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Summary: It turns out there are several side effects to eating the glowberries in combination with the small alien fruits.

Notes: This chapter is NC-17 for explicit sex

Sam giggled and reached for several more of the glowberries, then took one of the small fruits. "These are really delicious, and in combination they are fantastic!" She stuffed her mouth with the fruit-berry mix.

"I very much agree!" Martouf smiled widely, and ate a handful of the berries, then grabbed a couple fruits and ate them as well. "Actually, I don't remember ever eating anything as tasty as this!"

"Martouf... and Lantash... I'm so, so sorry about tonight. I mean, I wanted you, I really did! But... I just got worried, you know? That you didn't really want me, and just... um, you know... reacted to me when I was... uh, rubbing myself against you!" She hid her face in her hands. "I'm so ashamed of my behaviour last night!"

"Samantha... beloved, you have nothing to worry about! We... are very fond of you. More than fond, we love you! And we want you... desire you..." Martouf scooted closer to her and was about to throw an arm around her, when he looked at his hand - completely smeared with juices from the fruit.

"Really? You... you love me?" She stared at him, not believing her own ears. She smiled widely. "I... I like you too. A lot! Actually... I... I love you too! And I want you..." She blushed. "oops... I didn't mean to just blurt it out like that..." Suddenly she made a low moan. "Martouf... I want you... so much... actually, god, I'm feeling horny!"

Martouf tried to get up so he could go and wash the fruit off his hands - and almost fell. "Whoa! So dizzy?"

"Careful!" Sam shrieked, afraid he would fall and hurt himself. Stumbling she got up, took a few steps, then fell - causing both herself and Martouf/Lantash to fall into the water with a big splash.

They both made several attempts to get up before succeeding, their lust temporarily cooled by the water. They waded towards the waterfront - and then Sam fell again.

"Samantha!" Martouf exclaimed, grabbing hold of her and succeeding in dragging her out of the water and onto the beach, where they ended up in a tangle of arms and legs.

Neither of them made any moves to disentangle themselves from each other.

"Thanks!" She smiled at him, then pulled at her shirt and panties, the only clothing she was wearing. "Eww, they're soaked!"

"Yes." Martouf stared at her, the wet t-shirt clinging to her body, and her nipples clearly visible. He smiled, enjoying the sight. "How fortunate for me that I had not put on any clothes!" He took a few steps back so she could see that he was naked - and also clearly affected by her presence.

Sam giggled. "Well, then maybe I should get naked too!" She quickly pulled her shirt off, then pushed her panties down, before looking at Martouf again. "Better?"

He ogled her shamelessly, and his erection hardened further, but it was several moments before he said anything. "Yes... you are beautiful, Samantha!" He suddenly gasped, and swayed dangerously, before blurting out hoarsely. "I need you!"

His eyes flashed, as Lantash took control, steadying them with some difficulty. He spent a moment collecting himself before speaking.

"I... apologize. I didn't realize... but the fruit and the berries in combination... acts as a very potent... aphrodisiac. One I cannot neutralize." He wrinkled his brow, and swallowed hard before continuing. "It's also... somewhat more intoxicating than I anticipated..."

"And it makes you say things you wouldn't have otherwise." Sam groaned and closed her eyes. "I don't care... I'm so horny now, I can't even see straight!"

"Yes..." Lantash again swallowed hard, unable to stop himself from looking at Sam. He wanted nothing more than to kiss her senseless, then push her down on the ground and fuck her until they both came... and then do it again. "The effect seems to be, ah, amplifying as the... intoxication wears off."

Sam allowed her gaze to glide admiringly over his body, stopping when she got to his straining erection. So large and hard and perfect! She fought the urge to touch herself - or to throw herself at him. She made a small, pained sound. "Oh, Lantash... you're so sexy... and you obviously want... the same as me."

"I am pleased you approve." He smiled, still staring shamelessly at her naked body. His gaze lingered for a moment at her breasts, before continuing to her stomach, her legs, the area where her legs joined... "You are so beautiful..." he said, hoarsely. "And yes, I want you, very much."

He grabbed her and pulled her to him. Sam immediately threw her arms around him and they kissed passionately. Lantash ran his hands down her back, grabbing her ass and squeezing it. Sam wrapped one of her legs around him, rubbing herself against his hard shaft caught between them.

Still somewhat intoxicated, they were unsteady, and tumbled to the ground, Lantash landing partially on Sam. However, they did not hurt themselves in the soft grass, and just continued kissing, touching, caressing each other.

Lantash gave Martouf control, so he also could kiss and fondle their beloved. He kissed Sam deeply, then trailed light kisses down to her throat, down to her breasts. He kissed first one, then the other breast, before he focused on one of them, licking the nipple and flipping it with his tongue, continuing until it became a hard point. Then he gave the other nipple the same treatment.

Sam moaned and pulled him closer, wrapping her legs around him again. He laughed hoarsely and slid a hand down over her stomach, down between her legs. Spreading her labia, he dipped a finger inside, finding her very wet and ready. He found her clit, and stroked it softly with his thumb, then rubbed a little harder, making Sam groan and arch her body against his fingers.

"Martouf! Please..." she begged.

Martouf chuckled. "Please, what?" He circled her clit with his fingers, teasing her, then rubbed it with his thumb, soft at first, then a little harder as Sam pushed herself against him. She tangled her fingers in his hair, caressed him down over his shoulders and his neck. Feeling movement, she had a memory flash from Jolinar, and suddenly knew exactly how to pleasure Lantash directly. She found just the right places, and started stroking him through the skin.

"You know what! More! Harder... fuck me! Now!" she demanded, too aroused to care about any sense of decorum.

He moaned deeply at the extra sensation, and almost lost control. Her begging was only making it more difficult. He wanted her so badly, and his shaft was hurting, so hard was it. The damn aphrodisiac was making his blood burn, and on top of it all, Lantash was alternately begging him to fuck Samantha and threatening to take control and give them all what they needed and wanted.

Martouf took a deep, unsteady breath, managing to keep his tenuous grasp on control a little longer. "Soon, my sweet Samantha... Patience!" he said in a hoarse voice. He kissed her deeply, before crawling down between her legs. He spread her with his fingers, and made a long, slow, soft lick over her clit, then a harder one, before flicking his tongue over it, fast.

Sam shrieked and bucked against him, so very close to coming. "Martouf! Oh!"

He sucked softly on her clit, then made several hard, fast flicks with his tongue on it. She cried out, coming hard and bucking against him so strongly that he had a hard time not being pushed aside. He did not wait for her orgasm to subside, but quickly entered her and thrust hard, sinking deeply.

Sam gasped from the extra sensation, and almost climaxed again. Martouf tried to move slowly at first, pushing into her again and again with long, steady thrusts. She was very wet, but also very tight, and he soon realized he would be unable to last long.

Lantash now demanded control, and Martouf acquiesced, and gave it to him. Lantash immediately started thrusting harder and faster, pounding into her. Sam moaned and arched her body to meet him, moving in time with him, again getting close to orgasm.

She moaned loudly as she came again, wrapping her legs around him and embracing him hard. Lantash groaned as her pussy contracted around his cock, pushing him over the edge as well. He rammed into her one more time, then shuddered against her as he spilled his seed inside her, muttering something unintelligible in Goa'uld, before collapsing on top of her, breathing heavily.

After a few moments, he summoned the strength to roll off her. He pulled her to him, snuggling against her and kissing her neck and shoulders. "My sweet Samantha. What do you say we sleep here for a little while, as I hold you in my arms?" he asked, drowsily.

"Mm, that sounds nice." Sam answered, already half asleep. She cuddled closer, and soon all three of them were fast asleep.

It was perhaps an hour later, when Sam woke up, feeling thirsty - and very horny. She moaned softly to herself and looked at the still sleeping Martouf and Lantash. Deciding to do something about the thirst first, she looked around and spotted her backpack nearby, with the water canteen beside it. She carefully disentangled herself from Martouf/Lantash and crawled over to the canteen and took a few gulps.

With her thirst satisfied, she focused on her next problem. She was extremely aroused. More so than she had been before they had sex the first time. Apparently, the aphrodisiac effect grew as you started metabolizing the two types of fruit. She moaned again, and slipped a hand down between her legs and began to rub her clit. She groaned and considered waking up Martouf/Lantash, when she heard a muffled sound from behind her.

Still on all fours, after crawling for the water, she turned to see Martouf/Lantash was waking up. It was obvious that one part at least was very much awake.

Sam wiggled her ass and winked at them. "You look so sexy, sweeties... and I am so horny... won't you please come and fuck me?"

Martouf stared at her, getting a look of lust on his face, and made a strangled sound. He closed the short distance between them in mere moments, grabbing her ass and kneading it, before sliding a hand to her hip and pulling her to him as he mounted her. Her slipped his other hand down under her, finding her clit, and started to stroke her there as he thrust into her.

Sam hissed in pleasure as he filled her so completely, and pushed back against him. Martouf groaned and thrust into her again and again, slowly increasing his speed. He was quickly losing himself in the feel of her, forgetting everything but the pleasant sensation of her pussy gripping his cock every time he entered her. He changed the angle a little, and Sam made a low, guttural sound when he stroked against her G-point with every thrust.

He grabbed her hips and pounded into her hard, his rhythm getting erratic as he approached orgasm. A few thrusts later, he cried out as he emptied himself into her. Sam writhed under him, very close to climax, but needing just a little more. Martouf vaguely realized this in his post-orgasmic bliss, and found her clit with his fingers, rubbing it hard. Sam shrieked and came explosively, bucking under him and almost throwing him off, before her legs gave out under her and she collapsed flat on the ground, Martouf on top of her.

They lay like that for several minutes, before either of them were able to move, and then Martouf only lifted himself off her enough not to squeeze her. They were all three asleep on the spot, almost immediately.

Another couple of hours later, Sam woke up, again feeling just as horny. She groaned softly, annoyed that the drug was still affecting her. Looking at Martouf/Lantash, she could tell he was probably still affected as well, if his large erection and occasional whimpers were anything to go by.

She let her gaze rove over Martouf/Lantash's body, and again moaned softly, as she touched herself, flicking her thumb against her clit, then rubbing it hard - using a good deal more force than she usually would when pleasuring herself. It took her little time to reach orgasm, and she just barely managed not to cry out - wanting to let Martouf and Lantash sleep.

Her pussy and clit were still tingling, and she wanted, needed more. Much more. Frustrated she began to touch herself again, then groaned and decided to wake up her lovers. She gave them a gentle kiss on the mouth, and they made a soft sound, but did not awaken. Licking her lips, she kissed the tip of his hard shaft, then wrapped her lips around it and slid down over it, as far as she could.

Lantash gasped and woke up, arching his body. "Samantha!" he exclaimed.

She winked at him, then continued what she was doing, licking and sucking at his hard cock, while using her hands on his balls and the part of his shaft that was outside her mouth. Lantash moaned deeply and tangled his fingers in her hair, just barely managing to stop himself from pushing her down further over his aching manhood.

Sam made a long, slow lick from the bottom of his cock to the top, then gave it a soft, wet kiss before smiling at him. "You like this, Lantash-dear?"

"Yes!" Lantash insisted, "Continue immediately!"

"Tsk, tsk, so demanding..." She giggled and gave him another lick, then sucked gently at the tip.

"Samantha... please, do not tease me so! I need you. Badly!" He said in a strained voice, clenching his fists so hard his knuckles were white.

"I need you too!" Sam cooed at him. "Need to feel that big, hard cock of yours inside my tight, wet pussy." She straddled him, and sank down over him slowly, filling herself at her own pace. She closed her eyes and got a blissful expression. Lantash groaned and bucked under her, thrusting upwards to meet her, and enter her faster. "Patience, sweetie!"

He moaned, and relented, and Sam started to ride him, slowly. However, it did not take long before he grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard and fast. She made a small yelp in surprise, but immediately got a very sensual expression, obviously enjoying it.

"Sorry." Lantash said, not looking like he meant it in the least.

"Na... naughty," Sam gasped, grinding herself against him, then started to slide up and down over him at a much faster pace.

Lantash made a strained sound and pulled her down hard, again and again, slamming against her. His eyes flashed from the intensity of his feelings, and he got an ecstatic look on his face. "So... so close... Samantha!" he cried out, thrusting up into her hard, as he climaxed.

Sam moaned, rubbing herself against him, then used her fingers to stroke her clit hard. Lantash forced himself out of the pleasant haze that had descended on him and his host after their intense orgasm, and joined her with his own fingers, quickly bringing Sam to a powerful climax. He gasped when her pussy contracted around his semi-hard shaft, causing another wave of pleasure to flow through him.

Sam collapsed on top of him, kissing him deeply. "I feel you're getting hard in me again... still haven't had enough?"

"Far from it," Lantash promised. "How could I not become aroused, when such a beautiful woman is straddling me?"

"You just came," Sam pointed out, rotating her hips a little, feeling him grow further inside her, and enjoying the feeling.

"I am Tok'ra, as you know," he said, proudly. Then added, with a glint in his eyes. "This is just one of many advantages."

Sam giggled, and kissed him deeply. She suspected it would be quite late before they made it away from this place.

Chapter 9: A Way Out