Chapter 34 summary: Worried, Rosha and Jolinar wait for Nemura and Lantash to return. This leads Rosha to realise the feelings she and Jolinar has for the other Tok'ra. 


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It was near morning when Nemura returned. By then Rosha and Jolinar were very worried. They had barely slept, choosing instead to keep guard - and each other company. Mina had slept fitfully most of the night, but she was resting peacefully right now.

"Rosha..." He called out, as he approached.

She turned, looking tired and harried, but smiling at him. "Nemura. It is good you are back. We were getting...worried."

*Very worried. I am releaved he is back safely.*

*So am I.* Rosha sighed. *I think we are beginning to fall in love with him.*

Jolinar mentally scoffed. *'Beginning' to fall in love is an understatement. Why do you still fear it?*

*You know why. I worry about getting close to anyone. I do not believe I could stand losing them, like I did my family.*

*I understand.* Jolinar 'hugged' her host. *But feeling as we do - I very much believe the risk is worth it.*

*I...must admit I am beginning to feel the same.*

"It took longer than expected. I apologize." Nemura said, handing her the healing device and putting down several bags. He had brought their other clothing and everything else they had hidden earlier.

Rosha nodded. "What happened?" She fitted the healing device to her hand.

"There are several groups of Jaffa searching the area. They must have brought in more through the chaapa'ai to look for us, or they would not have enough to guard the slaves as well. Apparently they have decided we must know something dangerous enough that they are willing to expand their search. I managed to get our things, and then I went to check on the chaapa'ai. It is even more heavily guarded than it was yesterday, when we arrived. I had to kill a Jaffa in order to get away."

Rosha looked concerned. "How did you kill him?"

"With your hand device, unfortunately, as that was the only weapon I had. I went and took his zat'nik'tel, and would have used it to vaporise him, had not more guards come. I shot a couple of them and got away, but they may wonder how the one I killed, died."

"Worse, someone who can tell may examine him. If that happens, they will know - or suspect - we are Tok'ra. Then they will not just send in a few more Jaffa - they will send death-gliders to scour the planet. We must get away before that happens."

"Then heal Mina and let us leave."

Rosha nodded and turned to the young woman, expecting her to be asleep, as they had been very quiet. However, she found Mina was staring at her, a scared expression in her eyes.

" really do not just know someone who fight the Goa'uld. You fight the Goa'uld!" She turned to Nemura. "You have killed a Jaffa? How dared you do that? Now they will not stop until they have us all, and they will torture us to death. Worse, if Bastet gets us she can revive us so they can torture us again! And...and..." She was panicking, and her voice was rising.

" quiet. We cannot be certain the Jaffa are not searching the forest. Lie down and let me work on your wounds." Rosha said.

Mina looked at the healing device, still jittery. "What is that?"

"Another piece of technology...ah...stolen from the Goa'uld. It can be used to greatly hasten the healing of wounds." Rosha explained, not quite lying.

The healing device might indeed have been stolen from some Goa'uld storage room at some time, though she suspected it was manufactured by the Tok'ra.

Mina nodded and lay down, looking nervously at the device.

Rosha gave Jolinar control. She was more skilled in using the healing device than Rosha, who had only tried it a few times - though since she had access to Jolinar's memories, she could do it if she had to.

Jolinar slowly ran the healing device over Mina's back, allowing its power to heal the many welts and deep gashes. It was a good thing they had brought the device - the wounds were getting infected and Mina already had a light fever.

Fortunately, healing something like this was a simple thing, and soon all the wounds were gone.

"This is an amazing device! The pain is gone!" She stretched, happily. "Please, will you teach me how to use it? It could be used to help so many people!" Mina said enthusiastically.

"It takes a long time to master its use. It also takes energy out of the user to heal people - less the better the user is at it - but it means there is a limit to how many someone can heal before they need to relax." Jolinar said, hiding the distortion from her voice.

"It draws energy from the user? How strange!" Mina rose, looking quizzically at Jolinar.

"Could we discuss this later?" Nemura said, sounding stressed. "The sun will be up very soon, and we need to find somewhere to hide during daytime. This forest is not large enough to conceal us from the Jaffa if they are determined - and have received reinforcements."

"I am sorry, but I do not know this world." Mina looked apologetic. "I have no idea where we can go."

Jolinar had given control back to Rosha. "We will find some place." She turned to Nemura. "You are armed with a zat'nik'tel?"

"Yes. How much of this do we want to bring? Will concealing ourselves with those clothes help us?" He indicated the bags.

Rosha was quiet, talking to Jolinar. "By now the First Prime will have interrogated all the guards. They have likely told him about the...people who arrived yesterday morning, wearing the clothes we used. That trick will not help us this time, and may likely cause us to be captured. No, we leave the clothing and bring only weapons and a few other things."

She surreptitiously took the hand device and put it in a pocket, then put the healing device and a few other things in a small bag, which she slung over a shoulder.

Nemura took the rest of the things. "Should I hide them or vaporize them?"

"Vaporize them. It will do us no good if they are found."

Nemura did was she told him, and they began walking.

"Another thing...I saw Pita..." He looked uncomfortable.

Rosha looked at him with a worried expression, sensing something in the way he said it.

"Was she alright?"

Nemura shook his head. "She was no longer alive - fortunately."

"She got what she deserved, then, for informing the Jaffa about a fellow slave!" Mina said, looking angry.

"Whatever desire for revenge we might have felt - unfair as it would have been, given her situation - has been more than fulfilled. Actually, no one deserves her fate. Pita was killed, but her death was neither quick, nor easy."

Mina got an expression of shame on her face, having secretly wished for some punishment of Pita...but not like this.

They walked in silence for some time.

"Mina..." Nemura began, suddenly thinking of something. "I think I saw some mountains when we arrived - we should go and see if there are caves we could hide in?"

"No...sorry, I forgot to say so earlier, but I know they have mines there."

"Mines? What are they mining?" Rosha wondered.

"Gold...and naquadah, I think."

Rosha nodded. "That makes sense, actually. If the planet is rich in gold and naquadah, Bastet already has some of the expensive resources right here where she is going to be building ships."

"Our Lord is not building ships! It is obviously some kind of structure that will stay on the ground - not a flying machine!" Mina said, sceptically.

"The slaves are currently building support structures, yes, but they will become a shipyard. I also saw what must have been a refinery being built - but it was not finished yet, so they must be shipping the naquadah off-world for processing until then." Rosha said.

"Perhaps we could use that to our advantage..." Nemura said slowly, listening to Lantash's idea. "We could somehow appropriate a couple Jaffa uniforms and pretend to be Jaffa, carrying a box with naquadah - which instead contains Mina..."

"That is not a bad idea..."

"Is there any reason why Rosha is going to pretend to be one of the Jaffa carrying me, when I am obviously taller and stronger?" Mina wondered.

Rosha and Nemura looked at each other, unsure what to tell her. They could neither tell her that Rosha was actually much stronger than Mina, because of Jolinar, nor that there might be a Goa'uld present who might sense that Mina did not have a symbiote.
"I have some experience concealing my identity as another - and since Nemura and I are the one that put you in this danger, it is only fair we be the once who are in the dangerous position." Rosha hurriedly said.

Mina nodded, somewhat convinced.

"We must wait for darkness - then we will capture two Jaffa of adequate sizes, and take their uniforms." Nemura suggested.

"Yes, sounds like a plan." Rosha agreed.

"Now we just have to hope we can find two Jaffa who are that small..." Nemura said, concerned. The Jaffa were often larger and usually much more muscular than the humans, so it might be a problem.

Chapter 35: Hiding