Chapter 7 summary: Jolinar and Travik reminisces about the past and share some intimate time.
Warning: Rating to NC-17 for explicit sex. 


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*Why do you want to meet him out here?* Sannya wondered. *The plants have not even had a chance to properly settle yet. Do you not think the main chamber would be more impressive - or your private chamber, if you want to seduce Travik? Or whatever it is you want.*

They stood outside, on a kind of roof-top garden, constructed on a half-circle terrace that was located outside their private chambers. It had been quickly constructed, and the plants were still small. However, it was already a pleasant place, and would likely become very nice in a few years.

*I have attempted to reconstruct the place Travik first learned I talk to my host. I hope his reaction will make it easier to tell him who I am - to know if it is safe to tell him. Even if it means he will know I am Tok'ra...*

*I see...* Sannya accessed and ran through that part of Jolinar's memories. After a few moments, she added. *It makes sense.*

Jolinar nodded. *Thank you.*

"I see you still talk to your host - and that you still have not learned to hide it well - or pay more attention to your surroundings. It is a wonder you are still alive!"

Jolinar swirled around, shocked and surprised she had neither heard nor sensed his approach. She raised her hand device, and it glowed softly.

"Jolinar." Travik nodded. "I should have noticed before. Though I will admit you fooled me."

"Good, or my cover would not be worth much." Jolinar took a deep breath. "Travik...yes, I am Jolinar. And yes, I still talk to my host - but you knew that."

"Yes. So do I, as you well know, blasphemous as it is. However, I hear you do far far worse..." He sighed. "But let us not mention that. It is good to see you again - and I did not mean what I said before. While just now it was obvious to me, you do hide it well. Talking to your host, I mean. Which reminds do not know my host, nor I, yours. His name is Jarhen. We both hope you will have occasion to meet him later? At a more...shall we say private place?" He looked at her suggestively, admiring her body freely.

Jolinar rolled her eyes. "Still the same, I see, Travik. Hello, Jarhen. I look forward to meeting you. My host's name is Sannya."

"Charmed." Travik bowed, kissing her hand. "She looks like a very nice person. Someone I will no doubt get along with well."

Sannya 'snorted' mentally.

"Unfortunately, I cannot stay long this time. I have another appointment, which regrettably means I have to leave...tomorrow morning. But until then...I am yours!" He smirked.

"Jolinar, you look stunning!" Travik said, blatantly staring at her.

"Thank you. You do not look so bad yourself." Jolinar smiled, as she admired his strong body. He had put on different clothing, which left most of his stomach and chest bare.

She wore only a translucent, shimmering nightgown, made of the finest silk, interspersed richly with golden threads. Under it, she was completely naked - a fact that did not escape Travik. Tonight was not for talking.

Travik smiled, a bit lecherously, as he stripped off what little clothing he wore. Jolinar looked on with a pleased expression, her smiling getting wider as he dropped the last bit of clothing, standing before her with an impressive erection.

"Nice." Jolinar commented.

*Very nice.* Sannya added.

Jolinar untied the single knot that kept her dress up, and allowed it to fall in a puddle at her feet. She then sauntered over to Travik, who now wore only a silly grin.

"Like what you see?"

"Oh, yes."

Jolinar slid a hand down his chest, over his hard stomach, to his shaft. She caressed the soft skin, encircling as much of his width as she could, then slowly glided her hand up to the tip, then down again. Travik got an expression of bliss on his face, and leaned against the wall behind him, as Jolinar sank to her knees before him. She planted a kiss on the tip of his cock, then opened her mouth and slid down over the top, swirling her tongue around the head.

Travik made a half-strangled gasp as Jolinar sucked him deeper in, using one hand to fondle the base, while the other cupped his balls.

*Do you want control?* Jolinar queried.

*No. I am not the one who has known this guy for 1500 years. Maybe next time. Right now I would like to just hang back and enjoy, while you do the work!*

Jolinar 'grinned'. *As you wish! Have fun!*

She opened her mouth and took him almost half-way in, then slowly slid back to the top, flicking her tongue at the head for a moment, then licking around the ridge. She pushed down again, taking him in further than before, then back out to kiss the tip. Slowly.

Travik growled his frustration and grabbed her head, trying to push his manhood all the way down her throat. Jolinar put a hand against his hip, stopping his thrusts, not allowing him to control the speed and depth. Mercifully, she began moving faster, and using her hand to fondle his shaft again as well.

Jolinar felt her body respond to her actions. She was very wet, and was getting quite frustrated herself. She twirled her tongue around his head, then made a few, long strokes up and down Travik's cock, taking him almost all the way in each time.

Letting him slide free of her mouth, she grinned at him as he opened his eyes and started complaining.

"Shh. My turn!" She gave him one more kiss on the tip, then rose, grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bed, where she gave him a push.

Travik allowed himself to fall on his back, and winked at her.

"Come and sit here, then, and let me show you my skills..."

He waved her to him, and she crawled onto the bed, scooting up his body until she straddled his face.

"Show me, then!"

Travik put one of his hands on her hip, and used the other to spread her labia. He made a long, slow lick from her opening, all the way to her clit, repeating it several times.

Jolinar gasped each time his tongue made contact with her clit. Travik soon focused his attentions on the sensitive nub, flicking his tongue over it several times, rapidly. Changing speed and direction, he made several slow licks across it, around it, then returned to the direct approach. Faster, harder, now and then penetrating her with first one, two, then three fingers. 

She was very wet and very horny now, and craved more contact. Wanted to be filled more fully, deeper. Pushing against his fingers, trying to press against his tongue, but he deftly kept moving away every time.

Leaning forward, she changed the angle, moving just a little bit to increase the sensation. Travik gripped her hips with both hands and held her in place, as he continued his assault on her senses. It only took a moment before Jolinar cried out as a powerful orgasm ripped through her.

Travik looked up at her smugly, as she rose over him and moved down to straddle his hips. Jolinar grinned at his attempt to look cool and in control, his very hard erection giving him away.

She strongly felt the need to be filled return, and lowered herself onto his erection. Slowly, she slid down over him, enjoying the feeling of his thick length filling her. She relaxed her pussy, taking him in further, then clenched her internal muscles around him as she settled herself completely against his pelvis. Beginning to rock her hips back and forth, she was grinding against him.

Travik's eyes flashed briefly and he closed them, moaning softly, having given up on trying to seem unaffected. It had been longer than usual since he had seduced a pretty Goa'uld - or taken a human slave to his bed - and Jolinar was both beautiful and skilled.

He took hold of her hips as she began to slide up and down, thrusting upwards in time with her. As the pleasure increased and they grew closer to orgasm, they increased the rhythm. Jolinar raised herself up over him until his cock almost slipped out of her, then slammed down, over and over, until she cried out, coming hard.

Travik gasped, and bucked up against her as he felt her internal muscles squeeze him, pushing him over the edge.

Jolinar collapsed on top of him, then pulled herself off him, laying beside him. She snuggled up to him. There would be time for many more pleasant activities before morning - Jolinar had several in mind. For now, they slept.

Chapter 8: Plans