TITLE: Undercover - the Life of a Tok'ra Operative
AUTHOR: Roeskva
DISCLAIMER: All publicly recognisable characters and places are the property of MGM, World Gekko Corp and Double Secret Productions. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment only and not monetary purposes and no infringement on copyrights or trademarks was intended. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.
SUMMARY: The life of an undercover Tok'ra operative is never easy - a lesson Jolinar and her hosts learn again and again, first when she is discovered in Cronus's court, and again under Zipacna. Despite convincing the Jaffa she is a god, Jolinar must flee again, this time taking a new host - Rosha - and beginning a journey that will one day lead her to meeting SG-1.
WARNING: Explicit sex (het); (in the context of depictions of a Goa'uld court) mentions of rape, dub-con, torture, executions; minor character deaths; sexual situations (het, femslash, multiple) 
RATING: NC-17 (PG-13 version can be found here)
PAIRINGS: Jolinar/OC, Rosha/Jolinar/Lantash (w/ OC host for Lantash), Rosha/Jolinar/Martouf/Lantash
CHARACTERS: Jolinar, OCs, Selmak, Malek, Cronus, Bastet, Apophis, Zipacna, Garshaw, Rosha, Lantash, Martouf, others 
STATUS: Complete
SPOILERS: Spoilers for Tok'ra I&II. Small spoilers for In the Line of Duty. Very small spoilers for Jolinar's Memories and The Devil You Know (really just that Jolinar exists and had a host Rosha). 
NOTES: Written for Summer of Stargate 2011 on LiveJournal.
This story is a prequel and a stand-alone sequel to my fic "Early Beginnings".
* denotes host/symbiote communication.


Chapter 1 summary: Jolinar leaves for a long-term mission after helping to take care of Egeria's youngest children.


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"I suppose we cannot convince you to stay any longer, Jolinar?" Selmak said, knowing well the answer.

"No, the last symbiote has blended with a host. That completes my responsibilities, here, at least."

"It was never your responsibility, but your help has been most appreciated. By the older Tok'ra, certainly, and by the youngsters in particular. They have enjoyed your capable help, both while they have been growing up, and now when you have managed to procure willing hosts for everyone. It is no small feat, as we all know."

Jolinar nodded. "Helping her children was the least I could do for my old friend. I only hope she truly was placed in a stasis jar and will one day be found. Otherwise, these will be her last children - perhaps the last Tok'ra. Volunteers from the Goa'uld has certainly not been forthcoming."

"Egeria's loss is sorely felt by us all. I dearly hope you are correct, and she still lives. Few shares your hope, though. These past years have been dark." Selmak sighed. "We must not despair. We may still gain followers - Goa'uld have been reformed before.

"No one knows that better than I." Jolinar agreed. "However, it has been close to 500 years since we last gained Tok'ra in that manner. It will not get easier. It is a rare individual who can overcome his genetic memory or the madness induced by the sarcophagus."

"Not all Goa'uld use the sarcophagus, though I admit it has become very wide-spread. At least, many minor System Lords and underlings do not have regular access to one."

"It is only a matter of time, and then all hope will be lost to them, though, the sarcophagus guild works hard to ensure total saturation of their market." She shuddered, remembering a once-friend who had been turned by it in the early days of the Tok'ra.

"Perhaps we should have focused more of our energy on combating this evil, instead of focusing on its effects." Selmak mused.

"It was still rare when I took my first host, though my father had owned one. It was destroyed by sabotage the night he was assassinated. The night I was forced to take a host to take over his empire - despite not being ready." Jolinar looked grim. "I have often wondered if I would still have become Tok'ra, had I not been forced to fight my host - too young to keep control against her will." She sighed.

"We will never know - though I think you would have had it in you to make the choice, even if it had perhaps taken longer."

"Regardless...now the sarcophagus guild is much too powerful to take down, I fear. No, we must hope Egeria still lives."

Selmak switched subjects, nodding in the direction of a young man, standing some distance away. "Lantash will be unhappy when you leave. His crush on you has not diminished."

Jolinar looked towards Lantash. He caught her look and smiled at her. She gave him a friendly smile and quickly turned her gaze back to Selmak.

"I know. He has had a crush on me for years...it is quite cute, I suppose." She smiled a little.

"I know you like him. You will not stay for him? Give him a chance? Perhaps you might find you could come to like him very much?"

"He is very sweet - though he is a fiery rascal. I will admit his new host is cute..." Jolinar almost seemed to consider it for a moment, as she studied the young man with dark hair and very green eyes. Then she shook her head. "No, I would not be good for him. He is young and innocent - naive, even, and only just in his first host. Selmak, I fought the Goa'uld together with his mother, 1600 years before he was born! He should see the Galaxy and get some experiences - for all our sakes. No, I am not the one for him. Besides, his host - Sivnir - is not ready to be in a relationship. I am not sure he ever will be."

"True, there is that. Why did Lantash take this host? Someone more experienced would surely have been a better choice for Sivnir."

Jolinar sighed. "As the youngest, he was the last to choose. He did not want a female host, so this was the only other option. Besides, Lantash insisted he would be able to help the unfortunate young man."

"Why would he think that? He is a child...with almost no experiences of any kind. Sivnir was a...personal slave to the Goa'uld queen Nephthys - and one of her 'favourites'. Not an enviable position for anyone to be in."

"I know, he looks fearful if someone as much as touches his arm. He would not speak of his experiences - I hope he will open up to Lantash, but I suspect he will not." Jolinar frowned. "Lantash is stubborn - young and hotheaded. I hope he has not taken on more than he can handle."

"It was good a Tok'ra happened to be present when Nephthys 'discarded' Sivnir for a younger favourite - at least we saved him before the Jaffa got him. They never treat the former favourite of a Goa'uld kindly." 

Jolinar nodded. "Very. Selmak...Sivnir cannot...must not be sent out on missions. If he was ever caught by some lecherous Goa'uld, I do not think he would ever recover from it - not even to the level he has now. Please promise me you will see to that."

"Of course, I promise. It will not be a problem. When Lantash was evaluated, he did not show particular talents for undercover training, nor does he have any wish to impersonate a Goa'uld, so we will find other uses for him."

"Good. Thank you." Jolinar smiled. "I will take my leave of you. Sannya and I have determined a way to insinuate ourselves with Cronus. As you well know, we have long needed an undercover agent there, and I yearn to return to the active life of an operative after all these years."

"I understand. I am actually considering it as well. I think I need a break from the bickering of the Council." Selmak sighed.

"You should have listened to my warnings. That is why I would never accept a position on the Council."

She smiled. "Sometimes I wish I had followed your advice, but someone must handle the politics. Enough of that...Jolinar, will you not stay for the evenings celebration? The last Tok'ra have blended with their hosts - and if Egeria is not found, this is an occasion that will not be repeated."

"Then I can certainly do without that reminder. No, I prefer to leave immediately. Please, give my regards to everyone."

Selmak nodded, then gave her friend a hug. "Safe journey, Jolinar. Please do not take any unnecessary risks."

Jolinar snorted. "You want results, do you not?" She sobered. "I will be careful, Selmak." She nodded at her friend and left.

Jolinar took another look at her reflection. Perfect - if you liked excessive make-up and provocative clothing. The colours were much more subdued than usual Goa'uld style, but the cut was very enticing. The make-up made her blue-green eyes seem larger and it was applied in the Greek style favoured by Cronus.

*This is good." Sannya commented. *Cronus is suspicious. If we are to have any hope of success, we will need to keep his attention on our...attributes.*

*I am well aware.* Jolinar sighed, then clasped the necklace around her neck. It was made out of thin golden chains, and heavily threaded with jewels and pearls. She adjusted a strain of her golden blond hair, then picked up her small luggage and left the room, heading for the ring transporter and then the Stargate.

"Jolinar!" Someone shouted behind her.

She turned to see Lantash coming towards her. He stopped, panting slightly from the speed he had been running at.

"Lantash." She acknowledged.

"You are leaving already?" A lost, almost puppy-like expression crossed his face.

"Yes, we have discussed this. The mission is important." 

"I...I do understand. Please be careful."

She smiled at him. "I will." She touched his arm briefly.

Lantash smiled broadly. "When you come back, I will be waiting for you...we will be waiting for you. Both of you...I promise. Then...perhaps you will have changed your mind?"

Jolinar felt awkward - and sorry for him as well.

"Lantash...please...do not say that. It may be many years before I return. Centuries, perhaps. You will find someone else - I am not the right one for you."

Lantash got a stubborn expression, but did not argue further. "Have a safe journey."

"Thank you." Jolinar gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Lantash smiled, then quickly returned the kiss - on the mouth. He blushed and turned quickly to leave.

Jolinar smiled, shaking her head. *Rascal.*

*You like him.* Sannya observed.

*Yes, but he is a child - with a child's infatuation for someone he looks up to. His crush will pass - quicker when I am not here. Leaving will truly be good for all of us.* Jolinar was quiet for a moment. *You do not regret going on this mission, do you? It will be hard on you - you will almost never be able to be in control.*

*If you are considering offering to unblend - again - then forget it! I am not going to let you leave on a dangerous, undercover mission alone!*

*You saved my life when I was in need - it would be very wrong if I now risked your life.*

*It is mine to risk, is it not?*

Jolinar sighed deeply. *Yes, it is.*

*We are also taking this opportunity to look for information about Egeria - if Ra did imprison her in a stasis jar, then she must be somewhere. She could even be on display in some remote corner of the Galaxy. I wish to help look for her. She was my friend, too.*

*True, and I am sorry I doubted your dedication. I merely wished to be certain you were sincere. There is no one I would rather have with me. As for Egeria, I really hope we will find some information about her. Unlike the Council, I can not believe that Ra killed her. There is also her riddle. We need to solve it. It must mean something - something important.*

*Yes, she told me 'Hidden like my oldest friend; three are waiting; each of their worlds a first'.*

*I am almost certain she speaks of daughters. Tok'ra queens. And since I was hidden in a stasis jar - at least as far as she knew - at the time she made the riddle, we must assume that so are they.*

*So far, so good. I agree with you. But what about their worlds? If we do not know which worlds, then it is impossible - and even if we knew, searching the planets would be time-consuming and difficult. We may have to settle for hoping to find some information about Egeria's fate. It is too bad we cannot go directly to Ra's court, since he was the one to capture her.*

*Truly, it is very unfortunate. However, Ra does not often accept a strange Goa'uld to his court. He is much too careful - even more so than Cronus. We must establish a reputation or he will never trust us.*

Jolinar turned and took in the scenery for the last time. The planet was a paradise - peaceful, full of flowers, greenery, animals...bountiful in every way. Birds were singing around her as she stood her quietly, the air was heavy of the smell of flowers... She shook her head. In a way she felt crazy for leaving all this, but she knew this place would not stay safe. It was only a matter of time before the Goa'uld found it. No, the Tok'ra would be safer somewhere else, hidden in their tunnels. It would also be wrong to endanger the population here any longer. The children had outgrown their lake.

She sighed as she dialed the address to Cronus's home world. She mentally prepared herself for the role, then stepped through the wormhole.

Chapter 2: An Audience