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19: A Costume Party


There is a costume party on the cruise boat, and Sam gets to dress up and dance!

Warning: explicit sex

“So, will you be dressing up for the costume party tonight?” Sam asked, grinning. “I bet you’ll look cute in traditional Egyptian garb!”

“In that case I shall ‘dress up’ as you call it.” Lantash smiled at her. “I have worn something similar before, though much more lavishly decorated and with much jewelry as well.”

“Undercover, right?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Well, since they’re calling it ‘Egyptian Night’, and we’re having a buffet of Egyptian specialties, then by all means, let’s dress up. I’m sure it’ll be fun!”

“In that case we should go and acquire the garments. It says here on the note that we are to pick them up in the forward lounge.”


Martouf took over control from Lantash, and Sam and they went to the lounge and found several others who were already going through the costumes, choosing what to wear.

“I believe this one will fit me,” Martouf said, picking up one of the costumes.

“Well, it looks like most of them will fit anyone!” Sam grinned. “They look pretty much one-size to me!”

“Yes, one might have wished for the opportunity to choose more revealing clothes,” Martouf observed, throwing Sam a naughty glance.

“I think there’s going to be belly dancing, so you can look at those!”

“What is ‘belly dancing’?”

“Depends, I think Daniel said once that the name was also used for a type of folk dance in much of the middle east, but in this case, since it’s for tourists, I’m pretty sure it means scantily clad females swaying and wiggling their hips and generally dancing in a fairly suggestive manner.”

“Most intriguing, but I would much rather watch you.”

“Excuse me,” a friendly looking woman said. “I could not help but overhear your conversation - if you would like to, we are looking for passengers who would like to try dancing with us. You would get to wear something a bit more, ah, risque then.”

“Ah, no. No I don’t think so,” Sam said, looking somewhat embarrassed. “I’m not a great dancer, and I’ve never tried belly dancing.”

“Why not do it anyway? Just for fun? It might be an interesting experience,” the woman argued, then added in a low voice. “I think your husband would enjoy it.”

“Oh, I don’t doubt that!” Sam shook her head, then suddenly grinned. “You know? Why not. I am on vacation!”

“Great! Come with me, and we’ll find you some clothes and then we will show you some of the dance. I promise, we’ll just show you some of the simple moves.”

“I just know I am going to regret this!” Sam said, then gave Martouf a kiss. “I’ll be back... eventually.”

Martouf smiled at her. “Good luck, beloved.”

“That... costume looks very nice on you, love,” Martouf said, ogling Sam shamelessly. “It is quite similar to those worn by, ah, certain types of slaves at Goa’uld courts, and quite often female lo’tar’s as well. Though they would wear much more jewelry, of course, and I believe the cloth would usually be silk. Perhaps, you would like me to acquire such a dress for you when I return to the Tok’ra? With jewelry, of course?”

Sam laughed, feeling very happy. The belly dancing lessons had been fun, and she had had a good time. “Maybe... though I assume you’d like me to dance for you then?” She wiggled her hips suggestively. “I warn you - they taught us a few moves, but I’m not sure how good I am at it. Of course, I hear it’s good exercise, so perhaps I could practise?”

Actually, she had learned very quickly, surprising the dancers greatly, to the point were they almost did not believe she had not tried it before. She had not, though she had suddenly remembered something from Jolinar... or more correctly, from Jolinar’s first host, Arnora. She had been a dancer at Jolinar’s father’s palace, before Jolinar took her as a host, and the dances she had performed had been not unlike these.

“I think I would like that - if I get to watch.” He smiled, suggestively. “Perhaps you will also allow me to practise something with you tonight? Something I can never get enough practise in?”

“Sounds interesting.” She smiled at Martouf. “By the way... I think you look cute in that,” she pointed at his galabeya, “but it’s a bit... modest, isn’t it?” She giggled.

“Much more so than it would have been, had this been Goa’uld clothes,” Martouf agreed. “Both male and female clothing are often quite revealing. Of course, Goa’uld clothing are also often quite garish and outrageously overloaded with gold and jewels.”

They had arrived in the restaurant, which had been decorated for the evening. It was full of people dressed like Sam and Martouf/Lantash - though most were wearing clothes like Martouf/Lantash, and only a few wore costumes similar to what Sam wore.

Sam had on a red top, embroidered with much gold, and with a golden fringe of threads that hung down from it, while still leaving the majority of her midriff bare. She wore a matching skirt, made out of several layers of a thin material. She also had a red silk veil and she wore a pair of soft golden leather shoes, though she would probably be removing those when it was time to dance.

There were plenty of delicious food and drink, but Sam ate less of it than she would otherwise, as she did not want to feel stuffed when she was going to dance. She did, however, drink several glasses of a refreshing lightly alcoholic beverage, hoping it would take care of the awkwardness she would otherwise feel performing in front of people. She was very glad she would not be dancing alone, as she remembered Arnora had sometimes had to.

Martouf and Lantash looked, mesmerized, at Sam. She was following the rhythm of the music, swaying her hips. She seemed to be very talented, about on par with the professional dancers. She smiled at them as she undulated her body to the rhythm, then made a few suggestive thrusts with her hips.

There were three professional dancers, and four of the passengers who had agreed to try, but Martouf and Lantash had eyes only for Samantha, as she moved her arms and hands fluidly through the air, swaying her body, and twirling the veil around her.

She winked at them, as she continued to dance, feeling almost as if none of the others were there, only her and Martouf/Lantash.

The dance ended, and the audience clapped and cheered at all of the dancers. Sam hurried to Martouf and Lantash, who immediately caught her up in their arms.

“Very impressive, Samantha... you are very talented... very sexy,” Martouf murmured in a low voice. “You were clearly being much too modest when you claimed a lack of proficiency in this art.”

“Thank you,” Sam said, blushing a little. “I... well, I have truly never tried it before, but when I put on the clothes, and started dancing, it came to me. From Jolinar... or more correctly, her first host, Arnora. She was a dancer, before becoming Jolinar’s host.”

“I think Jolinar may have mentioned it once. You clearly put those memories to good use.” Martouf smiled widely. He bowed his head, giving Lantash control.

“You are stunning, and so very attractive, Samantha. Please promise me you will dance some other time, just for Martouf and me? I shall ensure you get appropriate clothes.”

Sam kissed him, feeling happy, and a little self-conscious. “I think I can be persuaded to do that.”

They were barely inside their room, with the door locked, before Martouf pushed Sam against the wall and started kissing her. Sam threw her arms around him and pulled him even closer, wrapping a leg around him and grinding herself against him as she deepened the kiss.

He pulled at her clothing, and she willingly started helping him. It did not take long before she stood naked before him, and he leaned in to kiss her breasts. Sam moaned softly as he took one of her nipples between his lips, and flicked his tongue over the tip, simultaneously using a hand to stimulate her other breast.

Sam tried getting Martouf’s clothing off him, but he was still wearing the traditional Egyptian garb, which was essentially an ankle-long tunic, and she could not get it off him easily.

“Ah, you are eager for me to be naked, my Samantha.” Martouf grinned, and quickly took off the garment, wasting no time pulling off his underpants as well. “Are you satisfied, my beloved?”

“Not yet, but I hope I’ll soon be,” Sam said with a mischievous look in her eyes.

“I can promise you that!” Martouf attempted to grab her, but she giggled and fled across the room, in the direction of the bed.

His eyes flashed as Lantash took control. “I accept your challenge, Samantha. I shall catch you!” He ran after her, reaching her quickly and grabbing hold of her.

Giggling, Sam play-fought him, and they tumbled to the bed, with Lantash on top of her. “Isn’t this much better?” Sam asked, suggestively pushing her ass up against him.

“Very much so,” Lantash said, hoarsely. “Raise your ass a little more for me, beloved.”

Sam immediately obeyed, and he slipped a hand under her, and between her legs, feeling how wet she was. He began stroking her clit, while spreading her labia with the other hand, then pushed inside her with his very hard shaft.

They both hissed from the sensation. Sam was tight, but so very wet, and she again pushed up against him, wanting him to move.

He happily did as she wanted, and started pumping in and out of her in a slow rhythm. He changed the angle a little and thrust harder, making Sam gasp out loud when he hit her g-spot.

“Lantash! Oh!” Sam panted as he suddenly increased his speed, while at the same time keeping his fingers on her clit, circling it, stroking it, sometimes a little softer, then a little harder again. It was not long before she bucked under him as a powerful climax hit her.

He made a hoarse sound as her pussy almost massaged his cock. He forgot his intention of making her come at least twice before he did, and rammed himself into her until he cried out with his own orgasm.

They collapsed on the bed and after a few moments, Lantash rolled them over on the side. They soon fell asleep, snuggling closely together.

Chapter 20: A Goa'uld from the Past