Deep Trouble, Chapter 2


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2. On the Run

Summary: The refugees from Earth look for a new home.

Alpha Site, July 5th 1998

After conquering her pitiful defences, Apophis had spent time laying waste to some of Earth's major cities, reducing them to dust. The SGC had exploited this tactical error and accelerated their evacuations, continuing to the very last moment.

"Apophis's forces are breaking through!" O'Neill shouted, running towards Hammond who stood in the gateroom, overseeing the evacuation. "Time for you to leave, sir. We'll keep the fort while the rest gets through."

Hammond shook his head. "No, Colonel. I'm staying here until the last group here is through."

O'Neill nodded, accepting his choice. "We'll try to give you guys as much time as possible."

Worried, Hammond looked at the open wormhole. He checked his watch - 30 seconds since the last person came through, and still no sign of O'Neill. At least no enemies had come through either, but without an iris they were not safe here, and needed to get people on to the Alpha world.

He looked at the group of guards standing around the Stargate with their weapons raised, and sighed. It had been the Goa'uld Jolinar's suggestion that they send the last few groups of people to a stop-over world instead of directly to the intended Alpha site, P3X-984 - should any of Apophis's people reach the gateroom and see the address before the wormhole shut down. They were continuing the evacuation for as long as possible, so it was a very real risk that the address would be gleaned, and he had given the order to follow her suggestion.

Suddenly two men came through the Stargate, supporting each other. They stumbled through and fell, several staff blasts following them, but fortunately no one was hit.

"It's the Colonel and Ferretti, sir!" One of the guards yelled, as he and a couple others pulled the two men away from the immediate danger, should anyone else come through.

Hammond was relieved to see they had made it, and very much hoped they were all right. He checked his watch again. The wormhole had been open for just under 37 minutes. They had no way of shutting it off here, so they just had to wait. He sighed and looked towards the event horizon, hoping they were lucky.

He had barely finished the thought, before the first Jaffa came through, and the guards started firing at them.

It had been tense for just over one minute, as groups of Jaffa kept coming through the wormhole, but finally the Stargate shut down, and the man standing ready to dial ran for the DHD. They hopefully had an edge there, as Apophis would have to dial manually, since the SGC dialling computer had - hopefully - been destroyed. If it was not, Hammond did not doubt that he would have had time to figure out how to use it - or that one of his underlings had - but the system was much slower than using the DHD's.

The Stargate activated and Hammond held his breath, fearing Apophis had somehow dialled in first. Teal'c had informed them that the Goa'uld sometimes carried small dialling devices, but also that Apophis would probably not risk coming into the gateroom himself before he was certain it was secure - and that he would probably not give the device to a Jaffa, even if he one.

"Connection to the Alpha site established, sir," Harriman shouted.

Hammond relaxed. "Start sending people through as fast as possible!"

"Yes, sir."

"Shouldn't you be lying down, Jack?" Daniel asked.

"Yes, he should," Janet answered from the other end of the provisional infirmary. "And he will do so immediately, if he wants to be released this week."

"Aach, you promised, Doctor!" O'Neill complained, but dutifully laid down - partially, at least.

Janet shook her head, but left him alone.

"It is good to see your condition is improving, O'Neill," Teal'c said.

"It's not too bad - fortunately, the Jaffa had bad aim, and the shot only grazed my shoulder."

"What about your leg, then?" Daniel pointed to the bandage. 

"Knife-wound." O'Neill winced as he moved the leg. "One of the bastards stabbed me when I tried to take his zat. How's Ferretti?"

"Still unconscious, but the doctors are sure he'll pull through," Daniel told him.

O'Neill nodded, somewhat relieved. "What a mess! Who would have guessed that damn snake Apophis would hide out behind the moon and come back for us!" He slowly shook his head. "How many got away?"

"With those that were already at the Alpha site, we're almost ten thousand," Daniel said.

"Only ten thousand! That's all that's left of the entire planet?" O'Neill exclaimed.

"While Apophis has bombarded several of your larger cities, the majority of your planets population is undoubtedly still alive," Teal'c said. "They will be enslaved, and many will certainly die during the occupation, but your world is far from dead."

"True, but right now I don't see how we're going to free them." O'Neill looked despondent, not something he often did. "What about Carter and the snake?"

"Captain Carter and the Tok'ra Jolinar are in a holding cell. Regrettably, there seems to be little willingness to consider the possibility she could be an ally," Teal'c said.

"Oh, come on, Teal'c! You're not saying you're willing to trust a Goa'uld? One that's taken Carter, no less!" O'Neill exclaimed.

"I would never trust a Goa'uld, but Jolinar is not one. I am firmly convinced the Tok'ra of legend are indeed real, and that she is one of them."

"So that's why you gave him... err, her a gun? I'll admit, that worked out pretty well, but still!"

"It would not have been in Jolinar's own interest to betray that trust. The ashrak was a common enemy - as much a threat to her as to us." Teal'c seemed to consider. "Goa'uld often take on the gender of the host, so 'her' would be correct, O'Neill."

O'Neill grumbled something in a low voice, but did not repeat it loud enough for anyone to hear. He sighed and decided to forget about it. What happened in the gateroom was no longer important. "Are they going to try and remove the Goa'uld?"

"No, we didn't have much luck with that when Kawalsky was taken - and the infirmary here only has the most basic equipment. They won't attempt it," Daniel said. "Jolinar has promised to leave Sam - if we'll just let him... her go. She says she'll send Sam back when she finds a new host."

"I hope you're not believing that!"

"I don't know..." Daniel frowned. "I can't say I like the idea of a Goa'uld - or whatever it is - in Sam, but I'm beginning to suspect Teal'c is right. Jolinar is no ordinary Goa'uld. It doesn't matter what I think, though, since those in charge are not going to listen."

O'Neill nodded, looking concerned. He knew very well what would happen. In a situation like this, basic human right were not worth much, and the laws from home would not be upheld if it suited the leaders not to. A Goa'uld had conquered Earth, and they now had a Goa'uld in their power. Jolinar would be interrogated, and perhaps even subjected to medical experimentation. O'Neill did not really care what happened to Jolinar, but what happened to her would harm Sam as well, and he did care about his team mate and friend.

*Samantha?* Jolinar again tried to talk to her host, who had ignored almost all of her attempts to do so, except for brief, hurtful remarks. *Fine, if you do not wish to talk with me, then do not do so, but it would seem we are going to be together for a long time, most of which I fear may not be pleasant. I apologize for both.*

Sam 'snorted'. *Why don't you leave me then, if you're sorry for what you've done?*

*I have offered to leave you as soon as another host can be found!*

*Yeah, fat chance of that!*

*I realize it does not seem likely to happen in the near future, such as things have developed. However, without the assistance of my people, we would have to wait for at least a month before I attempt to leave you - whether there was a host available or not. I have already changed hosts twice in less than a year, and it should not be done more often than once a year - at the very most. The odds are not in favour of either of us surviving, if I attempted to leave immediately.*

*Wonderful!* Sam sounded sarcastic. *I'm sure there's some people here that will be thrilled - they've got their own Goa'uld to interrogate and experiment on... and I get to share the fun!*

*I have said I am sorry.* Jolinar sighed. *I do not relish this thought either, though from what I see from your mind, it does seem a likely outcome.*

*You've read my mind! Well, of course, you have - that's what your kind does. Take what you need from your host's mind, without asking!*

*That is what Goa'uld do! Tok'ra do not force anything from their hosts mind. We take only with permission, unless it is absolutely necessary. Why do you think I made the errors I did before I was caught at your base? If I had just taken all the knowledge I wanted from your mind, they would not have discovered me so quickly!*

*How do you explain knowing what they would do to us then? You said you got it from my mind!*

*Yes, because you were shouting it at me, human! Most of the time you shout with your mind - think loudly enough that I cannot avoid hearing it. Have you any idea how distracting it is, when you keep hearing the thoughts and feel the emotions of someone you are not fully blended with? How unpleasant it is to listen to your constant tirade about your woes, and how I am a nasty, evil, slimy snake!* Jolinar spat, finally having had enough of it.

Sam was taken aback for a moment, then asked, softer - at least she thought it was softer, she did not have that much experience speaking mentally. *Then can you show me how to hide my thoughts?*

*Yes, I will teach you how to think privately.*

*You won't be able to read my mind, then?*

Jolinar was quiet for a few moments, then 'sighed'. *Yes, but I will not do it, and that way I would not automatically hear everything you think. Regrettably, the relationship between host and symbiote cannot be completely even in these matters. There is nothing you can do to stop me from taking what I want, if I wanted it - but you will just have to trust me when I say I would not do it!*

Something told Sam that the Goa'uld...the Tok'ra was speaking the truth - about this, at least. *Show me, then.* She demanded, warily.

Chapter 3: Refugees