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10: Together

Summary: Sam and Martouf/Lantash make love and spend time talking about their relationship.

Warning: Explicit sex (het)

Sam looked at herself in the mirror one more time, then ran a comb through her still damp hair. The nightgown fit her very well, but it was very see-through, hiding little and promising more. She blushed a little, but remembered from Jolinar’s memories the ‘clothes’ the Tok’ra sometimes had to wear on missions, not to mention what the slaves would sometimes wear. So, she assumed Martouf and Lantash would not find it too provocative.

They had, after all, picked it out for her!

With that in mind, she left the bathroom and walked into the bedroom.

Martouf sat at the desk, reading something at the computer he had been given, when Sam came into the room. He immediately turned to look at her. He slowly admired her, getting a very pleased expression on his face. “That is a very... fetching nightgown, my Samantha.”

“Thanks, Martouf.” Sam smiled, feeling a bit self-conscious under his gaze.

Martouf rose, the towel falling off him as he did so. Obviously not bothered in the least by his own nakedness, he walked over to Sam.

Sam blushed, but did not look away, instead allowing herself to enjoy looking at him. He very clearly liked what he saw as well - as evidenced by his large and very hard erection.

He pulled Sam to him and kissed her deeply, then stepped back a little as he bowed his head and gave control to Lantash.

“My beautiful Samantha... that gown looks wonderful on you.” He smiled widely, holding her out from him, as he looked at her. He ran a hand down over her, from her shoulder, down over her breasts, over her stomach, to her thigh. He swallowed, then spoke slowly, his voice rough with arousal. “As attractive as it is on you, I would much rather have you naked. I believe we should... take it off you, before I kiss you. I fear my control is... tenuous... and this material... rips easily, I think.”

He untied the band that sat at the top of the front - and only served to keep the deeply plunging front somewhat together - then pulled the dress over her head.

More than willing, Sam raised her arms to make it easier for him to undress her, and soon she wore only the matching lace panties. Lantash threw the gown in the direction of a nearby chair, not caring to look if it actually landed on it, then ran his hands down over her body. Reaching the top of her panties, he pulled them down. They fell to the floor, and Sam stepped out of them, throwing her arms around Lantash.

She kissed him on the side of the neck, then licked up to his ears, murmuring into it. “I want you, sweet Lantash and Martouf... want you so much.” She gave his ear a kiss, then trailed kisses down the side of his neck, to a spot where she remembered from Jolinar they were particularly sensitive to stimulation. She licked and sucked at the place, causing Lantash to make a hoarse sound and pick her up, carrying her to the bed.

Sam laughed softly, happily, as Lantash pushed her down on the bed, kissing, licking, caressing her everywhere. He filled his hands with her breasts and fondled them, teasing her nipples into hardness and making her moan. He pressed his lips to hers, kissing her greedily. When she immediately opened her mouth for him, he pushed his tongue inside, tangling it with hers.

She caressed his back, running her hands over his smooth skin. Lantash continued kissing her lips... then her chin, throat, down to her breasts.

Sam closed her eyes and just enjoyed his tongue and hands on her. She slowly slid her hands up over to neck, where she noticed a movement. Realising it was Lantash she was feeling, she experimentally touched him there again, then pressed a little harder, eliciting a gasp from him.

More memories from Jolinar flashed through her mind, and instead of resenting them, she allowed them to unfold, immediately mimicking the touches and caresses she saw - and getting the desired reaction from Lantash.

Samantha!” Lantash exclaimed, as he helplessly thrust against her leg. “I... we... need to...”

“Need to... what, beloved?” Sam smiled, enjoying the reaction she had on him. She wriggled a little under him, in order to better be able to reach. She slid a hand down between his legs, and took his shaft in her hand, pumping gently, while keeping up the caresses on his neck with her other hard.

“Need to... mate with you, beloved!” Lantash managed, kissing her deeply. He glided a hand down her side, over her hips, across her stomach, until he reached his goal.

Sam gasped, and almost stopped her own ministrations, as Lantash stimulated her. He stroked her slowly and gently at first, now and then increasing the pressure and speed a little, before going back to the slow, light touches - now circling her clit with two fingers, now using his thumb to massage it directly. It did not take long before Sam was as aroused and frustrated as Martouf and Lantash, and voiced her demands in no uncertain terms.

“Lantash! I... fuck me! Now!” She moaned deeply, and when he did not quickly give in and do as she wished, she returned to pleasuring both his neck and his shaft, attempting to make him lose control and give her what she wanted.

No longer able to ignore the demands of his beloved, or his own body - not to mention Martouf’s pleas for completion - Lantash groaned deeply and gave in. He spread her labia and thrust hard, sinking deeply.

They both gasped at the sensation, and Lantash held still for a few moments, allowing her to get used to his size. Soon he began to move, thrusting into her at a slow, steady pace. Martouf took over, and continued in the same frustrating rhythm, causing Sam to groan and buck against him, as she grew closer to orgasm and wanted him to move faster.

She returned one hand to his neck, while using the other to tease and tweak his nipples. Lantash again came fore, flashing his eyes. Her caresses caused the passion in him to grow and his thoughts were clouding with the desire.

Suddenly, he changed the speed and angle, and began to pound into her. Sam squealed, then cried out, as she came hard. Lantash continued riding her roughly for a short while longer, before he moaned deeply and shuddered against her with his own orgasm.

After a few moments, Lantash kissed her softly, and pulled her with him over on his back. She snuggled up to him, and they soon fell asleep.

They had made love twice more during the night, and had slept until late in the morning.

Sam woke slowly and stretched luxuriously, feeling better than she could remember having done in a long time. She rolled over and looked at the still sleeping Martouf and Lantash, and smiled. They looked so sweet and innocent like this, though she knew they could be naughty and tease her until she was very frustrated before letting her come.

She felt her heart beat faster as she looked at them, thinking about the wonderful sex they had had the night before, and how much she loved them. She gasped, realizing how strong her feelings for them were, and she leaned down and gave them a soft kiss.

Martouf or Lantash made a low noise and moved a little, but did not wake up. Sam smiled again, and decided to see if she could get out of bed and fetch some breakfast before they woke up - it was too late to get any in the hotel restaurant anyway.

She started slipping out of bed, and had her feet on the floor when Lantash spoke behind her, still sounding groggy from sleep. “Samantha?”

“Shh, yes, Lantash, sweetheart, I’m here. I’m just going to go and see if I can get us something to eat, then I’ll be back. You just sleep.”

He stretched, then sat up in the bed, looking appreciatively at her naked form. “That is very kind of you, Samantha, but both Martouf and I would prefer to spend the time with you. Perhaps we could go somewhere together and eat?” He looked lustily at her again. “Though what we hunger for is already here, so why would any of us have to leave?”

Sam blushed, and gave him a quick kiss. “You’re such a charmer! I do think we’d all benefit from something to eat, though. Then we can, ah, return to other pleasurable activities later.”

They had eaten a light breakfast - or more correctly early lunch - at a small cafe they had found.

“You said you thought there was pretty crowded here, and I agree with you, so what do you say we take a walk in a park? Maybe buy some sandwiches and make a picnic out of it and spend the whole afternoon there?” Sam suggested.

“A park is an artificially created recreational area, usually with grass and trees, is that not correct?” Martouf asked, remembering reading about it the day before.

“Yup, that’s right.”

He nodded. “Since I assume more private places, like forests and lakes, would be further away, a park sounds like a very acceptable alternative.”

Sam smiled at him. “Yes, this part of the country is quite heavily populated, so we would have to travel a fairly long way to find any real wilderness.” She frowned. “Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens are close by, so I suggest going there. True, there might be a good deal of other people there, but I’m sure we can find a somewhat secluded spot for a picnic.”

Sam had decided to go all out with the ‘classical picnic’ idea, for Martouf and Lantash’s benefit, so they had bought a basket, a blanket to sit on, a bottle of white wine, two glasses - of plastic, but still nice - napkins, several sandwiches, fruit, and barbecued chicken drumsticks.

“Right - now we just need to find a private spot for our picnic,” Sam said, looking at the fairly many people in the part of the park they were in right now. It was not crowded by any definition, but they were also far from alone.

Sandra, do you think...” Martouf leaned closer and whispered the rest into her ear.

She blushed. “Ah, I don’t think we can find a place that private. I’m afraid your suggestion will have to wait until we return to the hotel room.”

“A shame.” He smiled, a mischievous glint in his eyes. He looked with interest at a fairly long lake, with people swimming in it. “Would it be possible for us to swim in this lake?”

Sam looked at it. “Yes... I think so. I’ve only been here twice before, but I’m fairly sure it’s open to the public. However, you need, ah, special clothing for swimming here - you can’t just take a dip naked.” She smiled at him.

Martouf nodded. “I understand. I see they all seems to be wearing clothes of some sort. Perhaps we could acquire such clothing?”

“Sure, if you’d like to. Do you mind waiting until tomorrow? I don’t really feel like going shopping for swimwear right now.”

“We do not mind waiting. The thought of swimming just suddenly seemed very attractive to us. We have not had the opportunity to do so in a very long time, and, ah, Tok’ra like water.” He smiled wryly.

“I understand - I would enjoy it too, so let’s do that!” Sam said, grabbing his hand and squeezing it.

They had finally managed to find a fairly secluded place to sit and eat their food. It was quite peaceful, with trees and flowering bushes hiding the view to the most trafficked places nearby.

Sam relaxed and sighed contentedly, as she leaned back against the trunk of a tree. “This is really nice. I can’t remember when last I just sat down somewhere and chilled, forgetting about the world around me - and I most definitely have never done it with someone as gorgeous as you.” She smiled at Martouf.

“Thank you, Samantha.” He poured wine into the two glasses and handed her one of them. “It is a rare happenstance in Lantash and my life as well, to do nothing, and just enjoy life. Sitting here with you, sharing this moment with you - we had not dreamed we would ever be so fortunate.”

Sam touched her glass to his, smiling. “To life, and enjoying it.”

He nodded solemnly. “To life. Together.”

Sam smiled, a little shyly, then nodded. “Together.” They both drank, and Sam looked at him. “You knew of the custom of drinking cheers?”

“Jacob explained your tradition to me, but it is not uncommon among the Tok’ra either, since it is used on a number of worlds.”

“Mmm, interesting.” She took another sip. “Could you hand me a sandwich?”

“With pleasure.” Martouf picked up one and gave it to her, then took one himself and scooted up beside her, leaning against the wide trunk also.

Sam leaned her head down against his shoulder and closed her eyes for a moment. She could feel the sun shining warmly on her, birds were singing, and insects buzzing. She took a deep breath, and smelled the flowers around them, mixed with the faint, pleasant scent of Martouf and Lantash. She turned her head a little, to place a kiss on his neck. Life was good.

Chapter 11: Getting Drunk