Chapter 24 summary: Lisha/Jolinar goes on a short-term mission - to be undercover at Bastet's court. 


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Fortunately, Bastet had never met Jolinar face to face, so it was highly unlikely they would be recognized.

Bastet was a somewhat mysterious Goa'uld, who liked to disappear almost completely from any and all official Goa'uld dealings from time to time. Sometimes she did so for many centuries, staying only inside her own domain.

She always appeared again, usually in a stronger position, because of a new weapon or a new ally. She was unpredictable, an anomaly, among the otherwise predictable Goa'uld.

The Tok'ra had not succeeded in placing an operative with her before - at least, not one who had not been discovered very quickly.

Bastet could appear to be almost gentle, then turn around and be completely ruthless. She was as infamous for her massacres - sometimes seemingly unprovoked - as she was for her many sex slaves and the orgies she often held.

Being undercover at her court was not something the Tok'ra had an easy time finding volunteers for, but Jolinar felt confident she had the experience to pull it off.

Already the next morning, Lisha and Jolinar prepared to leave for Bastet's home world. They had chosen to dress in clothing in the Egyptian style favoured by Bastet.

Having ensured all was as it should be, Jolinar walked through the Stargate, to go to a market and pick up several presents - slaves in particular - for Bastet. She spent several hours choosing the best and most suitable gifts for this particular Goa'uld's tastes. She just hoped the data the Tok'ra had on Bastet was correct.

Finally, she was ready, and proceeded to Bastet's planet accompanied by a hired guard, servants carrying a multitude of gifts, and a group of exotic slaves, both male and female.

Jolinar had picked one of them to be her lo'tar, and would present the rest as gifts for Bastet, who was fond of young slaves for her large harem. Jolinar had been assured the slaves were very skilled and pleasing in every way, having been bred for generations for the purpose.

She hoped the many and lavish gifts would make her seem more important, and help her gain a position. If the sketchy data was correct, Bastet was currently in need of several underlings. Jolinar hoped it was so.

Truth be told, Jolinar did not enjoy the fact she was bringing these young men and women to a life as sex slaves, especially knowing how this 'occupation' had affected Lantash's poor first host, Sivnik. She tried to comfort herself with the knowledge that Bastet was not known to be cruel to her sex slaves, not like Nepthys, for instance - and that they could supposedly get relatively high positions - for humans - if they were skilled.

Lisha added that these were not caught on some planet, having lived a normal life until then, but had been bred and trained with the specific purpose of serving as sex slaves to the Goa'uld - in other words, they would have suffered the same fate whether or not Jolinar had bought them. Nevertheless, neither Lisha nor Jolinar were happy with the situation, necessary as it may be.

Arriving on the planet, Jolinar was immediately met by Bastet's Jaffa, demanding to know her business. This particular Goa'uld always kept the Stargate heavily guarded by very vigilant Jaffa.

Jolinar gave the leader an arrogant look.

"How dare you stand in my way? I am Lord Tesak, and I wish to see your Lord Bastet. Immediately!"

The Jaffa visibly paled under Jolinar's gaze and harsh words, seeming to almost shrink away.

"Yes, my Lord. Please come this way." He bowed respectfully to her.

Audacity worked, and they soon stood before Bastet, bowing deeply to the Goa'uld Lord.

"Lord Bastet, I am Lord Tesak. It is an honour to finally stand here before you. I have heard much about you, and for the last several hundred years it has been my deepest wish to serve you. Please, accept these insignificant gifts as a token of my wish to serve." Jolinar motioned to the slaves, who stepped closer, presenting both themselves and the other presents.

Bastet looked very pleased, obviously enjoying the shameless sucking up Jolinar was doing.

The Goa'uld turned her attention to the young slaves Jolinar had presented her with. Bastet looked them.

Jolinar and Lisha allowed themselves a small, smug smile. It was clear both the praise and the gifts had been well chosen and were well received.

Bastet motioned three of the slaves closer, and they quickly obeyed.

The Goa'uld slowly, with a lustful expression, fondled the asses of all three of them, then squeezed the breasts of the female. Bastet smiled happily, then squeezed the shafts of the two males through their - very minimal - clothing, judging their girth and nodding to herself.

Wanting to check more closely, she pulled their pants down, then expertly pumped and squeezed along first one, then the other of the young men's rapidly growing erections. She then cupped their balls, fondling them for a moment before returning to the erections. When she felt confident neither of the young men could become any harder, she nodded, satisfied. They seemed to have both length and girth to her desire. Putting a finger in the mouth of each of the three slaves in turn, she had them show her how fast they could flick their tongues as well.

Bastet made a small sound, then turned to her Jaffa.

"Take these three to be prepared - and have the others taken to my harem...and the other things to my treasury." Bastet returned her attention to Jolinar. "Lord Tesak. I accept your thoughtful tribute, and will also accept your plea to become my underling."

"Thank you, Lord Bastet." Jolinar again bowed deeply. "You are as wise as you are beautiful."

Bastet smiled vainly. "My First Prime will assign chambers to you and your lo'tar. You will eat at my table tonight. Tomorrow, I shall personally assign duties to you. Now, I have more important matters to attend to."

Jolinar bowed one more time, then left, following the First Prime. She hoped the slaves really were as talented as she had been promised, and that Bastet would be in an even better mood tonight, when she had 'sampled' her gifts.

*We should probably have tested the slaves ourselves. What if they are not to Bastet's satisfaction?* Lisha said, worriedly.

*Then we will leave very quickly...* Jolinar said. *Nothing to do about that now, we must hope the salesman was honest.*

Bastet turned out to be very happy with the slaves Jolinar has brought her, and gave Jolinar a relatively high position. She was appointed to be in charge of Bastet's naquadah production - for her whole empire. It was an important position and most Goa'uld would have been very happy, as there were always excellent opportunities to embezzle.

For a Tok'ra, however, this was not an ideal position. She would have to travel a lot, but would rarely be in a place or situation where she could follow Bastet's political moves or spy on her or her allies.

Well, at least she had a place at Bastet's court - and she would be able to at least map Bastet's planet and perhaps see what level of technology and ships she had. It might not be so bad, especially if she could make sure she got invited to the various celebrations.

Chapter 25: Discovered!