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Summary: Martouf and Lantash wake up to Sam having an erotic dream - about them!

"Oh, yes!" Sam moaned. "Lantash... please... a little harder... ah, yeess!"

She groaned and writhed, before arching her body, another moan escaping her mouth.

Martouf woke up from the sound, and the movement. For a moment he was uncertain where he was, or who was making the noises, then Sam spoke again. She uttered his name and Lantash's - and then she said something in Goa'uld - and he was fairly certain she did not know those words in Goa'uld!

*She is dreaming of us - and her dreams seems quite... erotic,* Lantash observed. Surprised, he continued. *I, ah, was under the impression she did not know much Goa'uld, but... she just begged me to 'fuck her, pound into her with my big, hard cock..' - and she said it in Goa'uld!*

*More like moaned it, but I agree,* Martouf noted, swallowing hard as the still sleeping Sam threw an arm across his chest and pulled him to her. He gasped as she proceeded to caress him down over his stomach, and further down. *Um, should... should we wake her?*

*Of course we should wake her! I, for one, will not easily be able to sleep right now, and I would be very surprised if you were feeling differently, if our body's reaction is anything to go by!*

*Very true.* Martouf hesitated for a moment, then turned a little more towards her, and touched Sam on the shoulder. "Samantha?"

She did not wake up, but instead pulled him closer to her. "Martouf... beloved..." she murmured, as she let her leg slide over him and wrap around him.

Martouf made a hoarse sound as Sam rubbed herself against his now very hard shaft. "Samantha... please..." He grabbed her shoulder again and shook her gently, as he did his best to ignore Lantash's suggestion that they just pushed her over on her back and gave her what she - and they - obviously wanted. "You are dreaming."

All of a sudden, Sam woke up. At first, she was confused, and since she found herself in bed with the man she had just been dreaming about, it took a moment before she understood that it had been a dream.

Realizing that, she rolled some distance away from him and looked at him, horrified with herself. "Oh, my god, Martouf, I'm so, so sorry! I... I would never force my attentions on... I mean, I... I was dreaming, um..."

Martouf's eyes flashed as Lantash took control.

"There is no need to apologize, Samantha, nor is there a need to stop what you were doing. You clearly desire us, and I promise you, we desire you."

Sam blushed furiously, and was very happy the only light in the cave came from the embers of the fire they had built before going to sleep. Lantash would hopefully not be able to see her reaction.

"Um... that's... that's good, I guess..."

"Very good..." Lantash pulled her closer, and kissed her. She responded immediately, throwing her arms around him again.

They rolled over so she was lying on her back, with Lantash partially on top of her. He deepened the kiss, tangling his tongue with hers. Sam moaned into his mouth, and caressed his back, finding the hem of his shirt and sliding her hand up under it, enjoying the feel of his soft, warm skin under her fingers.

Lantash had just slipped a hand under Sam's shirt, and was fondling her left breast, when they were both startled by a shrill shriek from outside.

"What was that?" Sam wondered, sounding more than a little concerned.

"Probably just an animal," Lantash said, wanting to go back to kissing and fondling Sam.

"Yeah, I realize that, but what if it's a dangerous predator? We don't have any weapons."

Lantash sighed. "We do have the knives, and besides, I doubt it's interested in us. Regardless, the fire will keep it away."

"It's almost burned out, though." She threw aside the blanket, and shivered. "And it's getting cold!"

He took a deep breath, and resigned himself to probably not being able to convince Sam there was no danger - particularly since Martouf had now taken up her cause as well.

"I shall investigate - and put more wood on the fire." Lantash got up and grabbed the knife, then picked up a piece of dry wood and lit it in the fire so he had a torch, before going to the cave opening.

"Thanks," Sam said, pulling the blanket up again. She felt more than a little guilty. "Be careful!"

"Always, Samantha."

After spending some time checking the area immediately outside the cave - and finding nothing dangerous - Lantash decided it was probably just a small animal that had screamed when it got captured by a predator. He returned to the cave, threw some wood on the fire, and crawled back to bed.

He was cold, and shivering, he snuggled up to Sam, who held him close to warm him. Lantash gave her a kiss, and while she did not push him away, she also did not make any indications of wanting to continue what they had been doing before they were interrupted.

Actually, Sam very much regretted they had been interrupted, and even more that she had felt too embarrassed to continue making out. It was obvious Martouf and Lantash had wanted to, and to be honest, she had too.

The problem was that she had been lying there thinking about it, and had gotten worried that they did not really want her - for her - but just because she had been host to Jolinar. She also felt both awkward and ashamed for what she had done, when she had been dreaming about them. The mood was well and thoroughly broken.

It took her a long time to fall asleep, after vowing to herself that she would not reject their advances again.

When they woke up the next morning, it was again warm and pleasant outside. They ate some of the food from the day before, then wrapped the rest up, together with their few other things.

They set out in the direction opposite of where they had entered the valley, and again began their search for a way out. They had hoped to find either a tunnel system like that through which they had entered, or by finding a place where the mountains could be scaled without special equipment they did not have.

After walking for several hours, it was getting hot. It was about an hour after noon, and the sun was burning relentlessly, shining almost directly down on them. With no clouds, there was no relief in sight.

"I realize we probably need to gather more food soon, and make sure we find a place we can sleep tonight, but it's still early... so, what do you say we take a break?" Sam suggested. "That small pond over there looks wonderful, and there is a shadowy grove beside it - with fruit trees!"

Martouf nodded. "It looks pleasant, and I agree. It would be nice to stay in the shadow for a while, until the strongest heat of the day has passed."

The water in the small lake was a little cooler than tepid, and felt perfect in the heat. They spent a long time just enjoying the water, soaking in the shallow end of the lake, where the trees from the grove cast a pleasant shadow.

Sam threw Martouf a hidden look, then pulled a t-shirt on and sat down in the soft grass beside him. Martouf made no move to get dressed, nor did he seem at all shy about his nakedness. She sighed softly to herself, thinking about how wonderful it had felt to kiss him the night before. She again bitterly regretted having rebuffed him.

Her stomach rumbled, and she remembered the fruit she had noticed on the trees before. Looking around and up, she saw that several of the trees in the grove carried small fruits. They looked a bit like apples, except that they were almost completely orange. There were also bushes with a very red berry, growing nearby.

"Do you think the fruit is edible? It looks good," Sam said, getting up. "And so do the berries."

"The berries I recognize. They are called glowberries, because they will glow when you cook them. They are juicy and good to eat. I do not know the fruits, though." Martouf gave Lantash control.

"It would be best if I try the fruits first. I can determine if they contain anything dangerous."

"Okay, if you're sure it won't harm you."

He shook his head. "It will not. Even if they are poisonous, it would take a very large number of them to overwhelm my ability to neutralize and filter out the poison. The number of compounds I cannot easily neutralize is very small. It is highly unlikely a naturally occurring fruit would contain one of them."

Getting up, he went to pick one of the little orange fruits, then took a small bite from it.

"Well?" Sam asked.

"It is quite tasty - and nutritious. I detect nothing poisonous. I believe it has a mildly intoxicating effect, but it is so mild that even a human would have to eat fairly many before experiencing any noticeable effect."

"Great! Then let's pick some of them - and some of those glowberries! That should make for a nice lunch!" Sam said.

Chapter 8: Side Effects