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"Quiet!" Lantash whispered, still using Martouf's voice. "There's someone coming this way." He looked around. "In here!"

They hurried into what appeared to be a storage room, and hid behind some large boxes. It was dark in there, the only light coming from an emergency light. Moments later they heard someone walk past outside, talking to each other about the intruders that had been captured.

They waited, barely daring to breathe, until they felt certain the guards were far enough away. However, they did not even make it to the door before an alarm sounded, no doubt because their escape had been discovered.

"Crap, they've discovered our escape. If we stay here, we're probably trapped... I mean, they're sure to search all the rooms. If we try to leave, we'll probably run into them," Argent grumbled.

"I believe that is a correct assessment," Martouf said, having gotten control back from Lantash. "We should see if there is something in here we can use to defend ourselves with."


They quickly searched the small, dark room, finding little of use. It seemed to be office supplies that were stored there.

Martouf ended up tearing off the cutting arm from a paper trimmer - it would work as a bladed, machete-like weapon. Argent went for a long hollow metal rod, taken from a kind of large vacuum cleaner that stood in a corner. Thus armed, they went to the door and listened.

"Someone is approaching," Martouf whispered.

Some moments later, the door was ripped open by a guard, who pointed a gun inside. Not wanting to wait until they were detected, Lantash took control, flashing Martouf's eyes. He grabbed the guard's weapon with one hand and pulled hard, causing the guard to stumble. He did not give him time to regain his bearings, but quickly hit him over the back of the head. The guard fell to the ground, with Lantash now in possession of the weapon.

He jumped away from the door, almost colliding with Argent who had quickly moved back as well. A second guard fired his weapon, but hit only the door and the wall.

"Give me the gun!" Argent said, urgently.

Acknowledging that the other man had more experience with the Tau'ri weapon, Lantash quickly obeyed. The guard on the floor moaned and started to rise, and Lantash pulled him up and pushed him against the wall, closing a hand around his throat. "Tell your friend out there that he must surrender. Now! Or I kill you! Slowly!" Lantash did not bother to hide the distortion in his voice, and he now flared his eyes, for extra effect.

The guard looked at him, terrified. "Y... yes. Yes, of course." He called out to the guard outside. "Help! Help! It's one of the creatures! From the experiments! He's escaped!"

The other guard pushed the door open completely and nervously stuck his head inside the room, holding his weapon before him.

Lantash turned, dragging the guard with him as he did so, holding him between himself and the new guard. He stared directly at him and flashed his eyes a strong golden-yellow. "I do not take kindly to being referred to as a creature!"

"I..." the guard began.

That was as far as he got before Argent shot him, and he sank to the ground. Lantash effortlessly threw the guard he had been holding aside, and then retrieved the weapon from the guard that had been shot. "Let's get out of here."

"Agreed - though now you really have some things you need to explain, Martouf."

"Later - and I'm not Martouf."

"Mai'tac!" Lantash swore. "Werewolves!"

They had just made it outside, when four snarling werewolves appeared as if out of nowhere, and blocked the road ahead. Their eyes glowed red, and they showed their large fangs and claws.

Argent raised his gun, and backed away from them, back into the building. "Can you fight them?"

Lantash snorted, pointing his gun at the attackers, and keeping his attention on them, as he, too retreated into the building. "No. My kind may be faster and stronger than humans, but from what I have seen, fighting one werewolf might be possible, but not two. Four would be suicide. For all that we have increased healing, we cannot survive the damage they can."

"Your kind? Aren't you supposed to be my brother?" Argent asked, looking behind them to see if they were getting into an ambush.

"Martouf is your brother. I am not Martouf - as I told you earlier." Lantash fired at the nearest werewolf, hitting him several times. It stopped him, but did not seem to harm him much. "Now is not a good time for this!"

"Agreed," Argent said, and shot at the approaching werewolves as well.

The leader - a huge werewolf with long brown hair - stopped and glared at them. "Surrender! Or we'll tear you apart!"

"You'll have to go through us first!" O'Neill shouted, appearing around the corner at that moment. He shot at the werewolf leader with a shotgun.

Sam, Daniel, Teal'c, and Jacob/Selmak came running as well, all of them armed. Daniel, however, transformed to a werewolf, and jumped one of the attackers.

"Daniel! No!" Sam screamed.

Teal'c and Jacob fired at the attackers, taking care not to hit Daniel. Suddenly, the werewolves turned and ran, all of them making it away, though one of them was bleeding heavily.

Sam sent Martouf/Lantash a relieved smile, very grateful they were alive and well.

"Well that was weird!" O'Neill said, staring in the direction the werewolves had run off.

Jacob nodded. "Well, let's not wait around and think about that! Are you coming, kids?"

Surprisingly, there were no other attacks by either guards or werewolves, and they all made it to safety. They quickly got into the large car - or minivan was probably a better word for it, as it seated seven people without much problem.

"Step on it!" O'Neill exclaimed, as he slammed the door to the car shut.

Argent accelerated the car and they drove off, one of the guards firing a shot after them as a parting gift. It did not hit any of them, fortunately.

"I'm assuming we're still going to meet up with your friends, Argent?" Jacob asked.

"Yes - unless you know of a safer place to hide out?"

"You know we don't," O'Neill stretched his legs out in front of him and groaned. "My knees really hate this cold and rain!"

"We did get a lot of intel, though. It will take some time to sift through it, but I think we've got enough to find out not just who are involved, but also most of what they're involved in," Jacob said. "At least it will be hard to prove, otherwise."

"Yes... and we should consider hiding it, until we've got our hands on Ba'al. Otherwise we risk someone stealing it. Then we'll be standing there afterwards, with compromised people all over the place - and little opportunity to tell who they are," Sam observed.

"I agree," O'Neill said.

"I'll have my sister come and take the things we need to stash. I assure you, she won't let anyone get their hands on it," Argent insisted.

"Okay, sounds good, I guess. O'Neill sighed, realizing that was probably their safest bet right now. "It's really too bad they took your cell phone, Argent. We could have used those maps."

"We still have them. I sent them all to my email before my phone was taken. I just need to download them."

"Awesome! O'Neill grinned. "I'm really starting to like some of the technological developments there's been!"

"You're sure you're okay?" Sam asked Martouf.

"Yes, I am well, Samantha. The injuries I sustained has healed completely." He smiled, clearly pleased about her concern for him.

Argent frowned. "Listen, we've got maybe 40-50 minutes of car drive ahead of us. I suggest we use the time until then to talk about who or what you are, Martouf!"

"We have already told you that there are some things we can't talk about," Sam reminded him, quickly.

"That was before the eye-flashes, the weird voice, the fast healing... need I go on? Oh, and the fact that he suddenly talked about himself in the third person, claiming he was someone else!" Argent exclaimed.

"Unfortunately, it was necessary for Lantash to not hide the distortion in his voice, nor the eye-flash, since we needed to... ah, cause a distraction with one of the guards," Martouf explained.

"Great!" O'Neill groaned. "Just great! In that case you get to explain, Marty - and you, Argent? You're going to have to sign a nondisclosure agreement. As soon as we get all this mess cleaned up, that is!"

"It's probably a good thing in any case, sir. With Ba'al's involvement and everything, Mr. Argent needs some information if he is to help us," Sam reminded them.

"I agree," Jacob said.

"In that case I shall explain." Martouf was quiet for some time, considering what to say, and how. "I believe I should begin by explaining about the Goa'uld, and the chaapa'ais... or 'Stargates', as they would be called in your language."

"Maybe you should let me take that part," Daniel suggested. "Just to explain it from an, ah, Earth point of view."

"Please do so. It is probably best," Martouf said, relieved.

"From an 'Earth' point of view?" Argent snorted. "What other point of view would there be?"

"Just let Daniel explain. You'll see," Sam told him.

"Let's see... in 1928, some archaeologists at a dig in Giza found..." Daniel began.

"So there is an entire network of these 'Stargates', and they can be used to travel to other planets?" Argent asked, an incredulous expression on his face.

"Yes, there is - and they can," Daniel confirmed.

"And you're part of a team, which travels to other planets regularly?"

"Yep!" O'Neill grinned.

Argent shook his head. "It sounds crazy... and as if that wasn't enough, then you claim to have met some evil aliens out there, who wants to conquer Earth! Aliens who take humans as hosts!"

"Re-conquer Earth, actually," Sam told him. "They were here a long time ago, posing as various gods."

"The Goa'uld rule much of this Galaxy, and have done so for many thousands of years," Martouf said. "The Tau'ri... the people of Earth... they are not the only ones fighting the Goa'uld. They are allied with the Tok'ra, who have fought the Goa'uld for approximately 2000 years."

"They are the Goa'uld resistance," Teal'c added.

"Well, that's a relief to hear, at least. We're no completely alone. Wait... if they're Goa'uld resistance... does that mean they're the same species?"

"Yes, the Tok'ra are biologically Goa'uld, but are vastly different philosophically. We believe in only taking willing hosts, and that host and symbiote should share the body," Martouf explained.

"Um... when you're saying 'we'... does that mean you're Tok'ra?" Argent asked, shocked.

"I am... I am host to Lantash. It was he who you talked to during our escape, and it is he who gives me increased strength, healing, longevity... and so much more." Martouf smiled, before bowing his head, and letting Lantash come fore.

"I apologize if I startled you during our escape. That was not my intention, but I needed to distract the guards," Lantash said, then deliberately flashed his eyes as Argent looked at him.

"You're a Tok'ra? An... an alien?" Argent asked.

"Yes, I am a Tok'ra, and as I am not born on this world, I would be considered an alien. Martouf... and you, are also not born on this planet."

"What?" Argent frowned, almost forgetting his shock at meeting an alien.

"You and Martouf were born on a world that is called Setona. You are humans, though I believe even humans are considered aliens, if they are born on a different planet? Teal'c, also, is an alien. He is a Jaffa," Lantash explained. "His people were - I believe your word is 'genetically engineered' from humans, meant to be used as vessels for carrying the young of the Goa'uld, and for fighting in the armies of the Goa'uld System Lords. They were created by the Goa'uld Nirrti - as were the werewolves, by the way. We believe she is currently working with Ba'al - another Goa'uld, who seems to have decided to use your world for carrying out his plans. Joh'nar - the owner of the laboratory and office we searched - is one of his underlings."

Argent made a pained sound. "I see I was wrong to dismiss so many of the conspiracy theories. Listen, we're almost at the house of Nick Isaacs - the hunter we're staying with. I'd really appreciate hearing the rest of the story, but we should wait until we're alone again."

Chapter 22: Guests