Chapter 2 summary: Jolinar arrives at Cronus's court and gets a position after being humiliated.


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"Speak!" Cronus demanded of the young woman who had just bowed respectfully to him, and now stood, waiting. He studied her absently. She was quite attractive, actually.

"My Lord. I am Siwa. Your reputation as a glorious and powerful leader has inspired me to seek out your court and offer my services for your cause."

Cronus raised an eyebrow and leaned back, thoughtful.

"Hah! Which services do you have to offer? I have no need for yet another underling, who will take my pay and enjoy my protection and influence - and do little in return."

"My talents are varied and any honourable position would give me pride, knowing I serve such a magnificent Lord." Jolinar said, trying to guess which job he could offer. "I have experiences in organization, as well as tactical and strategic knowledge."

"I do not need a new leader of my armies - my brother, Oceanus serve me well in that capacity. Besides, even if I did, why should I trust a nobody such as yourself?"

Jolinar felt her blood start to boil, then squashed the ire. She had known this would happen. The Goa'uld enjoyed power more than anything, and there was nothing worse to them than having to be subservient and bow to another. Subsequently, there was nothing they enjoyed more, than having others bow to them. Suck up to them.

The less powerful Goa'uld had to subject themselves, of course, but they were constantly dreaming of the day the roles would be reversed. As soon as they got a position - any position - they would take their frustration out on those who were below them. Lower Goa'uld, if at all possible, but else, Jaffa - and always human slaves.

Jolinar sighed mentally and prepared herself to growl. If done convincingly, it could give her what she wanted.

"My Lord, I would not expect such a powerful and glorious leader as yourself to elevate someone such as myself to a position like that, without proving myself first. I would be most satisfied with a lower position, until you have learned of my talents and seen my loyalty."

Cronus smiled arrogantly, a pleased expression spreading across his face. Jolinar had been correct. This was what he wanted. She felt success, mixed with revulsion.

The Goa'uld nodded to himself.

"I may indeed have a position suited to someone such as you. The slave in charge of purchases for my kitchen has just met a sudden and...unfortunate end."

"You wish me to find and expose a criminal or criminals in your court or among your slaves?" Jolinar sounded surprised.

"Humans are little more than animals. Why would I care for their squabbles or what becomes of them? No, I am offering you his position. It was apparently too important a task for a human."

Jolinar barely controlled her anger at this obvious insult. It was clear he wanted to see how desperate she was. This was not a job any Goa'uld would normally accept.

Sannya whispered in her mind, calming her and suggesting this might be a perfect starting position. She would get a chance to look at some part of Cronus's computer files at least - maybe even find the opportunity to hack into the rest. And no Goa'uld would suspect her of anything, since she was willing to take a job with so little chance for power.

Jolinar acknowledged this, but pointed out it would make it difficult and time-consuming - if even possible - to climb to a high enough position that she truly had a chance of learning anything important. A position that would get her noticed and perhaps lead to a position in Ra's service.

She thought it over again, and waited the suitable amount of time. She let Cronus see the hints of anger, indecision, then finally defeat and acceptance of her fate, as the emotions played over her face.

She bowed deeply.

"I...accept the position. My Lord. I most diligent and efficient."

"See that you are." A cruel smile played on his lips. He was obviously enjoying this. He turned to a Jaffa standing guard. "You! Show...Siwa to a suitable room and have my headmaster Tivok show her what she needs to know."

Jolinar bowed again, then left, following the Jaffa.

Chapter 3: A Conspiracy