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14: France

Summary: Sam and Martouf/Lantash continue their journey, going to Paris, France.

Warning: explicit sex

Next day, they checked out from the hotel and travelled by airplane to Paris.

“The people in this country are speaking a different language,” Martouf observed.

“Yes, they speak ‘French’.” Sam shook her head. “I forgot to say - there are many different cultures and languages on Earth.”

“There are different languages spoken on different planets as well, though most places either some form of Goa’uld, or standard, is spoken. Neither Lantash nor I have heard this language before, though.”

“I don’t speak French either. Don’t worry about it - in most places they understand English.” Sam suddenly frowned. “How come you - and a large percentage of the population in the Galaxy - speak English? Modern English, even, mostly, if somewhat more correct than what most people use.”

Martouf got an expression Sam had learned to recognize as meaning he was talking to Lantash. After a few moments, he looked at Sam. “We do not know. We did not find it strange when we first met you, as it is a common tongue on many worlds. However, Anise has pointed out to us that your dialect is closer to the ‘official’ standard than any other. We believed it was because the ancestors of all humans originally were from your world.”

“But the language would have changed, even if it was brought from here!”

“It would, and it has - in some places quite much, even if it has in many places been kept deliberately preserved, so at least the core is unchanged. However, what is more surprising is that it has not changed here , on this world, with so many people and so many different languages.“

“Oh, English has changed lots here, and what you speak is the modern version, so it can’t be from when humans were captured from this world... and it wasn’t spoken many places outside England at the time most humans were taken from Earth, so that’s even stranger.”

Martouf nodded. “Yes. There are rumours ... rumours of four strangers from a distant place, coming to assist in the rebellion against Ra.”

“5000 years ago! That’s a long time ago - and those four strangers had to have come from the future.” She shook her head. “I wonder... no, that’s crazy ...”

“Regardless of who they were, one of them lived among the locals for a long time, and taught them what we now call standard. Since these strangers helped the locals prepare a rebellion, their language was revered, and originally not understood by the Goa’uld, and so it was chosen as the preferred tongue - in secret as first - among those who were taken off world before Ra was made to leave. Later it spread.”

“It’s a very strange rumour.” Sam again shook her head. “But I guess no stranger than many other things we’ve experienced, and it does, sort of, explain things.”

They walked into the hotel where Sam had booked a room for them, and went up to the reception desk, to check in.

“What? You do not have a room for us? But I booked one a week ago!” Sam exclaimed. “This is my booking number!” She handed him the paper.

“I am sorry, madame, but there are no more rooms. Perhaps there has been some sort of... mix-up. There is nothing I can do.” The man looked resigned, though apologetic.

“At least check the booking number in your computer!” Sam insisted.

“We have no rooms, madame. Your booking number will not help.”

Prodded by Lantash, Martouf addressed the man. “Does it not prove you had promised to reserve a room for us? May we talk to your...” He looked unsure. “Overlord? Ah, overseer, perhaps?”

“Manager,” Sam quickly said.

The clerk looked unhappy, but one of his co-workers quickly came up to them and took over. “May I assist you, madame and monsieur?”

“We have a reservation for a room, but we are told there are no available rooms.” Sam said, beginning to get angry.

“Unfortunately, there are no rooms left.” He looked apologetic. “Let me see the booking number, perhaps there has been a mistake.”

Sam rolled her eyes, but decided against saying anything while the man typed on the computer.

“We are just married and are on our... honeymoon,” Martouf informed him. “I will be very unhappy if my wife must sleep outside tonight.”

“Ah, honeymoon.” The clerk said, smiling. “While there are no more normal rooms, we do have the bridal suite. Would you be interested in that?”

“Is it a good... suite ?” Martouf asked.

“Of course!” The man looked almost offended. “It’s very large, 30 m2, with a large double bed, a separate sitting area, a balcony, fireplace, marble floors in the bathroom, and a jacuzzi. You will like it, monsieur - and so will your wife.”

“Very good. We will take that, then,” Martouf said, hoping it was not a problem.

Sam shook her head, but then shrugged. Probably Stargate Command would not complain about this one luxury.

“Wow - this place is really nice!” Sam exclaimed, when they had put down their luggage in the room and was checking it out.

“I believe it is quite acceptable.”

“Don’t compare it to whatever outrageously luxurious place you’ve been undercover as a Goa’uld!”

“I would never do that,” Martouf insisted. He went out into the bathroom. “There is a large pool, that is a pleasant surprise. As you know, we have many pools in the Tok’ra tunnels - both large and small ones, as well as public and private bathing pools. I did not know the Tau’ri sometimes had them as well.”

“That’s the jacuzzi the receptionist mentioned.” Sam said, joining him in the bathroom. “Okay - that’s the biggest jacuzzi I’ve ever seen!”

“Perhaps we could bathe in it together, my Samantha? I find that a bath would be refreshing after the journey, and I would very much like to share it with you.” He smiled, mischievously.

Sam rolled her eyes. “I’m sure you would! Well, I do agree - it does sound nice, but I’m starving. What do you say we find some place to eat dinner, then come back here and, ah, bathe together?” She winked at him.

“May I come out into the bathroom now?” Sam asked, raising her voice a little to be heard over the water running.

Martouf and Lantash had insisted on buying candles, sparkling wine, and a bottle of some type of bath foam that they had deemed smelled acceptable.

“Yes, certainly, Samantha,” Martouf answered, opening the door for her. “Please, join us.”

He stood, naked, in the door, smiling at her. He had a very large, very hard erection, so Sam did not have difficulties guessing what he was thinking about. Well, she was thinking the same!

Sam had put on the nightgown Lantash had picked out, since she knew he liked it, and since she needed something to wear while she waited for Martouf and Lantash to prepare the bath.

“Great, I’ll just remove this.” She touched her nightgown.

“No, let me do that.” Martouf quickly grabbed a towel and dried his hands, then caught Sam, pulling her to him. “Now, isn’t this much nicer?”

He slowly ran his hands down her body, then up again, untying the gown and pulling it off her. He dumped it on a chair, all the time looking at her, with a rapt expression.

Martouf pushed her panties down and pressed himself to her, trapping his hard erection between them. He kissed her deeply, then took her hand and lead her into the bathroom.

“Wow, that looks really nice!” Sam said. She looked at the candles lighting up the room, the whirlpool filled with water with foam on top, and the small table that had been pulled up to the pool, and which had a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket, and two glasses standing on it. The room smelled pleasantly of the scented bath foam.

“I am pleased you approve.”

They crawled into the jacuzzi and Martouf turned on the jets and the underwater lights. Sam giggled, as the air bubbles were pushed through the water and over her skin. “It tickles a little!”

“I find the sensation quite pleasant,” Martouf said, pulling Sam to him. “Come, sit here before me, and allow me to wash you?”

“Mmm, that sounds nice.” Sam smiled, scooting up to sit just in front of Martouf.

Using a sponge, he slowly and sensually washed her back, her shoulders, then down over her breasts. At that point he put aside the sponge and poured fragrant soap over his hands, then used them to wash and caress her breasts.

Sam moaned softly and leaned back against him. She could feel his hardness against her back, and she wiggled her butt against him, making him gasp.

“My beloved Samantha,” Lantash murmured, having taken over control from Martouf. He slowly washed the soap off her, then leaned forward to place a kiss on her neck.

She stretched to allow him better access, and he began kissing, licking, and sucking at her neck and the spot where it met her shoulders.

“Oh, Lantash... that feels wonderful!”

Sam made soft sounds of obvious pleasure, and Lantash felt his desire increase, deciding the wine could wait until later.

He continued kissing her neck and back, as he slid his hands down over her body. He fondled one of her breasts with his left hand, while slipping his other hand down between her legs, beginning to pleasure her there. Slowly, he stroked her clit, circling it with his fingers.

Martouf took over, pushing Sam up and against the side of the jacuzzi, so she was half-leaning over the wide sides of it. Before she had time to ask what he was doing, he thrust inside her, groaning with pleasure from the feeling of her tight pussy enveloping him. Sam gasped from the sensation, pushing back against him and causing him to slide in deeper.

He kept one hand between her legs, using his fingers on her clit, and wrapped the other hand around her body, as he began thrusting into her again and again.

The water sloshed out on the floor as he increased his speed and force, quickly approaching orgasm. Martouf made a hoarse cry, then rammed into her one more time, crying out as he came.

Sam was very close to climaxing as well, and pushed herself against the fingers Martouf held against her clit. Realizing this, he managed to clear his mind enough of the pleasurable haze from his orgasm, to rub his fingers against her, making her come almost immediately.

He gasped as her pussy contracted around his still hard cock, sending another wave of pleasure through him and Lantash.

After several moments, he sat back down into the water, pulling Sam down with him. She half-turned in his arms, kissing him deeply.

Martouf returned the kiss, then lazily grabbed the bottle of champagne and poured some into both the glasses. He handed her one of them, then clinked his own against it. He looked at her, an expression of love on his face. “To love and happiness.”

“Yes. I will drink to that.” Sam smiled. “Love and happiness.”

“What would you like to see? I guess the Eiffel Tower is something you’re supposed to see when you’re in Paris, so we could go see that?”

“I have no idea what that is, but as you know, both Lantash and I are happy just to spend time with you, and we are also interested in learning more about your world.”

“Okay.” Sam gave him a kiss. “Then let’s go see the Eiffel Tower - and then maybe we can see the catacombs or something. That might be fun - and educational.” She looked thoughtful. “Maybe Versailles also.”

“What is that?”

“A royal palace where some of France’s kings lived. It’s famous for being very beautiful.”

Martouf nodded. “It might be interesting to see a palace which was not built by a Goa’uld.”

“Well, there’s plenty of those on the planet!” Sam smiled.

They were returning from seeing first the Eiffel Tower, and then the catacombs, when Lantash spotted a poster on the wall in the metro.

“What is ‘Moulin Rouge’? From the picture it looks... interesting.”

Sam glanced at the poster showing dancing girls, wearing very little. She rolled her eyes. “It’s an entertainment venue. They’re offering cabarets, uh, music and dance - mostly somewhat, ah, suggestive.”

“That sounds very interesting.” Lantash smiled, looking pleased.

“You want to watch scantily clad females dance?”

“Yes, that sounds... pleasing.” Lantash grinned. “Of course, not nearly as pleasing as it would be to look at you wearing little - or nothing.” He pulled her to him and kissed her. “It might be fascinating to watch together... I think it would be a good, ah, ‘couple activity’.”

Couple activity. I’m not sure you should watch all those talk shows on television.” Sam shook her head, grinning. She decided not to tease him anymore. “Okay - you’re right. It might be fun. Besides, I think it’s one of the ‘must see’ things of Paris. Cultural heritage, or something, you know.” She returned his kiss.

“Thank you.” He smiled widely, pleased.

Sam’s telephone rang when they stepped off the metro train. “Hello?”

She had stepped over to a corner, and Martouf/Lantash had stood so as to keep people at some distance while she talked on the cell phone. She had spoken in a low voice, so the probability that anyone had overheard, was essentially nonexistent.

Sam hung up and put the telephone back into her pocket, then walked over to Martouf/Lantash, looking relieved and smiling a little.

“Good news?” Martouf asked.

“Yes.” Sam nodded. “Come.”

They walked outside and to a park, where they found a fairly deserted place to talk.

“I do not believe anyone will be able to overhear us here,” Martouf said with confidence.

“I agree. Well, it’s not something with high security, just... you know, talking about things happening at Stargate Command or, ah, where we usually go for our work... shouldn’t be done in public.”

“Of course.”

“Well, you know SG-2 and Teal’c were planning to make a diversion... something that might enable Colonel O’Neill to escape. Well, they got the plans for the place from the Tok’ra, and they had to accept that it would not be possible to get into Ba’al’s fortress, but they did manage to plant some explosives and make Ba’al’s people think Lord Yu was attacking. The Colonel and Kanan - and Ba’al’s lo’tar - managed to escape during the commotion. They’re all safe.”

“That is good to know.” Martouf nodded. “It is always cause for celebration when someone escapes the clutches of a Goa’uld, and Ba’al is both intelligent, cunning, and ah, inventive, when it comes to his torture. It is good they are no longer in his power.”

“Yes, it is.” Sam frowned.

“What is it? Surely O’Neill and Kanan are not still affected by O’Neill’s zatarc programming?”

Sam shook her head. “No, they’re not, but they’re suffering from sarcophagus withdrawal. Kanan can’t leave the Colonel until those aftereffects are gone, but... well, that’s the odd thing. My dad said that he’s not even sure Colonel O’Neill wants Kanan to leave any more!”

Martouf was quiet for some time, then nodded. “They have been through a very bad time together. No doubt Ba’al has tortured them to death many times, and O’Neill and Kanan had no one but each other to rely on - to keep them sane, and to comfort each other. Such experiences tend to make people... bond. It is not unlikely that even someone as anti-Tok’ra as O’Neill, might end up... liking... his symbiote.”

“So they might remain blended?”

“Yes, maybe.”

“Wow. That’s strange!” Sam said, with conviction.

“Samantha... Lantash and I have reflected on this several times... whenever you are using that ‘cell phone’. Is it really a safe technology? Can it not be intercepted? Or used to track our movements?”

Sam nodded slowly. “It can, yes, but this is a fairly new cell phone, with a new number, as you know, and no one but Stargate Command has the number. So, no one should be able to connect it with me.”

“As long as everyone at Stargate Command can be trusted. Which we know they cannot. O’Neill was an example of that. If he could be brainwashed, others can as well.”

“I agree, but it’s not like lots of people have this number. I’ve only ever talked to General Hammond and my dad, while using it, and I doubt they would have given it to anyone else. Not even my team members know where I am!”

“Very true.” Martouf sighed. “We must hope it has not been compromised.”

After spending just under a week in Paris, they continued to Copenhagen, and then Berlin. After that they decided to go to Rome, taking a train this time.

They had divided up the journey in two parts, so they could travel by night train, finding that more comfortable. The first part would go from Berlin to Munich, leaving in the evening, and arriving early morning. They then had most of a day in Munich, before continuing with another night train, to Rome in Italy, again arriving in the morning.

The cabin on the train was not large, but it had two beds, as well as a private bathroom.

“Not much room here,” Sam complained, when they had managed to get their luggage into the room.

“True, but it is only for a night - and I assume it is possible to walk through the train in the corridors?” Martouf said.

“Yes, it is, and there’s a dining car as well, so we can go sit there for a while.”

“There is not much room in the beds, however, but I believe we shall manage.” Martouf got a glint in his eyes.

“Do you ever think of anything but sex?” Sam said, rolling her eyes at him.

“How could I think of much else when I am on my ‘honeymoon’ with my beloved?”

“True enough.” Sam smiled warmly at him, putting her arms around him and kissing him.

Chapter 15: Rome