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23: Home


Finally, the conspirators are all captured.

Warning: Explicit sex

Sam felt pretty tired when she walked into Stargate Command, followed by Martouf and Lantash. They had only stopped briefly at their hotel to pick up their stuff, before travelling directly to Peterson Air Force Base and then Cheyenne Mountain.

After being given a little time to bathe and change to fresh clothes, they were taken to a briefing room, where Hammond, Jacob/Selmak, Johan/Malek, and Freya/Anise were waiting.

“Welcome back, Sam, Martouf, Lantash,” Jacob said, smiling.

“Hi, dad!” Sam smiled back at him, looking forward to the meeting being over with, so she could go and give him a hug.

“Hello, Jacob,” Martouf greeted him.

“Sit down, Major. You too, Martouf,” Hammond said, a friendly expression on his face.

“Yes, sir.” Sam sat down.

Martouf followed her example, and sat down beside her, looking expectantly at Hammond and the others.

“Thanks to you, this conspiracy is no longer a threat. Petbe and Mehen have been transferred to a Tok’ra base, where they are being interrogated. Kinsey, as well as those other people from Earth who were working for the Goa’uld, have been arrested. We’re currently in the process of determining which of them were zatarcs, and which were willing participants, regardless of how much they knew,” Hammond told them.

“The database you downloaded contained a full list of all involved, including those among the Tok’ra. There were another four that we had missed, but who have now been apprehended,” Jacob said.

“That is good news, Jacob.” Martouf looked solemn. “I hope none of them were truly willing to betray our alliance and the Tok’ra.”

“Unfortunately, in addition to the Tok’ra we already suspected of knowingly abetting the Goa’uld, it looks as if Tavell and Sino also knew what was going on, and may have been involved in turning other Tok’ra into zatarcs. They claim to have done it to save the Tok’ra from extinction, insisting the alliance with the Tau’ri will cause that.” Malek looked apologetic. “I fear recent events may only have reinforced their belief in that. We must be vigilant and be ready to act, should others come to share this opinion.”

“Recent events?” Martouf asked, looking concerned.

“Much has happened while you were away,” Anise said.

“Just a quick question... were anyone else here at Stargate Command involved?” Sam suddenly wanted to know.

“Yes, aside from Siler, and five airmen, Colonel Reynolds had also been brainwashed. Other people involved with the Stargate program were affected as well - among others, Colonel Samuels and Colonel Simmons, though the latter died before we could apprehend him,” Hammond said.

Sam slowly shook her head. “It’s hard to believe how big this conspiracy had already become, and how many people in strategic positions they had managed to get their hands on.”

“Very true. This could have become very ugly,” Jacob said. He turned to Martouf. “The recent events Malek and Anise alluded to, are... well, let’s start from the beginning. Some weeks ago, Anubis attacked one of our bases. It was not the first attack; several outposts had been hit before that, and some of the people from those were at the base Anubis now attacked. We fled to the Alpha site, and that’s where everyone from our base are still located.”

“How many survived?” Martouf asked, almost not daring to ask.

“Only about one-third of the Tok’ra on the base.”

Martouf was quiet for some time, then gave Lantash control.

“This is truly not good times for the Tok’ra. So many have died recently.”

“Yes,” Jacob said, not knowing what else to say.

Malek looked unhappy. “Which made what happened shortly after, even more unfortunate. Lantash... you must have heard the rumours... that Egeria was, perhaps, not dead?”

“Yes, I have. Jolinar believed them very strongly.”

“She was correct. However, when we did find Egeria, it was too late. The people on a planet known as Pangar, had used her for medical experimentation and forced breeding, in order to use the offspring to create a drug to make themselves healthier. It had... unfortunate side effects, and the Tau’ri contacted us. They later learned the Pangarans held Egeria imprisoned. We insisted Egeria was freed, of course, which they did not want to allow. Kelmaa gave her life, so Egeria could take her host, Minara, as her own. Unfortunately, Egeria was too weak, and soon died,” Malek explained.

Lantash looked stricken. “How can fate be so cruel! Luring us with the hope of survival, only to snatch it away at the last moment!” His expression changed to anger. “How dared the Pangarans treat Egeria so! They must be punished for this!”

“Egeria wanted them to live, and helped create a drug to save them, as her last act. As much as I, like you, Lantash, wanted to punish them, I do believe they have seen the error of their ways. Most of them, at least.” Malek sighed. “One good thing may come of it. The drug - tretonin - may be changed into something that can be used by the Jaffa, instead of them having to carry a symbiote. If that turns out to be the case, part of Egeria’s wish for the future will have been fulfilled, when the Jaffa are no longer dependent on the Goa’uld.”

“This can be done?” Lantash asked.

“We are working on it. It may take many months yet, before the drug is even ready for testing, but I believe we will be successful.”

“That, at least, is good news,” Lantash said, looking a little happier.

“Anise, you had something you wanted to say also, before we conclude this meeting?” Hammond asked.

“Yes. I have looked at some of the tablets and artefacts Petbe was collecting for his master, and it would seem he was looking for a queen.”

“A queen?” Sam wondered. “Oh, no. You mean like Hathor?”

“Yes. That would have greatly increased his chances of gaining power, since he would have access to all the symbiotes he needed for his Jaffa, without having to rely on an independent queen selling her... skill.”

“Does that mean there’s another Goa’uld queen hidden somewhere on Earth?” Sam asked. “In a sarcophagus, or in stasis, or whatever?”

“From what I have been able to tell, the queen is indeed in stasis, but it is not clear where she is. Perhaps there will be more information in the material as we go through it, but it may very well be included in something Petbe has already sent to Am-heh - or they may not even have this information yet.”

“Right. Well, we expect to be informed of anything you learn,” Hammond said.

“Of course,” Anise promised.

“Okay, if there’s nothing else, you’re dismissed, people.” Hammond turned to Sam. “I just remembered. Colonel O’Neill has returned to the base, and he is currently with Teal’c and Jonas. None of them know anything of what’s been going on, but I’m sure they’d appreciate seeing you, Major.”

“I’ll go find them immediately, sir. How much can I tell them?”

“Avoid talking about who the zatarcs were, for now, but other than that, this is no longer a secret.”

“Understood, sir.”

“One more thing. Colonel O’Neill is still blended with Kanan.”

“How is he handling it?”

“Much better than expected. Apparently they... bonded, while prisoners of Ba’al’s. I didn’t believe it when Jacob mentioned it earlier, but the Colonel repeated it himself. He’s decided to remain blended.”

Sam shook her head. “I agree. That sounds crazy. Of all the people I could imagine becoming Tok’ra, the Colonel is probably among the last!”

Sam and Martouf/Lantash stepped into the fairly large recreation lounge, which was currently empty except for O’Neill, Teal’c, and Jonas.

“Hi, guys!” Sam said, making the people at the other end of the room all turn and look up.

“Carter!” O’Neill greeted, then did a double take. “ Martouf?”

“Major Carter, Martouf. Greetings,” Teal’c said, smiling a little and bowing his head respectfully. “It is indeed good to see you.”

“Hi, Sam,” Jonas said, then looked at Martouf. “Hello.”

“Hello,” Martouf greeted. He looked at O’Neill. “Yes, it is indeed me, Martouf. I apologize for the deception, but it was necessary to allow all of you to think I was dead.”

“You weren’t a zatarc? Because, you know, I became one,” O’Neill said.

“I know. Yes, I was a zatarc, and Lantash and I spent a long time in stasis. However, with some assistance, Lantash succeeded in healing me, and we are both well.”

“How wonderful for you!” O’Neill sounded sarcastic, then shook his head. “Sorry, old habit. Kanan, ah, tells me to behave.” He smiled wryly.

Martouf smiled a little. “We owe him thanks.”

O’Neill bowed his head, giving Kanan control.

He looked at Martouf, then made the traditional Tok’ra greeting. “Hello Martouf, and Lantash. It pleases me greatly that we did not lose you.”

“Thank you, Kanan.” Martouf returned the greeting, then gave Lantash control.

“We were relieved to hear you and O’Neill managed to escape from Ba’al.”

“We did - with some assistance from Teal’c and SG-2. We also managed to rescue Shallan, Ba’al’s lo’tar.” Kanan smiled, looking very happy. “She has agreed to become our mate.”

“Congratulations.” Lantash smiled at the other Tok’ra. “This is very good news. Samantha, Martouf, and I, have also become mates.”

Kanan’s smile grew wider. “Congratulations. There will be much to celebrate when we return to the tunnels.”

“Major Carter, Lantash, Martouf. You have my congratulations and good wishes as well,” Teal’c said, also smiling.

“And mine. That’s great, Sam,” Jonas said.

“Um, thanks.” Sam looked a little embarrassed. She had been unsure how to tell her friends, but now it was out, at least.

Kanan had given O’Neill back control. “You’re certainly full of surprises! Not only are you guys not dead, but you’ve married Carter? Without telling me?” He pretended to be angry, then suddenly smiled. “That’s awesome!”

Sam looked at him, shocked. “You’re not going to say anything sarcastic?”

“No. I really am happy for you, Carter... and you.” He turned to Lantash. “Just remember... if you ever hurt her, I’m going to kill you.”

“I assure you, I would never do anything to hurt Samantha,” Lantash assured him.

“Okay.” O’Neill nodded, believing the other man. “Then why don’t we all go see if the mess hall has some sort of cake? I’m starving!”

After they had spent some time talking - and eating cake - Jacob had joined SG-1 and Martouf/Lantash. When Sam had told him that she and Martouf/Lantash had decided to become mates, he had repeated O’Neill’s threat, but he had also been very happy.

Now, Sam was looking forward to some sleep. She, and Martouf/Lantash were going to sleep in her quarters, on the base. To be honest, it was something she had fantasized about often - sharing her bed there with Martouf and Lantash, and making love with them. Now this dream would finally become reality.

Lantash closed the door behind them, and locked it, for once pleased with the Tau’ri obsession with doors and locks. He put his arms around Sam and pulled her to him.

“My beloved Samantha, I hope you are not too tired to allow Martouf and I to show you how much we love you?”

“No... I think I can just about handle that.” She kissed him, embracing him as well.

“Good, because I don’t think we can wait until tomorrow...” Lantash lifted her up and carried her to the bed, pulling the covers aside before putting her down.

He quickly began stripping off his clothing, and Sam smiled, as she spent a few moments enjoying the sight, before she quickly undressed as well. She was just shrugging out of her underwear, when Lantash joined her on the bed.

“Lantash... and Martouf. Now I finally have you here in my bed. If you knew how many times I’ve dreamt of this!” Sam blushed, as she embraced him again.

“That pleases me greatly to hear.” Lantash smirked, as he pushed Sam down on the bed and kissed her deeply.

Sam wanted to tell him he was a bastard - a cute and wonderful bastard, of course - but his kisses made her forget all about it, and his hands were quickly making her wild with desire.

He touched her just right, using one hand to fondle her breasts, the other to tease her clit. He trailed kisses down over her chin, to her throat, to her breast, sucking and licking at a nipple until it was almost painfully hard.

Sam moaned and pulled at him, caressing him, touching him everywhere she could reach. “Oh, god, Lantash, I need to feel you inside me. Now!” She found the place on his neck where she knew he was most susceptible to her caresses, and began doing her best to convince him to fuck her.

He made a half-strangled sound and kissed her hard on the mouth, before spreading her labia and thrusting inside hard, sinking deeply. He gasped as he began pumping into her. Sam whimpered softly and started moving with him, bucking up to meet his every thrust.

As aroused as Sam was, it took little time before she gasped and pulled Lantash down to her, wrapping her legs around him as she came hard.

Lantash groaned, close to coming as well. He made a few hard thrusts, then panted her name as he climaxed.

They slowly came down from their ecstasy, and Lantash kissed Sam softly, before giving control to Martouf, who also kissed her, then rolled over on his side and pulled her to him. He dragged the blanket over them, and kissed Sam’s neck. “Sleep, beloved. Lantash and I love you deeply. We very much look forward to sharing our future with you.”

“Mmm, the same... good night, Martouf, Lantash. I love you, too.” Sam murmured, already half-asleep.

They would still need to determine where to live - with the Tok’ra, at Stargate Command, or maybe share their time between the two places. There were many other obstacles to overcome, but they all felt certain they would succeed. Together.