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Next morning.

"How are you doing?" Martouf asked his brother. "Do you have any problems getting along with Ren'tash?"

"No, surprisingly not. I must admit I still have problems handling it when he's in control for more than a short time, but it's getting better. Ren'tash says that's normal."

"It is," Martouf confirmed. "It will get easier quickly."

Argent nodded. "We have blended, and that helped a lot... with the uneasiness, I mean."

"I am glad to hear that." Martouf smiled.

"There is something I believe you would like to know... Ren'tash has been able to recover some of my memories from when I was a little child. From when I arrived here, on Earth." Argent shook his head. "It all still sounds strange to me."

"You are correct, I am very interested in that. What happened?"

"I don't remember much from when we were taken, or from the ship, but I do remember the symbol on the Jaffas foreheads. Ren'tash says they belonged to Nephthys."

"She is the Goa'uld who conquered our planet, Setona, just around the time I turned seventeen. So, she was the one who raided the planet for hosts and slaves, years before. It makes sense, I suppose."

"I guess. Anyway, I think the ship was attacked, at least I remember it shaking and there was an explosion, I think. Later, there were more explosions, and I believe the spaceship crashed. On Earth."

"They should not have been anywhere near this world, but I suppose they could have ended up here when they fled their pursuers. Where did the vessel crash? Stargate Command will wish to recover it."

"In a large lake, I think. At least I have a vague memory of water coming into the ship, and of panicking. I think one of the day care workers got some of us out, and somehow to the shore. The next thing I remember was standing in some sand, being wet and cold. It was dark, so it must have been night, and there was a lot of trees."

"What about the Jaffa? Did they escape?" Martouf got a concerned expression.

"No idea. The day care worker... he told us to move. So we wouldn't freeze, probably. I don't know how long we walked, I just remember crying and missing my mom. It was dark. At some point we met some people, and now I think they were probably werewolf hunters. Probably my dad was among them. I don't remember anything else about what happened, but the hunters must have decided to take us in and raise us."

"Most likely. You cannot remember where this lake and forest were?"

"No. Somewhere in Canada, I think. I know my family was there around that time, hunting a group of particularly aggressive werewolves."

Martouf nodded. "The Tok'ra will help Stargate Command search for the ship. Do not worry about it. You have remembered much, and I am very grateful to finally know what happened to you." He looked up as Sam entered the room. "Samantha." He smiled.

She smiled back, then turned to Argent. "Kate Argent is here."

Even with the proof in hand, it took time to find, contact, and convince someone with enough power to start the apprehension of the conspirators. There was a lot of people involved on several levels, so they had to be careful as well.

Still, two days later they had the support of a General Wilkinson, and they were finally ready to move on Ba'al and on Stargate Command. The raids would be done simultaneously, so there would be no risk of them warning each other. The various minor leaders would be handled later, now when their identity was known.

SG-1 had been assigned to accompany the group that was going to Stargate Command, while the three Tok'ra would help those going to apprehend Ba'al.

"Any news on Ba'al?" O'Neill asked, when Sam came to report.

"No, we have searched all floors - he isn't here," Sam said, looking unhappy.

Jacob had called them a few hours ago, informing them that they had successfully taken Ba'al's main compound. There had been many Jaffa, and a number of humans as well, but no Goa'uld. Those they talked to either knew nothing, or would not say where Ba'al was.

Ba'al's First Prime was missing as well, so Jacob guessed they had left when it became clear their conspiracy was exposed and they could do nothing about it. Probably someone had contacted them with the information. That person needed to be found as well, at some point.

"I found someone who has some information," Teal'c told O'Neill, pushing a terrified man through the door before him. "Talk!"

"Y... yes..." The man fell to his knees in front of O'Neill. "Please, sir, I beg you, I..."

"Get up, man! And stop begging! Just tell me what you know about Ba'al!" O'Neill exclaimed, grabbing hold of the man and pulling him to a standing position.

"I... he... he left. I mean, he and some of his Jaffa came here again yesterday, very late. He... was furious! Even worse than when he visited a couple days ago. Said we had failed him. Worse than that, betrayed him. He killed the new leader he had appointed for Stargate Command." The man swallowed. "Killed him slowly. He made us watch! Then he left through the Stargate."

"Do you know who warned him?" O'Neill asked. "That we were coming for him, I mean."

The man shook his head. "No."

"Okay." O'Neill said. "Throw him in a holding cell until we can determine how much he's been involved in. I'm going to go call General Wilkinson and report."

Sam gave Martouf/Lantash another hug, and kissed them warmly. "Do you really have to go already?"

Martouf nodded. "Yes, we have to contact the Tok'ra, and inform them about Ba'al's escape and what has happened here recently. Ren'tash needs to report in as well, both with the newest intelligence from his mission, and because he has a new host."

"We have a lot to clear up here also. Those involved in the conspiracy are being arrested, but it will take time to capture and interrogate them all. Not only that, but most of the command structure of Stargate Command needs to be rebuilt. It will take a lot of time before we're back up to normal levels."

"I understand."

"When will you be back?"

"We will not be gone for long. Probably no more than a week. My brother hasn't yet had time to tell his sister and his daughter that he has become a host, but at least he won't be telling them he is leaving to go permanently to another planet. He's very relieved the new leaders of Stargate Command has accepted that he remains here, working for them, for at least the next several years."

"What about Ren'tash? How does he feel about it?"

"I think he finds it interesting. Relaxing. He's been undercover for a long time. Besides, there is work for them here, tracking the werewolves - something my brother is very skilled at."

"I really hope the Tok'ra will be able to cure them - that is, if they even want to be cured."

"I am certain our biochemists can handle the task." He pulled her in for another kiss. "Lantash and I will miss you."

"I'll miss you too. This week should pass quickly, though. There's a lot to do for all of us." She smiled. "I think I'll take some vacation when you get back - I had a lot accumulated before, and I think they said they would just transfer it. Together with everything else, like our ranks."

Martouf nodded, smiling at her. "Sensible. I will make sure the Council knows I will be staying here for some time. Jacob wishes to take time on the Tau'ri as well."

"Yes, he's going to go and talk to Mark. I should do that too, I just don't know what to say... how do you explain that we're suddenly back, alive - and haven't aged in the 11 years that's passed!"

"Explaining that does present some difficulties. However, I am certain you will be successful."

They turned to see Jacob/Selmak and Daniel walk into the gateroom, followed by Argent/Ren'tash. The Stargate started to spin.

"Hi, guys!" Sam looked at Daniel. "You're going with the Tok'ra immediately?"

"Yeah, the sooner they can turn me back to myself again, the better." He gave her a half-smile.

"It may take the Tok'ra some time to find a cure, but I have confidence it will happen," Martouf said to him.

Sam gave her dad a hug. "See you soon, dad - and Selmak."

O'Neill and Teal'c came into the gateroom as well, to say goodbye to the three Tok'ra and Daniel.

"We'll have a team night when you're back, Daniel. I'm expecting you to be there as well, Jacob, and you, Martouf." He smiled at them, then looked at Argent. "Oh, and you're invited too of course, if you want."

"Thanks - I may take you up on that," Argent said.

O'Neill frowned. "You look... younger, don't you?"

"A combination of the werewolf virus - which I'm cured of now, thankfully - and Ren'tash's work," Argent told him, smiling. He threw the Stargate a thoughtful glance and shook his head. "To think that I'll be going to another planet - by stepping through that..."

O'Neill grinned. "It's a piece of cake. We've all done it countless of times. I'm sure the fellow in your head has assured you it's safe."

"He has."

The Stargate made its kawoosh, and it was time to leave. Lantash had taken over control, and he gave Sam another hug and a kiss.

She blushed a little, still not completely comfortable doing that in front of her teammates - and her father. She still kissed him back, though.

"See you soon, Samantha. Never forget, Martouf and I love you."

"I love you too. Both of you."

"Bye, guys!" O'Neill called after them.

Martouf/Lantash, Jacob/Selmak, Daniel, and Argent/Ren'tash walked up the ramp and disappeared into the wormhole.

Sam looked longingly after them, already missing Martouf and Lantash - and the others. They would not be gone for long, though. She very much looked forward to the vacation she was already planning to take with Martouf and Lantash - the places they were going to see, and the places they were going to make love.

It was going to be great. Smiling to herself, she turned to O'Neill and Teal'c.

"You guys wanna go grab something to eat? Pie, perhaps?" Sam asked.

"Yeah - that actually sounds great!" O'Neill shook his head. "To think that after all this time, I I'm missing the food from the mess hall..."

"Maybe the quality's improved while we've been gone," Sam offered.

"I find that highly unlikely. However, I am willing to accompany you as well," Teal'c said.

"Then what are we waiting for?" O'Neill asked.

Together they left to go to the mess hall. There was still a lot that needed to be done before Stargate Command was back up and running normally. There was also work to do, strengthening the alliance with the Tok'ra again - though that would be much easier with Martouf/Lantash and Jacob/Selmak back with the Tok'ra - and Ba'al no longer in control at the SGC, of course.

The largest problem ahead of them was that the new Supreme System Lord Ba'al was out there, free, but at least he no longer had Earth and Stargate Command in his grasp.

Yes, there was a lot of work to be done, but it would be all right. They would succeed, together.