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"Well, that hit the spot!" O'Neill smiled, satisfied, as he pushed away the plate. "Certainly took them long enough to bring us any food!"

"Yeah..." Jacob had a thoughtful expression. "Martouf - how much do you think we should tell your brother?"

"If that's what he is," O'Neill said.

"I think that's safe to assume. It's a better explanation than any other, that's for sure!" Sam exclaimed.

"I agree. Listen, I have not seen him since we were less than two years old. He has grown up in a completely different world..." Martouf sighed. "Still, I cannot imagine him being a dishonourable man. It may be difficult to get him to believe us, and he may not take the time to listen, which could be unfortunate... but I do believe we should tell him... some version of the truth."

"Okay... say I agree with you. How do we explain you two being twins?" O'Neill asked. "He's obviously a good deal older than you."

"Well, we can surely tell him the first part, about us being parted because he was abducted. Just as long as we do not tell him it was done by Jaffa, in a teltac," Martouf said. "As for the discrepancy in our ages... I do not know your technology, but could I not have been in stasis?"

"Nope. No stasis tech on Earth," Sam told him. "Officially, at least."

Martouf nodded. "I see. Are there any other means of halting the aging process available on your world? I assume I cannot tell him I am a host, and that it will increase my lifespan with more than 500 years?"

"That... would probably not be a good idea to tell him, no," Sam agreed.

"Uh, 500 years?!" O'Neill stared at Martouf.

"The length of a host's life depends on his or her age at the time of blending. Martouf was very young," Jacob informed them.

"O - kay," O'Neill said. "So you're gonna get to see the distant future, without a timemachine?"

"Yes, I suppose you could look at it that way. That is, unless I get killed. The life of a Tok'ra is not a safe one," Martouf told them. "We got here through time travel, but we cannot use that explanation, can we? Maybe the... Air Force has invented that as well, together with the stun weapons? Do you think Agni - Mr. Argent - would believe that?"

"No, absolutely not!" Sam said, with conviction.

"Though maybe he would believe the military was experimenting with some sort of stasis field, and that we were all caught in it - or part of a test?" Daniel suggested.

"Possibly," Jacob said, nodding slowly.

O'Neill nodded as well. "I'm sad to say that It would seem the Air Force - or at least a group within - have been up to no good recently. Probably it's because they've been infiltrated by Ba'al or the NID, through Stargate Command." He sighed. "If this Argent-fellow and his group believes the Air Force have invented advanced weaponry like zats, then we might convince them they've experimented with stasis as well."

"It's possible," Sam agreed. "It would certainly fit well with certain types of conspiracy theories, even though these werewolf hunters doesn't generally seem the types to subscribe to them." She suddenly smiled. "You know what? If we've been in stasis for many years, that would also give us an excuse not to know much about what the Air Force is up to. It might even make it sound more likely we're against what they're currently involved in."

"That could be why we're out here, on our own. We're on the run, and trying to find a way to fight those that have infiltrated Stargate Command and whomever..." O'Neill said, running with the idea.

"Which is even the truth... more or less," Daniel observed.

"Yes..." Jacob nodded. "As crazy as it sounds, it's not a bad idea. It may even work, if we explain it well enough. If it turns out those damn werewolves that attacked us are allied with Ba'al, then we may even have common enemies. We should use the time before Argent or any of the others come back to decide on what we want to tell them, and how."

"What do I tell Zoe Johnson, then? She's being very persistent. Someone must've told her about our prisoners, and that they're a bit unusual," Allison said.

"Nothing, for now. They're starting to meddle in everything!" Argent exclaimed.

"They are our allies... we need them, especially now, with the new alpha pack... Which they know about too, by the way."

He sighed. "I will talk to them. Later. Right now I need to go back and hear what our 'guests' have to say."

"So you're saying I'm your actual twin brother, and that I was abducted from day care when I was a little kid? And that the reason you're so much younger is that you and your friends were part of an experiment, performed by a top-secret US Air Force organization, which meant you were caught in a stasis bubble for 11 years?" Argent stared at them, not sure he could believe his own ears. "Do you think I'm stupid, or are you just crazy?"

"Neither, sir. It is the truth," Martouf insisted. "I am convinced you are my twin brother, Angi."

"Agni? Do you have any proof of any of this craziness? Anything that can make any of it sound like it's not complete insanity?"

"Would we invent a story this crazy if it wasn't the truth?" O'Neill asked. "Seriously?"

"I don't know what I'm supposed to believe!"

"Your parents never said anything?" Sam asked.

"Only that I was the child of some friends that had been killed. I have never thought much about it, to be honest. I have always felt I was as much a part of the family as my sister."

"However that means you could be Martouf's brother!" O'Neill said. "If the lied about where they got you."

"I suppose it's possible - if I accept your ludicrous idea about the 'stasis bubble'."

"I believe I can prove it - or at least make it more believable..." Martouf told them.


"Shortly before you disappeared, we had each gotten a necklace from one of our cousins. It was a dark-brown leather cord, with a jackal figure pendant. The figure was made of a golden-yellow and brown type of stone. It was about this big..." Martouf showed with his fingers.

"I... actually had one of those," Argent said, frowning. "I haven't thought of it in a while, but I probably still have it somewhere."

"I have mine as well - or I did. After being... missing, for 11 years, I was declared dead, of course, so... I do not know what has happened to any of my things."

Argent nodded slowly. "All right. I guess I'm willing to consider that we may actually be brothers, despite the craziness of the stasis bubble."

"Why is that so crazy? You know there's a group under the Air Force that has access to technology that seems... almost too advanced. Didn't you test the zat?" O'Neill asked.

"'Zat'?" Argent wondered, confused.

"The zat'nik'tel," Martouf helpfully supplied.

Jacob rolled his eyes. "The stun gun."

"Ah. Yes. I did test it."

"And?" O'Neill asked.

"The trash can disappeared. Okay, I agree. Maybe a stasis field isn't so far fetched compared to that."

"So, you trust us? Are you letting us out?" O'Neill looked hopeful.

"I trust you. Well, to a certain degree, at least." He sighed. "Yes, I'll let you out - and I believe we should talk. We may be able to help each other, actually. With the new threat out there, we can certainly use some friends."

SG-1, Martouf/Lantash, and Jacob/Selmak sat around one end of a large table. After hacing gotten the opportunity to shower and change to clean clothing, they were feeling much better. Right now they were waiting for Argent, and some people he had said would be there as well.

"So, uh, what do we hope to gain from working with these people?" Daniel asked. "No offence, but they're spending their time hunting werewolves - doesn't that sound, I don't know, a bit crazy and obsessive?"

"When I thought werewolves didn't exist, I would have agreed with you. Since it's now obvious that they do... no, actually. Sounds pretty okay to me," O'Neill said.

"I agree. The creatures that attacked us - and bit you, Daniel - they don't seem safe to allow to roam free," Sam observed.

"Could you not talk about that?" Daniel looked uncomfortable.

"Since when did we start inviting werewolves?" Kate demanded.

"Since we have a common enemy, which you know we have. You've even agreed to it." Argent insisted.

"To a temporary ceasefire with... certain ones, perhaps, but not to something like this. How could you agree to it? You know I have the final say!"

"Yes, but I also know you can see reason - and that's what this is! We need them - or haven't you heard about the new alpha pack?"

"I have... and the info appears to come from those same werewolves we're meeting with now. Sure it's not a trick to get us to relax and take them into our confidentiality?"

"I'm sure. They're not the only ones - or even the first - to bring us this information."

"That sounds interesting... who are the other ones?"

"Some people from the Air Force - who have been involved in an experiment of sorts. They happened to run into the new alpha pack, a couple hundred miles to the south. They also have inside information about some of the advanced weaponry we have managed to lay our hands on. They were even carrying one of the stun guns we've been trying to get hold off."

"I agree they sound like they could be useful. If we can trust them."

"I think we can. Another thing - one of them is my brother."

"Your brother? What are you talking about?"

"It's... a long story. I'll explain," Argent said. "At least as much as I know."

The door opened, and five people entered, Argent first. They all sat down around the same table as SG-1 and the Tok'ra.

"This is my daughter Allison, and my sister Kate... and those two are Scott McCall, and Derek Hale." He nodded in the direction of Scott and Derek. "They're both werewolves... I believe you have met Derek before?" Argent said.

"Yes," O'Neill agreed. "What's he doing here?"

"I could say the same," Kate said. "About you, too..." She grinned. "Relax. My dear brother here has convinced me you're worth listening to. So speak. Why should we work together?"

O'Neill frowned, not feeling any more comfortable by Kate's apparent friendly mood. She still seemed dangerous, somehow. He looked towards first Jacob, then Carter, then Martouf, before sighing. "I guess I should start, then the rest of you guys can chime in with your comments along the way..."

It had been a long and harrowing discussion, and there had been more than one time where either Derek or Kate had allowed their anger to get the better of them. However, taking a short break had worked every time, and everyone involved had finally been able to see the advantages of working together - at least for a shorter amount of time.

"Then we agree? The plan is to capture one of the members of that new alpha pack, hoping we can get him or her to talk, so we can finally get some information," Argent said.

"Yes, that sounds like a plan." O'Neill nodded. "I hate being in the dark like we are right now!"

"Believe me, you're not the only one," Derek said.

"As for getting the creature to speak? Just leave that to me. I have a certain... skill in that area..." Kate threw Derek a smug look.

Derek scoffed. "If you want to call it that..."

"Oh, I do. What do you call it?" Kate got up, and looked at him, challenging.

Derek rose as well, and stared at her. "You want to know what I call it?"

"Okay, let's say that's it for now," Argent said, quickly, not wanting Derek and his sister to get into a fight - again. "We should get something to eat, and then we can figure out the specifics of our plan."

Chapter 18: Some Information