Chapter 37 summary: They all make it back to the base. While Lantash and Jolinar bring both a potential host and important news about Bastet, they have also gone directly against the Council's wish. Will they get in trouble? 


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It was two very tired Tok'ra, and a somewhat nervous Mina who walked out of the Stargate on the Tok'ra base about an hour later. 

"What now?" Mina wondered, feeling very uncertain.

"That largely depends on you. What do you wish to do?" Nemura asked.

"I do not know. My whole family were taken as slaves, and most are dead by now. I have no where to go. Did you mean it when you offered Pita to take her to a resistance against the Goa'uld - I mean your resistance? Can I join?"

"You can, but you must be certain that is what you want. As you have learned, Rosha is host to Jolinar, and I am host to Lantash. If you wish to join our resistance...our people, the Tok' will be expected to become a host." Nemura said.

Mina nodded, still looking fearful. "I...will think about it."

"Do so. You will be given guest quarters while you consider it." Rosha added.

Nemura dipped his head, and Lantash looked to Mina.

"Perhaps you could also take a moment to talk to one of the symbiotes who will very soon need a host. She might be able to answer some questions, and you would get a chance to get to know her. Perhaps, if you like each other..."

"I promise I will talk to her." Mina said as they reached the rings and transported down into the tunnels.

After taking a quick bath, and changing to clean clothes, Nemura/Lantash and Rosha/Jolinar went to be debriefed while Mina were shown to guest quarters. She, too, would be asked a number of questions by one or more of the Council members, but for now she was simply a guest.

The Council did not appreciate what Lantash and Jolinar had done, but they did acknowledge the extra information about Bastet and her empire that had been gained.

An operative would have to be sent to investigate further, but Jolinar did not volunteer this time.

After the debriefing, they went to eat in the mess hall, checking first if Mina wanted to accompany them, seeing as she did not know anyone else. She had already eaten, though, and preferred to spend some more time with Tonna - the Tok'ra who needed a new host. They were getting along great, and seemed to have the same sense of humour.

"I suspect it will all turn out for the best." Jolinar commented. "Mina seems to no longer be afraid of symbiotes, and I believe she will agree to become Tonna's host."

"Yes, I agree. They are already becoming friends. She is a good match for Tonna." Lantash shoveled the rest of the food on his plate into his mouth, then put down the fork and got up. "I will be back in a moment." He went to the counter to pick up more food.

He returned shortly after, with a plate full of meat and vegetables, and a large piece of bread - and awkwardly carrying a beaker full of milk under his left arm. He carefully put it all down on the table.

"Still hungry?" Jolinar laughed. "You have already eaten half a desert fowl - and not a small one. Are you sure you can fit anymore?"

"I was famished!" Lantash defended himself. "I've barely eaten for three days! The surprise here is that you are full."

Jolinar smiled. "I have had quite enough - but I think I may pick up a piece of that apple pie I saw, before I retire for the night." She got up.

"Yes, that's right. I noticed it. It looked delicious. Could you bring a piece for me as well?"

Jolinar shook her head, then leaned down and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I will." She was gone before he could respond.

After a full nights sleep, they were all feeling much better. Tonight was the year's largest celebration - Egeria's birthday - so everyone was looking forward to good food, drink, music, perhaps dancing, and general fun. Partying was not something the Tok'ra had the time to do often, so the rare occasion when they allowed themselves to just relax and have fun, was enjoyed all the more.

Malek, Jalen, and Zarin had promised to perform, and had been practicing for weeks, secretly - or as secretly as you can practice something involving music and singing in a place like the Tok'ra tunnels.

Indeed, there was much to look forward to.

Chapter 38: Together