Chapter 3 summary: Arnora and Jolinar spend more time discussing after a threat to their lives.


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A couple days later, at Jolinar's proclamation ceremony.

Jolinar was standing on a huge platform just outside the palace walls. It was richly decorated with gold and at the center a large throne was placed. Jolinar herself was dressed in a tight fitting outfit, woven entirely of gold thread. Around her shoulders she had a translucent cape of expensive, blue silk, and she wore so much jewelry that Arnora had joked it would weigh them down and send them crashing through the floor of the platform. Jolinar had not found it amusing.

They now stood just in front of the throne, surrounded by her personal Jaffa guards, including her first prime - her father's, whom she had decided to keep. Her lo'tar was there as well, looking very relieved to still have his job. All those of her Jaffa that were currently stationed anywhere near this place and not absolutely needed for other duties, had been ordered to the city. They were now marching for their new Lord.

A little further away, surrounding the plaza and filling all the streets and balconies available, human slaves had flocked to see their new god. Jolinar was feeling slightly bored, but also quite anxious - something she was not about to admit to her host. This was her first public appearance, and she needed to look her best. More than that! In order to be obeyed totally - in order to be feared, she needed to be impressive and imposing. Jolinar knew she looked good - both strong and beautiful. Her clothing and presence would instill the needed respect.

*I do not like this...* Arnora began.

*Too bad! To be worshipped by ones slaves is part of being Goa'uld. If you can't handle that, too bad! Go hide somewhere with your lowly thoughts! I am a System Lord. I rule this world - and several others. I am their god!*

Arnora rolled her eyes mentally at this. *You know better than may be powerful and feared. They may obey you, even worship you as a god...but that is merely because they do not know better. It does not make you a god. You keep them in ignorance and lure them with, a child...a mortal...just like the rest of us. If they only knew...never mind, that was not what I meant.*

*What then? Be quick The priests will be here soon, to proclaim me the god of this world - the heir to Shu and the ruler of this planet, after Shu has chosen to move to a place where he is not bothered by his troublesome slaves...*

*Is that the story they have told the people? Is that the best they could do? They could almost as well have told the truth, that he was murdered.*

*A god cannot be killed like that - the truth would undermine both mine and every other Goa'uld's position. They must never know the truth.*

*What I meant before...about me not liking this? I can't really explain it...*

*Then shut up. You're distracting me. The priests are coming up the ramp.*

*Will you listen! What I meant is...I have a bad something horrible is about to happen. What if there is an ashrak here?*

Jolinar shuddered briefly, then dismissed the thought. *Ridiculous! An ashrak is a Goa'uld, and so is his employer. Neither would benefit from getting me killed in public. It would not be worth it to kill me - as I mentioned before, that would lead to all Goa'uld loosing respect - and to some of the slaves doubting we are gods. They would never have me assassinated in public. It is simply unthinkable.*

Meanwhile, the priests had reached Jolinar's position and started the ritual of proclaiming her the god and Lord of the planet. They went on to state that Jolinar was the legal, chosen heir of the former Lord Shu, and that she would rule with the same mercy, benevolence, and intelligence as he had. Jolinar distractedly went through the motions expected of her.

*What if it's a Jaffa - or even a human?* Arnora suggested.

*They would not try to kill a god. They would be too fearful, and they would know that they would fail - a mere mortal cannot kill a god. To even try it - think it, is blasphemy!*

*And what if it is one of the Jaffa who saw your father be murdered and know he was not truly a god - and have subsequently decided to kill the daughter who also is no god?*

Jolinar was about to dismiss the whole idea when she stopped herself. *That...may be a possibility...* Jolinar conceded, as the priests finished their incantations and they turned to receive the jubilation from the crowd. A thunderous noise bathed them from the many people, clapping and shouting their hurrahs.

Suddenly Jolinar felt her host 'freeze' mentally. *Over there, he's shooting!*

*Where?* Jolinar looked around frantically. Her host quickly wrestled the control from Jolinar and hit the button on the bracelet on their wrist. A force field sprang up around them just in time to block the shot from the staff weapon. The energy dissipated harmlessly, with a shimmering of light around them. Arnora hurriedly gave control back to Jolinar. The crowd had become totally quiet, watching in awe as their god was unaffected by a staff blast.

"Jaffa, kree! Capture the traitor and bring him to me at once!" Jolinar ordered, furiously, her eyes flashing.

*I am going to kill the vile cur myself!*

*...but perhaps not until we have heard what he has to tell. He may not be acting alone...*

*Agreed.* Jolinar turned to her people. "Only a fool tries to kill a god! My dear children...I know that you are far too intelligent to do something like this - the punishment would be death! However, obey your god and I shall be merciful. Protect you and your land against all harm. Now, everyone will get one day off to celebrate your new Lord." She turned to her lo'tar. "See that a feast is held in my honour - and bring me the traitor - alive." She turned again and began to leave, as the man fell to his knees.

"As you wish, Lord Jolinar."

She walked back to the palace, basking in her people's jubilation and awe.

*Arnora - thank you. Had you not been vigilant and reacted fast, I would be dead.*

*So would I...there are advantages to me being able to take control, right? To have two people that can keep an eye out for enemies.*

Jolinar was quiet for a while. *You may be right.* She admitted. *Something else...I do not remember putting on the force shield?*

*I put it on before we went out to meet your 'adoring worshippers' - you were preoccupied with your appearance and did not notice.*

*I see...I...have much to thank you for. are very intelligent. , to have you as my host.* Jolinar finally admitted.

*Yes...imagine what we could accomplish if we worked together. Two brains must be better than one.*

*Agreed...and I will listen more to your advice in the future. Together we will manage this...*

Arnora awoke in the middle of the night, feeling strangely uncomfortable and bathed in sweat. She carefully probed Jolinar, and found that the symbiote was dreaming. Having a nightmare, rather, if the few images Arnora saw was anything to go by. She gently 'nudged' Jolinar until she woke up.


*Yes...what do you want?* she sounded testy.

*You had a nightmare - a bad one, I think. I thought you would like me to wake you up.*

*...thank you, I guess.* Jolinar sounded unhappy.

*Would you like to tell me about it? Was it about the attempt on our lives today? The glimpses I saw did not seem so, but...I would think it must be very limited what bad things you have experienced, which could cause you to have bad dreams...*

*You have no idea...* she sounded slightly sarcastic.

*The enlighten me.*

Jolinar sighed. *Symbiotes have genetic memory - memories and knowledge passed down from our ancestors, though the queen who spawned us ultimately controls what we get. Thus, we are born with the memories of many things, some of it bad. At first, only some of it surfaces - language, some knowledge...later - more. When we get to our early teens, or maybe a little earlier - in symbiotes from about 7 years - and until we are adults, at 12, the majority of the memories surface. Some of it come as dreams first, and all of it is a little less clear than our own memories, somehow more...distant. Still, it has a very powerful effect on you. This is one thing which actually makes me feel grateful that I got a host early. Being all alone in a pouch, with memories and dreams like that surfacing is not always pleasant.*

*I can imagine! You must be traumatized if you remembers the evil things your Goa'uld ancestors did! No wonder Goa'uld are as bad as they are! Do the nightmares continue all your life?*

*To answer the last question first - no, they do not. As far as I know, they lessens as the symbiote work through the genetic memory and it is no longer so fresh and in the forefront of their mind. As for the other - it is more a case of seeing that this is how things are done, and that it is alright to treat others this way, because all your memories tell you it is how it should be. To get nightmares from those evil things our ancestors did, you first have to acknowledge that what they do, is in fact, evil. If your memory tells you it is all right to behave that way, then you will not get nightmares from it. However, some of what we remember are considered evil, or is directly horrifying to us, and that will give us nightmares. Especially since the one experiencing them is essentially an innocent child. That, combined with having only yourself for company - and dreams of glory and power - do tend to make many Goa'uld a little strange, I guess. And it does reinforce the power hunger.*

*Then your people have always been this way? Or do the bad genetic memory accumulate?*

*It accumulates, of course, to some degree, though I believe it is probably at equilibrium by now. We have been accruing those memories for many generations. However, our queen mother may not give us all of it each time, only what she deems important. Probably we have only a little more than the generation before us, by now. Much of the most ancient stuff is likely no longer relevant.* Jolinar thought about it. *However, one thing is different than it was originally. The young symbiote grows up alone, in a Jaffa pouch. If it had someone to talk to - play with, I guess, it would lessen the effect of the genetic memories considerably. At least I would think so. We have to grow up in Jaffa, though, because the Jaffa must be kept dependent on us - loyal. As you know, they are genetically engineered to need a symbiote to act as immune system, from puberty.*

* will continue to get more of these memories? And it will give you bad dreams?*

*Yes...I guess, they awoke you? Do you get some flashes of it? I do believe neither the memories nor the dreams will affect me nearly as bad as they would, were I still alone in a pouch. I now have so many other experiences as well, so many other memories, fully my own. The genetic memories is not almost all I have.* 

*I am...glad, I guess...that you will not be affected as badly. Though I admit I would have preferred to not have become a host. No offense.*

*None taken. I cannot say I blame you. Shall we sleep again? Tomorrow will be a hard day again.*

*Yes. Good night.*

*...Good night.*