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It was close to two hours later, when the weary and hungry group arrived back at the motel. After checking in and dumping their few things - including the DNA analysis device - in their room, they went to the diner that was located just beside the motel.

"Let's sit over here?" Sam suggested, indicating a place some distance from the other patrons.

"Sure, why not?" Jacob shrugged.

They sat down, with Martouf/Lantash taking a seat beside Sam, smiling at her. She smiled back at him, and secretly touched his leg, keeping her hand under the table so the others did not see it. Martouf placed his own hand on hers, and gave it a squeeze.

The waitress approached their table and gave them a somewhat condescending look, reminding them of the fact that they had not had the opportunity to bathe for three days. "What would you like, folks?"

"Scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, maybe some toast, and black coffee... for all of us, I guess?" O'Neill said.

"Yuck, no thanks!" Sam wrinkled her nose. "I'd like a bagel with cream cheese - and some of that yogurt parfait you have in the food display. It looks delicious. Oh... and some coffee. Black."

"I, too, would prefer a different breakfast." Martouf smiled his usual, charming smile.

"What would you like, dear?" the waitress said, clearly not unaffected by Martouf's smile. "Our waffles are very good - and today we serve them with fresh berries and maple syrup."

Martouf hesitated, then nodded. "That sounds quite good. I would like that." Prodded by Lantash, he added, "No coffee for me. Can I have a glass of milk instead? Or maybe some fruit juice?"

The waitress smiled at him. "Of course. Your order will be right up. Anyone else want anything different? No? So, four times eggs, hash browns, bacon, toast, and coffee. One bagel with cream cheese, a yogurt parfait, and black coffee - and one waffles with berries, and a glass of milk - and a glass of orange juice." They all nodded, and she left.

O'Neill rolled his eyes at Martouf. "Trying to get a better price by seducing the waitress?"

"I am not attempting to seduce her! I was just being friendly!" Martouf answered, an indignant look on his face.

"Probably a good idea to be polite. With the way we smell, we should be grateful they haven't kicked us out!" Daniel said.

"Stop it, Daniel. It's not funny anymore!" O'Neill warned. "Carter... as soon as we've eaten, you get right on that DNA test!"

"This motel may not be the most luxurious, but at least the room is clean, and more or less big enough for us," Jacob observed. "Two wide beds and a couch... I guess it's a good thing you don't need sleep, Teal'c." He grinned widely when he looked in the bathroom. "And it's got a nice big bathtub!"

"Sorry, sir, but that's gonna have to wait until the rest of us have gotten a shower!" O'Neill smiled. "Not that I don't agree with you Jacob. A bit of civilization is nice, for once."

"Ladies first!" Sam said, squeezing past her father, into the bathroom. "Besides, it makes sense, since I'm the one who has to figure out the DNA analysis device!" She added, when several of the others looked like they might object.

"Okay, Daniel! Time to let us take some blood!" Sam informed him.

She, Martouf/Lantash, and Jacob/Selmak had spent about an hour figuring out how the device worked. It was obviously Goa'uld technology, but since it had probably been produced on Earth, and since many things had been changed to accommodate the target customers, it took a little while for them to determine how everything was done.

"Sure, as long as there's some hope this will lead to you figuring out how to cure this, you can take all you want!" Daniel sat down. "Within reasonable limits, of course," he added.

"Of course." Sam grinned, and used a small apparatus to draw some blood. According to Jacob/Selmak and Martouf/Lantash, that part was a standard Goa'uld device, used for this exact purpose.

"How long will it take? An hour, or what did you say?" Daniel asked.

"Thereabout," Sam confirmed.

Daniel yawned. "In that case I'm going to take a nap."

"That sounds like a good idea. I think I'll do the same," O'Neill said. "I'll take the couch - the rest of you can share the beds."

"Uh, I think maybe it's better if I take the couch..." Daniel looked uncomfortable. "You know... if I suddenly become a werewolf... I don't want to risk harming someone sleeping beside me. It is a full moon tonight."

"It's barely noon yet... but I guess it's not a bad idea to take precautions," O'Neill admitted. He stretched luxuriously and sat down on the nearest bed. "This feels really comfortable..." Smiling to himself, he lay down, and was soon fast asleep.

Sam checked the time. "Another twenty minutes or so to go, before we get the results." She sighed. "I don't know what I hope we'll find." She shook her head. "Werewolves! If anyone had told me just a week ago, that we'd run into werewolves, I'd have laughed at them!"

"Understandable." Lantash answered. "It is difficult to accept something you have assumed were just superstition and made-up stories."

Sam nodded, then gave him a wry grin. "Like aliens. Extraterrestrial lifeforms, I mean."

"Yes, you told me the existence of 'aliens' is considered something mostly... ah, 'crazies' and conspiracy theorists believe in. Aside from those who know they exist, of course." He smiled, taking her hand. "Since you were born on another world than me, you would be an 'alien' to me according to your definitions, correct?"

"Yeah, I guess that's true."

"Then I must say that I am very glad aliens exist..." He took her other hand, and pulled her closer, and were about to kiss her when she moved back a little. He got a hurt expression. "You do not wish to kiss me? Would you like me to give Martouf control?"

"What? No! Lantash, that's not it! Of course I'll kiss you! It's just... we're not exactly alone in here..."

"They're all asleep, except for Teal'c, but he is deep in kel'no'reem. They will not notice anything."

"Maybe..." Sam threw a quick look at them. They were all quiet, except for the low snoring that came from her dad and from O'Neill. She shrugged, lowering her voice. "I suppose you're right."

"Of course I am right!" Lantash said, a self-assured look on his face. The arrogant expression disappeared and he smiled widely, pulling her to him again. He leaned in to kiss her, and this time she did not pull away.

She closed her eyes and kissed him softly. Lantash let her control the pace, returning her kisses, and keeping them light. Soon Sam allowed her feelings for him to come forward, and she ran her tongue over his lips, before pressing it against them. Lantash immediately opened his mouth, more than happy to deepen the kiss. Their tongues tangled and Sam made a low moan, wrapping her arms around him.

They continued kissing until they were both lightheaded from the intensity of the kiss, as well as the lack of air. Sam gave Lantash a goofy grin, and gave them both a few moments to get their breath back, before capturing his mouth in another passionate kiss.

"Daniel?" Sam touched him gently. "We've got a result on the DNA test..."

He yawned mightily, and slowly opened his eyes. "Huh? Oh, yeah, yeah. What did you find out?"

Sam looked very concerned. "Several things, actually..."

"What?" O'Neill asked, having heard them talk.

Sam looked around the room, noticing that everyone was awake. "Well, I guess it's good you're all hearing this." She knitted her brows. "Martouf and I looked at the result of the analysis, and we agree that it seems like this - Daniel becoming a werewolf - is caused by a type of retrovirus. It is - in simple terms - rewriting his DNA."

"God, no!" Daniel looked pained. "Can it be reversed?"

"Possibly," Martouf said. He gave Lantash control.

"The Tok'ra may be able to reverse the changes. Maybe."

"By making me a host?"

Lantash shook his head. "No, while I am convinced hosts would be immune, I am not certain a symbiote would be able to easily reverse these changes. They are very widespread. However, our healers might be able to cure you."

"How?" O'Neill asked.

"Through what Samantha says you call 'gene therapy'. It would be a combination of drugs, perhaps in addition to treatments with a device which resembles a healing device somewhat."

"But you think it can be done? I mean, no offence, but you're neither a healer, nor a scientist," O'Neill said.

"The point is well taken, though Martouf sometimes assists our scientists. He was studying science at a university on his world when the Goa'uld attacked, and he had to flee - ultimately becoming my host."

"Selmak agrees, and she has worked as a scientist among the Tok'ra from time to time." Jacob added.

"All right. Sounds good. Now we just have to survive long enough to find a way off this world, track down the Tok'ra - and hopefully stop Ba'al from taking over the planet." O'Neill shook his head. "Just a normal day for SG-1!"

"There is another thing..." Sam hesitated.

"Yes? More bad news? Let's hear it." O'Neill sighed.

"You could say so. While looking at the added bits of DNA, we found what looks like writing."

"Writing?" O'Neill raised his eyebrows.

"Yes, writing. In Goa'uld." Sam looked unhappy. "Also, Lantash says some parts of the DNA - for increased healing abilities among other things - have been take from Goa'uld symbiotes. It's been further enhanced, but it's Goa'uld DNA."

"You're not saying the Goa'uld are responsible for there being werewolves on Earth?" Jacob looked incredulous.

"Actually... they may be." Sam looked at Lantash.

"The writing translates to 'Created by the illustrious Lord Nirrti. Glory be to her for all time." Lantash got an expression of distaste.

"And so I've got Goa'uld DNA now?" Daniel got an unhappy expression.

"Some, yes, as well as bits and pieces from other creatures, no doubt - all of which Nirrti has made further changes to," Sam said.

"Nirrti!" O'Neill stared at Lantash. "Damn!"

"Of course!" Jacob exclaimed. He gave Selmak control.

"I do not know why I did not think of this, but it is well known that Nirrti has been involved in several attempts to create 'hok'tars' - advanced humans, which the Goa'uld wishes to use as hosts. She has worked on this on and off for millennia!"

"So she could very well be the cause of those legends on Earth? She could have created actual werewolves?" Daniel asked.

Selmak nodded. "Yes - and she may have decided to test their suitability on this planet - and probably others - before deciding to continue her projects. Perhaps some of her test-subjects escaped, and the contagion spread. Either she was unable to contain the virus, or more likely she did not care enough to even attempt it."

"Or maybe she thought it could be entertaining to see how her 'creation' developed in a natural environment," Lantash said, sounding unhappy. "Never forget - it is Nirrti we are talking about!"

"And then Ba'al just found out about them and decided to use them for his own agenda?" O'Neill asked.

"Or Nirrti made an agreement with him." Lantash suggested.

"Most of the time Nirrti has worked alone, but Selmak says she cooperated with the minor Goa'uld Zeus for some time... though that was a very very long time ago. As Lantash says, it is possible she now works with Ba'al."

"The only thing is... Nirrti is even more untrustworthy than most Goa'uld. I am surprised he would trust her." Lantash shrugged. "Perhaps he is convinced he can trick her - most Goa'uld tend to be quite overconfident."

Chapter 14: A Meeting