Deep Trouble, Chapter 25


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Chapter 25: Escape From Sifton

Summary: Using a Teltac, Sam/Jolinar, Martouf/Lantash, Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c escape from Sifton.

November 30 1998, Sifton

Nemty decided to let Jolinar - or 'Lord Nafretiri' - begin to work for him, in a temporary position at first. Now they just had to wait for an opportunity to get away, and contact the Tok'ra.

This opportunity presented itself much quicker than expected, and only four days later, Nemty declared that he was going to take his fleet and 'teach his treacherous neighbor Lord Khnum a lesson'. Lord Alim would be in charge while he was gone. Then Nemty had left, very quickly, leading them all to suspect that the war was not going well for him, and that Khnum would probably win the battle.

After waiting just long enough that Nemty was too far away to be called back before they could get away, Sam/Jolinar and Martouf/Lantash quickly had O'Neill, Daniel, and Teal'c sent for.

"Lord Nafretiri, Lord Alim..." Teal'c said respectfully, bowing deeply to them.

"I have orders for you." Lantash began, as the door closed after the servants who had brought the SG-1 members to his chambers. He waited for a moment, listening to make sure no one was nearby outside.

"Yes?" O'Neill asked, impatiently. "What did you want?"

"Jack..." Daniel warned.

Lantash shook his head. "Be thankful that no one else is here and can hear you - and that I am Tok'ra - or such insolence would earn you a whipping."

"At least," Jolinar added.

"Okay, but I don't see anyone else here. So, why did you call for us? It's not like you've bothered to contact us, or tell us anything, so we didn't know anything except that Daniel thought Sam and Jolinar had made contact with a Tok'ra. That's you, then?" O'Neill said.

"You talk a lot, Tau'ri," Lantash observed. "That can be dangerous. However, you are correct in your assessment. I am Tok'ra. We called you here because Nemty just left to defend his empire - something which I suspect he will not have much luck doing. He put me in charge, and I would suggest we take the opportunity to get out of here. Fast - unless you have any objections to that?"

"Nope. No objections." O'Neill smiled. "Sounds good to me. So, what's the plan?"

"We cannot go to the chaapa'ai without arousing suspicion, so we will escape by teltac." Lantash explained. "We will then travel to the nearest planet with a chaapa'ai, hopefully without being intercepted."

Lantash had told them how to find Nemty's shipyard, and it had been agreed that they should all meet there in exactly two hours. It would be safer to go there individually, than to walk together, as someone would no doubt be suspicious.

Now Lantash, Jolinar, O'Neill, and Teal'c were all on the teltac, waiting for Daniel to show up.

"What's keeping you, Daniel?" O'Neill mumbled in a low voice.

"If he does not soon arrive, we may have to leave," Lantash observed, worriedly.

"We're not leaving without Daniel!" O'Neill exclaimed.

"Believe me, I do not wish to, but it is imperative we get the information about the traitor to the Tok'ra, and I do not know how much longer it will be before someone notices that both Jolinar and I are missing."

"Samantha suggest she and I can remain, and attempt to get Daniel out. The rest of you leave!" Jolinar suggested.

Lantash shook his head. "We cannot allow you to risk your lives like that, and Jolinar is also the only one who has all the information about the traitor. No, if someone must remain, it will be Martouf and I."

"It is no longer an issue. Daniel Jackson has just arrived," Teal'c informed them.

They looked up and saw Daniel walking towards the teltac, trying to hurry while still appearing as if he was just taking a walk.

"Hurry up, Daniel!" O'Neill hissed, grabbing his arm and pulling him on-board the teltac, as soon as he got close enough.

They closed the door and Lantash ran for the controls. He had only just sent the signal to open the roof door, when a group of Jaffa came into the hall. He did not wait to hear what they had to say, but just accelerated the teltac upwards, and flew through the door in the roof as soon as it had opened enough that they could pass, if barely.

"They will be sending khe'taks soon," Lantash told them. "We must leave the atmosphere before they catch us."

"Deathgliders," Teal'c translated.

"Right. There were a bunch of'em in the hangar," O'Neill said. "Why aren't they with, uh, that Anti-guy? He's out to fight that other snakehead, isn't he?"

"Nemty. Yes, he has been betrayed - and attacked - by the Goa'uld Khnum," Lantash explained, absentmindedly, as he worked the controls of the teltac to get them away as fast as possible. "However, he left khe'taks on this planet, in order to be able to defend it, should he lose against Khnum - which I believe is likely. There are more than enough vessels to make life very unpleasant for us." He glared at a small display. "Mai'tac!"

"Deathgliders?" O'Neill wondered.

"Yes. No matter. We will be far enough out to jump to hyperspace in a moment. It should be soon enough." Lantash threw a worried glance at the display, showing the deathgliders approaching. The smaller ships were more maneuverable, and faster inside the atmosphere than a teltac - but they did not have any capability for hyperspace travel.

"Should?" Daniel asked.

The teltac lurched as it was hit by fire from the first of the deathgliders, but Lantash accelerated the ship into hyperspace seconds later. They were safe. He spent a few moments checking the systems. "We only sustained minor damage. We have escaped." He visible relaxed, as did the others. "I do not believe Nemty will have time - or opportunity - to pursue us. We should soon arrive on a world which usually has no Goa'uld presence."

"Usually? Soon?" O'Neill questioned.

Lantash sighed. "J'Ohlak is an agricultural world, and the Goa'uld who owns it - an ally of Nemty's, called Segir - has little interest in it, except that he sends Jaffa to pick up its produce four times a year. I believe the latest pickup was about a week ago - at the party, I heard Segir complain about the less-than average yield he had gotten from it this year."

"Okay, that sounds like - fairly solid intel," O'Neill admitted. "When will we be there?"

"In a little over four hours, if all goes well. Unfortunately, all the closer planets would be too dangerous to go to," Lantash told them.

O'Neill nodded. "Say... you're a Tok'ra... I'm guessing your name isn't 'Alim' - or whatever Goa'uld-ish name you were using, right? We haven't been properly introduced, so - who are you?"

"You are correct." Lantash smiled a little. "My name is Lantash." He bowed his head.

Martouf looked up, smiling wider. "And I am Martouf."

"Greetings." Teal'c inclined his head.

"Hello." Daniel smiled at Martouf.

"Yeah, pleased to meet you!" O'Neill said, a more friendly look on his face. "So - you know Jolinar here?"

Martouf grinned. "You could say that. She is..." He frowned as a warning sound was heard from the console. He double-checked a read-out. "We may have sustained more damage than I anticipated. I need to go and check."

"I can pilot this vessel," Teal'c offered.

Martouf nodded. "Thank you." He got up and let the Jaffa take the seat.

Jolinar had followed Martouf and Lantash, to see if she could help with any repairs. They had checked over the damage, and replaced one crystal, the rest of the damage was minimal, and would not need to be repaired in order to get them where they were going.

When they had finished the repairs, Jolinar embraced Lantash, kissing him. He returned the kiss, and for several moments they very completely absorbed in each other. Then Lantash pulled back a little. "Martouf and I would like to talk to our new mate, Samantha. Will she agree to that?"

*Samantha? I know you wanted to wait until we were somewhere safe and comfortable, before talking to them, but there I think it would be a good idea for you to spend a little time with our mates now, and they clearly would very much like it. Since we have left the palace, there is no longer reason for you not to be in control.*

*I know... and I'm aware it's ridiculous. I'm just... worried they'll decide they don't want me when they get to know me,* Sam admitted. *I'm not usually like this, as you know, but I've never been good at dealing with emotions - and... I love Martouf and Lantash so very much. What I feel for them... I didn't think it was possible to love someone like that.*

*Which makes you more nervous they will reject you, since that would be devastating to you.*

*Yes - and it wouldn't just be me. What about you? If I'm the reason your loved ones doesn't want to be with you anymore...*

*Stop it, Sam! They will love you. They are already falling for you. This is that cursed Jonas's fault! He was an idiot for making you doubt yourself in these matters, and he did not deserve your feelings for him! If I could have killed him, I would!*

Sam 'hugged' Jolinar. *Thanks. You're right, and I'm not going to let Jonas affect me anymore - and I usually donít. He was never worth it.* Sam was quiet for a moment. *Jolinar, I believe I am ready to take control now.*

*Good.* Jolinar mentally 'pulled back', letting Sam have control.

Lantash and Martouf had waited patiently while Sam and Jolinar talked, and they now looked expectantly at Sam. "Samantha?"

"Yes." She blushed, feeling annoyed at her reaction. Jolinar quickly controlled the blush, and Sam smiled at him. "It's nice to finally talk to you. I look forward to getting to know you - or, I guess I already do, but only from Jolinar's memories."

"We very much look forward to learning about you, talking to you, truly getting to know you," Martouf assured her, taking her hand. "There are so many places we would like to take you. So much we would like to show you, and share with you."

"That sounds really great. There's also a ton of places I'd like to show you home on Earth..." Sam looked down. "But I guess that won't happen anytime soon - if ever. The Goa'uld - Apophis - has conquered my world. Earth - that's the Tau'ri."

Martouf nodded, looking sympathetic. "Yes, Jolinar told us you are Tau'ri, and I know it now belongs to Apophis. I am sorry about your world and your people. Hopefully, your world will soon be free again. I regret there is little we can do right now, but perhaps one day..."

"We're hoping maybe we can work together? My people - those that escaped - and yours... errr... mine also, I guess..."

"Yes, you are Tok'ra now, so we are also your people," Martouf told her.

"I like that." She smiled at him.

Martouf gave her a shy smile. "Samantha... Lantash and I would like to kiss you, if you will allow it."

"Of course..." Sam flushed a little. "You're my mates - and you've kissed me before."

"Not when you were in control." He entwined his fingers with hers and caressed her hand with his thumb.

She nodded. "True. I agree... I guess we, um, should do something about that."

Martouf leaned in to kiss her, and she met him half-way. The kiss started out gentle, and somewhat tentative. After a few moments, Martouf embraced her lightly, and the kiss became filled with emotion, as he moved his lips against hers. Sam made a small sound and put her arms around him as well, as she gave in to the strong emotions she felt for these men.

She sensed a subtle change in the way she was held, and the kiss changed as well, and became more passionate. She knew Lantash was now in control.

Several minutes later, they became aware that someone was standing in the doorway. Moving away from each other a little bit - but not letting go completely - they turned to see O'Neill, who had a wide grin on his face.

"Boy, you weren't kidding when you said you knew Jolinar! Or is this how all Tok'ra greet each other?" O'Neill mused.

"Jolinar and Samantha are my mates - and Martouf's," Lantash confirmed.

"That doesn't seem strange to you? Getting a new mate just like that?"

"It is part of Tok'ra life. Usually, when a mate gets a new host, the relationship continues." Lantash explained. "Host and symbiote love as one, so Samantha already feels what Jolinar feels."

"Just like that. And you're just as happy with Carter as with Jolinar's former host? I thought the hosts mattered to you!" OíNeill said, starting to get annoyed.

"They do. Very much so, more than you can possible understand." Lantash's voice tensed, but then he relaxed, as Martouf reminded him this man had only met two Tokíra before, their Samantha - and Selmak - as Jolinar had explained. "Her name was Rosha - Jolinar's former host. I have loved her for 100 years, and I will always love her, as will Martouf. We will mourn her for a very long time. Samantha is a different person, whom we will love for who she is. That does not make the memory of Rosha mean less for us. Please understand that."

O'Neill nodded. "Sorry. I was just confused, but I can see how it would be, ah, how things worked among your kind. I guess I just wanted to be sure you weren't thinking of Carter as someone you could just - well, use and throw away."

"We do not. That is very far from how we look at her. She is beautiful, and from what we have seen and heard from Jolinar, both kind, compassionate, and very intelligent. She is a competent warrior and scientist. Now, when we have talked with her some more, I am very convinced that she will be very easy for us to fall in love with. I must admit, I am already falling for her, and so is Martouf. Do not fear. She will be loved deeply, for as long as she will live. More... she will be loved for as long as I will live."

"I can't ask for more than that." He smiled. "As long as you're all happy, I guess."

"We are," Sam confirmed, looking at Lantash with an expression of love on her face.

He looked back at her, and caressed her cheek. "Very much."

Chapter 26: In the Tok'ra Tunnels