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Summary: Sam and Martouf/Lantash spend more time making love - and they also find a way out from the valley.

Notes: NC-17 for explicit sex

It was almost evening when they were finally dressed again, and slowly walking through the valley. Since it was so late already, they had decided to return to spend the night in a cave they had spotted maybe an hour before they got to the lake. By now the effect of the aphrodisiac had almost dissipated, and they were able to think clearly again, but they were more than a little tired.

"Martouf?" Sam asked, as they were walking back towards the cave. "You've been quiet for some time. Is something the matter?"

"As have you, Samantha... Lantash and I..." He gave her a shy, charming look. "We were worried you regretted what happened. That you were, perhaps... angry that we mated."

"Angry?" She shook her head. "No, Martouf, not at all. I mean, it's not like it was your fault any more than it was mine, or anyone's at all - it was the combination of those fruits and berries that were just... very potent."

"That is good." He looked relieved. "Thank you."

"Martouf... did you mean what you said, or was it just the fruit making you say it? That... that you love me?" Sam wondered, her heart beating like crazy with both hope and worry.

"That was the truth, Samantha. Lantash and I do love you." He stopped her and looked directly at her, the fear and worry clear in his eyes. "How do you feel? You said you liked us. That you love us... was that just the drug making you say that?"

"You really love me?" Sam smiled widely. "I... what I said was the truth as well. I love you! Both of you!"

Martouf looked immensely relieved. "If you knew how much we have dreamt of hearing you say that!" He pulled her to him and kissed her warmly.

She embraced him as well, and they stood like that for a long time, just holding each other close, so very happy and relieved to know their love for each other were reciprocated.

The next day they rose early, determined to catch up for some of the slack from the day before. They had still not found a place where it was possible to scale the steep mountains, or a passage through them.

They walked the whole day, taking only short breaks to eat, and a longer rest around noon, when it became as hot as it had the day before. There was one good thing about the burning sun - the ground along the river outside would dry up quickly, and it should not be much of a problem to walk back to the Stargate.

The river had washed them at least eight or nine miles downstream, and they had probably walked another maybe 15 miles inside the valley. Since they had taken many breaks, spent time hunting for food, having sex, and trying to climb the mountains, they had likely not walked more than that. It meant they should be able to walk back to the Stargate in a day or so, without problems.

Of course, that was only if they actually found a way out of the valley!

Lantash had - with a sly grin - insisted on picking some of the orange fruits and the glowberries when they found more of them. He wanted to bring them back home to the tunnels and give them to Anise, so she could synthesize the aphrodisiac, since it might be useful. Sam rolled her eyes at him, but did not comment on it further.

When it was near dusk, they set up traps again, and succeeding in catching two more rabbits, so they would have food for that day and the next, especially together with the potato-like tubers and the apples, they had found as well.

After eating, they had taken a quick bath in the small lake outside, before returning to the cave to sleep.

"I really hope we find a way out of this valley tomorrow," Sam said, lighting the campfire they had built. She turned to Martouf and added, "...not that it isn't wonderful to be on 'vacation' here with you." She grabbed his hand and squeezed it.

Martouf smiled at her. "Thank you. Lantash and I are enjoying this time with you as well. We do agree that it would probably be best if we could contact your people soon, though, as they will be worried."

Sam nodded, yawning. "Yes, they will." She gave him a kiss. "It will be nice to sleep, it has been a long day, and I'm still somewhat tired from all the, ah, activity yesterday." She blushed a little, though it was barely noticeable in the cave, as it was lighted only by the fire.

"Then we shall make sure that you do not have to do anything strenuous tonight... I do hope you are not sore from those... activities yesterday, though?" Martouf asked, a naughty glint in his eyes.

"Um, ah, no, I'm not..."

"That's good." He pulled her into a warm embrace and kissed her, softly at first. "Because Lantash and I have some ideas for tonight..." he murmured, running his hands down over her back, to her ass, fondling it lovingly through her pants.

Sam moaned kissed him deeply. She glided her hands over his back and shoulders, finding the place on his neck where Lantash could best be pleasured directly. Using one hand to caress him there, she slid the other between them to cup his hard shaft, massaging it through the material of his pants.

Martouf gasped and thrust against her. Sam grinned and rubbed her hand over him, harder. "You like this, don't you?"

"Yes!" He again bucked helplessly against her hand. "Samantha! I... we..." He groaned deeply and closed his eyes as Sam moved the fingers of the hand caressing his neck in exactly the right way, sending a strong wave of pleasure through Lantash - and so also through Martouf.

Suddenly his eyes opened and they flashed a strong golden-white as Lantash took control and grabbed her, pushing her against the wall of the cave and kissing her passionately.

"My Samantha..." He kissed her again, then spoke, his voice rough with arousal, noticeable even with the distortion, "I love you so much... and I desire you... so very badly..." He kissed and sucked at her neck, making Sam whimper and arch her body against him.

She unbuttoned his pants and pulled the zipper down, then slipped her hand inside and down into his underpants. Lantash moaned when she first stroked his shaft, then encircled it with her hand and pleasured him skillfully.

He grabbed hold of her shirt and pulled it over her head, throwing it aside and kissing and sucking his way down to her breasts, happy Sam had not bothered putting on her bra after their short evening swim.

Lantash lovingly massaged her breasts, kissing them, flicking his tongue over each nipple. Sam moaned again, deeper this time, and pressed his head to her breasts. She pulled on his hair, before sliding her hand down to his neck, and again pleasured him there. She kept fondling his cock with her other hand, keeping the stimulation light and making him groan with frustration.

Losing patience, Lantash quickly and efficiently stripped out of his clothes.

Her need for him just as urgent, Sam removed the rest of her clothing, almost as fast. They were now both naked, and Lantash pushed her against the wall again, spreading her folds and stroking her clit. Sam gasped and wrapped one of her legs around him, grinding against him. He lifted her up and entered her in one swift stroke, making them both hiss from the sensation, as he filled her.

He gave Martouf control, and he began pumping into her at a fast, steady pace. When he lifted her up, Sam wrapped her other leg around him as well, and then used her legs to pull him towards her with each thrust. She was fast approaching orgasm, and closed her eyes, an ecstatic expression on her face.

"Oh, God... Martouf! Lantash! I'm... I'm coming!" she shrieked and her body tensed, as she came hard.

"Yes!" Martouf exclaimed. "Come, my love, come!" He almost climaxed when Sam's pussy contracted around his shaft, massaging him, but just managed to control himself.

After a few moments, he started rocking into her again. He moved slowly, making long, slow, deep thrusts. Sam gasped, still very sensitive. It would not take much before she came again.

She began caressing his neck again, stroking him determinedly. Martouf made a hoarse sound and thrust into her hard, then his eyes flashed and control passed to Lantash.

He immediately began pounding into her hard, and Sam felt the world around her become distant as she spiralled quickly towards climax again. Lantash soon cried out and rammed himself into her, spilling his seed. Sam was not far behind - moments later she writhed and shuddered against him, moaning as a powerful orgasm hit her.

Lantash leaned heavily against the wall, willing his legs to keep him and Sam up. After a few moments he managed to stand up straight, and carried Sam to the bed they had made, putting her down on it and joining her there. He pulled the blankets up around them and they kissed warmly, before cuddling closely and falling asleep in each others arms.

They had made love once more during the night, and the next day they slept longer than they had intended to.

Eventually, only about an hour before noon, they were dressed and ready to continue their journey through the valley, hoping they would find a way out of it that day.

They had only walked for a few hours when they spotted what looked like a cleft in the mountains. As they came closer, they saw that the opening was wide enough that there was a passage they could go through, at least some way in. How far ahead the cleft stretched was impossible to tell, as it was partially overgrown with trees and bushes, and here and there outcroppings of rock would block the view.

It was slow going, but the path was passable. They had walked for maybe 30 minutes, when suddenly they came to an area where the road ahead was blocked, probably by a rock-slide.

"Do you think we can climb over it?" Sam wondered, touching a large, nearby rock experimentally. It did not move.

"Perhaps..." Martouf eyed the stones and rubble warily. "It seems the avalanche happened some time ago, and the stones appears to have settled, with gravel and dirt between. Still, we should move carefully." He crawled up on the nearest stone, then stepped over to a larger one. Neither of them moved. "Seems stable enough."

Sam followed, and they slowly made their way to the top of the large heap of rocks and rubble. Except for one time, when the ground suddenly began sliding under Sam, they made their way over it without any scares or problems.

It was harder getting down on the other side, but almost an hour later, they finally stood on the ground, having passed the blockage safely.

"Phew!" Sam exclaimed. "Let's not do that again!"

"I agree, that was... a bit too exciting," Martouf said. "It actually looks like the rest of the way is open."

"It does," Sam agreed, surprised. "Let's hope there are no nasty surprises.

Chapter 10: Going Home