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12: Decisions

Summary: Sam and Martouf/Lantash discuss their future together.

Warning: explicit sex

Next day, they had gone to the science museum early, and Sam had explained something of the technology and Earth, to Martouf and Lantash. She liked science museums, and Martouf and Lantash found it very interesting and informative to learn how humans had developed and what technologies they had produced, and when. It was a good trip.

After a late lunch, they went shopping for swimwear, and afterwards they went to swim in “the Serpentine” in Hyde Park. It was a warm day, and both Sam and Martouf/Lantash enjoyed themselves, even if Martouf and Lantash had hoped there had been less people in the lake - especially since Sam had kept teasing them the whole day, with small kisses, touches, and whispered words.

While walking back to their hotel, Sam spotted a steakhouse, and decided Martouf and Lantash needed to try that. They went inside and quickly got a table, since it was Thursday, early evening, and not many people were eating out.

Sam handed Martouf the menu. “Here - pick a starter, which type of steak you want, and some dessert. I’ll pick a wine.”

He nodded. “Of course. Jacob have spoken much about how much he likes some type of marinated chicken wings, I believe. Is it these?” He pointed to a menu point.

Sam shook her head. “No, sorry, it’s a special marinade they only have in a particular restaurant dad likes. This looks like it’s just fried chicken wings without any type of marinade.”

“I see. Well, I shall take them anyway, I think. Both Lantash and I like fowl.”

He had just finished choosing, when the waiter showed up and took their orders. With the few customers that day in the restaurant, it did not take long before he returned with wine, bread, and butter.

Their table was in a nice, private corner, with no one nearby, and no direct line of sight to any of the other customers, due to a large plant. They would be able to talk without anyone listening in, as long as they kept their voices down.

Martouf smiled at Sam, and raised his glass, touching it to hers. “To the most beautiful and lovely woman Lantash and I know.”

Sam smiled. “Thanks - and to the two most gorgeous men I know!”

They both drank some of the wine. Martouf stretched his hand across the table, and took Sam’s hand in his, entwining their fingers.

“Samantha...” He touched the ring on her finger. “I realise we are just pretending to be married, but I must admit that the thought of you being my mate is a very appealing one. A very appealing one indeed.” He smiled, a little shyly at her, then touched his necklace with his other hand. “You know of Lantash’s and my feelings for you, and since you have admitted your love for us as well, we thought, perhaps, that you would agree to be our mate, for real?”

Sam hesitated for a moment, then smiled at him. “I... listen, I really think that I would like that. It’s just... well, the only reason I’m not saying yes immediately, is... well, for one, we’re from different worlds. Wouldn’t that be one heck of a long range relationship? Also... I’m human, and that means I’ll grow old and die long before Martouf would look even a day older - and as for Lantash? To him my entire lifetime would be a mere fraction of his! How could I do this to you?”

“It is true that we are from different worlds, but something could be worked out, I am sure. We could, perhaps, take turns living on your world, and with the Tok’ra?” Martouf sighed. “As for the difference in lifetimes... it is true. I may live another 500 years, and Lantash will easily live another 10000. However, we will infinitely rather enjoy happiness with you for only a few short years, than not at all. Besides, Samantha...” He looked down for a moment and then back up, taking a deep breath. “Have you reconsidered your choice never to blend? Perhaps... perhaps you could come to accept the life of a Tok’ra? Then you might live many centuries with us.”

She was quiet for some time, holding on to his hand, caressing it, as she thought. Could she do this? There was a time when she was completely certain she could never be a host, but was she truly sure of that anymore? She had long since forgiven Jolinar, and there were certainly times when she envied Martouf and Lantash their very close and loving relationship. Times when she wished she could have had that with Jolinar. She sighed.

“The honest answer is that I don’t know. Maybe. The thought isn’t as scary as it once was, but I’m not sure. Not yet. I do promise I will give it more thought.”

Martouf squeezed her hand and smiled at her. “That is all we can ask of you. We will love you always, whatever you chose.”

“Thanks.” She looked up and spotted the waiter coming towards them. “I think our food is arriving.”

The waiter brought them the starters - crispy chicken wings and a salad for Martouf and Lantash, and char grilled prawns with garlic butter for Sam.

He poured some more wine for them, and left. “Enjoy!”

They ate in silence for a few moments, then Sam looked at Martouf. “If I chose to become your mate... what would we do? Do you guys have some sort of ceremony? Because I doubt it would be easy to get married here on Earth - polygamy is illegal in most countries, and even if it wasn’t, there’s also the fact that the Stargate program is a secret - meaning alien lifeforms are a secret.” She reached over and caressed his cheek. “If I am to be your mate, I want to be the mate of both of you. Officially.”

Martouf smiled, looking very pleased. “We have no actual ceremony. If two or more people wishes to become mates, then they will just agree to it among each other. After that, they would place matching necklaces around each other’s necks. There is little more to it - except that the rest of the Tok’ra would be informed when possible.”

“That’s it? No celebration of any kind?”

He nodded. “Yes, there would usually be a private celebration, involving the closest friends of the newly mated, but that is not necessary for the joining to be official.” He bowed his head, giving Lantash control.

“Samantha...” He took her hand, speaking with Martouf’s voice. “If you will agree to be our mate now, then that is already so. We have exchanged necklaces, and there is also another thing - as Jolinar’s last host, you are... according to Tok’ra law... already our mate, if neither you, nor Martouf and I, repudiates it. We have not done so, and neither have you. True, since you are Tau’ri, and were her host for such a short time, no one expected you to know of this, or wish for the relationship to continue, as you would not have had time to, ah, synchronize your emotions to hers. Nevertheless, it is valid, should we all wish it.” He smiled. “Martouf and I wish it very much.”

“I am already your mate?” Sam looked shocked. She shook her head. “You could have told me, you know...” She held up her hand. “Wait... don’t say anything. I know why you didn’t - I wouldn’t have understood. I do know.” She got up and walked around the small table, then leaned down to kiss him. “I want you! I will be your mate!”

Lantash embraced her and returned the kiss, deepening it for a moment before letting go of her, remembering where they were. “I look forward to being back in the hotel room with you, my mate.” He murmured, his voice hoarse.

“So do I.” Sam blushed a little, then glanced in the direction of the other customers, but no one seemed to care.

She sat down and picked up her fork.

Lantash looked at her plate. “May I try those?”

“The prawns? Sure?” Sam speared one of them on her fork, then held it out to him.

He leaned forward a little and took the offered food with his mouth, then chewed it slowly, swallowing. “It is very good.”


“Please.” He smiled.

The waiter had brought them the main course - consisting of sirloin steaks, fries, and peppercorn sauce, which they had eaten with relish. The food was good, but they still ate faster than they usually would, as they were all looking forward to being alone together again.

After eating their dessert - brownie and ice cream, which Lantash insisted they take turns feeding each other - they paid and went back to their hotel room.

As soon as the door closed behind them, Lantash pushed Sam against the wall and kissed her.

“I want you, need you, Samantha.” He groaned, “Now!” He began fumbling with her clothing, touching her, fondling her, everywhere.

“Yes, oh god, yes, Lantash!” Sam moaned, wrapping a leg around him and shamelessly rubbing herself against his hard erection, which was straining against the material of his pants. “Please, fuck me!” She was very happy she had opted to wear a short dress today, instead of jeans, which had been her first impulse. It would make sex against the wall easier - and that seemed to be Lantash’s plan.

Lantash kicked off his shoes and unbuttoned his jeans, pushing them and his underpants down and getting out of them amazingly fast. He kissed Sam deeply, tangling his tongue with hers. Fondling one of her breasts with his left hand, he glided the other hand down her side, continuing until he could grab the hem of her dress and pull it up. Finding the top of her panties, he yanked them down and slid his fingers between her legs.

Sam gasped out loud when he found her clit, stroking it firmly, circling it. He rubbed it until she was pushing against him and moaning steadily, then kept his thumb on her clit while he pumped first one, then two fingers into her very wet pussy. She was already getting close to orgasm.

Lantash’s cock was aching and he could not wait any longer. Grabbing her under her ass, he lifted her up a little and pushed into her, thrusting deeply. They both gasped as he slipped inside, and Sam wrapped her legs around him, pulling him even closer and grinding against him.

He gave Martouf control, and he immediately began pumping into Sam. He kissed her deeply, then scattered kisses down to her throat and to the side of her neck, before licking and sucking at the sensitive spot he knew she had there.

Sam used her legs and the wall for leverage as she pushed back against him every time he thrust into her. She ran her hands over his shoulders, down his back, up to his neck, finding the places she could best pleasure Lantash.

Martouf groaned deeply at the added pleasure shared from Lantash, and pushed into her harder, faster. Sam made a squeal, and suddenly came, hard, her pussy almost massaging his shaft with the contractions.

He made a hoarse sound, and lost control, pounding into her as hard and fast as he could. It took very little before he came, burying his head in the crook of her neck and crying out as he spilled his seed deep inside her.

Martouf leaned heavily against the wall for a little time, Sam holding on to him in order not to fall, her legs wobbly. Eventually, he picked her up and carried her to the bed, where they snuggled under the blankets, soon falling asleep.

The next day, Friday, was their last day in London, as they were leaving for Paris, France the next day.

“What would you like to do today?” Sam asked, kissing Lantash.

“Stay in bed all day and mate?”

Naughty! Aren’t you hungry?”

“Yes, I’m famished!” Lantash looked at her with an expression that left her little doubt that it was not food he was talking about.

She felt her cheeks grow a little warm. “Um, while it does sound nice, I would like some real food too.”

“Can’t we send for some?” He grinned, naughtily.

“You’re incurable! Yes, I guess we can.” She smiled at him. “I’ll just take a quick bath, and use the toilet, then I’ll be back and order something for us. Okay?”

“Yes, that is agreeable.” Lantash said, sitting up in the bed, not caring that he was naked. He looked around and spotted the remote control, and retrieving it, he turned on the television. “Martouf and I will find something to keep ourselves entertained with until you return.” He grinned at her, then again looked at her with hunger as she jumped out of bed and hurried to the bathroom.

Chapter 13: A Movie - and Information from Home