Warning: Chapter is NC-17 for explicit sex. 

Chapter 38 summary: Rosha/Jolinar and Nemura/Lantash become mates. 


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"Jolinar...Rosha..." Lantash greeted them as he sat down beside them, carrying two glasses of Tok'ra sparkling wine. He handed one to Rosha/Jolinar. "Nemura and I thought we should celebrate making it safely back from that cursed planet."

He allowed his gaze to slide slowly down over her, obviously enjoying how she looked in the new blue dress she wore.

"Lantash...Nemura." Jolinar smiled as she took the glass. "That is a great idea. Please, sit down." She patted the seat beside her.

*He is ogling us again!* Rosha pointed out, secretly happy.

*Of course. That was what we hoped would happen, when we put on this dress, was it not? It is very flattering, emphasizing our figure in a pleasing manner.*

*Nemura and Lantash are also wearing clothing that is very becoming...I like them in their uniform, but this...*

*Yes, black pants and a white shirt fits them - especially since they have found a pair of pants that is...very flattering to their ass. Mmm...I really want to grab that ass...*

*Jolinar!* Rosha blushed. *Though I must admit I agree with you...*

They slowly drank the wine, all the while chatting with Lantash and Nemura.

Lantash had just returned with new glasses for both of them, when the musical performance began and they say back to enjoy.

When they had listened to the - very good - show for about half an hour, Lantash pulled his chair closer to Rosha and put an arm around her, smiling at her. She did not pull away, but leaned her head on his shoulder, and they sat like that for the rest of the performance.

*We agree on this, correct? We want to pursue a relationship with them?* Jolinar inquired.

*Yes.* Rosha sighed. *I never thought I would say this, but yes, I do want this. I am at the point where I find Lantash adorable, even when he is losing his temper about something unimportant.*

Jolinar 'giggled'. *He is cute, as is Nemura. I am happy you agree with me.*

*Yes, now we just need to convince Lantash and Nemura.*

*That will not be a problem! Have you not seen how they look at us? They are holding us closely right now!*

*I thought perhaps it was only lust.*

*Oh, I am certain it is lust as well, but I strongly suspect they feel as we do.*

*I feel lust as well, though...* Rosha noted, mirthfully.

Jolinar 'grinned'. *As do I. Do you want me to take over and give this relationship a push in the right direction? I very much fear I am the only one of us four with any kind of experience in this area.*

*Please do.* Rosha 'stepped back' and Jolinar took control.

She snuggled closer to Lantash, hugging him to her, then turned her head and gave him a kiss just under his ear. Surprised, Lantash looked at her, then smiled widely and pressed his lips against her forehead. Jolinar straightened up and leaned in before him, putting a hand on his left shoulder and looking at him for a moment, before she kissed him on the mouth.

Lantash had clearly not expected this, but he reacted quickly, embracing her with both arms and returning the kiss. This was one of the situations where he was happy he had genetic memory - it meant he was a decent kisser despite not having done this before. He gently stroked Jolinar's back, enjoying the feeling of her through the thin fabric of her dress.

They kissed for several moments longer, before becoming aware of the fact they were in the middle of the Tok'ra recreation room, surrounded by several hundred other Tok'ra. Feeling somewhat self-conscious, Nemura made Lantash stop kissing and they pulled back, looking around to see if anyone had noticed.

Several had, but they just smiled at them and seemed happy the two Tok'ra had finally figured out how they felt for each other. No doubt everyone else had long since guessed it.

"Come." Jolinar said, taking Lantash's hand and pulling him with her. "Let us go somewhere more private."

"I do not believe we have been to your quarters before, Jolinar." Lantash said, looking around with some interest.

"Well, Rosha and I have few personal things, so there is little to see."

"I most certainly disagree - there is indeed something to see in here. A very attractive young woman."

Jolinar blushed a little before she got the reaction under control. "Oh, I do hope you intend to do more than look."

"I absolutely do." Lantash smiled mischievously and quickly stepped up to her, embracing her and kissing her deeply.

Jolinar threw her arms around him and returned the kiss with equal passion, pulling him towards the bed.

*Do you want control, Rosha?*

*No, you are the one with centuries of experience, not me.* Rosha sounded concerned.

*You are worried.* Jolinar concluded.

*No...well, yes! Jolinar, I...I do very much want to do this, but...I am...uh...untouched. Nemura and Lantash are as inexperienced as I. I fear it will not be a pleasant experience. Painful, even. My cousin Tinka said...*

*Well, your cousin Tinka was not a host! Rosha, you do not need to worry. I can block the pain, if there even is any, and while it is true Lantash has no actual experience, he does have genetic memory which should also contain knowledge about this part of life. Relax.*

*I will. Jolinar, thank you...but I still do not want control. Not yet...maybe next time.*

Jolinar 'hugged' Rosha and returned her full concentration to kissing Lantash. She slid a hand down his back to his ass, and fondled it lovingly. His muscles felt nice through the thin material of his pants. She very much looked forward to touching his naked skin.

Lantash eagerly caressed Jolinar's back and shoulders, then down over her butt and up her sides, eventually reaching her breasts which he cupped gently. Feeling bolder, he stroked the hardening tip of a nipple, then repeated it with his other hand on her other breast.

He swallowed and looked into Jolinar's eyes before he leaned in and kissed her, as he kneaded her breasts, revelling in the feeling. He ran his tongue over her lips, then pushed against them. She willingly parted them and he dipped his tongue inside, tangling it with hers. They kissed until they were almost out of oxygen before pulling away.

He looked at her, his eyes dark with desire, and was just about to reach for her again, when Jolinar took hold of his shirt and suddenly pulled it off, surprising him. She smiled to herself, enjoying his expression.

She spent a moment admiring his now naked, well-muscled chest, before swooping down to kiss a nipple, flicking her tongue over it. Lantash gasped and closed his eyes, just enjoying the feeling. Jolinar licked the nipple until it was almost painfully hard, then gave the other the same treatment.

Lantash swallowed again and slowly caressed her hair, then tangled his fingers in it and pulled her up, kissing her, roughly. He was rapidly losing control, and wanted nothing more than to rip off Jolinar's dress and bury his aching shaft in her.

*Nemura...perhaps...perhaps you should take over...I do not...want to harm...Rosha. She...I...*

He tried to form the words in his mind, but felt the ability to do so slip away as Jolinar suddenly placed one hand on his neck, fondling him directly through the skin - putting the other hand between his legs and beginning to stroke his manhood through his pants. He suddenly wished he had taken them off, so she could touch him more directly.

*Lantash...no. I know as little as you...perhaps...* Nemura concentrated, which was hard when Jolinar suddenly opened his pants and slid her hand inside, touching his shaft most persistently. *Perhaps this was a bad idea. If we...hurt Rosha...Jolinar...they will never agree...to become our mates.* He sounded worried, but at the same time he was almost too aroused to care.

*I do know...something. I think I know what Jolinar...might like. My genetic memories...Egeria and Jolinar once...had this...orgy...with several slaves. Before...um...before becoming fully Tok'ra...* Lantash remembered. He moaned loudly as Jolinar's continued fondling him. *I'm just not sure...I have the control...to do it. Later...perhaps.*

*Sounds a bit weird, but I do...WOW...Jolinar surely is...oh...if she continues touching us like...like that much longer...*

Lantash agreed they would not hold out long against this onslaught to their senses and grabbed hold of Jolinar's arms. He looked at her for a moment, enjoying the sight.

"You do not approve of what I do?" She asked, clearly enjoying the effect she had on him.

"Very much. I just do not wish to come like that...which would have happened soon if you had continued." He grinned. "You're wearing too many clothes." He let go of her arms and slid his hand up her leg, taking hold of her dress and pushing it up.

"Wait." Jolinar reached around to her back and undid the knot that held up her clothes. The dress fell off, pooling around her legs.

Stepping back a little, Lantash looked, almost mesmerized at the beautiful, nearly naked woman standing before him. Jolinar reached out and pushed his pants down over his ass. They slid to the floor, leaving him standing in only his underpants. Lantash blushed a little, knowing how obvious his arousal was now, but Jolinar did not wait. She pushed him down on the bed and straddled him, rubbing herself against him through their underwear.

Lantash helplessly thrust up towards her, needing to feel her pussy around his very hard erection. He reached up and fondled her breasts again, massaging them, rubbing the nipples with his thumbs. Jolinar smiled, then raised herself up and off him, just for a moment while she removed her underwear. Lantash immediately did the same, throwing his underpants over his shoulder, not caring where they landed.

She giggled at his eagerness and straddled him again, positioning herself over his cock. She slowly lowered herself over him, wiggling a little to get the best angle. However, Lantash was much too impatient to wait, and he grabbed her hips and pulled her down, thrusting upwards at the same time, penetrating her deeply.

Jolinar made a small yelp, mostly out of surprise, and quickly blocked the small amount of pain from Rosha. It was a good thing she was as wet as she was. Lantash looked apologetically at her.


She shook her head. "Do not be concerned. We are fine." She grabbed his hands and held them, entwining her fingers with his, as she slowly rose up a little, then lowered herself over him again, repeating it a few times until she took him all the way inside, settling against him. She smiled, letting go of his hands. "See? No problems." She wriggled a little more, rubbing herself against him, enjoying the feeling of fullness.

Lantash smiled, relieved, and lovingly slid his hands over her stomach, breasts, arms, everywhere he could reach. He was rapidly becoming very aroused again, and he began to thrust up into her, while putting his fingers to her clit, rubbing it. Gently at first, then harder, as his thrusting increased.

He suddenly grabbed her and turned them over, starting to ram into her, faster and faster, until he cried out, burying himself in her and coming hard. He collapsed on top of her, panting. Jolinar, who was herself very close to coming, rubbed against him as best she could in this position. Realising, Lantash bashfully raised himself enough that he could get a hand between them, and started touching Jolinar, encircling her clit, rubbing it the way he remembered she might like. It did not take long before she, too, cried out and came.

"Lantash?" Jolinar lifted her head from where she had been lying snuggled up to him, with her head on his chest, and kissed him.

"Mmm?" Lantash answered, sleepily.

"Good, you are awake." She smiled naughtily and propped herself up on one elbow. "Because I have some ideas for things I was hoping to do tonight..."

Surprising him, she flicked his left nipple gently with her tongue, before kissing her way down over his stomach to his currently soft member. It almost jumped and Lantash gasped when she kissed it.


"You object?" She quickly took him into her mouth, sucking lightly.

"NO!" Lantash was wide awake in moments. "Please! Continue!" He felt Nemura wake up with a start, realising what was going on.

Jolinar giggled at his reaction, really enjoying his wide-eyed expression.

*Do you think I should continue, and make them come this way?*

*Yes...I think I will enjoy their reactions! Do you think we can convince them to do something...ah...similar to us afterwards?* Rosha would have blushed furiously, had she had control of their body.

*I see you have been looking in my memories...* Jolinar grinned. *It is an excellent idea.*

She crawled down and sat between his spread legs and focused on the task at hand. She again took him into her mouth, keeping the pressure as she slowly slid down, then up, Lantash's rapidly hardening shaft. He moaned as she sucked a little harder on the head, then swirled her tongue around the tip.

Jolinar used a hand to gently fondle his balls while she kept alternating between licking and sucking at the top of his cock, then sliding down as far as she could, slowly taking him in further each time.

Lantash was getting impatient, gritting his teeth and doing his very best to keep from bucking up against her and thrusting into her mouth at his own speed. Sensing his difficulty, Jolinar decided to let him cool down just a little bit, and let go off his manhood, ending with a small, soft kiss at the tip.

He growled his dissatisfaction, then became quiet as she replaced her mouth with her hand and continued pleasuring him, albeit much too gentle for his taste. She bent down and kissed his inner thighs, then licked a trail up to his balls, sucking them gently into her mouth one at a time. She repeated it one more time before she gave into Lantash's increasingly vocal demands she soothe the ache he was starting to feel, as his shaft was getting very hard.

Returning her mouth to his cock, she gave him several long licks from the bottom to the the top, then suddenly took him inside again, making him gasp and buck upwards. Jolinar put her hands on his hips, clearly indicating she was in control of this.

Lantash gripped the sheets hard and concentrated on controlling himself. Jolinar was very talented, and the way she was sucking him now, sliding all the way down, relaxing her throat, somehow taking him completely to the root - it was about to make him lose his mind. He made a hoarse sound and closed his eyes, trying desperately not to ram himself into her. 

Sensing it, and agreeing with Rosha it was time to allow him to come, she increased the speed and pressure with her mouth, at the same time as she continued fondling his balls. Soon Lantash was very close, and unable to control himself anymore. He tangled his hand in her hair and bucked upwards, coming hard.

Jolinar easily controlled their gag reflex and managed to keep him almost completely inside until he finished coming, then let him slide out, smiling at him. She gave his shaft a quick kiss, then slid up his body and snuggled close to him. He threw his arms around her and held her close, looking very happy.

"My sweet - and incredibly skilled - Jolinar..." He kissed her. "I'll attempt to return the favour in a few moments, but I fear my skills are sadly lacking compared to yours..."

"I am certain you will do just fine...and I will allow you to rest for another couple minutes, but Rosha and I really became very aroused from this, so..." Jolinar's eyes twinkled and she gave him a kiss.

Kneeling between her legs, Lantash sent Rosha a naughty smile, making her blush deeply. He leaned down and placed a noisy kiss just above her clit, and she gasped. He grinned and spread her labia with his fingers, blowing on the wetness before he moved closer, making a long slow lick from her opening to her clit, then repeated it, again and again. Rosha moaned and gyrated her hips a little, very much looking forward to this.

Using his fingers, he spread her folds again, pushing his tongue inside and finding the sensitive nub, flicking his tongue over the sensitive spot. At first, his licks were gentle, soft. Then, as Rosha's moans increased, Lantash lapped faster, harder. She was groaning, moving a great deal, getting very close to coming.

He changed his rhythm, circled the clit with his tongue, gently sucked at it, until Rosha was almost wild under him. Feeling his own arousal increasing and his shaft begin to ache, he realised he very soon needed to feel her soft folds envelop him again.

Lantash sped up, increasing the pressure as well, continuing a pattern and rhythm which Rosha obviously enjoyed greatly. He flicked his tongue as fast as he could, and was rewarded when Rosha came moments later, crying out in pleasure, moaning his name. He felt his cock jump at the sight and sounds of the beautiful woman before him.

Gripped by desire, he rolled her over and drove into her pussy before she had time to fully regain herself after the powerful orgasm. He was kneeling behind her, holding on to her hips and thrusting into her. Rosha's ass was high in the air, but she was resting her upper body and head against the bed, a dazed, but happy expression on her face.

*Should we not be gentle with Rosha, so soon after her first time?* Nemura asked, worry temporarily winning over desire.

Lantash made an effort to focus his thoughts, which were clouding in a haze of lust.

*Jolinar...has long since healed...that small amount...of...of damage.* He gasped as Rosha - or Jolinar, perhaps, he believed they had switched - pushed her ass back against him, meeting his thrusts and very obviously liked it.

Buried fully within her, he leaned over her for a moment, lovingly sliding his hands from her hips to her breasts. She lifted herself a little, letting him grab her tits and fondle them, reveling in the feel of her soft skin. Jolinar wiggled her ass, and he returned to his previous position, spending a moment kneading her butt before he started taking her again, harder this time.

It was not long after that Lantash made a strangled sound, giving in to the inevitable, his eyes flashing from the intense emotions, as he thrust into her one last time, spilling his seed inside her. He collapsed on top of her, pushing her down against the bed. Jolinar groaned and shuddered under him as she, too, came.

After several minutes, Lantash managed to summon the energy to lift himself off her, kissing her briefly on the neck before he pulled her to him, snuggling close.

"That was wonderful, Lantash. I never thought a virgin could be so talented. You are a natural!" Jolinar smiled, half-turning towards him and kissing him lovingly.

"Egeria included...ah...certain memories...so I had an idea what you might like..."

"Oh, no...not that one! Not the one from the orgy!" Jolinar groaned, knowing exactly which memory it must have been.

"And I also know that you like..." He whispered into her ear, the last part getting lost in Jolinar's giggling. She happily, and a little embarrassed, snuggled even closer. They soon fell asleep, satisfied - already feeling certain they would be very happy together.

Chapter 39: Martouf