Deep Trouble, Chapter 29


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Chapter 29: Home

Summary: Sam and Jolinar returns home to the Tok'ra Tunnels, and to Martouf and Lantash.

Warning: sex (het)

Martouf/Lantash and Sam/Jolinar stepped out on the planet where their base was currently located.

"Another desert planet. Really?" Jolinar complained.

Martouf grinned. "Yes, unfortunately. Uninhabited desert planets are easier to find than the more lush worlds, and we needed to find quite many, quickly, since all bases and outposts had to move. I believe only one outpost and two bases ended up on more pleasant worlds."

"And of course our base was not one of them!" Jolinar sighed, then moaned as Sam grinned at her complaints. "Samantha is teasing me! She insists I always> complain! That is not true!"

"Beloved..." Martouf turned to embrace her, smiling, when the guards jumped up from the ground around them. "Greetings." He nodded at them.

"Welcome back, Martouf and Lantash... and Jolinar and Samantha." Aldwin inclined his head in greeting.

"Thank you, Aldwin," Martouf said.

"There is no one else with us, so you can all return to your hiding places," Jolinar told him, then smiled. "I look forward to seeing you all again - I did not have much time to talk when I was last here."

"Indeed. It shall be good to spend some time with you - and learn to know your new host," Aldwin replied.

The debriefings took several hours, with the Council members present asking Martouf/Lantash and Sam/Jolinar to tell in detail all they had learned from Bra'tac about Apophis, Amaunet, Klorel, as well as Apophis's new homeworld, the Tau'ri. They also told the Council about what they had seen on Chulak, and what their impression was of its state after Klorel had taken over. Finally, the Council was satisfied and dismissed them.

They ate a quick dinner. The planet Rosha had died on and the planet their Tok'ra base was on, had their Starbases in areas that were at different times of the day, so here it was already early evening.

"Come - I would like to show you our new quarters," Martouf insisted, taking her hand as soon as she had placed her tray with dirty dishes on the table for those on kitchen duty to handle.

"Have they not been constructed like usual? I thought we had the specifics for our quarters programmed into the crystal matrix," Jolinar asked, not quite understanding Martouf's eagerness, but nevertheless finding him sweet.

"The layout is... mostly like usual," Martouf admitted. "Regardless, you haven't been in the new ones yet, so they are new for you and Samantha."

Jolinar mentally rolled her eyes, then leaned in an gave him a kiss. "Then let us go there." If this was because he wanted them to go to their shared quarters and celebrate officially living together again - after her getting a new host - then she would not complain. It was kind of romantic, and both she and Samantha would like to spend some more private time with their mates.

"See? I finally convinced them to add that divan you wanted to the crystal matrix!" Martouf smiled widely.

"Impressive! Kohnak agreed to it? Or was it one of his assistants?" Jolinar looked, pleased, at the new piece of furniture.

"He did. He was very happy you found a host for Selmak. As you know, he is very fond of her."

"True, he is." Jolinar smiled at Martouf. "Thank you for thinking of this... I like the pillows and blankets you have added. It actually looks soft and inviting."

"It is. Aside from the normal thin padding, there is a thicker mattress on top. Together with the pillows and the blankets it is very comfortable. Come on - try it!"

Jolinar took off her BDU jacket and threw it on a chair, then unlaced her boots and put them in a corner before sitting down on the sofa. "Very nice." She pulled him down to her. "Come, sit with me for a little while."

"With pleasure." Martouf put his arm around Jolinar and snuggled up close to her, kissing her on the cheek.

They sat like that for some time, talking, relaxing, and just enjoying each others presence. It was good to be home again, and together.

Lantash leaned in and gave Sam a warm kiss. "As wonderful as it is to sit here with you, Martouf and I were considering taking a bath. We would like you to join us, if you are agreeable to that?" He murmured, a naughty glint in his eyes.

"Um, yeah... I think that would be... nice," Sam admitted, feeling a little shy at the thought of bathing with them - especially since it was more than obvious they wanted to do more than just bathing.

"Good." He kissed her again. "Just stay here, and weíll go prepare the bath."

Sam and Jolinar relaxed on the very comfortable sofa, as they listened to the sounds of the pool in their private bathroom filling.

*Itís nice to just sit here and do nothing, for once. I think I'd like some vacation, though I realize that except for the last month, we haven't done much except sitting in a cell.*

*That can hardly be counted as vacation.* Jolinar snorted. *Particularly with Nichols, Samuels, and the other idiots coming to poke us and try to get us to speak, whenever they felt like it. No, you are correct, it would be nice to have some time off, and we will get just that - even if it will probably not be more than a week or two. Mated Tok'ra always get time off when one of them has gotten a new host, so there is time for everyone to get to know each other a little better.*

*Sensible.* Sam lifted her head as Martouf/Lantash came back into the room, then almost gasped out loud. They were naked, and she just stared at them for a few moments, enjoying how very attractive they were. They were also very obviously very aroused - as evidenced by their large, very hard, erection.

"Come, beloveds. We are waiting for you, quite eagerly." Lantash smiled mischievously at her. "Ah, you may wish to remove some of your clothing first, of course." He leaned against the wall behind him, obviously intending to watch as she undressed.

Sam blushed a little, which Jolinar quickly remedied. She decided she could do this - and that it might not be so bad. They had, after all, already seen her naked. Having made that decision, she spent a few moments looking at Lantash. "Very nice." She smiled at him, as she started removing her own clothing, wishing suddenly she was wearing something more sexy and easier to remove, than her BDUs. "You know... I'll just take off my clothes now, but maybe next time I'll wear something that can be removed in a more... ah... appealing way, if you get my drift." She felt her cheeks grow warmer again, and hurriedly pulled her t-shirt over her head, hiding her face.

"Martouf and I agree that sounds most interesting, Samantha," Lantash said, openly ogling her.

Grinning a little sheepishly, she unbuttoned her pants and pulled them off, then let her socks follow. She now stood before him wearing only bra and underpants - thankful she had picked black lace instead of white cotton. It was more than obvious from Lantash's expression that he appreciated what he saw. Sam had just unclasped her bra when he pulled her to him and swiftly removed her remaining clothing before kissing her deeply.

He slid one hand down Sam's back, to her ass and started fondling it, while caressing one of her breasts with the other hand.

They continued kissing, and when they finally took a break, they were both breathless. Lantash was about to kiss her again, when Sam managed to wriggle out of his grasp. "As wonderful as this is, Lantash, Jolinar and I really do want a bath before doing, ah, anything else - and we need to, uh, use the facilities also. Itíll just be a moment." She fled into the bathroom.

Lantash moaned softly to himself and Martouf. "Of course, beloveds. We will be waiting, ah, patiently."

A short while later, Sam called from the bathroom. "The water is wonderful - will you come and join us?" She smiled at the speed with which they joined her and Jolinar in the pool. "You have really done a lovely job. It looks very pretty and the water smells wonderful," Sam said, indicating the candles Martouf and Lantash had lit in the bathroom to create a pleasant mood, and the fragrant bath oil they had added to the water.

"Thank you." He smiled, pleased she liked it.

"In return, perhaps we could, um, bathe you?" Sam winked at him. "Would you like that?"

"Absolutely. We would like that very much, my Samantha and Jolinar," Lantash said, kissing her.

"Good. Turn around." She grabbed a sponge and a bottle containing a pleasantly scented soap, then poured a generous amount on the sponge and started washing him. She began with his shoulders, then worked her way to his back, paying special attention to the area of the neck where Lantash could be most easily pleasured. She continued stroking him there for a while, making him moan, before going lower. His butt was just below water, but that did not stop her from washing it - and taking the opportunity to massage it.

She poured some more soap on the sponge and began washing his chest, spending a moment to fondle each of his nipples, before moving down over his stomach. Going further down, she washed his now very hard cock, making him groan and thrust against her hand.

"Samantha! You are testing our resolve," Lantash said, his voice rough with desire.

"Patience." She smiled at him, then grabbed the bottle of shampoo and began washing his hair. After a few minutes, she took a step back, admiring him. "I think youíre clean enough now - I just need to wash off the soap..."

"I can do that very quickly," Lantash said, immediately kneeling down and dipping himself completely under water. When he surfaced a few moments later, Sam had begun washing herself. Lantash looked at her for a little while, following her every movement as she slowly, sensually, washed her upper body, paying special attention to her breasts. He swallowed, and spoke, hoarsely. "Samantha, we need you and Jolinar. Now!"

"Don't you want me to be clean first?" Sam teased, looking at him with mirth in her eyes.

"You are clean enough!" He grabbed her and pulled her to him, kissing her fervently. She returned the kiss and deepened it, before pretending to try and get away. She squealed and giggled as she play-fought him, half-twisting out of his grip before he caught her again.

"My naughty Samantha and Jolinar!" He murmured against her neck as he pressed himself against her back, holding her tight against him with one arm, as he fondled her breasts with the other hand.

"Jolinar tells me you like your women that way," Sam observed, distantly, as she leaned into his caresses. She could feel the heat from the hardness that pressed against her, and was suddenly aching to feel his shaft inside her. She pushed back against him, rubbing his cock.

He gasped, and kissed her neck hard, then slowly licked and nipped his way to the point where it met her shoulder. Sam moaned deeply, as he increased the pressure for a moment.

His hand had strayed from her breasts, down over her stomach, and down between her legs. He dipped a finger inside her. "So very wet - and not just because of the water..."

He kissed her on the side of the neck, as he found her clit and begun to stroke her gently there, circling it with his thumb. Her moans deepened, and he grinned as he continued pleasuring her, now and then rubbing himself against her in an attempt to relieve a little of the ache he felt. Soon, he promised himself and Martouf. Soon they would bury their shaft inside her pussy and pound into her until they came. Lantash groaned softly at the thought, echoing Martouf.

Sam tensed, getting close to orgasm. Lantash pressed the tip of his shaft into her, then pushed forward hard, entering her deeply. They both gasped from the sensations, and for a moment neither moved. Then Lantash pushed her against the side of the pool and grabbed her hips, starting to thrust into her hard and fast. It took little time before Sam cried out, shuddering under him as she had an intense orgasm. Lantash groaned as her pussy contracted around his cock, and rammed himself into her a few more times, before he, too, came hard, collapsing against her.

After a little while, Lantash managed to summon the strength to lift himself off her, afraid he was squeezing her uncomfortably. He helped Sam get up, and together they very quickly rinsed off any remaining soap, before drying off and going to bed.

Sam snuggled up against Martouf and Lantash. Both she and Jolinar felt wonderful and very well pleasured. She half-turned and kissed their lovers. "Good night, beloveds. Sleep well."

"Sleep well, Samantha and Jolinar. We love you."

"And we love you."

Jolinar was almost asleep already, and it did not take long before Martouf and Lantash drifted off to sleep as well. Sam remained awake for a short time longer, thinking about all that had happened and about the future.

Earth was still under Apophis's rule, and most humans on the planet were surely slaves. It would be difficult to free the planet, and it might take a long time, even if it now seemed very likely the Tok'ra would ally with the 'free Tau'ri'. More tunnel crystals and other technology had already been sent to New Earth, so maybe things would begin to look up a little for them there.

As for her personal life, she could not be happier. She got along great with Jolinar, and Martouf and Lantash were both wonderful, sweet, intelligent, and considerate.

She decided to focus on that, for now. For the first time in many months, she was beginning to feel better and more confident about their future.

They would succeed, somehow. Earth would be free again, even if it took years. She was suddenly certain of it.

With that thought, she curled up closer to Martouf and Lantash, and joined her mates, and Jolinar in sleep.


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