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The Tok'ra had given Martouf/Lantash and Sam/Jolinar some time off. They would get 2 whole weeks vacation. Getting time off was rare for the Tok'ra, but not unusual when a mate had changed host. Besides, the Tok'ra council felt some reward was due after all they had done.

Sam and Martouf/Lantash had already gotten to know each other somewhat, after working together. However, these weeks they would spend focused on each other. They were all looking forward to it.

Martouf and Lantash were already very fond of Sam, and they also found her attractive. They found her a very good choice for a mate. She was kind and intelligent, and generally had many aspects of her character that Martouf/Lantash liked and respected. She was also a competent soldier and she complemented Jolinar very well, helping to curb her sometimes too impulsive personality. Yes, Martouf and Lantash were certain it would take very little for them to fall in love with her completely. Jolinar they already loved, of course.

As for Sam, she shared Jolinar's feelings. They both wanted Martouf and Lantash, so it was really only a matter of time before they would be together.

On one hand, she had almost just met them. On the other hand, she felt as if she had known Martouf and Lantash for many years.

If she thought about it, she knew all the little things about them. She knew Lantash often was a heavy and late sleeper, while Martouf would ordinarily wake first. She knew the sweet herbal tea they favoured in the evening, the soft, spicy bread they both liked. The fact that Martouf had a sweet tooth, but that Lantash wanted them to eat healthily...despite the fact that Lantash secretly loved cakes as much as his host. She knew the little sounds he made as...Sam blushed and quickly stopped that train of thoughts.

Jolinar merely smiled at her host.

*Hopefully, you will soon get your own experiences with him, in this area as well... How I long for his touch!*

The Tok'ra had a list of uninhabited planets with a pleasant climate. These were often used when someone needed a little vacation - especially when a couple wanted some time alone. Sam/Jolinar and Martouf/Lantash were currently staying on one of these. The planet had a temperate climate - not too warm and not too cold. At this time of the year the nights were warm as well.

They were staying in a hut that had been built in the outskirt of a small forest, close to a large lake. It was located a couple of miles from the world's Stargate, so they were unlikely to be disturbed - especially since the planets were both abandoned by the Goa'uld and no longer had any population.

Martouf/Lantash and Sam/Jolinar had already spent most of a week here, and were getting close.

They were currently sitting outside, on a blanket in the soft grass on a small hill not far from the hut. They had brought a picnic basket and had eaten a light dinner. They were now watching the sun set.

There was a clear view of the lake. The waves were slowly rolling in, maybe 40-50 feet from where they sat. The smaller of the two suns had set a few hours ago, and the main one was almost down now. 

It was beautiful and very peaceful. The only sounds that could be heard were the gentle sound of the waves crashing against the shore, and a few birds who had not yet returned to their nests and trees.

Sighing happily, Jolinar leaned closer to Martouf and put her head on his shoulder. He let an arm slide around her and pulled her to him. He looked content, enjoying the feeling of sitting here with his mates. 

While he and Lantash still felt pain at the loss of Rosha, they were very happy to have Jolinar back. They were also fond of her new host. Perhaps more than fond, if they had to be honest.

*I think I am falling in love with Samantha.* Martouf observed.

*I know, I feel the same. I do not know when or how it started, but it is clear we already love her.*

*It is too soon! Yes, we have known her a couple of months, now, but we have only recently spent more than a little time alone with her. We cannot do this to Rosha!*

*We have not stopped loving Rosha - and we never will. We will always love her, just as we will always love Jolinar. And now Samantha. I am certain Rosha would not want us to abandon Jolinar, because she was no longer her host.*

*No, no she would not. You are right. We are behaving wrongly towards our mate - towards both of them. We love both of them. We should admit it. To ourselves, if not to anyone else.*

*It is time we told them as well. High time we did something about it.* Lantash added.

*Agreed.* Martouf pulled Jolinar even closer. She looked up at him, smiling and somehow sensing her mates wanted to tell her something.

Instead, Martouf first leaned in and gave her a kiss. It was brief, but there was much emotion in it. He turned to face her fully. Closing his eyes, he put his forehead to hers and sighed contentedly. They sat like that for a long time.

Pulling back a little, he eventually began to say what was on his and Lantash's minds.

"Jolinar...Lantash and I have something to tell both of you..." His courage left him, and when Lantash's prodding did not make him continue, the symbiote took over control.

Jolinar looked expectantly at him as his eyes flashed.

"Martouf and know we love you...and we are finding ourselves...falling in love with Samantha. Have been, for several days, actually. More, perhaps. We should have told you, but we have only recently admitted it to ourselves. We...felt we were betraying Rosha."

"You are not...but I can understand. I remember how it was...about 25 years ago when your former host, Nemura had died and you had gotten this new host...Martouf. Rosha and I took a long time admitting - even to ourselves - how much we had come to love him. And now, for the exact same reason you had difficulty admitting you love Samantha." She smiled. "She is happy. We both love the two of you so much."

She gave control to Sam, who immediately kissed first Lantash, then Martouf, when he took control.

Jolinar really wanted to move things along and get naked, but she realised Sam was feeling a little shy. Jolinar suddenly got an idea how to break that mood. She asked for control and suggested her plan.

"Would it not be nice to swim in the lake? I am certain the water is pleasant!"

"Yes, why not? it sounds agreeable to us." Martouf smiled and got up. He reached out a hand and helped her up. When she was standing, Jolinar gave control back to Sam.

Martouf immediately began stripping off his clothing. Blushing, Sam hurriedly turned away. She was happy for the twilight, which was hiding most of the colour in her cheeks. Jolinar quickly remedied the blushing, and Sam began to undress with her back turned to their mates. Jolinar was clearly amused by her hosts shyness.

*I know. The Tok'ra have no issue with being naked. I'll learn. I just...need a little time.*

*Of course. Do you want me to take control?*

*No. Not yet. Later perhaps, when and if this leads to more than bathing and kissing.*

*Oh, I certainly hope so! And Martouf and Lantash are usually...shall we say 'very willing'...* She launched into a highly erotic daydream about her mates, which left Sam blushing furiously again - and with no doubt as to the passion of the blended pair that was now her mates as well.

Naked, Sam threw herself into the lake. The water was tepid and really very pleasant. She sighed happily and immersed herself for a moment, then came up to see Martouf standing a short distance away.

The bottom of the lake this close to shore consisted of smooth, flat sand. The water was not very deep. It reached Sam to just under her shoulders, when she was as far out as 50-60 feet from the shore. She slowly swam towards Martouf, who likewise approached her.

"The water is wonderful, don't you think?" She smiled at him.

"Yes. We allow ourselves to enjoy such pleasures far too rarely. They are to be treasured. We must return to this place soon." He smiled at her, a little mischievously. "Of course, it is not the only pleasure we look forward to indulging in here, with you."

Sam felt her cheeks flush again, hating herself for it. Why was she reacting like this? She was not a schoolgirl!

Fortunately the twilight was fading, so he probably did not even notice. The planet's moon had risen, though, and bathed everything in a silvery, otherworldly light. Very fitting, Sam thought, as this was another world.

Jolinar took over and suddenly splashed water at Martouf, lightening the mood. She giggled as she fled, hoping to be caught. Martouf followed, hot on her heels.

They swam and played in the water for quite some time. Currently, Sam had control and Martouf had just caught her. He playfully tried to splash water at her while holding her, when suddenly they found each other pressed very close to each other.

They stood quietly like that for a while. Sam was very aware of her breasts being squeezed against his chest, and of his growing erection pressing against her. Martouf allowed his hands to caress her, sliding them over her hair and down her back.

"So beautiful..." He murmured, looking almost mesmerized at her.

He leaned in for a kiss, which she immediately responded to. He embraced her tightly, as he deepened the kiss. Her arms came up to hold him too, and she began to fondle his back, then further down.

The smooth skin covering strong muscles felt wonderful under her fingers. Suddenly, prompted by Jolinar, she let one of her hands slide to his neck and began probing gently with her fingers. She quickly found Lantash and began stroking him through the skin.

Martouf gasped and his eyes glazed over. Pleased with the reaction, Sam continued her caresses and allowed her other hand to find the hardness between his legs. Soon she was stroking him there as well, up and down the length.

Assaulted by these dual sensations, it took a while before Martouf was able to focus himself enough to be able to do anything but feel and enjoy.

He moaned low in his throat, as he slid one hand up to fondle a breast, while the other began squeezing her butt. He caught her lips in a searing kiss, before moving to lick and nip at her ear, then down her neck, to end at her throat where he sucked gently.

Sam whimpered a little and pressed herself harder to him, all shyness forgotten. After a few moments, she felt the kisses and caresses change subtly, and she knew it was now Lantash who was holding her.

Suddenly, he lifted her up in his arms and carried her ashore. He quickly went to the blanket they had been sitting on earlier, and put her down on it. Stretching out beside her, he took her into his arms again.

"My Samantha...and my Jolinar..." He said, kissing them deeply.

Sam smiled at him and rolled over on her back, pulling him with her. She enjoyed the feeling of his weight on top of her. She again found the spots on his neck that obviously brought him the most pleasure, and began touching him there again. His eyes glowed briefly from the intense emotions he was experiencing.

When she found his shaft with her other hand and began stroking it, he closed his eyes and moaned deeply, thrusting against her.

Just as for Martouf, it took him some concentration to do anything except feel, but eventually he was able to focus enough to begin caressing her as well.

He fondled first one, then the other of her breasts, rubbing her nipples until they were hard. His mouth then repeated the path of his hands, sucking and nibbling. Meanwhile, his hands moved lower, exploring first her stomach, then her thighs.

As his fingers began touching her between her legs, dipping in between the folds, Sam arched up towards him. She wanted so badly to feel him inside her, she almost begged him for it.

Jolinar asked for control, and Sam gave it to her immediately.

She pulled Lantash in for a deep, passionate kiss, then continued to touch him like Sam had, but her caresses were different enough that he knew it was her.

"It has been too long, my beloved Jolinar." He kissed her. "It is good to have you back. So wonderful. To have you and Samantha here." He ended each sentence with a kiss.

Martouf took control then, also kissing his mate deeply. Moving downwards, he stopped at her breasts and kissed and licked them as Lantash had done, before continuing further down. When he finally reached his destination between her legs, Jolinar made a small squeal from pleasure.

He licked gently at her clit first, then fluttered his tongue faster, making Jolinar give a continuous stream of small moans and cries from the sensations.

Soon he added a finger, dipping it just a little inside, then deeper, faster. She was so very wet. He added another finger, as his tongue kept working on her clit. It did not take long before Jolinar bucked against him and cried out, as she came.

Smiling, Martouf quickly lay down over her and entered her in one stroke. Jolinar gasped out and almost came again.

Lantash took over and began moving in and out of her. Slowly at first, but soon with more force and greater speed as everything blurred, except for his lust for his mates and the feeling of them, enveloping him.

Jolinar did her best to buck upwards to meet each of his thrusts. She was again close to coming, and just wanted him to move faster, take her harder...

Lantash's eyes flared, just before he closed them tightly and pounded into her one last time. He growled something and burrowed his head in her hair and shoulder as he came hard inside her.

Jolinar ground herself against him, frantically, for a few moments, then the orgasm hit her. She clutched Lantash to her, moaning his name.

They lay like that for some time, before Lantash sleepily pulled an extra blanket out from the basket they had with them, and spread it over them both. They snuggled close together in the pleasant warmth under it and soon Martouf and Lantash drifted off to sleep.

*Are you happy, my Sam?* A sleepy Jolinar asked.

*Yes. Very.* Sam, who currently had control, stretched a little and wiggled closer to their already sleeping mates. It was really nice lying like this.

*Me too.* Jolinar responded contently, almost asleep already.

Sam lay there for a little while, after her symbiote had dozed off. She enjoyed the closeness and thought of the pleasure she had just enjoyed. And would soon feel again, she was sure.

She smiled to herself. Much had happened, and many things had changed recently. Her future would be quite different than what she had thought only half a year ago. But she was happy. Life was good, she thought.

That was her last conscious thought before she joined her mates in sleep. Everything was as it should be. She was Tok'ra.

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