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In Washington, Sam/Jolinar were taken to be interrogated. The officer in charge turned out to be Maybourne. Sam told Jolinar of her experiences with him, when the SGC had had Tollan refugees and Colonel Maybourne had arrived to try and take them into custody. They were not looking forward to spending several sessions with this man!

No matter how often Maybourne tried to trick or threaten Sam and Jolinar, they told him only what they had agreed they would. Jolinar explained to him and his colleagues - with a pleasant smile - that there was nothing they could do to force her to talk and give up her people. They did not have the technology - and they did not have a sarcophagus, so Jolinar could kill herself and her host and they could not revive them. Which she would do before giving up any secrets about the Tok'ra.

Maybourne and his people held Sam and Jolinar for questioning - and medical examinations as well - for more than a month. Eventually, their captors began to believe the Tok'ra really were very different from the Goa'uld. They began to consider some sort of cooperation, if they could just be certain the Tok'ra were trustworthy.

Finally, they began to negotiate with Jolinar. The promise of scientific knowledge, technology, and military intelligence - as well as the ability to remove symbiotes were very attractive to them. They even considered joint missions, even if it would sometimes mean humans posing as slaves, if this would result in useful intel.

It was, however, made very clear that hosts would not be part of any agreements. 

Eventually, Stargate Command was contacted by the Tok'ra.

"Unscheduled, off-world activation!"

"Who is it?" Hammond demanded.

"No GDO, sir...receiving radio."

"Let's hear it."

"...I repeat...I am Martouf, host to Lantash, of the Tok'ra. Please send coordinates for a place to meet. I bring information of the utmost importance."

"Colonel...?" Hammond asked O'Neill, who were standing beside him.

"He can be trusted, sir. He's...Jolinar's mate."

"Mate?" Hammond raised both his eyebrows. "Where do you suggest to meet him, then?"

They agreed to rendevous with the Tok'ra at 'the Land of the Light' and O'Neill, Teal'c, and Daniel left to meet him - together with SG-2, as backup.

Not long after, they returned to the SGC together with Martouf, who was immediately taken to meet Hammond.

"I bring greetings from the Tok'ra - as well as information vital to the survival of the Tau'ri. Aside from that, I would like to inquire about Jolinar and Samantha. They are missed."

"You are welcome. Jolinar and Captain Samantha Carter are currently elsewhere...ah...negotiating with my superiors. I have been assured they are well, but they are unfortunately unable to leave those discussions right now. What's the important information?" Hammond asked, looking somewhat ashamed.

Martouf nodded. "She is being held against her will. We feared as much." He bowed his head, letting Lantash fore.

"It was to be expected! She came to you, in peace, bringing wishes of cooperation - and you made her a prisoner! We will not permit this! I demand her release. Immediately!" Lantash's eyes flared in anger. He bowed his head and allowed Martouf control again.

He looked up, smiling, and a little embarrassed. "Lantash can be...passionate. However, I share his wish for the safe return of Jolinar and Samantha. I hope the information we bring will convince you of our good will and earnest wish for cooperation."

"I understand your worry for your mate. I assure you, I will do all I can to get her back to you. Now, what is this information you are talking about, son?"

"Our operatives aboard Apophis's vessel have just reported he is planning to attack the world of the Tau'ri. Apparently, it had been his intention to do so earlier, but you were saved by the campaign he and his ally Zipacna fought against their shared enemy, Cronos."

"That was your doing, right? Getting Apophis and Zippy to attack Cronos?" O'Neill wondered.

"Yes, as part of my undercover mission. Unfortunately, Apophis still wishes to make his revenge on you. He merely postponed the attack."

"When will this attack take place?"

"In approximately one week from now."

Hammond turned to Teal'c. "Do you know of any way we can get confirmation?"

"I shall attempt to contact Bra'tac. He may know."

"Do so." Hammond turned back to Martouf. "We are grateful for the warning..."

"...but you do not yet know us well enough to trust us in something as important as this. I understand. It would be foolish of you to behave otherwise."

"Do you have any further information that might help us against Apophis...ships, maybe?" O'Neill asked.

"We have no vessels capable of taking on Apophis's fleet, no." Martouf said, apologetically. "I take it you do not have any either?"

"That's correct..." Hammond admitted.

"We do have some...shuttles..." O'Neill remarked.

"Do they stand a chance against a Hatak?"

"No." O'Neill shook his head. "They don't."

"I will contact my superiors immediately. Teal'c, attempt to get confirmation from Bra'tac." Hammond ordered before he looked at Martouf again. "We will arrange quarters for you, if you wish to stay."

Martouf looked uncertain for a moment. "I believe I should return. I do not wish to cause the council further concern. I shall contact you again in two days. That should be time enough to contact this Bra'tac - and to talk to your superiors. When I come back I also expect to meet Jolinar."

He then asked to have a gate address dialed. No one assumed it was for the Tok'ra base, but rather for a stop-over safe planet.

Daniel watched him leave, somewhat unhappy. He had hoped to have the Tok'ra remove Amaunet immediately, as Sha're had by now given birth and the Goa'uld was again in control of her body. However, Hammond had told him this would have to wait until more concrete agreements had been reached with the Tok'ra.

Teal'c managed to make contact with Bra'tac, who had only just been informed his Lord was preparing for a large campaign in a few days. He did not know any specifics, yet, excepts that a small fleet of only two Hataks would be needed.

This was confirmation enough to be cause for concern, and Hammond's superiors decided to assume the Tok'ra warning to be of a genuine threat. As a token of good will, they released Sam/Jolinar to the SGC.

Maybourne and a few of his people, as well as Major Samuels, arrived together with Sam/Jolinar in order to explain the plan that had been made to defend Earth against the two Hataks. They and SG-1 went directly to a meeting with Hammond. Time was of the essence and there was no time to spend on animosity.

"Jolinar - will this scheme work?" Hammond asked.

"No. While those naquadah-enhanced nuclear warheads you plan to use would be able to easily destroy the Hataks - if they were to hit them - they will have no effect in practice. A Hatak is protected by a shield, and while that is in place, it cannot be harmed by your missiles."

"It is our best plan. Do you have another, perhaps?" Samuels demanded, arrogantly.

"No, not currently, but yours will not work. Not unless we can disable the shields from within."

"Perhaps the Tok'ra operatives on those ships could do that?" O'Neill suggested.

"When Martouf arrives, we will ask him if it is possible to contact them. If so, he will inquire if they are able to disable the shields." Jolinar said.

"Since we have no other plan, we will continue preparing the warheads, and hope the Tok'ra will be able to help." Hammond said, ending the meeting.
The off-world activation alert was sounded. It turned out to be Martouf. SG-1 went to meet him as they had before, in order to accompany him back to the SGC.

Martouf smiled as soon as he saw Sam/Jolinar. He walked to them.

"Jolinar...and Samantha. You were greatly missed."

Sam smiled back at him. She bowed her head and Jolinar took control. She immediately closed the last little bit of distance between them and threw her arms around him, hugging him tightly.

"We missed you as well."

She gave him a quick kiss before letting go. Martouf looked pleased.

They all gated back to Earth, where Martouf and Lantash were informed of the plan that had been made. After thinking about it for a little while, Martouf said he feared the two Tok'ra operatives could not be contacted, but that they would attempt it. If they succeeded in conveying the information to them, he believed it should be possible for the operatives to blow up the shield generators. They were not well protected from the inside, and the Tok'ra could walk around on the ship without anyone suspecting anything.

"If you can do something like that, why don't you use it to kill off a couple of System Lords?" Samuels said.

"Another would take his place - or worse, the existing ones would take over his domains and grow stronger. It is difficult to fight the very powerful System Lords, so we try to keep them all feuding and too weak to take over too much of the galaxy and shape it according to their plans. They would subjugate humans and Jaffa and keep them in fear, poverty, and ignorance - even more than they already do. It is to every one's advantage to keep the Goa'uld as manageable as possible - and necessary, if we are to one day topple them."

"But you would deal Apophis a blow - maybe even kill him - for us?"

"There are advantages to having an ally. If you are to be that ally we must help you to avoid becoming subjugated - as you once were. Also, it is...distressing to watch a world that has been free, succumb once more to the Goa'uld. We usually attempt to prevent it."

"How very nice of you. So, will you try to contact your operatives on board Apophis's ship?" Maybourne asked, not very politely.

"Yes, I will. I cannot guarantee success, though."

"We know. You'll try - that's all we can ask." Hammond said.

"Bra'tac will be aboard that vessel." Teal'c observed. "Is it possible to warn him?"

"Perhaps. It would be dangerous. Can you assure me of his trustworthiness?"

"Yes, absolutely. He would give his life before he would betray us." Teal'c said.

Martouf nodded. "We shall see what can be done. Allies among the Jaffa could be very useful as well. If we are to one day succeed in our battle against the Goa'uld, the Jaffa must fight with us, or this will take a very very long time. They are what make the Goa'uld strong."

"Sam assures me that Bra'tac would not simply accept being ordered away from his post. He would only allow himself to be saved if he is told the truth." Jolinar said.

"That is true." Teal'c agreed. "You must tell him you bring greetings from Teal'c of Chulak, who is now fighting with the Tau'ri."

"I will make it clear to them they must say this."

"Anything else?" Hammond wondered.

"Yes." Martouf was unsure how to say this. He feared their new friends might not react well. Suddenly he bowed his head and Lantash took over. "One of our leaders...Selmak, has become very weak. She is badly in need of a new host, and none has been found as of yet. Perhaps you could provide one, in return for our assistance?"

"Eh..." Hammond and the others looked at each others. "I'm not sure we can do least not quickly..."

"I see. That was to be expected." Lantash looked displeased.

"I'm sorry, son. If this goes well, Earth owe your people a big debt. I wish I could say we could help save this Selmak."

After the meeting, Martouf/Lantash left to contact the Tok'ra. They would attempt to get in touch with the operatives on Apophis's ship immediately.

The next day Martouf returned with information the Tok'ra had successfully contacted their operatives. These had reported they would attempt to disable the shields of Apophis's Hataks and also send a signal to the Tau'ri, informing them when to deploy the nuclear warheads.

All the Tau'ri needed to do, was to make sure the missiles hit as shortly after they received the signal as possible. This was to not give Apophis and his son Klorel time to repair the shield generators, mount other defences, or flee with their ships, only to return when they had been repaired.

Apparently Klorel's ship had a Stargate on board. The Tok'ra would use that to make their escape, bringing Bra'tac with them if they succeeded in convincing him.

Thus all there was to do, was to wait. The enemy ships had taken off and were only two days away.

The morning of the day of the attack, Hammond got a phone call. It was from Jacob Carter, his good friend and the father of Sam.

He had, of course, been told Sam had been missing, and also that she had now been found. They had informed him she had been found alive, but potentially brainwashed. That she might even be dangerous.

This was the excuse the Airforce had used for not allowing him to see Sam, now when she was host to Jolinar. Jacob had complained several times and demanded to see her, but even his good friend George Hammond had been unable to do anything. Jacob had recently moved to Colorado Springs, in the hopes of pressuring them to let him see his daughter.

Now, it turned out, Jacob had been admitted to the hospital, dying from lymphoma. He had less than a week, the doctors thought, and wanted to inform his friend, George Hammond.

He did not want Sam to come and visit him, but Hammond decided to tell her anyway. She immediately wanted to go to him, and were finally given permission to do so.

The others stayed and waited nervously to hear if the Tok'ra-Tau'ri plan to destroy Apophis's ships would succeed.

Meanwhile, Sam/Jolinar and Hammond - as well as several guards - went to the hospital were Jacob had been admitted. Sam was both nervous and sad, regretting not having spoken much with her father for many years.

Jolinar - who had been told to stay hidden - was giving quiet support. She had gone through Sam's mind and learned what was wrong with Jacob. She suddenly got an idea.

*A symbiote could cure him. Selmak needs a host and your father needs healing. There is one logical solution to both these two problems.*

*You're sure she could cure him?*

*Absolutely - if he is not allowed to become too weak. or she is. But I believe it is worth a try. We should suggest it and see if he is willing.*

*We cannot. He doesn't have clearance.*

*Then ask General Hammond to give it to him. He can do it.*

Sam considered it for a moment, then turned to Hammond.

"Sir. My father could be cured if he blended with a symbiote."

"You can't seriously be suggesting that!" Hammond looked appalled.

"You do believe the Tok'ra are good guys, don't you?"

"Yes. I do, but to ask Jacob - or anyone for that matter - to become a host to one of give his body a Goa'uld. Even a good one. I'm sorry, Captain. I can understand you wanting to save your father, but I can't allow this."

"He would still have his body! It would be letting a Tok'ra share his body! Like I do with Jolinar! I volunteered! Or don't you believe I'm really Samantha Carter?"

"Yes. I do believe you're her!"

"Then let me at least suggest this to my Dad! Let him choose for himself!" Nudged by Jolinar she added. "It would make us look better as future allies to the Tok'ra as well. They need hosts more than anything - and we can provide it, if we can just find people that are willing. People in Dad's situation is one possibility, at least as long as the Stargate program is secret. Sir...Earth needs the Tok'ra as an ally! And right now Selmak - one of their leaders - desperately needs a new host."

Hammond sighed. He was quiet for a long time. "Very well. I agree. The Tok'ra do seem like they would be a good ally, and we could certainly use all the help we can get against the Goa'uld. We will allow Jacob to choose."

"Thank you, sir." Sam looked very relieved.

Later. Hammond and Sam talked to Jacob for a long time, explaining a few things about the Tok'ra, the Goa'uld, and the Stargate. Jacob was happy to finally learn what his daughter was doing, but this was a bit much to take in so quickly. As they talked, he looked at them, first in disbelief, then later just in confusion.

"It's a crazy story, and I don't know what to believe...but I'm willing to give it a shot. I'm pretty much out of options!"

They got him dressed and prepared. A short time later, they were all on their way back to Cheyenne Mountain and the SGC.

*I wonder how the defence plan against Apophis turned out. The attack should have taken place just about now.* Jolinar mused.

*Well, we'll soon know, I guess. If we didn't succeed, he'll attack at any moment.* Sam answered, a bit distantly. She was pre-occupied with her father.

"What happened to this 'Jolinar' you met? The...Tok'ra who helped you flee?" Jacob suddenly asked.

"Um..." Sam looked at Hammond. This was one part they had decided it was best to wait for later to tell.

Hammond thought it over. Then he nodded. "What the'll soon meet another Tok'ra anyway. Tell him."

Sam looked a bit concerned. She was not so sure how he would react to this. She pondered it for a moment, trying to figure out how best to tell him. She turned towards him.

"Dad...she survived." Sam swallowed hard. "And she's here right now!"

"You mean here on Earth? I will get to meet her soon?" He looked a little apprehensive.

She closed her eyes for a moment, composing herself. Jolinar sent warm feelings to her, supporting her. Sam decided to just get it over with and said it quickly.

" on Earth. Actually, Dad...she needed a host to live and...well, she's in me. I volunteered."

Jacob just stared at her for a moment. "In you? You're a...a host?"

"Yes...yes, I am."

Jacob clearly did not know what to say. He looked at Hammond.

"You're sure it's one of the good guys?"

"I'm sure, Jacob. I won't lie to you. I wouldn't have done it - and I weren't exactly happy to find out Captain Carter is a host, but...yes, I trust Jolinar. She's...OK."

Jacob nodded, still shaken.

"Dad...would you like to meet her?"

He was quiet for almost a minute. Then he shook his head, making a decision.

"Yes. I guess so..."

Sam dipped her head and a little later Jolinar looked up.

"Hello, Jacob Carter."

He stared at her for a moment, taking note of the voice, the slightly different way she held herself. All of a sudden it was very real to him.

"Holy Hannah!"

When they came back to Stargate Command, they were immediately met with the news of success. The Tok'ra on board Apophis's and Klorel's ships had disabled the ships shields in time for the Tau'ri missiles to hit. Both ships had been destroyed, and as far as anyone knew, Apophis and Klorel had been killed.

The two Tok'ra, as well as Bra'tac had managed to get to the Stargate on Klorel's ship, and escape at the very last moment. They had reported being alive and well.

With the success of this first joint mission - the rescue of Earth - all opposition against the Tok'ra was suddenly gone, and Earth was ready to ally with the Tok'ra. They even agreed to look for hosts for the Tok'ra.

The first of these - not counting Sam - would be Jacob.

SG-1 and SG-2 went with Martouf/Lantash, as well as Jacob to the Tok'ra tunnels soon after. They also brought Sha're/Amaunet with them, heavily guarded by the two SG teams.

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