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"Hiiii... Jack! Hijack!" Daniel grinned widely and waved at O'Neill who just rolled his eyes.

"Did you find any signs?" Sam asked.

"Yes, one. It said 'Silverstone 5 miles'," Martouf told her.

"Which is as good as nothing. Could be anywhere," O'Neill insisted, turning away from Daniel.

"Well, yeah, but all of this does seem to point to us being on Earth," Sam said, frowning. "Almost certainly in the US - there aren't many other places that use miles, and the name sounds English. The season looks wrong, though. Maybe we're far to the north, but even there the growing season should have started. I just don't get it." She sighed. "Anyway, I guess it's a good thing we're all wearing BDUs - Tok'ra uniforms might look a bit out of place."

"Goa'uld! You're a Goa'uld!" Daniel exclaimed, looking at O'Neill with wide eyes. He immediately got up and would have run away, had Teal'c not grabbed hold of him and stopped him. "He's a Goa'uld! Don't you understand? Look! Look at his neck!"

"Daniel Jackson, you will relax! O'Neill is not a Goa'uld!" Teal'c told him.

"He is. He is. Look, the scar!" Daniel pointed, a desperate look on his face."

Sam frowned, then nodded. "The entry scar on his neck is from the symbiote Hathor allowed to... take the Colonel as a host."

"Besides, if he were a host, we would sense it. So trust me, he is not," Martouf added.

Suddenly Daniel grinned maniacally. "Fooled you!" He immediately laid down again, and seemed to fall asleep.

O'Neill shook his head. "I really look forward to that being over!"

It was almost two hours later, when Daniel awoke again. This time he was calmer, and when he spoke, it was clear he was back to normal. "Uh, where are we?"

"Funny you should ask that!" O'Neill exclaimed. "Seeing as if it's you who picked this place!"

"What do you mean?" Daniel looked strangely at him.

"We think we may be on Earth," Sam told him. "You don't remember how we got here? Or the planet we crashed on?"

"No!" Daniel insisted. "Not at all."

"Wonderful!" O'Neill groaned. "If everyone is ready, let's get going. The sun's going to be down soon, and it's starting to get cold. I'd very much like to find someplace warm to spend the night - preferably some place with cable and room service!"

They had walked along the road for some time, with Sam still limping a little. Martouf was supporting her, and they managed to keep a fairly good speed. Still, it was almost dark when they reached the nearest settlement.

"That's the city?" O'Neill sounded disbelieving. "Village would be an exaggeration - it's just a couple houses and a gas station!"

"And the gas station isn't even open," Sam said. "Not that it looks like they're selling much - probably only snacks and soft drinks." She looked at the houses again, and back at the gas station. "I wonder why they've still got Christmas decorations up?"

"Maybe they like them and never take them down?" O'Neill suggested, not really interested.

"Since we don't have any money, it hardly matters if the place is open or not, does it?" Daniel observed, morosely.

O'Neill looked around for a moment. "Let's take a look at the back - maybe they've, ah, forgot to lock the door."

"Jack!" Daniel said, disapprovingly.

"What? I won't break anything, but this looks like the only place we're likely to find food, unless you think the good folks of Silverstone are going to let a gang of shabby soldiers in? After the torture and the crash, we don't exactly look respectable. Besides, Stargate Command will make it up to them."

"I'll keep guard," Martouf said, taking out his zat'nik'tel.

"I shall accompany you." Teal'c looked around and spotted a long stick standing against the side wall of the gas station building. He examined it. It was made of some kind of hardwood, ash, perhaps. "This will suffice as a weapon."

"Okay, great, guys!" O'Neill gave them a thumbs up. "We'll be back in a moment!"

After some searching, they had located a window which was not completely closed, and they had managed to open it. Daniel had crawled inside, and unlocked the door, and he, Jacob/Selmak, Sam, and O'Neill were now inside the small store.

"They've got more food here than I expected - candy, snacks and soft drinks, of course - but also a little bit of fruit, some bread, cans with some sort of ready-made food, tubes with some sort of cheese spread, and a few tubs of yoghurt. Even a container with milk - and it isn't too old!" Sam said, surprised.

"Also some frozen microwave pizza pockets. I love those. They're great!" O'Neill grinned happily.

"They're disgusting and unhealthy," Sam said. "But I guess we don't have much to chose from."

"Oh, and the freezer's got ice cream and plenty of sausages," O'Neill continued, ignoring the comment from his second in command. "Are there any ketchup and mustard over on the shelves? Buns?"

"Yeah." Jacob nodded. "There is."

"Awesome!" O'Neill's grin widened. "And they've got a place to cook sausages and a microwave! This place is getting better and better! Why don't you guys heat up some of the food while I go see if I can find a phone? We'd better call the SGC so they can come pick us up."

"Uh, sir, do you really think it's such a good idea to start cooking food in here? We've broken in!" Sam said.

"With no light on, who's gonna spot us?" O'Neill shrugged.

"I agree with Sam - we should grab what we want and get out of here," Jacob said.

"Spoilsport." O'Neill grumbled as he went to the backroom to look for a telephone.

"We have no one here with that name. Where did you get this number?" The man at the other end demanded, sounding very hostile.

"Never mind. Bye!" O'Neill hung up, frowning. He thought for a moment, then dialled another number.

O'Neill walked back into the store-part of the building, deep in thought.

"Sir, did you talk to anyone at the base?" Sam asked.

"No. Well, yeah, in a way. Listen, guys, I think we may have a problem..." O'Neil said.

"Problem?" Jacob wondered.

O'Neill sighed. "I think there's something going on at Stargate Command... or maybe they're just more paranoid than usual. They didn't know my name - or Hammond's... or at least they claimed not to know. I even gave the password. They just got real touchy and wanted to know how I got the number." He shook his head. "Then I called Harriman, directly on his personal number - and on his home number. No answer on the home one, but someone I didn't know answered the first number - and he sounded pretty shady. I think we'd better get out of here."

Sam nodded. "Sounds like a good idea. I don't feel like hanging around here a long time anyway. Someone may discover us." She pointed at several bags. "We got all we can carry anyway."

A 'pling' was heard from the microwave oven. "That should be the last batch of the 'pizza pockets' - we've heated one for each," Jacob told O'Neill.

"Wonderful!" O'Neill looked happier again. "Okay, let's get going, then." He spotted a cap hanging on a hook, and grabbed it. "Better get something for Teal'c, so he can hide that tattoo."

"Wait... guys? Uh, I found a newspaper..." Daniel said.

"Not now, Daniel." O'Neill picked up one of the bags.

"I think you're going to want to hear this..."

"Okay, what?"

"December 21st... 2012. That's today's date."

"What?" O'Neill stared at him.

"Oh, my God! Time travel! That explains it. We've travelled through space and time!" Sam said.

"Yeah... and this article about the Mayan apocalypse... I think I know why we're here." Daniel got a guilty look.

"Okay, Daniel. What did you do? Why did you get us sent to the future?" O'Neill demanded.

"Uh, I'm not sure I did, but maybe I did. I have this vague memory of... wanting to show you nothing would happen at the so-called Mayan Apocalypse. You remember we talked about it?"

"We were drinking beers, Daniel! I was drunk! You know that! I never believed anything would happen. Jesus!"

"Um, I know, but I was somewhat confused earlier, and..."

"Never mind. Come on - we're leaving!" O'Neill hesitated. "Oh, and give me one of those pizza pockets you heated!"

"We have travelled to the future?" Martouf asked, surprised.

They were walking along a gravel road, through a sparse forest. They were each carrying one or two bags with food, drink, and other useful items they had stolen from the gas station.

"Yes. about 11 and a half years," Sam confirmed.

"How did this happen?" Martouf wondered.

"Ask Daniel," O'Neill said, curtly.

"Jack! I wasn't thinking clearly!" Daniel complained. "But I'm sorry, okay?"

"The Tau'ri have a belief that their world will end on December 21st, 2012. That does not seem to be so. However, there are still a number of hours left before we know with certainty," Teal'c explained.

"It's just superstition - Daniel just picked that date because he was under the influence of the drug," Sam said, quickly. "Listen, if we're on Earth, perhaps we could contact someone? Friends, family?"

"No, that's not a good idea. We've been missing, presumed dead, for almost 12 years, remember?" O'Neill told her. "Oh, and you might want this, Teal'c." He handed him the cap he had taken at the gas station.

"Jack's right," Jacob said. "We don't know what has happened, or who we can trust. Mark and his family doesn't know about the Stargate project - at least he didn't... before. If something's wrong at Stargate Command, it'll just endanger all of us, including our friends and family if we try to contact them."

Chapter 4: Discoveries