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Warning: this chapter has a sex scene

"Well, all things considered, he took it better than I might have done," O'Neill said, starting the car.

Argent snorted. "I suppose. He may even forgive me - sometime next century, perhaps."

"I was under the impression Tau'ri did not live that much longer than other humans?" Martouf asked.

"It's just something you say - it means it'll take a very long time before he'll forgive him," Daniel explained.

"I see." Martouf nodded. "I am sorry we have caused problems between you and your friend."

Argent shook his head. "It's all right. This situation is certainly unusual enough that solving it takes precedence over everything else."

"Well, your sister has picked up the evidence... I assume they're going somewhere safe, now?" Jacob asked.

"Yes. Somewhere safe. I hope you don't mind, but I'd prefer not to say anything more about it."

"Nah, that's fine. Makes sense. If we're captured there's no reason there's any more people who are able to give away their location than necessary," O'Neill said. "It's getting late - we should find a place to eat - and stay for the night. Argent - do you know any places around here?"

"I actually don't know this area well, but I think there's some sort of motel a few miles further along this road. There should be a restaurant there too."

"I'll keep an eye out for it," O'Neill said. They drove a little further. "Is it the truck stop up ahead?"

"Yes, there should be a motel there too... I hope."

"You hope?" O'Neill snorted.

"I'm fairly sure, okay?" Argent said, defensively.

There actually was a large motel beside the truck stop, and after eating the very tired group went there, hoping to get some much needed sleep before their journey to Colorado Springs.

There were no large rooms available, and with 7 people it was not surprising the motel had no rooms all could fit in. Instead they got 6 rooms, adjacent to each other. Teal'c, who only needed to do his kel'no'reem for a short time, would share O'Neill's room, and would otherwise keep guard.

They did not expect anyone to be able to find them there, especially not that quickly, but it was probably better to have someone keep watch anyway.

"All right, guys. It's finally time to get some sleep," O'Neill said. "We're probably safe, so we should be able to relax."

"I agree. One thing, though - I noticed the rooms were interconnected two by two - it may be a good idea to keep that door unlocked. If someone should find us, they may not have the manpower to storm all the rooms at the same time, and the door between the rooms could be a way to escape," Jacob suggested.

O'Neill nodded. "Good idea. Not that I think we're going to need it." He yawned. "Well, I'm off to bed. Good night!"

Sam had just finished her very quick shower, and was heading towards the nice big bed that was beckoning her, when she heard someone knocking at the door that connected her room to the adjacent one.

She knew Martouf had that room, and immediately wished she was wearing something else. Something nicer. She did not even have a pyjamas or a nightgown, but was only wearing a large t-shirt and panties. At least the clothing was clean. She sighed, and opened the door.

Martouf stood there, with a somewhat embarrassed expression on his face. The expression was quickly replaced by one of appreciation, as he allowed his gaze to sweep over her. He smiled. "You are beautiful, as always, my Samantha."

"Thanks." She blushed a little under his intense, appreciative look. "Um, did you want something?" She immediately felt like kicking herself for the stupid question.

Martouf seemed to shake himself out of a trance. "Yes. Samantha, I am sorry to disturb you. I realize you wish to go to sleep as quickly as possible, but I was wondering if you would help me with something first?"

"Uh, sure. What?"

"I wished to bathe before sleeping, but I am afraid I cannot get the shower mechanism to work. I know you have shown it to me previously, but no water is coming out, so I must be doing something wrong." He again looked somewhat embarrassed.

"No problem. I'll take a look at it."

"Thank you."

They went into his bathroom, and Sam tried turning on the shower. No water came out. The setup looked to be identical to the one in her room. She fiddled with it for some time, before she had to give up. "I think it's broken. We should probably complain to the hotel staff, but we can do that tomorrow. You can use my bathroom, if you want to."

"I would like that. Thank you, Samantha."

Sam was sitting on her bed, idly watching a news program when Martouf/Lantash exited the bathroom after showering. She looked up, smiling as she saw him. He was wearing only a towel, hanging loosely around his hips, and he carried his clothes in a bundle.

The news program was forgotten immediately, and Sam ogled him, very much enjoying the sight of him.

"Do you like what you see, Samantha?" Lantash asked, smugly.

Sam blushed. "Um... yes, yes, I do," she admitted, a bit ashamed to have been discovered.

He got a pleased expression, and with a mischievous glint in his eyes he threw the clothes casually on a chair and walked towards where she was sitting. The towel fell off him, and he was naked. It was obvious he was not bothered in the least by that.

Sam blushed deeper, but she did not look away. Instead, she fully enjoyed the sight of him, letting her gaze slide over his body as he walked the rest of the way to her. It was clear what he had been thinking about, as evidenced by his already semi-hard shaft.

He held out his hands to her, and she took them, letting him pull her to a standing position. He gazed deeply into her eyes, and Sam inhaled sharply at the open desire in his intense, blue-grey eyes. She was very attracted to him, and she felt her heart beat faster as Lantash slowly leaned closer, until his mouth was mere inches from hers.

She closed the short gap between them, capturing his lips with hers. Pleased, Lantash smiled against her lips and returned the kiss.

"My sweet, beautiful Samantha..." He entwined his fingers with hers and pressed his body closely against hers.

She felt his rapidly hardening cock push against her as she closed her eyes and kissed him. She let her hands slide up over his arms, to his shoulders, then down his back, embracing him tightly.

Lantash put his arms around her as well, and kissed her hungrily, dipping his tongue into her mouth. She returned the heated kiss, allowing her passion for him to show. When they finally broke the intense kiss to get some air, Sam was feeling dizzy. She looked into Lantash's eyes, which were dark with desire.

They gazed into each others eyes for a few moments, before Lantash kissed her again. He glided one hand slowly over her back, down to her ass, fondling it. With his other hand, he caressed her side, finding one of her breasts and squeezing it gently. Sam made a soft moan into his mouth, and wrapped one leg around him, rubbing herself against him. Lantash groaned and thrust against her, now grabbing hold of her ass with both hands.

Sam glided her hands over the soft, warm naked skin of his back, revelling in the feeling of it under her fingers.

Lantash slid a hand up under her shirt, up to cup one of her naked breasts. He slowly kneaded it, teasing the nipple with his thumb and making it turn into a hard point.

Wanting her naked against him, he pulled her shirt off her in a quick move, immediately lowering his mouth to her breasts. She moaned as he flicked his tongue over the sensitive nipple he had pleasured with his fingers a moment ago.

She let her hands rove over his back, down to his ass, fondling it and enjoying the feeling off hard muscles under soft skin. She groaned, thinking of how it would feel as he plunged his hard cock into her, again and again...

Pulling her errant thoughts back in, she ran her hands up his sides, and over his chest, down his stomach, and to his large and now very hard erection.

Lantash gasped hoarsely when Sam wrapped one of her hands around his shaft, and made a pumping motion. Unable to stop himself, he thrust against her hand a few times, before he managed to get himself under control. He pulled her to him hard and kissed her deeply, before giving control to Martouf.

He wasted no time continuing what his symbiote had started, and kept kissing her as he ran his hands down over her body, from her shoulders, down over the side of her breasts, further down, continuing to her thighs. He slipped a hand between her legs and caressed her through her panties, delighted to find she was so aroused he could feel the wetness through the material. Wanting her completely naked, so he could touch her directly, he pulled her underwear down as he kissed her again.

He spread her folds and dipped one, then a couple fingers inside, thrusting gently with them. He then found her clit and began to stroke it, softly at first, then a little harder. Sam gasped and bucked against him, and Martouf gave her a smug smile. "I am pleased with your reaction, my beloved..." he said, his voice rough with arousal.

He kissed her deeply and continued pleasuring her, making Sam squirm against him and whimper as she grew ever more aroused.

Feeling her legs tremble under her, she took a quick step back, pulling him with her, and they tumbled down on the bed, him on top of her. She immediately wrapped her legs around him and grind herself against his hard length.

Martouf made a hoarse cry and his eyes flashed, as Lantash took over.

He filled his hands with her breasts as he covered her lips with his. Sam ran a hand through his hair, tangling her fingers in it and pulling him even closer as they kissed passionately. She slid her hand lower, and caressed his neck. Suddenly, she felt a movement there, and realized, almost immediately that it was Lantash she could feel under the skin. Letting a memory from Jolinar guide her, she stroked him gently, then more firmly, and he gasped from the added pleasure, closing his eyes to focus completely on the sensations.

Determined to make her as aroused as he was, Lantash slipped a hand between them and down between her legs, finding her most sensitive spot and stroking it. Sam whimpered and pushed against his hand, wanting more contact. Lantash happily complied. He rubbed her harder and faster, making her gasp.

He bent down to suck on one of her nipples, then trailed kisses down over her stomach, and further down. Placing a hot kiss on her clit, he then flicked his tongue over it, making Sam buck and squirm against him.

He very much wanted her to come first, well aware that he would not last long when he started thrusting into her. However, his very hard shaft was starting to ache, and Martouf kept urging him on, wanting him to mate with her, now. The moans from Sam was not making it easier either. Desire clouded Lantash's thoughts, and he felt his control slipping.

"I want you... Lantash, Martouf... I want you... now..." Sam told him, threading her fingers through his hair, and pulling on it. "Please, fuck me!"

With a groan, Lantash let go of the tenuous grasp he had on his control. He spread her folds and pushed into her, thrusting hard. Using her legs, Sam pulled him towards her at the same time as he thrust into her, and he sank deeply. They both gasped from the sensation, and Lantash held very still for a few moments, suddenly very close to coming.

He gave Martouf control, and he kissed her deeply before starting to move, pulling back a little, then thrusting into her, again and again. Sam arched up to meet each of his long, steady thrusts. Again wrapping her legs around him, she pulled him to her in time with his movements, making him enter her deeper, harder.

Martouf let Lantash take over again, and he started moving faster, as he lost himself in the feel of her, forgetting everything else except for the wonderful sensation of her pussy gripping his cock.

Sam suddenly cried out and came hard, bucking and writhing under him. Lantash gasped as her pussy contracted, and started pounding into her. Moments later, he joined her in orgasm, spilling his seed in her.

Breathing heavily, they lay together in a tangle for some time, before recovering from the intense climax. Sam smiled at Lantash, and he gave her a warm kiss. "We love you so much, Samantha." He kissed her again, before rolling off her and lying down close beside her.

"I love you too, Lantash and Martouf." She snuggled up to him, and he wrapped an arm around her, holding her close.

He grabbed the blanket and pulled it over them, and they soon fell asleep.

Chapter 24: Next Day - and Travel