Note that the last chapter has two versions, one that is NC-17 and one that is PG-13.


Chapter 9, NC-17 version summary: Sam/Jolinar and Martouf/Lantash spend some time getting to know each other (again). Not much here but smut. This chapter is NC-17. Read the next instead for a PG-13 version.


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Feeling slightly anxious, Sam walked towards the room they would be sharing with Martouf and Lantash, if they all decided to continue the relationship. She and Jolinar had not had the opportunity to spend much time with Martouf and Lantash, because of all the other things that had happened. Moving the base to a new planet, saving Egeria, as well as contacting the other Tok'ra bases to inform them of what had happened - it meant that everyone had been kept busy. Now, however, they had almost two weeks on their hands, and nothing official needed to be done. It was time to focus on their personal life.

Jolinar tried to calm Sam, as they reached the door to the room of their - hopefully - mates. They had put on one of Jolinar's dresses, from when Rosha was her host. The dress had been a bit too large for Rosha, but fit Sam snugly. It was not Jolinar's favourite dress, since that one had been too small for Sam, but she knew Martouf and Lantash would appreciate this one as well.

*Jolinar - take control. I thought I was ready for this, but I'm not. They're your mates, not mine.*

*I don't think you need to fear rejection. I have noticed the way they have been looking at us - when you have been in control as well. They seem to be quite infatuated by you already.* Jolinar mentally rolled her eyes, though it was not meant in any unfriendly way. *They will soon be your mates as well.*

*Still. I think it would be appropriate for you to have some time alone - as much as that is possible with me here - to come to terms with the loss of Rosha.*

Jolinar immediately felt a stab of grief, when she was reminded of her former host. She assumed control without any further comments.

"Martouf? Lantash?" she called out, peeking inside their room.

"Jolinar?" Martouf walked into view, coming from the small attached personal bathroom at the other end of the room. From his state of undress he had been getting ready for bed. He smiled, a little shyly, but did not attempt to cover up despite wearing only underwear. "Please, come in."

Jolinar smiled appreciatively and walked inside. "We thought it was time to talk a little - about personal matters, but perhaps that should wait. I can see you were getting ready...for sleep...what I am unsure of is whether or not you wish to do so alone..."

*Jolinar...* Sam warned, a little shocked by her forwardness.

Martouf blushed visibly before Lantash could control his reaction. "We...would like you to stay...if Samantha is comfortable. We do need Lantash and I have spent much time discussing...the situation."


" not yet know much about Samantha, but we have had the opportunity to spend some time with her over the last couple of days. Mostly in the company of others, but we have seen much we admire in her - and we both are growing quite fond of her already, if she is concerned about that."

*See? Nothing to worry about.* Jolinar gave her host a hug, then gently pushed her forward. Sam, a little grudgingly, assumed control.

"Thank you. Yes, it did concern me. I still feel as if I am intruding."

"Samantha." Martouf smiled. "Please do not feel that. You are in no way an intruder. Lantash and I are certain of what we want. While we miss Rosha very much and always will love her...we do consider you to be our mate, just as much as Jolinar...and we would very much like to continue our relationship with her - and with you."

"I am glad." Sam smiled, relieved.

Martouf sat down on the bed and patted the spot beside him. "Come, sit down beside me and spend some time with us."

Sam sat down, her heart beating wildly, both from nervosity and excitement. She gave him a half-smile. Then, encouraged by Jolinar, she took his hand and gave it a slight squeeze.

Happily, Martouf entwined his fingers with hers as he leaned in to kiss her. Sam closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling, while Jolinar cheered in her head. The symbiote told her in none too subtle terms to return the kiss - and preferably with more force. Sam happily complied and began to move her lips a little against his, then parted her lips when she felt his tongue push against her mouth. When she finally broke the kiss, in need of oxygen, she opened her eyes and pulled back a little, to be able to look at Martouf. He opened his eyes as well and smiled at her. She felt a strong surge of love combined with lust - both from herself and from Jolinar. As she watched, his eyes flashed and Lantash took over. He did not waste any time before he caught her lips in a passionate kiss.

After a while Sam surrendered control to Jolinar, albeit a little reluctantly. She was a bit embarrassed and wanted Jolinar to be in control the first time they were intimate with their mates. Jolinar did not think it mattered, but did not argue. She happily leaned forward and gave her mates a kiss that made them all feel dizzy. Where Sam had felt a little nervous - as she had never been with Martouf and Lantash before - Jolinar had no such reservations. They were her mates and she had missed them desperately. She pushed them down on the bed and quickly began pulling off what little clothing they had on.

They were more than happy to comply with her wishes and allowed her to do as she pleased. They watched her with a naughty smile as she pulled her own dress off as well, giving them a wonderful view of their new mate's body. Lantash reached up and began to fondle her breasts through the fabric of her bra, quickly making her nipples harden. 

It was a strange, yet wonderful sensation for Sam. She could watch and feel everything as usual, but she never knew where her hands or lips would move next. In addition, her mind was flooded with powerful feelings of love, lust, and general naughtiness, emanating from Jolinar and washing over Sam, making her ache all over.

Jolinar was touching Martouf/Lantash all over. She leaned down on top of them and rubbed herself against them as she gave them a long kiss. They pushed up towards her, trying to get even more contact and moaned loudly against her mouth. "Jolinar...we have missed you so much..." Lantash grabbed a quick kiss, before she sat up again. He tried to pull her down, but she smiled mischievously and pushed his hands aside.

"Not yet...first I get to enjoy having a stronger host than I've had before..." She removed her bra before grabbing hold of his hands and playfully holding them down, bending over him to give him a few kisses. Sitting up again, she studied Lantash's face. He was obviously frustrated, but willing to play her game. For now, at least.

She lightly raked her nails against his sides and continued on to his chest, where her fingers found his nipples and started to play with them. Swooping down, she captured one of them with her mouth, sucking lightly on it. He gasped and thrust up towards her. She grinned and allowed herself to slide down his body. As she did so, she gave him a kiss here and there.

Reaching her target, she kissed the tip of his erection. Smiling, she wet her lips before proceeding to run her tongue along the head of his manhood, licking the small drop that had appeared there. "Mmm, you taste just as good as I remember..." Jolinar purred, then opened her mouth to take him inside.

Martouf, who had taken over control from Lantash, moaned loudly and bucked helplessly against her, unable to restrain himself. Jolinar moved back a little bit and put her hands on his hips, pushing him down again. "Soon, lover..." she murmured.

He entangled a hand in her short hair as she slid him into her mouth. She slowly moved up and down, encircling the top with her tongue every time she reached it. She began using her hands as well, one to cup his balls and gently fondle them, the other to massage the parts of his shaft not currently in her mouth.

When she increased her suction he cried out and started to thrust upwards again. Jolinar slid down over him a few times more, before she let go, giving him one last kiss on the tip. Using one hand to continue to stroke him, she managed to use the other to remove her panties. Now completely naked, she straddled him.

Positioning herself over the tip of his shaft, she slowly began to slide down. Martouf groaned. She was very tight, but also incredibly wet. He was not going to be able to control himself much longer.

Jolinar allowed herself a moment to accommodate him, then relaxed and took him all the way in. She gyrated her hips a little, grinding against him. Martouf pressed his teeth together and grabbed the blankets hard with both his hands.

A moment later his eyes flashed as Lantash took control. He immediately took hold of Jolinar's hips and began thrusting up into her, pulling her down towards him with each thrust.

Jolinar did not complain, but instead began moving together with him, riding him faster. She closed her eyes and focused on the sensations, soon forgetting everything else. It would not be long now. Only a few thrusts later, she cried out as she came. Lantash moaned deeply as the contractions from Jolinar's intense orgasm pushed him over and he exploded deep in her. Jolinar shuddered with pleasure as she felt him pulsate inside her. She then collapsed on top of him, completely spent. After some time, she recovered enough to kiss him before she allowed herself to slide off of him. Lantash smiled a little sleepily at her and returned the kiss, then pulled her close, to cuddle. Soon all four of them were fast asleep.

It was perhaps an hour or two later when Martouf woke up. He lay there for a moment, thinking about what had happen a short while ago, but not wanting to wake up either Lantash or their mates. However, he could not stop his body from reacting to the very pleasant memories of their mating. He began to fantasize about what they would do when the others woke up. This lead him to start kissing Sam and Jolinar softly on the hair. He then began nuzzling her neck. She made a small satisfied noise in her sleep, which encouraged him to trail kisses from her neck to her ear, gently running his tongue along it.

Lantash woke up and drowsily berated Martouf for waking him - and for risking to wake their mates. However, it did not take long for Lantash to react to their own arousal and so he whole-heartily agreed they should continue. Martouf graciously allowed Lantash control. He shook off the remnants of sleep and began to caress their mates. His hands soon roamed freely across their back, then continued further down, fondling her firm buttocks.

Sam, who had been in the middle of a pleasant erotic dream about them, woke up and realised that what was happening in reality was just as pleasant. She yawned a little sleepily before she rolled over. This resulted in her looking directly into Lantash's eyes. He gave her a naughty smile, then kissed her long and deep before she could say anything.

She returned his kiss, cupping the back of his head with a hand as she did so. Her hand tangled in his short hair for a moment, tugging on it, before finding its way down to his neck. As she gently massaged him there. he suddenly gasped and she sensed something move under her fingers.

*It's Lantash.* Jolinar informed her.

*You're awake?*

*Yes, did you expect me to just sleep while you have all the fun?*

Sam mentally rolled her eyes, then realised what Jolinar had said. *Lantash? I'm not hurting him, am I?*

*On the is pleasant for both host and symbiote if you touch them the right way.* Jolinar showed her several mental images, which Sam immediately followed.

Lantash made a hoarse sound, then
kissed her again, desperately. He reached down and grabbed hold of her ass, fondling it roughly. He then rolled them over so she was lying on her back, and he on top of her. He kissed, then licked and sucked on first one nipple, then the other. When they both were hard, he continued kissing and nibbling his way down over her stomach. Sam wriggled a little under his caresses. She was beginning to be very horny and was getting impatient. However, Lantash continued exploring her body. After a little while he grabbed hold of her and turned her over, so he could kiss and fondle her back.

She pushed her body up against him, wanting more contact than the light kisses and licks he gave her. He happily obeyed and laid down on her, letting one hand find its way between her legs and begin to pleasure her. His other hand caressed her neck, pressing down and massaging Jolinar more directly.

Sam gasped, now learning exactly how pleasant it felt. It was a slightly strange, but very arousing experience. Usually, both host and symbiote felt all sensations through the host body, but here both felt the caresses to the symbiote body directly. It was no less intense. Sam moaned and tried pushing against both Lantash's hands at the same time. He grinned, enjoying to be the more active partner this time.

Lantash allowed Martouf fore, so he also could hold their mates. He continued the caresses for a while longer, while he rubbed himself against her. Soon he wanted more. He spread her legs and pressed his now very hard erection into her, entering her in one stroke. He began to move, trying to go slowly at first. Sam pushed up against him, wanting him to take her faster, and he obliged her, quickening the pace. Jolinar, having just been given control, gave a yelp from the pleasure.

"Oh, yes...take me harder, Martouf..."

Grinning, he dipped his head to her ear. "Is this what you want, sweetie?" He began driving into her with more force, thrusting harder and faster. The sensations combined with the moans of pleasure from his beloved soon became too much for him. All conscious thoughts fled as he slammed into her one more time and he groaned loudly as he spilled his seed in her.

Jolinar clawed at the sheets with one of her hands, as she, too was pushed over the edge and came hard. She writhed underneath him, moaned the names of both their mates.

For a while afterwards they just laid there, completely exhausted. Then Martouf gently rolled off of her, not wanting to squeeze her uncomfortably. He grabbed her and snuggled close to her, kissing the back of her head and neck.

"We love you very much. Sweet Jolinar and Samantha..."

"As we love you." Jolinar smiled happily. All was well again in her life.

Sam was also feeling happier than she could ever remember feeling. She was now very sure she would have a wonderful life in this reality. As she fell asleep in the arms of her mates, she allowed herself to hope for a bright future for both the Tau'ri and the Tok'ra!