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Warning: there is a sex scene in this chapter

Sam locked the door and turned to speak to Martouf/Lantash. She did not have time to say anything, though, before Martouf had caught her in a warm embrace.

"It is extremely agreeable for us to be alone with you again, Samantha." He kissed her warmly. "We very much hope you are not too tired to allow us to pleasure you?"

Sam gave him a kiss and grinned. "I think I can handle that!" She gave him another kiss. "I just want to take a quick bath first, okay?"

"We would like to do so as well. Perhaps we could bathe together?"

"That sounds nice... but I think it would be quicker if we bathed separately. I do want to get to bed very soon."

"I understand. Perhaps another time?" He gave her a smouldering look.

"You can count on it!"

Sam went and found the t-shirt she used as sleepwear, and hurried into the bathroom.

Lantash walked out from the bathroom, not having bothered to put anything on. He appeared completely unashamed of his nudity.

Sam smiled when she saw him, allowing her gaze to slide over him, ogling him freely. "Very nice."

He had clearly been thinking about what they were about to do - as evidenced by his large and very hard erection.

"I am pleased you approve." He grinned. "Why have you put on that shirt? It is not needed..."

Sam rolled her eyes. "It's cold in here..." She smiled invitingly. "Why don't you come and warm me?"

"Oh, I will be more than happy to!" Lantash crossed the remaining distance to the bed in moments, and joined Sam on the bed. He pulled her to him and grabbed her shirt, pulling it off her before snuggling up close to her. "Warmer now?"

"Actually... yes!" Sam giggled and kissed him.

"Mmm, good. I want you to relax and enjoy yourself, which is difficult if you are feeling cold..." He kissed her warmly, then slowly trailed kisses and licks down to her breasts.

He closed his lips around one of her nipples, laving it with his tongue until it became a hard point. Switching to the other, he repeated the treatment, before moving down over her stomach.

Sam closed her eyes as he continued down between her legs, placing a kiss on first one inner thigh, then the other. He used his fingers to spread her labia, dipping one finger inside her, making her gasp.


He chuckled and slipped a finger inside her again, then another. "You are very wet, my Samantha. You have been thinking about this... looking forward to it. You very obviously want me to continue, right?"

"Yes! You... you naughty rascal!"

"Perhaps..." Lantash agreed, before placing his mouth over her clit, flicking his tongue over it. He sucked the sensitive spot, then gave it several soft licks, before saying more, "But I suspect you like me this way."

"You smug b..." Sam moaned deeply and completely forgot what she had been about to say, as he increased the speed and force of his licking, giving her almost enough stimulation to come. "Lantash! Oh!" she gasped. "Please..."

He gave her clit several strong licks, then sucked it hard before pressing his tongue against it. Sam made a shriek and bucked against him as she came.

"Was this what you wanted?" he gave her a smug look when she started to come down from her climax.

"That was... wonderful!" Sam said, still panting a little from the intensity.

"Or do you perhaps need a little more?" He laid down beside her, and began to stimulate her again, using his fingers this time.

Martouf asked for control, and Lantash gave it to him. He continued fondling Sam, almost without a break.

She kissed him, then gave him a naughty smile. "Or... we could say it's my turn?" She swallowed hard, as he pleasured her more determinedly.

"I would like to come... soon." He thrust suggestively against her. "However, I was hoping to make you come one more time first. We did promise to pleasure you." He placed his mouth over one of her breasts, sucking at the nipple.

Sam closed her eyes and enjoyed his skilled tongue and fingers. "Then... then why don't you... pleasure us both... at the same time." She pulled him up to kiss him, hard, then pushed her tongue into his mouth. She slid her hand to his neck, and repeated the caresses she had found had a very arousing effect on Lantash.

Martouf made a hoarse sound, proving that this pleasure was shared between host and symbiote too. He gave her a passionate kiss before he gave in to his desire, using his fingers to spread her folds and thrust into her.

Sam gave a squeal and a moan of pleasure at being filled so completely. She ran her hands over his chest and shoulders, caressing him everywhere she could reach, and enjoying the feeling of his smooth skin under her fingers.

He moved slowly at first, pulling almost completely out before pushing in again, over and over, not giving in to his need to take her hard.

Changing the rhythm and the angle, he began making short, shallow thrusts. Sam's moans and Lantash's urgent demands quickly made him increase the speed, and he thrust deeper and harder.

He kissed Sam again, a long, drugging kiss, before licking and kissing down the side of her neck. Finding a sensitive point there, he sucked at it, making Sam buck against him. He rammed into her hard a few times in response.

As he continued thrusting, he felt his mind cloud with lust, and everything around him except Sam disappeared. All he could think of was the woman he loved, moving under him, making small pleasurable sounds - and the way her warm, wet, and so very tight pussy felt as it gripped his cock every time he entered her.

He started thrusting harder and faster into her, again changing the angle a little. Sam gasped, now very close to orgasm. It took only a few more strokes before she came, her climax so powerful she cried out.

Martouf made a half-strangled cry as her pussy squeezed him, the added sensation pushing him over. He thrust into her one more time, then shuddered against her as he came hard in her. "Samantha!"

They kissed each other deeply, then Martouf rolled over on the side, pulling Sam with him. She sleepily pulled a blanket over them before snuggling up to him again.

"Good night," she mumbled, almost asleep already.

He kissed her neck, murmuring in a low voice. "We love you, Samantha. Sleep well."

"Anyone want more breakfast? I think they're about to close it up for today," O'Neill said, noticing that several staff members had begun to clear away dirty dishes and clean the tables.

"Nah, I'm good." Jacob stretched, and leaned back against the wall behind him. "We'd better get going soon. We've got a lot to do today."

"I think you're right about breakfast serving closing - we're the only ones left now, except for the employees," Daniel observed. "Odd. I thought it was going to be open until 9AM."

As if on queue, the three men who had been cleaning the tables suddenly pulled out weapons.

"Very observant of you. Now kindly remain seated, and no one will get hurt!" a large man with short blond hair said, with a sneer. He pointed the gun at O'Neill.

The two other 'waiters' had their guns trained on the others. The way they were sitting - around a table in the corner - there was no way they could easily get up and attack, without risking several of them getting shot.

"What's the problem?" O'Neill asked. "We're just peaceful people having breakfast here at your fine place."

The large man snorted, but did not deign to answer. Before SG-1 and the others had time to come up with a course of action, several other armed men appeared from the door into the kitchen. They did not have guns, but zat'nik'tels.

"An ambush? Really?" Argent said.

A huge man with a woollen hat pointed his zat'nik'tel at Argent. "Shut up - all of you. You are coming with us. At Lord Ba'al's order."

"'Lord' Ba'al?" Argent asked, giving him an incredulous look.

"He is a Jaffa," Martouf said.

"I said, shut up!" The Jaffa angrily fired at Martouf, stunning him. "All of you. Get up - and bring the unconscious one!"

Chapter 26: Meeting Ba'al