Chapter 18 summary: Thor pays a visit. 


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Jolinar and Lisha had just finished their dinner and sent the servants away with the dishes, when a white beam enveloped them.

*What is...* Lisha began. *...happening.* She finished, moments later when the beam had disappeared and they found themselves standing in an unknown place.

Jolinar looked around. *That was an Asgard transport beam - we are on an Asgard ship.* She turned to see a small, grey individual walk into the room.

Lisha started panicking, but Jolinar quickly calmed her.

"Greetings. I am Supreme Commander Thor of the Asgard Fleet."

Jolinar nodded. "I know of your people. I am Jolinar of Malkshur, of the Tok'ra. My host is Lisha of Nirra."

"Welcome. This will not take long." Thor pressed a button and a scanning beam played over their neck-area - over Jolinar.

"What are you doing?" Jolinar demanded.

"Scanning your...code of life. A Tok'ra was taken by one of our Hammer-devices, and your people and mine decided it was time to formalize our agreement and to prevent any future incidents. We both fight the Goa'uld."

"Sensible. I always thought we should ally with others who share our fight. I am surprised the Tok'ra Council agreed to it, though."

"The one caught was a Council member named Delek."

"Ah. I see." Jolinar's eyes twinkled. "I was wondering who would be stupid enough to end up on an Asgard protected planet..."

"Regardless. We freed him, of course, when the error was discovered. It was fortunate it was close to our once-per-century check on all the enclosures."

"I suppose. Though he and certain other Council members might have benefited from a somewhat longer stay..."

"Yes, I fear your Council is much like ours. It is a pity. In any case, a treaty has been signed, and exceptions are to be entered into our devices, so no Tok'ra will be taken or affected in any way. Those born by Egeria are easily accounted for, the rest of you will need individual exceptions." Thor made a small sigh, obviously somewhat miffed he had to do this extra work because of a few fickle individuals. Of course, in all fairness, he would have to admit it was a good thing when someone decided to turn from the way of the Goa'uld, and to the Tok'ra. Still...the extra work...

"Of course."

"As part of the treaty, you will be providing us with information about Goa'uld movements and technological developments in this Galaxy - and one more thing. Our scientists will refrain from taking your people for our - regrettably still necessary - tests." Thor looked apologetic. "My scans are complete. Good bye."

Before Jolinar could comment on this or even return his farewell, she was again caught in the beam, and shortly after found herself once again in her chambers.

*Uh...what was that all about...* Lisha wondered, somewhat disconcerted.

*Well, we no longer have to worry about going to the Asgard protected planets, which is a great thing. They would make a perfect place to hide, or even for luring Goa'uld to follow. As for the 'tests'...the Asgard are cloning themselves, and have done so for countless generations. They are starting to suffer from replicative fading and are trying to repair to repair their code of life. To achieve this, their scientists have been known to..ah...experiment on any other sentient lifeforms they come across. Including both humans and symbiotes. Thoran was taken some time ago, and let us just say he was not pleased. Which I can very well understand.*

*How horrible! Why would they do that! Such an advanced civilization must have other means of achieving their goal!*

*They are desperate...but I agree. It is unfortunate.*
*The attack was a great success!* Jolinar concluded. *All of Cronus's Jaffa on this world are dead, caught, or have escaped. The planet now belongs to me - or officially to Zipacna, I suppose, but I will rule it.*

*Which is good for the population. Better, at any rate.* Lisha agreed, distractedly.

*Something concerns you?* Jolinar applied the lipstick with much experience, then checked that her dark brown hair was perfect. She looked once more in the mirror, then left for the balcony, where the local population would applaud her as their new god.

*I...recognize this place. It is Nirra - my home world. I was born here.*

*You are indeed correct. I do not know why I did not realize it sooner. Is there something here you would like to see? Somewhere you would like to go?*

*I...I am not sure. For a moment, I was...concerned. Concerned I would meet someone I once knew. Hope that I would...I do not know.*

*That will not happen.*

*No, I realised that shortly after I had the thought. It is almost 200 years since I was born. Everyone I ever knew is long since dead...and...and then I realised, that in another 200 years - baring extreme accidents - I could still have as many years of life left as I had that day I met you first...if I had not become a host.* Lisha was quiet for a moment. *And I suddenly...felt very alone. Do you understand? I mean, I have you, so I am not alone, but...I had a younger sister, as you know...Thia.*

*I am sorry for what happened.* Jolinar 'hugged' her host. *Do you regret it?*

*No. No I do not. You are a wonderful friend and I am very happy to be your host.*

*Thank you. You are also a very good friend. I am grateful to have you as my host.* Jolinar considered something.*You want to see if Thia survived? See a specific place, perhaps, of importance to the two of you?*

*Yes. The area where we lived. My family's house, if it is still there...and I would like to know what became of Thia.*

*Wait...she was one of the other women chosen by the Jaffa as my potential host. I ordered that they be allowed to leave.*

*Yes, I know. I hope the Jaffa did not harm her.*

*We will look for records. Make...discrete inquiries. We will find out. Now, we must go out on the balcony and be worshipped by the population.* Jolinar sighed.

A few days later, Lisha/Jolinar had time to look at the small city Lisha had lived in. They allowed themselves the luxury of walking around with only a small group of Jaffa.

*It is very strange. The buildings have been rebuilt much like they were when I lived here. The city has hardly changed in the many years that has passed - except for the buildings that were destroyed in the latest attack, of course.* Lisha mentally shook her head. *But the people...I recognize no one!*

*As was expected.* Jolinar made a sign at her Jaffa guard, telling them she wanted to walk towards the large house at the end of the road that branched off where they stood.

*People are looking oddly at us. I do not like it.*

*Ignore it. It is quite normal. I am their new 'god'. Even if I am just a minor god, I will still rule their daily life. We have rarely visited other planets and walked among the population there, so you have little experience with this aspect, but trust me. It is normal.*

*I do not think I would enjoy it regardless.*

Jolinar nodded. *I understand. Neither do I. I once did, though. However, as it is, I have seen enough of it that I can ignore it, though I can never accept it without concern. They look at me as if they actually believe I really am a god!*

They had reached the house Lisha and her family had lived in before, and stopped to look at it.

*Do you wish to enter it?*

*No, I fear the Jaffa may think we want to take it as our second residence here or something, and kill the inhabitants before we can tell them not to.*

*They would not dare do something like that without my permission - they know I would punish them severely.*

*All the same, I would just as well not risk it.*

They studied the house from a short distance. After a little while, a nervous servant came walking past them, and Jolinar told her Jaffa to inquire about the owners and their family history.

Clearly not comfortable with the situation, he told the Jaffa all he knew. It turned out they were the descendants of Thia - known as the 'lucky one'. The one that survived being captured by Jaffa.

*So my sister survived!* Lisha sounded elated.

*Yes, and became known as the lucky one! Not only that, but her descendants still have the house. Do you feel better?*

*I do. She was my favourite sister and I am glad she had a good life.*

They spent a short while walking around and looking at a few places more, which held some importance for Lisha, before they returned to the palace. There would be a small celebration that evening, and then they would be going back to Terweh.

Chapter 19: Bad News