam groaned, feeling distressed. *I can't have him in here!* She threw a look at her little finger. It was almost fully regrown, but still a little shorter and thinner than before, and without a nail. Another week or so, and it would be back to normal, Jolinar had promised.

*Agreed.* Jolinar ignored Nichols completely, looking instead towards Samuels and Kinsey. "Samuels - or Kinsey, or whomever claims ownership of that. Remove your dog, or I am leaving. Now."

"Now, now... relax, miss, he's just asking about your health," Kinsey said, affably.

"Either he goes - or I do. Your choice. He distresses my host, and I am not fond of his presence either."

Kinsey shrugged. "All right, we are trying to be friendly here. Doctor Nichols, if you'd please wait outside."

"Sir! I was told I would be allowed to check on the health of her. It is important for our research!" Nichols complained.

"I will have to ask you to leave," Samuels said, apologetically.

Complaining loudly, Nichols left.

Jolinar took a deep breath. "The air suddenly seems better, though there is still something in here that stinks." She sighed. "That is for later. I repeat. What do you wish of me?"

"You mentioned that your people, the Tok'ra, might be persuaded to assist us, ally with us, perhaps even. Is that still the case?” Samuels asked.

"You currently have little to offer in an alliance, but the Tok'ra might help a friendly race in need. It all depends... are you a friendly race?"

"Of course! How dare you insinuate otherwise! You say the Tok'ra fight the Goa'uld - so do we! That should be enough for them to want to help us. Maybe even give us some weapons and technology!" Kinsey exclaimed.

"Perhaps, but it is always risky to disclose your location. If you wish for more than emergency aid, you will have to offer something in return, to make it worth the risk."

"Such as?" Samuels asked.

"Hosts. You have nothing else right now."

"Hosts?" Samuels and Kinsey looked at each other. "I doubt that would be easy. It's not like there would be a lot of people volunteering, but perhaps... you say you can cure most diseases, and heal many injuries?" Samuels looked wary.

"We can, yes."

"Then that might be a possibility, but you can't expect us to negotiate with you. You're not a member of their government, are you?" Kinsey said, slowly.

"I am not a member of the Tok'ra High Council, no. Does this mean you will allow me to go and look for my people?"

Kinsey and a few of the others nodded. "We may do that, yes, but not alone. You will bring a couple SG teams with you."

"That is unacceptable!"

"We are not going to let you leave on your own!" Samuels exclaimed.

"The Tok'ra will not take kindly to a large, unknown, and potentially hostile force. If it is necessary I can take SG-1."

"We will have to discuss it. Please wait outside," Kinsey told her.

The decision had eventually been made to allow Sam/Jolinar to go and look for the Tok'ra together with SG-1. They would be leaving in a few days, when the evacuation was complete.

While everyone and everything had now been moved away from the Beta site, all the stuff had just been taken to one world, in order to get it done quickly. Right now, everyone was needed to help divide things and people between the new base worlds, and to start building housing.

O'Neill had been promoted to commander of the largest of the bases, New Earth, so he could not leave until work was started on building and organising there. Since Jolinar insisted she would only accept SG-1’s company - and the Council would not let her go alone - they had to wait.

Meanwhile, Jolinar and Sam helped out where they could, mostly by healing some of the wounded. Hopefully, the mission would go well, and they would get some help from the Tok'ra, even if Kinsey and his Council had not made any final decisions on whether or not it would be possible to offer hosts.

Each of the base worlds would need bathing and other sanitary installations, and that was one of the things they hoped the Tok'ra would help with.

If, for some reason, that did not work out - either because the Tok'ra were no longer in any of the bases Jolinar expected them to be in, or because they would not agree to help - then Jolinar knew some places where they could go and buy equipment that would help somewhat with the sanitation problem, and so lessen the pressure on the rivers, even if it would be neither as advanced, or as easy to build, as what they could get from the Tok'ra.

Chapter 16: Searching for the Tok'ra