Deep Trouble, Chapter 24


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Chapter 24: Explanations and Love

Summary: Jolinar tells Martouf and Lantash who she is, as well as what her important information is. Martouf and Lantash grieve for Rosha, but are relieved Jolinar is alive. After spending some time talking, they make love.

Warning: sex (het)

Lantash closed the door after him, then went to make sure the other exit was shut as well. He wished he could lock them, but it would appear suspicious, should anyone attempt to enter. He took off his hand device and put it on the small nightstand, then walked up to Jolinar and spoke in a low voice.

"We can talk privately here. I have never found Nemty to use any kind of surveillance, but you should keep your voice down, as there are always servants nearby. Nemty will wish to verify that we are indeed being intimate, and not just meeting to plot his demise, so no doubt a servant will arrive to inquire if we need anything... in perhaps an hour or so. By then it would be best if we are mating or have already done so, and it is obvious to anyone." He looked sternly at her. "I very much hope your information is as important as you implied, as I do not relish the thought of having to betray my mates for something insignificant." He frowned. "Also, I would appreciate learning your name, as I do not recognize your host."

Sam and Jolinar again felt a strong urge to throw themselves into his arms, but Jolinar needed to explain all of this first - besides, he needed to know she was Jolinar first, of course, or he was sure to frown on her for embracing him.

"The information is important, Lantash, very much so. There is a traitor in the tunnels, one of the members of the Council. Cordesh."

"Cordesh? That is ridiculous!" Lantash almost forgot to whisper. " If that is the case - and I must admit to my disbelief - then why do you come here? Why do you not go directly to the base he is stationed at? There is nothing I can do here. I cannot send such information to my base, without risking the traitor eavesdropping or even being the one to read it. I would have to give up my position and go to the tunnels myself."

"I cannot go to the tunnels, because I do not know where any of the bases are. I have searched for a Tok'ra operative for quite some time, but they all seem to have been recalled. No doubt because they have been compromised by the traitor Cordesh."

"You were lost?" Lantash's interest was piqued. "What happened? Who are you? You obviously know me."

"An ashrak trailed me for months, after I fled my position at Cronus's court - which was when I learned of Cordesh's treason. Other things have happened, which I will explain later, but I will focus on the most important right now. Yes, Lantash - and Martouf. I know you very well. I am Jolinar of Malkshur."

"Jolinar!" Lantash completely lost his composure. " No - that cannot be. Rosha!"

"We have often gone to Marloon when we could take the time to do so. We usually brought food and drink, and stayed for the whole day. You enjoy desert fowl in particular. Once, a bird stole your sandwich, and Rosha and I shared ours with you," Jolinar told him, in order to prove to him who she was.

"Jolinar... it is you..." Mixed expressions of hope, relief, grief, pain, crossed his face, as he experienced several different emotions at the same time. He was deeply relieved and happy to have Jolinar back, alive and well, but at the same time he was hurting because Rosha was no longer her host - which meant she was almost certainly dead, since Jolinar would never have left her otherwise.

Jolinar stepped up to him, embracing him gently. "Lantash... beloved. I am sorry, but I could not save her. Rosha... she was... she was too badly injured." She half-sobbed, as she hid her face in the crook of his neck.

Still shocked, Lantash put his arms around her, hugging her to him desperately, as if afraid that she, too, would be lost to him and Martouf.

After several minutes, he pulled back a little, looking at her, tears glistening in his eyes. "We will mourn Rosha for a long time, and we will always love her. However, you have been returned to us, our sweet, beloved Jolinar. We are very, very grateful for that." He put a hand on each side of her face and gave her a soft kiss.

Jolinar returned the kiss, and then they again held each other close, just standing like that with their eyes closed, enjoying the presence of the other. Jolinar felt the embrace change almost imperceptibly, and she knew Martouf was now holding her.

He kissed her, then caressed her cheek. "My beloved Jolinar. We have missed you so much."

"My sweet Martouf." Jolinar smiled at him. "I, too, have missed you and Lantash. More than you can ever imagine." She fondly caressed his cheek. "You should not be in control, Martouf. It is too dangerous, when you are undercover. Still, I am grateful to speak with you, and not have to wait until we are away from here."

"We know, Jolinar. Lantash will resume control in a few moments, but we have agreed it cannot harm anything for me to spend a little time with you, my Jolinar." He kissed her again, this time with more force. The kiss became more passionate, but then he suddenly pulled back a little, and looked embarrassed. "What of your new host, Jolinar? Is she... amenable to, ah, continuing this relationship? What is her name? We know nothing of her, save the fact that she has saved your life, Jolinar. Something we will be forever grateful to her for."

"Her name is Samantha Carter, and she is of the Tau'ri. We have been together for several months, and are fully blended, so I can assure you she love you deeply, and is as happy to be in your arms as I am, even if she is feeling awkward and fear we wish she was not intruding on this private moment."

Martouf shook his head. "Please assure her she is not intruding, and that both Lantash and I very much look forward to meeting her." He smiled. "Our Samantha and Jolinar." He gave them another warm kiss, then bowed his head and gave Lantash back control.

He again hugged her to him. "Jolinar, to have you back... it gives our lives meaning again. You - and Samantha, our beautiful new mate. I very much hope we will soon get the time to learn to know you." He sighed. "I apologize, I realize Samantha has only just met us, but it is necessary for us to, ah, continue with the original purpose of this meeting." He blushed a little, not something Jolinar had seen happen often.

She smiled at him. "We do not mind. On the contrary, we have been looking forward to spending time with you, including intimately. Samantha feels what I feel, so her only worry is for you, since you have only just learned of her existence."

"You need not be concerned. You are our mates, and you are also very beautiful, very attractive. Mating with you is a very pleasing prospect for us both." Lantash smiled seductively at her.

Jolinar felt Sam's relief, and 'hugged' her. "Good, Samantha is relieved, as am I - she had worried you might not even want her as your mate."

"Of course we want her!" Lantash looked genuinely surprised. "We consider both of you our mates."

She nodded. "That is what I told her - though she is relieved to hear it from you as well. One more thing. Samantha is... ah, inexperienced , and is concerned our first mating will be painful. I have tried to reassure her..."

"I have a hundred years of experience pleasuring Rosha and you, Jolinar, as well as ample genetic memories from Egeria. You can assure Samantha that I will be very sure to make this an enjoyable experience for her," Lantash said, confidently. He took her hands. "Now, come, and let me show you how much we have missed you..."

He pulled her towards the bed, and she happily followed. Lantash quickly threw the blankets aside, and turned to grab Jolinar and pull her down on the bed with her, when she stopped him, remembering something.

"I just need to remove these..." She fiddled with her belt, and pulled a long, flexible knife from it, putting it down on the table. Then she removed the ring with the tranquilizer needle in it, and put it down beside the knife. She smiled at him. " Now you may safely woo me."

"Good - and I should have expected you to have a weapon or two hidden somewhere." He winked at her, then pulled her to him, and threw his arms around her, kissing her deeply.

Jolinar returned the kiss, sliding her hand to his neck and finding the best spot to pleasure Lantash directly. He made a hoarse sound, and thrust against her, beginning to rip at her clothing.

"Careful, sweetie." Jolinar grabbed his hands, and quickly took a step back. "You'll rip these clothes if you continue like that, and I don't feel like walking to my chambers in rags!"

"I'll have others sent for." He pulled her to him again and kissed her passionately, sliding a hand along her side and up to her breast. "It has been so long, my love. We had feared you lost to us. To have you back..." He swallowed. "I will admit... restraint does not come easily to us right now."

He kissed her again, as he began to caress her breast through the thin material of Jolinar's dress. He slowly rubbed his thumb over her left nipple, feeling it harden. Jolinar moaned into his mouth, as he pushed the dress aside and slipped his hand under it, fondling her breast directly.

"Mmm, Lantash..." Jolinar groaned softly as his lips moved from her mouth, down to her ear, then down to her neck, finding a sensitive spot which he sucked, then licked with his tongue.

While continuing this assault with his mouth, he fumbled with her belt, and got it off. The upper part of her dress could easily be pushed off her shoulders, and a hard tug from him - followed by a slight ripping sound - made her dress come off completely. Jolinar now stood before him, wearing only panties, a bra, and sandals. Lantash smiled and held her out from him, looking appreciatively at her body. "You are beautiful my Jolinar and Samantha!"

"Thank you. You do not look so bad either, my love." Jolinar smiled, deciding not to care about her ripped clothing, as she again admired him. He wore a short, Egyptian style tunic, made of very fine, thin, richly decorated linen and a leather belt with a golden clasp. His legs were bare, and on his feet were sandals, made from thin, soft leather strips. Fortunately, he wore no headpiece, as he was not the Lord of this planet, but aside from the hand device he had taken off earlier, he did wear jewelry - several armrings, a couple finger rings, and a thick gold necklace. He also wore the typical Egyptian makeup - black kohl eyeliner, and blue-green eye shadow. "I think I would prefer you without the makeup, though - and right now less clothing would be good as well..." She unclasped his belt and let it fall to the floor, before pulling his tunic over his head and throwing it on a chair.

Jolinar immediately leaned in and began kissing and sucking on Lantash's nipples, sliding her hands over his chest, up over his shoulders, and to his neck, where she began pleasuring him more directly as well.

Lantash closed his eyes for a moment, and just enjoyed her ministrations, before he grabbed her bra and pulled it over her head, not wasting any time with attempting to figure out how to open it. Stepping out of his own sandals, he quickly pulled down Jolinar’s panties, and then his own underpants, before pushing her down on the bed, following her. She giggled and kicked her sandals off, not caring what they hit.

She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him to her, rubbing herself against him and kissing him deeply. She returned a hand to his neck, and continued pleasuring him, accelerating his desire.

He groaned as he felt his thoughts cloud with lust, and his control slipping. He slid a hand to Jolinar's neck, and returned the favour, making her moan. Lantash was very close to just thrust into her and take her with abandon, and his mate's sounds of pleasure was not making it easier for him. Eventually, Martouf managed to clear his head long enough to call out to Lantash, reminding him to make sure their new mate was ready.

Lantash gave Jolinar a few more drugging kisses, before he succeeded in pulling himself away a little.

"Jolinar..." He took a deep breath to try and steady himself, and not press himself against her again. "You... are naughty ... you should not... tease us so." He swallowed as he saw the heat in her gaze. "All I want... is to kiss you... until we're both out of air. Pound into you, take you and give in... to this burning need for you."

"Sorry. I have missed you very much, and I forgot myself." Jolinar looked bashful, but smiled a moment later again, as Sam assured her she had been caught up in Jolinar's arousal, and would not have minded if they had just carried on. "Samantha says she would like us to continue..." She looked at him with a mischievous glint in her eyes. "I would also like that very much... I want you very much, beloveds."

"And you shall have us." Lantash grinned. “Let me just remove these...” He took off his finger rings, not wanting to risk them injuring her, then crawled down between her legs. "There is just a small thing I need to do..."

He used his fingers to spread her folds, and began licking gently over her clit. Jolinar moaned and arched her back, trying to push herself harder against him. Lantash grinned and continued pleasuring her, sucking and licking, increasing the speed and pressure a little, then decreasing it, when she got too close to coming.

The sounds from Jolinar were getting more desperate, and Lantash was almost at the edge of his own control as well. He was rubbing himself against the sheets under him in an attempt to get relief from the ache in his shaft, but he knew the only thing that would help right now would be the feel of Jolinar and Samantha's pussy enveloping his cock.

Giving in to Jolinar demands that he let her come, and Martouf's begging for release for them as well, he flicked his tongue quickly over Jolinar's clit, then sucked hard on it, making her cry out as her climax hit. Lantash did not give her time to come down from her orgasm, and slid into her, thrusting hard. He groaned deeply at how warm, wet, and tight she was, but fought to keep still and let her get used to the feeling. Jolinar gasped from the brief pain, blocking it almost before Sam could feel it. Moments later, they both forgot it in the heat of their arousal, and Sam urged Jolinar to push herself against Lantash, pull him closer, or do something to make him start moving. Now, or else give her control!

Jolinar grinned as she pulled Lantash closer, kissing him deeply. She rubbed shamelessly against him as she whispered into his ear, "Samantha and I both need you to fuck us, sweethearts... we want to feel your passion..." She squeezed his cock with her vagina, and used her hand on his neck at the same time.

Lantash made a hoarse sound, and his eyes flashed, as he started moving thrusting into her. He moved slowly at first, pulling almost all the way out before entering her again, over and over again. Jolinar met each of his thrusts, and slowly the rhythm became faster, harder. Her climax was again approaching rapidly.

Lantash rammed into her hard, now focusing only on his own sensations. It took only a few more thrusts before he cried out, coming deep inside her. Jolinar writhed under him, caught in the throes of her own climax, her moans echoing both her own and Sam's.

They had only just started to recover from their powerful orgasms, when a door opened and a somewhat nervous voice spoke, "Do either of you wish me to bring you anything?"

Lantash pulled himself up enough to look at the slave. He glared at him, annoyed to be disturbed at a time like this.

"No! Leave us immediately, and do not return until I call for you, or you will regret ever being born!" He exclaimed.

The slave fled with a faint, "Yes, my Lord. Sorry, my Lord."

When the door had closed behind the man, Jolinar pulled Lantash to her, and kissed him. "Annoying as his interruption was, I assume this means we have proven to Nemty that we did indeed meet to mate, and not to conspire - and there should be no further interruptions tonight."

Lantash sighed deeply, then nodded. "Very true." He smiled, pushing the irritation aside and focusing on the beautiful woman in his bed. "Martouf and I have some ideas for further activities - if you and Samantha are willing?"

Jolinar giggled as she felt his shaft grow inside her again. "I almost forgot what an appetite - and stamina - the two of you have for these kind of activities." She gave him a kiss. "Give us a moment to relax - and then we will be quite willing to indulge you."

"Of course, my loves." Lantash said, slowly caressing one of her nipples. He laid down beside her, and pulled her to him. "We shall relax together, for a little while, then we will mate again."

"My sweet beloveds," Jolinar murmured as she kissed Martouf and Lantash. Whomever was in control, made a sleepy sound, and Jolinar grinned, addressing her host. *Should we wake them up with a surprise?*

*Sounds good to me,* Sam agreed, enthusiastically. *They truly are very attractive!* She hungrily looked at the body of their sleeping mates, glad they had not found the time to turn out the light in the room.

Jolinar gently caressed their chest, slowly sliding her hands further down, until she got to their already semi-erect manhood. She smiled to herself as she moved as carefully as possible, so as not to wake them up, then leaning in to place a kiss at the top of their shaft. It jerked a little, and Jolinar gave it a lick, then opened her mouth and took just the head inside.

She sucked lightly as she twirled her tongue around the head, then began sliding down further. Martouf - and it was now obvious it was him in control - made a soft sound and bucked his hips upwards. Jolinar put her hands on his hips to keep him still, and increased the pressure with her mouth, slowly sliding a little further down, then up, then down, repeating a few times.

Martouf groaned deeply and awoke completely, sitting half-way up and looking at Jolinar. He looked confused for a second, then smiled widely. "Jolinar! Oh! You're... very ta... lented," he managed. "You've always... been... Ah... yeesss..." He closed his eyes and lay back down. "Pl... please, continue..."

Jolinar chuckled a little around his cock, then continued pleasuring him. She really ought to remind him that he should let Lantash be in control when they were undercover, but Lantash was a somewhat heavy sleeper, so Martouf was usually the easier of the two to wake up. If the situation had been dangerous, or someone else had been present, Martouf would have awakened Lantash immediately and he would have taken control, she knew that.

She focused on her pleasant task, enjoying how his moans increased. She was getting very turned on herself, and Sam was urging her to do something about it. Jolinar began touching herself, but soon decided she needed to feel something inside her. She had originally wanted to bring Martouf and Lantash to completion with her mouth this time, but that would have to wait.

Her decision made, she let go of Martouf's cock with a wet pop, and gave it a kiss on the tip. It was very hard, and reached up for an impressive length.

Martouf had only just started to complain, when Jolinar quickly straddled him and let herself sink down over his shaft. He let out a deep groan as she wriggled a little and settled herself against him. For a few moments she just sat there, enjoying the feeling of complete fullness, before she started to ride him, slowly at first. He grabbed her hips almost immediately, and tried to pull her down faster, at the same time as he thrust upwards to meet her.

"Patience, my love!" Jolinar scolded mildly, but did indulge him by increasing her speed a little.

Martouf swallowed, but let go of her hips, and allowed her to set the rhythm and speed. She closed her eyes as she continued rocking against him, then suddenly gasped and opened her eyes as Martouf began pleasuring her with his fingers, stroking her clit very skillfully. He caught her gaze and gave her a naughty smile. Jolinar moaned and changed her movements, pressing herself down harder, faster. She was quickly spiralling towards climax.

A few moments later, Martouf's eyes flashed, making it clear Lantash was awake and had taken control. He grabbed her hips and rolled them over, beginning to pound into her. Jolinar was too close to orgasm to even pretend to complain, and just squealed in surprise. It took very few thrusts before Jolinar came, moaning loudly and pulling Lantash closer to her, wrapping her legs around him. He gasped as her pussy contracted around his cock, and pumped hard into her one more time, before spilling his seed inside her.

Some time later, they had recovered enough to be able to roll over on the side and snuggle together closely. Lantash pulled a blanket over them and kissed Jolinar's neck. "We love you, sweethearts. Sleep now." He kissed her again, before falling asleep.

Chapter 25: Escape From Sifton