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"And you're sure?" Argent asked, a disbelieving look on his face.

"Absolutely. I ran the test twice. There can be no mistaking the result." Jameson told him.

"It makes no sense." Argent frowned. "I'll go talk to them. Hear what they have to say."

"Want company this time?" Jameson asked.

"No. I'll talk to them myself. It's obvious they're hiding something!" Argent turned on his heel and went directly back into the room with the holding cell.

"Ah, you again. Do you think we could get some food now?" O'Neill asked. "After all, we've told you all you wanted to know."

"Told me all I wanted to know?" Argent snorted and shook his head. "That's so far from the truth it's laughable!"

"What? What more do you want to know?" O'Neill exclaimed.

"I don't even know where to start! You come here - in uniforms. One of you is carrying an advanced weapon of a type we know the Air Force has recently gotten, but are keeping a secret. Along with a lot of other secrets they seem to have. One of you is a werewolf, and the rest of you don't seem to care! You know, one of my men is a scientist, and he used a DNA analyzer to check your blood - to see if there were any other werewolves among you. He found some interesting stuff."

"Yeah? Such as?" Jacob asked, clearly worried.

"Well, three of you guys apparently have some kind of chemical element in your blood, which Jameson has never heard off! You also seem to have 'foreign DNA' in your blood... whatever that means. Then there's the guy with the weird golden tattoo - he isn't even human!"

"I'm sure that's an error. Maybe this Jameson isn't as smart as he thinks he is?" O'Neill said. "I mean, Teal'c is... obviously human."

"He looks that way, yes, but looks can deceive. Werewolves look human too - most of the time... I can assure you, Jameson is quite competent in what he does. He's also checked the DNA of your young friend there..." Argent nodded in the direction of Martouf. "The analyzer claims he's an identical genetic match to me. Could be my twin, but since it's obvious he's not, I am going to assume he's a clone. Not that I have any idea why anyone would want to make a clone of me! What other dirty little secrets are the Air Force up to?"

O'Neill rolled his eyes. "A clone? Really? Are you aware of how crazy all that stuff you just let out sounds?"

"Yes, I'm aware. I probably wouldn't believe them myself. That doesn't make them any less true - and you know it!"

"Dad?" Allison stuck her head in through the open door. "Can I talk to you?"

"Right now? Can't it wait?"

"No, it really can't. Scott... Scott's here. And Derek. They want to meet. They have some information..."

"That's unusual. What sort of information? About our guests?"

"No - about a new alpha pack that's appeared."

"So that part was the truth... and they've gotten here now. As if one piece of bad news wasn't enough..." Argent sighed deeply, and threw the prisoners an unhappy look, before following his daughter out of the room.

"Okay, so what do we do?" Daniel said, sounding exasperated. "Sam, can't you... pick the lock, or something? We've gotten out of enough Goa'uld prisons."

"Ironically, a less advanced cell can be harder to get out of than a more advanced one." Sam sighed, and looked unhappily at the thick chain with the padlock that was keeping the door closed.

"A clone... is that a double, made from someone's code of life?" Martouf asked.

"Yes," Sam confirmed.

"I am not a clone!"

"No, we kinda know that... or at least we think we know that... but what other explanation do you have? I mean, he said you were genetically identical!" O'Neill exclaimed.

"True. That is strange," Martouf agreed.

"See, I know you're gonna say this sounds crazy, but could he be you, but in another timeline, where you were born on Earth, and never became a host?" O'Neill asked.

"No. Aside from the great amount of other differences such a change would surely have caused, we only travelled 11 years into the future," Martouf said. "He can't be me."

"True," O'Neill conceded.

"Besides, I found records of all of us in the computer I hacked at Stargate Command," Sam reminded them. "We were all logged as having disappeared on a mission to the Goa'uld Heka's domain. So we're in our own reality, and Martouf - and Lantash - are who they're supposed to be. The guy that captured us must have been here on Earth all the time."

"Okay, so this is just a coincidence? Really?" O'Neill asked.

"It's hard to believe, but..." Sam began.

"I did have a twin brother..." Martouf said, slowly.

"You have a twin? Why didn't you mention that!" O'Neill exclaimed.

"I am sorry, but I do not think of him often. He disappeared when we were barely two years of age."

"Disappeared? What happened?" Sam wondered.

"My brother and I were usually placed in a children's care facility while our mother and father worked..."

"We call it a day care," Daniel said.

Martouf nodded. "One time - it must have been maybe a month or so before my second birthday, because my mother was home, soon due to give birth to my sister Svala - I was sick from some childhood malady, and could not go to the... the day care. My brother Agni was however well, so he did not stay home. That day something terrible happened, and all the children, and all the care personnel as well, except for one, were abducted."

"What? By who?" Sam asked.

"One of the people working there had managed to hide, and from her explanations, it sounded as if it was probably Jaffa that took the children and others. They left in a small vessel, most likely a teltac."

"That's horrible!" Sam exclaimed.

"Yeah, it is," Daniel agreed, then frowned. "Why wouldn't she know for certain if they were Jaffa? She must have seen a lot of Jaffa before, or what?"

"No, Setona - that's my homeworld - had been free of the Goa'uld for many centuries. In all that time there had been perhaps one or two prior cases were someone was taken, presumably with the intention of making them slaves or hosts. Of course, fifteen years later, Nephthys decided to take the planet, and it is no longer free." Martouf got a pained expression.

Sam sat down beside Martouf and gave his shoulder a squeeze. "I'm sorry you have to be reminded of all this."

Martouf nodded, smiling gratefully at her. "Thank you, Samantha, but it is all right. I needed to remember this, because while I do not understand how, it would seem Agni somehow ended up on your world."

"It would seem you are telling the truth about the new alpha pack," Argent said.

"Of course we were telling the truth!" O'Neill sounded offended.

Argent nodded. "I meant no offence, but you'll have to admit you guys seem more than a little suspicious."

"I suppose we do," O'Neill admitted. "But you'll just have to accept that there are some things we can't tell you. National security, you know. In fact, we're on an important mission right now, so you had better let us out immediately, if you don't want to get in trouble."

"Really? See... I don't know what the Air Force is up to at the moment, but there's at the very least a group of them who is involved in something shady. I have some connections, and from what they're telling me, I don't think I'm going to let you guys go just yet. We have enough trouble here with the alpha werewolves - we don't need the Air Force to create more."

"Are those 'connections' where you got the stun grenade?" Jacob suddenly asked.

"You recognize that technology, of course." Argent nodded. "Seeing as you had one of the stun guns on you. The design on them is obviously similar."

"Yeah, listen... about that 'stun gun'... it's not just a stun gun. If people are shot with it twice, they generally die. Most do, at any rate. Shoot them thrice, and they disappear. Poof. Just so you're careful about it, okay?" Jacob said.

"Really?" Argent looked taken aback. "They disappear? It sounds... unbelievable."

"If you don't believe me, then try it out - on something inanimate," Jacob suggested.

"I will - even though it sounds like science fiction." Argent shook his head.

O'Neill snorted. "Yeah, well..."

"What about the rest? Care to tell me what's up with the foreign DNA, and the unknown element?"

"I think we've told you enough! After all, we don't know anything about you and your little vigilante group!" O'Neill said. "We've been cooped up in here for hours with no food! If you're not going to let us out, then what about showing some common courtesy and at least feed us?"

Argent took a deep breath, then nodded. "You'll get something to eat, and then we'll talk more afterwards. I'm beginning to think we might be able to help each other out."

Chapter 17: Some Explanations - and an Alliance