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Chapter 3 summary: History repeats itself - to some degree at least.


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They had just left the briefing room and were walking together to the mess hall.

"You're not allowed off the base yet, but I thought we could still have a team night? What do you guys say? I can get pizza and a movie." O'Neill suggested.

"It sounds great...but aren't you guys getting up early tomorrow? You're going to Nasya, remember?" Daniel said.

"It won't be late, I promise. Come on - it'll be fun!"

"I believe it is a good idea. I assume you wish for our new team to 'bond'?" Teal'c asked.

"Eh...yeah. You know, get to know each other - see what differences you've all picked up...recognize the similarities...all that stuff..."

"Sam?" Daniel said.

"I guess it's a good idea..." She did not really feel like company. She needed time to figure out what she should do tomorrow. However, she recognized that O'Neill and the others tried to get them all together again as a team. She smiled. "Of course...though I guess it'll be hard to find new movies for us to watch for the coming 6 years..."

"That's reminds you perhaps have any sports results memorized?" O'Neill said, smiling.

"Oh, no. Now that would be unethical..."

They all grinned. They were already starting to feel like a team again.

"I think I'll join you. It's not every day your friends return from death." Janet said, smiling at them.

"Please. You're more than welcome." O'Neill smiled at her.

The team night actually turned out quite well. It was somewhat awkward to begin with, but as the evening went on, they discovered more and more similarities. It was soon clear to them they really were the same people. They could relax and have fun together again.

After a couple of hours they discovered Sam was missing. She had not really been taking part in the fun and talking very much and had mostly been sitting in a corner by herself, thinking.

"Hasn't Sam been gone for a long time now?" Daniel wondered.

"Almost half an hour, I think...perhaps she's nervous about tomorrow?" Janet said.

"I'd be more than nervous if I was considering being host to a snake...even if you say it's a good snake." O'Neill quickly added.

Sam had gone to her room and now sat in the darkness, considering what to do. After much thought she had come to the conclusion that their chances of becoming friends with the Tok'ra - making them trust them - were too low to speak of, if she did not become host to Jolinar again. She was feeling very apprehensive about tomorrow. On the one hand she was simply worried about being taken as host again...she still had a small, irrational fear that perhaps something was different in this universe and Jolinar would turn out to be a Goa'uld instead of a Tok'ra. Silly, she knew - since they had determined everything was exactly the same.

On the other hand she had long since forgiven Jolinar - she actually found herself missing her from time to time. Therefore she also felt excited at the thought of having her back again - and this time truly as a friend. If she did not fight her, Sam was sure it would be a much different and even rewarding experience.

This lead her to another thought; would she want to stay a host, permanently, if it ended up taking a while before Jolinar could get another host? Could she split her time between the SGC and the Tok'ra? What if she needed to leave the SGC and live with the Tok'ra - truly be a Tok'ra? She thought she might actually enjoy it - especially if she and Jolinar ended up having as great a relationship as her father and Selmak. Or as Martouf and Lantash...

Martouf! She suddenly felt her heart beat faster. This was something else she needed to consider. He was alive here and she would soon be meeting him and Lantash again. However, the meeting would likely go quite differently this time, as she would be blended with their mate when she met would that change things? She had long since admitted to herself that some of what she felt for Martouf - and for Lantash - came from herself.

Host and symbiote love as one...if she stayed blended with Jolinar, then Martouf and Lantash could - would most likely be hers. She knew they probably would fall in love with her. She knew they had in her reality - and Jolinar they already loved. Yes, this was certainly something she needed to consider as well.

Sam sighed. There were so many things to think through, but at least she had made a decision regarding tomorrow. That would have to do for now. She would blend with Jolinar and decide on the rest later. Actually...she did not have the right to make these decision on her own. Soon Jolinar would be with her and this body - and life - would be hers as well. They would decide together.

Next day.

It had been their intention to gate out to Nasya early in the day, giving them the opportunity to save as many as possible of the Nasyans. However, it turned out there was a problem with one of the cooling units on one of the Stargate's superconductors and Siler and the tech guys only just managed to get it running in time for the originally planned departure. Thinking back, they remembered this had been the case in their own reality as well.

On Nasya, the whole area was in chaos, just as Sam remembered it. They could hear the whine from the airborne attacks everywhere around them, as they tried to save as many of the inhabitants as possible. Sam helped as best she could, while at the same time looking for the severely wounded man she knew would be host to the ashrak. Suddenly she saw the man Jolinar had been hiding in. He had just fallen to the ground, heavily wounded and dying. Sam felt her pulse race and she closed her eyes for a moment to calm herself. This was it! She made a quick decision before her courage left her.

Bending over the dying man, her heart beating wildly, Sam held her face just above his.

"I have been a Tok'ra host before, which is why you may be able to sense a...remnant in me. I volunteer." She simply said and opened her mouth.

Moments later she felt a hand cup the back of her head and pull her closer. The next she experienced was something sliding into her mouth, followed by a gagging sensation and then a sharp pain at the back of her throat. She felt her eyes glow as Jolinar connected to her brain and nervous system, sending tendrils into her.

*Thank you...Samantha, for saving my life. I am Jolinar, and I am Tok'ra.*

Sam quickly suppressed the last of her fear. She had chosen this and there was nothing to be afraid of. She was a willing host this time. *Yes...I know. We have met before, but that is a long story. I am...glad that I am able to help you. Now, we have something we need to do before I explain anything.*

Jolinar was very confused. *Will you open your mind for me, even though we have not blended yet?*

*Yes...I guess that's the quickest way to explain...just...don't get caught up too much, we may soon need to react quickly...* Sam allowed Jolinar to see what she knew about this mission and how it had happened in her reality.

*The know who he is...he is going to kill me! How....? You're from a different reality...all happened the same there, up until were my host! You're from the future!* Jolinar did not know what to say, but she knew that if her host had not had this knowledge everything might well have turned out the same - if she had gotten a host at all.

Jolinar gave control back to Sam who just stood there a little, trying to get her bearings. Then, all of a sudden she saw some of the SGC-personnel walk by with a stretcher. On it lay the man that had been taken over by the ashrak!

Reacting quickly, Jolinar grabbed control, drew Sam's sidearm and ran to the wounded Nasyan. Before anyone had time to react, she emptied the clip into him, killing both him and the ashrak.

"What are you doing, Captain?" One of the men demanded, shocked at her actions.

"That man was a Goa'uld and an...assassin." Jolinar said, using Sam's voice.

"What? How do you know?"

"Later. Trust me." She turned around to help save someone else, when O'Neill came running towards them.

*Jolinar! You killed him! My people won't be happy about that!*

*I apologize for any problems you may get as a result of this, but it was necessary. If we had not done it while he was incapacitated, he would have found a way to trick you and get away. He would then no doubt succeed in his goal of killing me...and probably you as well.*

Sam sighed. *You're probably right, but we're gonna get in trouble for it anyway.*

Jolinar gave control back to Sam, just as O'Neill reached them.

"What's going on!" He took in the scene. "You killed him? Why?" He looked at the death glider approaching. "We'll talk about this later. We're leaving, folks!"

They hurried back through the gate. As soon as the wormhole had shut off, Sam turned to O'Neill who was standing beside her. Without a word she handed him her weapons. He looked grimly at her.

"Why did you do it, Carter?"

"It was the ashrak! I recognized him. He is extremely dangerous and cunning. If he hadn't been killed he would have gotten away and most likely succeed with his mission. Have Janet check him out - she'll find the Goa'uld...and his weapon, a hara'kesh."

"Oh, don't worry - we will. However, until then - and until we have heard your explanation - you're going to spend some time in a holding cell."

"I understand."

O'Neill turned to a couple guards standing nearby. "Captain Carter is under arrest. Take her to a cell."

When they were leaving, O'Neill called out after them.


"Yes, sir?"

"I almost forgot - is Jolinar among the Nasyans we saved?"

"She's here with me, sir...I'm her new host." Sam bowed her head for a moment. When she looked up Jolinar flashed her eyes.

"Greetings, Colonel O'Neill. I am Jolinar of Malkshur...and I am a Tok'ra."

O'Neill looked at her in shock for a moment. Suddenly everyone in the gate room got quiet and stared at her.

"Hello..." O'Neill turned to two other guards. "I think maybe we should have four guards accompany you instead of just two..." he turned back to Jolinar, "'s not that I don't trust you, but...we'll, I guess...I don't trust you! We're not used to good Goa'uld...if there even is such a thing!"

"I quite understand. I hope I will be able to convince you of my trustworthiness."

"You...and Carter - if it really was her I was speaking to earlier - will get your chance...later. Take them to their cell!" The last was directed to the guards who immediately complied.