TITLE: Tonatiuh's Bride Reviews
AUTHOR: Roeskva
CATEGORY: Adventure, Romance
DISCLAIMER: All publicly recognisable characters and places are the property of MGM, World Gekko Corp and Double Secret Productions. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment only and not monetary purposes and no infringement on copyrights or trademarks was intended. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.
SUMMARY: Sam, O'Neill, and Teal'c are captured by people worshipping the god Tonatiuh - in reality a Goa'uld. Daniel enlists Martouf/Lantash in rescuing them, with Lantash playing the part of Tonatiuh. Things does not go as planned when the locals insist on giving Sam to Tonatiuh as his bride.
CHARACTERS: SG-1, Martouf/Lantash
STATUS: Complete
PAIRING: Sam/Martouf/Lantash.
WARNINGS: Aliens made them do it, aphrodisiacs, sex
AUTHORS NOTES: Written for the Tok'ra Resistance challenge 2012/2013.

    Characters required: SG-1, Martouf/Lantash

    Stargate Aztec Challenge. Premise: The SG1 team goes to a planet where the inhabitants are Aztec.
    Sam, Jack, and Teal'c are captured, and the Aztec believe Sam is the chosen bride of the sun god 
    Tonatiuh (because of her blond hair) and are planning on sacrificing her to him.

    Story requirements (as written in the plot bunny database):

    1) The Aztec Gods were Goa'ulds.

    2) the SGC bring in Martouf/Lantesh to pretend to be the Aztec Sun God.

    3) The Aztec High Priest speak the Goa'uld language so that they can communicate with their gods 
    (this way Martouf/Lantesh will not need to know the Aztec language)

    4) The Aztec believe that the Stargate is a portal to the God's realm (assume that the Aztecs didn't 
    see SG1 come thru the gate)

    5) Snakes

    6) white panther

    7) Daniel was not with Jack, Sam, and Teal'c when they were captured and escapes without detection 
    and goes for help.

    8) Sam seeing Martouf being bath by handmaidens and getting jealous.

    9) Martouf and Daniel must change into Aztec clothing before going to the planet, Martouf's which is 
    to be fitting of a Sun God and Daniel's that of a servant.

    10) Daniel goes back with Martouf/Lantesh as his servant to help advise them on the Aztec culture and 
    customs. Daniel cannot speak English in front of the Aztec people because that is the language that 
    Jack, Sam, and Teal'c is speaking.

    11) The SG1 team is forces to watch the Aztec priest marry Sam to the Sun God (Martouf).

    12. Sam is a virgin (Jonas didn't do her or whatver)

    13) The Aztec taking away Sam's clothes and dressing her in proper Aztec attire that which is fitting 
    for a sacrifice to the Sun God.

    14) The High Priests arranging quarters for Sam and Martouf/Lantesh's "honeymoon" so that the 
    marriage can be consummated so that their crops will be fertile.

    15) Martouf taking his new bride along with his new slaves, Jack, Daniel, Teal'c back with him thru 
    the Stargate.

* denotes thoughts or host/symbiote communication.

Chapter 1

"Welcome to P3A-478, folks. We're expecting sun... sorry, suns, oh, and green sky as far as the eye can see... and a light breeze. Too light for this heat and humidity." O'Neill sighed, looking around them.

"Very lush greenery too, sir," Sam said.

Daniel sneezed. "Too lush - or maybe it's those flowers." He pointed at the many large, colourful flowers that seemed to be everywhere in the jungle, that had started just beside the Stargate.

"Didn't take your meds, Daniel?" O'Neill asked

""Yes, I did, but only my regular ones. I forgot to have Janet prescribe me a stronger dose, which I usually do for planets like this."

"Well, go get it then - I can't have you sneeze constantly the whole mission. How long can it take? 10-15 minutes? We'll just start walking - slowly. You'll catch up, okay?" O'Neill ordered.

"Okay, I suppose." Daniel turned around and started dialling again, as the others began strolling down the path that lead into the jungle.

Daniel was walking fast through the jungle - too fast, for his liking. It was hot and humid in there, and he was sweating.

There were birds and other animals everywhere. The birds and the small monkeys he did not mind, but he had already spotted three huge spiders, which looked really dangerous. He had also seen one snake, that was coiled around the branch of a tree, only about two feet from the narrow path he was following. It looked like some sort of boa, so he was probably safe, though.

Suddenly, he heard shouting up ahead and he hurried on, afraid of what might be happening to his friends.

He hid behind a swath of large, dense bushes, and looked out at the scene that was playing out in the clearing ahead.

There was a large group of armed men dressed as Aztec warriors, and they had captured Sam, O'Neill, and Teal'c!

Daniel reached for his gun, the only weapon he was carrying. He gripped it hard, but knew it would not help him. He could not take on so many enemies on his own.

It was obvious for anyone observing that neither Sam, O'Neill, nor Teal'c understood what the locals were saying. Daniel listened intently, doing his best to catch any words he might recognize.

He did know some Nahuatl - the language spoken by the Aztecs. Variants of it were still spoken by many of their descendants. However, the dialect here was somewhat different, and it took him a little while before he started to catch first a word here and there, and then more.

The warriors were clearly angry. From what Daniel understood, they were aware Teal'c was a Jaffa, but unfortunately also that his forehead tattoo branded him the servant of an enemy Goa'uld.

They called their god Tonatiuh. Daniel recognized that as the Aztec sun god. Listening a bit longer, he learned they called their world Tenochtitlan.

It was clear they assumed O'Neill and Sam were also servants of the same enemy god as Teal'c, but it was also obvious they found Sam's golden hair fascinating. More than that, they seemed to take it as a sign she was sent to be the bride of Tonatiuh!

Suddenly, Daniel felt something touch his shoulder, and he almost cried out. He turned, only to look directly into the face of a golden-green snake.

He jumped back a little, but dared not move too much, for fear the warriors would notice. The snake slowly slithered down his arm, flicking its tongue regularly as it checked out this new, strange addition to its forest. Finally, it crawled onto a branch, and then disappeared into the greenery. Daniel took a deep, relieved breath, and was again able to focus completely on the scene in the clearing.

Soon after, the warriors left with their three prisoners. Daniel followed at some distance, taking care not to be discovered.

After perhaps fifteen minutes walk, they exited the jungle. Daniel did not dare follow them out into the open, but he could see a large town nearby, with a palace and a pyramid. All of it in Aztec style.

He took one more look at it all, and noted the direction his friends had been taken, then snuck back into the jungle.

He ran back, following the path to the Stargate, intent on getting help as quickly as possible.

Daniel stepped through the Stargate, out onto the surface of Vorash. After going back to Stargate Command, he had talked to Hammond. Since there seemed to be many, well-armed warriors on P3A-478, Hammond was leery of sending troops in and risking a blood bath. First Daniel was to go and talk to the Tok'ra, and hear if they knew anything of this people, and might have some advice about this Tonatiuh, since Daniel felt certain it was a Goa'uld.

The Tok'ra jumped out of the ground around Daniel, and he nodded at the nearest. "Hello, Martouf."

"Doctor Jackson," Martouf greeted. "What brings you here, alone?" He got a worried expression.

"The rest of my team have been captured by the natives of a planet we went to. I was hoping you might have some information about that people. Is Jacob here?"

"Come. Let us go to the tunnels and talk." Martouf led the way, a very concerned look on his face. "Jacob is unfortunately away on a mission right now, but I will help you as best I can."

"You said they called their planet Tenochtitlan?" Martouf asked.

"Yes," Daniel said.

Martouf gave Lantash control. "Tonatiuh is a Goa'uld."

"Yeah, I kinda got that."

Lantash nodded. "He is quite a minor Goa'uld, and not one the Tok'ra has paid much attention to, unfortunately. As far as I know, he abandoned Tenochtitlan about a century ago, when the easily accessible naquadah had been mined."

"So there's no Goa'uld on the planet anymore? Um, but what about Sam and the others, then? What will happen to them?"

"On many such worlds, the priests - often in cooperation with whomever else stepped into the power vacuum left by the Goa'uld - will continue preaching the former religion, and keep urging people worship the same... 'god'. Their reason for this is usually keeping, or even increasing their own power and influence."

"So they just continue as if nothing has happened, and even pick out and kill the people who would otherwise have been sacrificed to the Goa'uld as slaves or hosts, or whatever?"


"Wonderful. We have to free them! Quickly!" Daniel shook his head in despair. "It looked as if they have a lot of warriors. I'm sure the SGC can take them out, but it would be very bloody. I really wish there was another way."

Lantash sighed. "There may be. Tell me, did the locals see any of you come through the chaapa'ai?"

"No, I'm sure they didn't."

"Then I have an idea, though it would be better if I knew more about their culture than I do. I would talk to Anise, but she is unfortunately not on the base right now."

"Aztec culture... I actually know a good deal about that, so I may be able to help you out."

Lantash nodded. "Good. Then you should accompany me - as my lo'tar."

Hammond had quickly approved of the idea, and they spent the rest of the day preparing for the mission.

Now they stood at the bottom of the ramp in the gateroom, ready to leave.

Lantash was wearing clothing fitting of an Aztec sun god. He wore a breechcloth, and a matching cloak. Both were made of a deep blue cloth, and decorated with a suitable pattern woven in golden threads. He also had on a pair of blue and gold sandals, as well as a large headdress, made of gold and quetzal feathers. Aside from that, he wore gold bangles, gold armlets, an elaborate gold necklace, and a gold hand device.

Daniel looked at him, shaking his head a little. "Wow, Zipacna's got nothing on you, Lantash! That's a lot of gold!"

Lantash sighed, clearly unhappy with his outfit. "I will assume that it is meant as a compliment, though I cannot say I enjoy any sort of comparison with a Goa'uld. Given my current clothing, I fear that is an impossible wish, though."

Daniel laughed. "Just wait until Jack sees you!" He sobered, looking down himself. "Or me, for that matter."

He also wore a breechcloth and a cloak, as well as sandals, but his clothing was much less flashy, and he had neither a headdress, nor any jewelry on.

Aside from Daniel, as his lo'tar, Martouf/Lantash would have a small entourage comprised of two 'servants' and eight 'Jaffa'. These had been picked among those members of the SGC who spoke at least a little Goa'uld, since they could not risk speaking English together - the language of the three 'enemy' prisoners.

The male servant wore only a breechcloth, and the female wore a simple blouse and a skirt. Neither of them wore sandals, as that was reserved for 'higher' classes.

Lantash had only a vague idea of how Tonatiuh's Jaffa would have been dressed, so they had improvised with their clothing, combining his knowledge with Daniel's knowledge of how Aztec warriors were dressed, and hoping no one would come be suspicious. At least Lantash knew how their forehead symbol should look, so that part was correct.

They had been armed with zat'nik'tels and staff weapons - most of which had been provided by the Tok'ra.

"Okay, people, are you ready to embark?" Hammond asked.

"Yes, sir, I believe we are," Lantash said, turning to the others. "Just remember - do not oppose me or quarrel with me in any way. I would have to punish you, in order to avoid suspicion. Also, do not speak English, unless you are absolutely certain you are alone."

"Another thing - if we want to avoid bloodshed, we'd better behave as the locals expect us to," Daniel added.

Hammond nodded. "You know your orders - you have to act according to the roles you're playing. Good luck, people!"

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