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15: Rome

Summary: After a few other stops around Europe, Sam and Martouf/Lantash arrive in Rome.

Warning: explicit sex

It was not yet ten o’clock in the morning, when Sam and Martouf/Lantash stepped out of the train on Roma Termini - the main train station in Rome.

“I remember you mentioning something about Egeria visiting Rome, once?” Sam said, as they were walking through the station, from where the train had arrived, towards where the metro entrance was.

“Yes.” Martouf nodded. “During the time when she was trying to convince the Goa’uld to stop taking slaves from the Tau’ri - and to make those few minor Goa’uld still living there, leave. She had not yet turned fully Tok’ra, at least not officially. She went to several places on this world, including Rome... and Egypt.”

“She wasn’t successful, was she?”

“Actually she was, but not at first. Only one minor Goa’uld allowed himself to be swayed by Egeria while she was here, and while he did leave the Tau’ri, he did not join the Tok’ra. However, she later went directly to Ra, and since she was still one of his queens, even becoming a favourite for a short time, she did manage to convince him to not only stop sending raiding parties to your planet, but also to make most other Goa’uld leave and no longer take slaves from there.”


“She convinced him it was not worth the trouble, and that the Tau’ri were not worthy slaves since they had rebelled long ago... slowly, whispering into his ear, she made him think he had thought of this. She then told him that since he had decided not to use that world, other Goa’uld should also not... since it was his, and doing so was an insult to him.”

“He went for that?”

“I would think she made a much better case than I just did, and that she did it at times when he was, ah, receptive to her charms.” Martouf smiled wryly. “In any case, she was eventually successful, though I think it was a slow process.”

“Impressive, in any case.” Sam checked the signs around them. “This way - I think.”

Sam and Martouf/Lantash had made their way to the hotel, and checked in to the room they had booked.

“Anything special you’d like to see here?” Sam asked.

“Not particularly. I know little of this city, just as is the case for any Tau’ri city,” Lantash said. “However, I do have some genetic memories from when Egeria was here, and I actually would like to see if any of those places she visited still exists.”

“Well, I suppose ‘the Colosseum’ and ‘the Pantheon’ would have been around, as well as a number of other large stone buildings that are probably more or less ruins now, like ‘the Roman Forum’, ‘Imperial Forums’, and, uh, ‘Palantine Hill’ I think it’s called. When was she here?”

“As it was well before she turned officially Tok’ra, or spawned any of the Tok’ra, it was more than 2000 years ago, but I believe less than 2050 years ago.” Lantash got a faraway look on his face, as he accessed a distant part of his genetic memory, not usually relevant for him. “I do not believe there was a stone colosseum in Rome when Egeria was there. I believe there was a wooden amphitheater, which I think she was forced to visit a number of times, as someone’s guest. I know there were various fora in the city, as well as a number of temples.”

Sam grinned. “I forget how very long lives you guys have! Compared to that, even much of human history doesn’t seem long!”

“Actually, Egeria was very young when she started the Tok’ra - not yet 100 years old... which is not much for a symbiote,” Lantash said. “But I do understand what you mean.” He smiled.

Sam nodded. “Okay, we’ll look up which ruins are the oldest, then go check out those, as well as a few museums.” She kissed him. “Then maybe we can find a few newer things to look at as well - restaurants, cafes, shops...”

They spent a couple days looking at ruins, including several temples. Lantash did notice a few places he was fairly certain Egeria had visited, but mostly the city had changed so much, and the buildings from back then had deteriorated to such a degree, that it was completely unrecognizable. Martouf and Lantash still found it an interesting experience, and since they by now was getting used to the crowds of people almost everywhere, they found the large city fascinating.

“Hey, have you seen this?” Sam said, reading a booklet they had picked up at a museum. “They say that ‘a grove sacred to Egeria was situated near the ‘Porta Capena’, one of Rome’s gates. Later, in the second and third century, a nearby natural grotto was fashioned with an arched roof and a niche with a statue of Egeria. The surfaces were constructed with green and white marble, the floor made with porphyry, and there were friezes of mosaic. There were also a spring which was made to feed large pools, one of which was known as the ‘Lake of Health’. There are still remnants of a monument there.’”

“That certainly sounds interesting, though most of that sounds as if it was built later. Egeria would not have wanted places of worship to have been constructed in her honor, but Lantash and I would still like to see the place,” Martouf admitted.

“Well, then let’s go there?”

They found the grove in the archaeological park of the Caffarella, between Appian Way and Via Latina.

All that was left of what had once been a sacred wood, was three oaks, which according to legend had been where Egeria had met with a Roman king named Numa Pompilius - for amorous encounters and to advise him on various things. There was also the area around the grotto, which had been made into a small place of worship for Egeria.

“Recognize anything?” Sam asked. “From your genetic memory, I mean.”

Lantash shook his head, then spoke, hiding the distortion from his voice, as he usually did when he was on Earth, and outside Stargate Command - except when they were alone together somewhere. “No, and according to what it says here in this booklet, this Roman king lived more than 500 years before Egeria was born! I suspect there has been some mix-ups in your mythology, though she did spend some time with a human of a fairly high position, while she was on your world.” He read some more in the text. “It says here that these stories are indeed mythical, as are the king just mentioned. Also, the woods dedicated to Egeria, as well as the spring, are supposedly near a place called ‘the Baths of Caracalla’ - though these were obviously constructed later.”

“Well, I guess we should be able to find that. I seem to remember those were mentioned in one of the brochures,” Sam said.

“No, I don’t think I recognize anything here either,” Lantash mused.

“Well, these ruins are apparently what is left of buildings that were made several hundred years later than when Egeria was here. Since the woods and the spring was ‘near’ this place, we should take a walk and see?” Sam suggested. “I realize we’re inside the city, and that there’s probably little left, but anyway?”

“A very good idea.” Lantash smiled at her.

They walked around the area for some time, until Lantash stopped, and frowned, then shook his head. “If there ever was a spring here, or a grove, they are gone now. Let’s go back to the baths. For a moment, there, I thought I sensed naquadah, even though that should not be the case.”


He nodded. “Yes.”

They walked back inside the ruins from the baths, and to the place Lantash believed he had sensed the naquadah.

“Anything?” Sam asked.

“Possibly.” He quickly glanced around him, but no one was near them, or looked at them, so he crawled under one of the ropes that fenced off parts of the ruins, then walked over to pick up something that looked like dirt to Sam. He nodded as he walked back to Sam. “There’s naquadah in this. Not much, but traces.” He held the handful out to Sam.

She took it, and felt a slight tingling. “All right. Naquadah, but where would it come from?”

“Possibly Egeria actually did live here for some time. I believe she may have spawned one or two batches of symbiotes here in Rome, and so she would have needed a pool or small lake, which she would preferably have enriched with naquadah, in order to allow the young larvae to absorb enough of it. If that lake was here, then there might still be naquadah left in the ground this many years later.”

“Wow. That’s... weird.” Sam gave him a half-smile. “So, were these Tok’ra? Or Goa’uld?”

“Goa’uld, most likely, or at least not quite Tok’ra. A very few of the symbiotes she spawned before turning Tok’ra, has joined the Tok’ra. There are also a few who are - mostly - sympathetic to our cause. Those who are still alive, will sometimes help the Tok’ra.”

Sam nodded. “Okay. Well, at least we found a possible connection to Egeria.”

They had eaten dinner at a small restaurant they had found near the hotel a couple days ago, and which had really good food and wine. Now Sam was a little tipsy, and they were all very relaxed and happy, as they walked back to their hotel room.

Sam leaned happily against Martouf, and he put an arm around her and pulled her closer, as he unlocked the door to their room.

They stepped inside and closed the door.

“My sweet Samantha...” Martouf embraced her and kissed her softly. “Lantash and I would like to pleasure you, beloved.” He kissed her again.

“Mmm, that sounds very nice.” Sam smiled, and returned the kiss. “Can I take a quick bath first? Walking around the whole day means I’m feeling sweaty and dusty... not very appealing.”

“You are very much appealing to us,” Martouf assured her.

“Thanks, you’re a sweetie, but I still think I’d like a bath. I promise, I’ll be quick.”

Martouf nodded. “Lantash suggests we take a bath as well... perhaps you would like us to join you?” He looked enthused about the idea.

“If you do, then I doubt we’ll get much bathing done!” She winked at him.

A naked Martouf/Lantash walked out from the bathroom, smiling. He went over to Sam, who was sitting at her laptop, looking at some problem she had brought with her to study while she was away from Stargate Command.

Sam looked appreciatively at him. “Did you have a nice bath?”

“Yes, absolutely, though it would have been even better if you had been in there with us.” He took her hand and gently pulled her up, kissing her when she stood beside him.

“Mmm, maybe we should do that tomorrow, then...” She threw her arms around him and kissed him slowly, and very thoroughly.

Martouf closed his eyes, deepening the kiss and embracing her, running his hands down her body and pushing the nightgown off her as he did so.

He lovingly caressed her naked back, sliding his hands down to her butt and fondling it. He lifted her up and carried her to the bed, where he put her down. “Lie back and spread your legs for me, beloved.”

Sam blushed a little at being so exposed to his gaze, but did as he asked.

Martouf took a moment to enjoy the sight of her, lying open before him. Her legs were stretched out, bent slightly at the knees. He let his gaze slide up over her stomach to her breasts, with her nipples hardened to points.

She swallowed and ran her tongue over her lips as she looked at him with an expression of lust.

“So, are you just going to look at me?” Sam asked, pretending to pout.

“You are so beautiful, my Samantha... but I assure you, I am going to do much more than look.” He smiled. “I am going to make your moan and cry out as you come on my tongue, and then I will mount you and pound into you until you come again.”

Sam made a sharp intake of breath as he placed a kiss on the inside of her thigh, then scattered kisses and nibbles until he reached his goal. She gasped and arched her back as he flicked his tongue over her clit, then sucked gently on it. “Martouf!”

Pleased with her reaction, he continued licking and sucking, while pumping one, then two, then three fingers inside her, as she got wetter. Sam whimpered and moved her head from side to side, grabbing the sheets hard with her fists, as Martouf took her to the edge of orgasm, then kept her there for several minutes.

Her pleas changed to demands, echoed by Lantash, who insisted Martouf stopped tormenting Samantha and let her come - and then fucked her, hard, so they could get some relief from the ache in their very hard shaft.

Martouf chuckled softly, before giving in to the demands and increasing the speed and pressure of his licks, ending by sucking on her clit as she cried out from the intensity of her climax, bucking against his mouth and tangling her fingers in his hair.

He enjoyed the passionate sight of his beloved, trembling from her orgasm. Scooting up beside her, he embraced her and kissed her. She still panted a little, then suddenly got a predatory grin on her face. She tangled her legs with his, and rolled him over on his back, sitting across him.

Smiling, she positioned herself and slowly slid down over his hard cock, shuddering at the pleasant sensation of fullness. She wiggled a little, relaxed, and took him the rest of the way inside, settling against him.

Martouf swallowed and looked up at her, as she closed her eyes and began riding him. He ran his hands over her body, cupping her breasts, fondling them as he enjoyed the sight of his beautiful beloved, fucking herself on him.

“My wonderful Samantha...” He slid his hands down to her hips, and grabbed hold of them, thrusting upwards in time with her movements.

Sam kept up her slow rhythm, allowing him to slide almost out, before taking him inside again, rubbing against him each time she reached bottom.

Martouf was getting frustrated with the slow movement, and pulled her down harder, trying to make her move faster.

Sam giggled and pushed against his hands. “Patience, lover.”

He made a hoarse sound. “Samantha! I... we...” He swallowed. “We need to come, please, beloved...”

She smiled, and indulged him a little, squeezing him with her pussy as she slid down. Martouf gasped, and his eyes flashed, as Lantash took over.

He immediately took hold of her hips, and rolled them over, starting to pound into her hard and fast.

Sam moaned, and forgot any thoughts she might have had to tell him to control himself. She was fast approaching orgasm, and asking him to stop could not be further from her mind.

Lantash made a few more frantic thrusts, then cried out as he spilled his seed inside her. Sam was only moments after him, and she soon climaxed, trembling under him.

Chapter 16: Egypt