Deep Trouble, Chapter 22


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Chapter 22: Undercover

Summary: In an attempt to find the Tok'ra, Jolinar goes undercover as a minor Goa'uld, looking for work at a Goa'uld court. The rest of SG-1 go as her servants.

November 26 1998, Sifton

Jolinar was wearing a rather daring, but also very beautiful outfit, which hid very little. Sam did not feel completely comfortable showing so much skin, but Jolinar wore it with confidence, including the expensive jewelry and the golden hand device, almost too elaborate for such a minor Goa'uld as she was pretending to be. Of course, she was bringing rich gifts and a rather large entourage of slaves, in an attempt to impress the Goa'uld that owned the planet they were going to.

Daniel was dressed as her lo'tar, and he hated his clothing almost as much as Sam hated hers. O'Neill was pretending to be a relatively high ranking human slave, only slightly below a lo'tar, and also a guard, together with Teal'c. He appreciated the fact that this meant his clothing was more 'normal' and covering, if still outrageous.

Teal'c had been a problem, because of his golden Apophis tattoo, which was made up of gold under the skin, and so created a raised pattern, difficult to hide. Their solution had been to conceal it as much as possible, and then give him another tattoo, belonging to the minor Goa'uld Anhur, who had been killed a few years ago. It was well known that Anhur's surviving Jaffa had scattered, and now served whomever would accept them. Jolinar, pretending to be a very minor Goa'uld, who did not have her own domain, would not have a symbol to put on her Jaffa.

Of course, since Teal'c’s real symbol was raised from the skin, they had been forced to give him one that would appear to be as well, though in reality the fake one was just painted on. He had been given a silver tattoo, that of a lower, but still highly trusted Jaffa. One now in effect serving in the position of First Prime, as Jolinar had no other Jaffa. The tattoo would of course not stand up for a very close inspection, but it would not be discovered under normal circumstances, so as long as they did not encounter anyone who could recognize Teal'c, they should be safe. Jolinar and Teal'c had agreed that they almost certainly would not do so on the world they had gone to, so they felt confident that would not be a problem.

Jolinar stepped through the Stargate, followed by her slaves and personal guards. If all went as she expected, they would find the Tok'ra Tarvon here, undercover as Kevek and underling to Nemty, one of Heru'ur's vassals.

Sam gave Jolinar a reassuring 'hug', as one of the Jaffa on guard, presumably the leader, stepped up to them immediately after they had exited the wormhole.

"Kree. My Lord, welcome to Sifton, Lord Nemty's homeworld. I apologize, but I have not received notice you would be arriving." The Jaffa inclined his head respectfully to her. "It may be due to a miscommunication, but I must insist that you remain here until I can notify my Lord, and arrange for a proper welcome."

"I am Lord Nafretiri. I have business with Lord Nemty, and you will take me to him, immediately." Jolinar flashed her eyes and allowed her hand device to glow softly.

*I still think you should have gone with the name of one of your former hosts - that'd help the Tok'ra recognize it's you,* Sam argued.

*I do not know Tarvon well. The only host of mine he would have heard of is Arnora. As you know, she was my first host, whom I had at the time I fought beside Egeria in the very early days of the Tok'ra. I have used her name before, though, and it might be recognized by others than Tok'ra.*

*Okay, well, I guess it's too late now regardless.*

"Of course, my Lord." The Jaffa bowed again, then turned to one of his men. "Hurry to Lord Nemty and announce Lord Nafretiri's arrival." He turned to Jolinar. "Please, allow me to take you to the palace."

Jolinar bowed her head slightly. "That is acceptable."

The distance to the palace was not great, but they walked relatively slowly. Jolinar explained to Sam that this was because the Jaffa wished for the man that had been sent ahead to have time to reach their Lord and inform him of the visitor - and to let him prepare, at least a little bit, both to receive her in style, and to defend himself, should it be necessary.

*Samantha, I believe there is something I should inform you of - something which I should have informed you about already. However, since there is no other way to achieve our goal...* Jolinar began.

*What is it?* Sam sounded cautious.

*Since the Tok'ra we are going to contact is not the Lord of this world, and since we are a completely unknown to the Goa'uld that own this world, we cannot just ask for an audience with the Tok'ra, especially not since we do not know with any certainty who he is, meaning we cannot ask for him by name.*

*Aren't we assuming it's that Tarvon fellow?*

*Yes, but it is by no means certain, given the circumstances. Asking for him and then having it turn out he has fled, or has been exposed as a Tok'ra, will not give us favour with this Goa'uld.*

*No, I imagine not.*

*Normally, we could afford to wait for a chance to speak with the operative alone, but it would most likely take weeks or even months before we are trusted enough that we get such a chance, and we cannot wait. We have already waited too long. The Tok'ra are obviously on the run. Cordesh is still free. There is no telling when he will succeed in getting a large number of Tok'ra killed, if he has not already. We cannot wait. That means we shall have to use other means, make it clear we have, ah, other reasons to wish to spend time alone with the underling. We will give the Tok'ra operative a secret code, which means he - or she - will react, ah, favourably.*

*Um, are you saying we'll offer ourselves to him, and he'll accept?* Sam sounded incredulous.

*Yes. The Goa'uld will not think it strange. A very minor Goa'uld, with no domain and no overlord will be willing to do almost anything to gain favour. That certainly includes offering our body, if it will help us gain a position. The Tok'ra operative will pretend to accept our offer, and we will get the chance to be alone with him.*

*Okay. Makes sense. What then?*

*We go with him to his room, and in the dark of the night, when no servants are listening, we can talk privately. Provided no one has cause to suspect us, of course.*


*Meaning we have to mate with him! Stop being slow, I know you are quite intelligent.*

*Jolinar, you are married, I mean, we are married!*

She sighed. *Yes, it is unfortunate, but there is no other way. Some servant would find out, if we merely pretend to mate, as they will no doubt be asked to check on us now and then. Martouf and Lantash will understand. If they are still alive,* she added, morosely.

*Can't say that was how I'd imagine my first time, but I guess it doesn't matter... and Jolinar? Martouf and Lantash are alive. They have to be, or we’ll both be very unhappy. I'm not accepting that, not after all we've gone through these months.*

*Agreed.* Jolinar smiled at her. *They are! They have to be! As for this being your first time mating - you do not need to worry about any pain. Most Tok'ra have much experience and skill, and whomever the operative here is, he would do his best to make it pleasurable for us. In any case, I will be in control since we are pretending to be Goa'uld, and if you want me to, I can block the entire experience from you.*

*Ah... no. No, I don't want that. A skillful lover actually sounds very attractive, to me right now.* Sam admitted, a little embarrassed. Then she thought of something. *By the way... wouldn't the planet's ruler, uh, 'Lord' Nemty, be the more logical choice for our, ah, advances... I mean, if we're supposed to be doing it to gain favours?*

"That may often be the case, true, and we will make an attempt there first, however, he will not react with interest. Like many Goa'uld, Nemty will be weary of a strange, unknown Goa'uld. For all he knows, I might do it to get a chance to kill him, and take over his position and domain. However, what is most important here is that Nemty has... I believe you would call it a 'quirk'. He will not wish to engage in any sort of intimate relations with an inferior Goa'uld. He will only copulate with those who are his equals, or higher. Yes, it means mating with a Goa'uld is a rare happenstance for him, but there are always human slaves he can, ah, relieve his urges with.*

*I am confused! Are they not even more inferior? Will he even be interested in those, ah, exotic slaves we brought for him?*

*Yes, of course they are. However, most Goa'uld will not consider humans truly sentient, but more like... savages, animals , perhaps, creatures which can just be used to satisfy a desire.*

*I see. Not really flattering.* Sam 'frowned' mentally. *Okay, so we go for the underling, and hope it's a Tok'ra.*

"This way, my Lord," the Jaffa leader said, bowing to Jolinar.

She barely acknowledged him, but walked after him. Daniel, O'Neill, Teal'c, and the slaves followed, the latter ones carrying the many gifts Jolinar was bringing.

They stepped into the throne room and walked up to the raised platform where Nemty was sitting on his throne. Jolinar stopped at the correct distance and bowed deeply to the Goa'uld Lord.

"My gracious Lord Nemty. I am Lord Nafretiri." She bowed again, then waved the slaves forward with the gifts. "Please, accept these trinkets as proof of my appreciation of your greatness. Also, these four exotic slaves are part of the gift." She waved the two young women and the two young men, all scantily dressed, forward. "I was assured they have been bred and trained specifically for providing pleasure."

Nemty nodded, seemingly pleased, and waved the slaves closer. He pinched the breast of one of the slavegirls, and then the ass of one of the male slaves. The Goa'uld made a satisfied sound. "Very appropriate." He looked at Jolinar. "What is your business here?"

"I seek a position at your illustrious court, my Lord. Your reputation precedes you, and I would like to benefit from your wisdom and glory."

"Hm." Nemty smiled a little, obviously pleased with the flattering. "I may or may not have a position - but why would I give it to you? I have never heard of you." He turned to his First Prime. "Have these items taken to my treasury, and have the exotic slaves bathed and prepared - then send for Lord Alim and have him bring me the reports on the naquadah production."

"I do have experience in managing naquadah mines - as well as commanding Jaffa armies," Jolinar said.

Nemty snorted. "No doubt. However, I command my armies myself, and I already have someone in charge of my naquadah production. I do need someone to oversee food production, as I recently have acquired yet another world with abundant agriculture."

"I would be honoured if you would allow me to prove myself in this position."

"Perhaps I will. I shall consider it. Later. Would you participate in a small celebration tonight? I am celebrating the conquest of the planet Smolek."

"I would be most honoured. Thank you." Jolinar bowed.

"Show Lord Nafretiri to temporary quarters and see to her slaves needs." He ordered his lo'tar.

"So, is this a good or a bad development?" O'Neill asked.

"Unknown," Jolinar admitted, in a low voice. "It could be better. This 'Alim' has the position I was expecting to find Tarvon in, calling himself ‘Kevek’."

"Couldn't he just go by another name?" Daniel wondered.

Jolinar shook her head. "Unlikely. He had established himself as Kevek. He would not change his name, at least not without also changing his host, and even then it would be unlikely that he did not just make it clear he had been forced to take another host. No, 'Alim' is most likely not Tarvon. However, Nemty did not seem as suspicious as he would be, if his underling had recently been discovered to be a Tok'ra."

"Well, perhaps this Tarvon fellow was just recalled to be on the safe side, before he was compromised, or because they suspected he might have been compromised. Couldn't that be the case?" O'Neill argued.

"Yes, absolutely. The question is whether 'Alim' is also a Tok'ra - or if he is a Goa'uld. I do not recognize the name, but that does not prove anything in itself. I suppose we shall see at the party tonight." Jolinar decided.

"Okay, I guess." O'Neill shrugged. "You don't think we'll be in any danger?"

"I do not believe so. As long as you remain in your roles, we should be fine."

*Jolinar?* Sam wondered.

*I have no idea if Alim is a Tok'ra, but if my people were forced to recall many of the operatives, they would have attempted to place others - others with hosts completely unknown to the Goa'uld, either because it is a new host, or because the Tok'ra usually has not been on this kind of undercover missions. This would be a relatively harmless place to send an operative who is perhaps less experienced. This means it could be anyone who is here, if it is even a Tok’ra. I just hope it is someone I know, and who has a host I will recognize, or this could get... difficult.*

*No kidding! If both of you have gotten new hosts since last you met, I assume you'd have to approach each other very carefully.*

Chapter 23: Contact