Chosen - Chapter 3: Mates

Summary: After a night of hot love-making, Sam and Martouf/Lantash discover the meaning of one of the alien rituals they participated in the evening before; they are now married. After the first surprise and anger is gone, they begin to think about the possibilities, and soon have to admit the prospect of being mates is very attractive.

* indicates host/symbiote internal communication.
Chapter 1: Stranded | Chapter 2: Drugged | Chapter 3: Mates


Day 6.

It was almost noon when they woke up. Remembering what had happened the night before - and how wanton she had been - Sam felt very embarrassed. She threw a quick look at Martouf who was slowly waking up...or maybe it was Lantash, she was still not quite able to tell who was in control, though she had become better at it. She felt her heart beat faster. He was very attractive, and she had to admit their lovemaking had been wonderful...and very passionate. She also realised her already very strong feelings for him were growing even stronger, and she no longer really cared that they had probably originated in Jolinar's emotions. They were her feelings now, right?

Sam sighed. She did not feel like facing Martouf and Lantash right now. What if they had only felt lust for her? No, that did not sound right - that was not how either of them were. They would not have taken advantage of her if that was the case. Though...the aphrodisiac had probably made them do something they would not otherwise have. What if they regretted what had happened?

Regardless, she felt awkward and would rather not talk to them right now. She quickly slid out of bed and hurried to the small bathroom.

"Samantha?" Martouf called after her, sounding sleepy - and unsure.

Sam shut the door after her, then leaned against it and closed her eyes. She knew she had to talk to him soon. She just needed a few moments to collect her thoughts first.

After relieving herself she took a quick bath in the small pool. All buildings had a bath that was fed by the water from the hot springs, and Sam was very happy about that fact right now.

She left the bathroom wrapped in a clean - but only barely large enough - towel, and smiled a little shyly at Martouf who was half-sitting in the bed. He gave her one of his most charming smiles, and clearly ogled her. He quickly jumped out of bed and caught her in his arms, kissing her. "My beautiful Samantha." Unable not to, Sam gave in and returned his kisses, but he sensed something was wrong. He looked questioningly at her. "Samantha?"

"Ah,, need to talk, I think."

Martouf nodded slowly. "We do. I need to use the facilities, and I think I will take a very quick bath also, but I will join you shortly."


Sam had only just finished drying off and dressing, and was standing, looking out the window, when Martouf/Lantash came out from the bathroom. She turned to look at him. He was only wearing a small towel, wrapped around his waist, giving her a clear view of most of his body. Most of his hot, sexy body...

She forcefully pushed those thoughts away. She needed a clear head for this. "Martouf."

He went to the bed and sat down on it, patting the spot beside him. "Come, sit here with me, Samantha."

"Okay." She sat down beside him, wincing a little as she did so.

Martouf frowned. "You are sore?" He looked bashful. "I apologize for...ravishing you. It was your first time, we should..."

Sam interrupted him, "Martouf. No need to apologize. It wasn't exactly your fault. It was those damn meddling priests and what not! If the aphrodisiac had an effect on you that was even close to what it had on me, then there was nothing you could have done." She looked down. "Besides...I wouldn't say you ravished me..." She looked at him, blushing. "It wasn't as if I was unwilling, and, um, I seem to remember that I was actually urging you on, so..."

Martouf looked relieved. "Then you are not angry at us?"

She shook her head. "No. No, not at all. It was...wonderful, actually...I enjoyed it. A lot." She gazed into his eyes, then down. "Did you mean it? What you said...about loving me?"

"Yes, of course." He looked confused. "Lantash and I both love you. We have told you so before, yesterday, during the evening meal. Did you not believe us?" He looked hurt.

Sam swallowed. "I...I wasn't sure you meant it...that perhaps it was, ah, just lust and the effect of the drug that made you say so last night...and yesterday, during dinner...well, I was more than a little affected by both the alcohol and the drug, so...I thought perhaps I had imagined it. It...was something I had dreamt about hearing you say for a long time, so I dared not really believe it."

Martouf took both her hands in his and squeezed them. "Believe it. We love you very much." He bowed his head, giving Lantash control.

"Both of us do, if you have any doubt, which you should not." He looked at her with a guarded expression. "Now you know our feelings, but you have only told us you can feel Jolinar's emotions, but that you are not sure if you are willing to accept them as your own and that you are not sure what, if anything, you feel for us yourself. At least, that seemed to be what you told us two days ago?"

Sam sighed. It was time for her to tell him, "You're right, and I'm not playing fair." She smiled bleakly, feeling ashamed she had obviously caused him pain by behaving this way. "Yes, Jolinar's feelings confuse me, and I doubt if I will ever be able to tell which feelings are her's and which are mine...however, that very fact should have made me realise it doesn't matter. Those emotions are mine now, regardless of what originally prompted them...and I do believe some of them are my own. I'm sure some of them are. It doesn't matter. I do love you, both of you...and I'm not sorry we made love. Not at all."

Lantash smiled, looking very relieved. "Thank you, Samantha! I must admit, that despite the interference from the people of this world, what happened last night pleased me greatly...I would have preferred if we had been allowed to decide on our own, but I am not sorry about the result. It might have taken a long time yet for us to admit our feelings for each other, had we not been forced into this situation."

Sam nodded slowly. "I suppose you're right. I guess, in a way, we should be grateful to the people of this planet for making us get together." She smiled, then looked stern again. "Doesn't mean I'm not still angry at them!"

"As am I, though knowing that you love me overshadows my anger." He entwined his fingers with hers, and leaned in to capture her lips with his. "My Samantha..." He murmured as he kissed her, slowly and very thoroughly.

Sam closed her eyes and returned his kiss, moving her lips against his. She made a small sound as she parted her lips for his tongue and allowed the kiss to deepen. Lantash embraced her and pulled her into his lap. His hands roamed over her back, touching her, fondling her, everywhere. Sam slid a hand to his neck, and began caressing him. He made a hoarse sound and slipped a hand under her clothes, beginning to take it off her, when he suddenly stopped and pulled back, breathing heavily.

She made a disappointed sound and looked at him. "Lantash?"

He controlled himself with some difficulty, then met her gaze. "You...are still sore. I do not wish to cause you further discomfort. I will sleep on the floor tonight, since it is obvious my control is tenuous at best - even without any drugs."

"You don't have to do that, please, I...I want you."

He smiled at her. "Oh, do not worry. You shall have me! I do intend to mate with you again, soon, but I think it would be best if we waited until tomorrow." He gave her a soft kiss, then sighed. "I believe we will be in time - or only slightly late - for noon meal, if we hurry."

Sam looked as if she was about to argue, but her stomach growled, and she finally nodded, getting up. "Okay, but sleeping-arrangements for tonight are not settled yet!"

Wihnek had not been there for the noon meal, since he and the rest of the Council was needed for some sort of ritual or preparation for a ritual. At least as far as they could understand, because the woman who had explained it to them - and apologized profusely for Wihnek's absence - only spoke very little standard. This also meant Sam and Martouf/Lantash did not get a chance to complain about being given aphrodisiacs the day before. Instead, they resigned themselves to wait and sat down at the table to eat from the many delicious dishes.

While there was not as big a menu as there had been for the evening meal, it was still very good, and they soon felt full - and much more friendly towards the locals. The people here had, after all, only done what they thought they had to, in order to avoid starvation. If anyone was to blame, it was the Goa'uld who had originally kidnapped their ancestors, taken them here, and started all of this.

The villagers observed Sam and Martouf/Lantash, and saw that they seemed to be completely absorbed in each other, smiling and laughing amongst themselves, as well as sharing kisses and touches now and then. Everyone agreed that it must have been a very successful mating, and that it had been the correct choice to use the 'nectar of the gods'. Yes, there was no doubt the harvest would be especially good this year. Everyone was pleased.

After they had eaten, they had several hours to themselves before they had to get ready for the evenings dinner and rituals. Apparently, the aurora would peak tonight, and that was to be celebrated with a special ritual and special food and drink. It also meant the evening meal would take place a little later today, since the peak of the aurora was close to midnight, and the two events apparently had to coincide.

Sam suggested they take a walk through the small forest and maybe climbed the low mountain - barely more than a hill - while they waited. Martouf and Lantash happily agreed. They borrowed a basket, and were given a bottle of sparkling wine, some bread and cheese, as well as fruit - though all that was available at this time of the year was apples, oranges, and some kind of pear-like fruit. That should be more than enough to last them until dinner-time, even if they got some exercise by walking and climbing.

"It's really nice up here." Sam said, sighing contentedly as she leaned against Martouf's shoulder. "The food and the wine is good...this is almost a vacation, and I'm sitting here with two wonderful guys." She turned and gave Martouf a kiss on the side of the neck. "I can almost forgive Wihnek and the others for drugging us!"

Martouf put an arm around her and buried his face in her hair. "Hmmm, very nice. I cannot long be angry at the people here, when what they did lead to this!"

It was late afternoon, and they would have to begin walking back very soon if they wanted to be back in time to bathe, dress in whatever clothing they were supposed to wear today, and get to the town square where the evenings meal would again be served.

"You know, while I really do want to go back to Earth and civilization...there is also a part of me that wishes we could just stay here, together." She smiled, sheepishly. "When we get back, I guess things will more or less be back to usual. I mean, we won't see each other very often, and then usually only when there's some sort of emergency, so it would be kind of hard to have any sort of relationship, right?"

Martouf looked hurt. "Does that mean you are not interested in becoming our mate? You are not willing to even try to make a...a relationship with Lantash and me work? Did what you say before, about loving us...did it mean nothing to you? What about last night?"

"Listen, I didn't mean it that way. Not at all. I...I do love you, of course I meant that! It's just...we live on different worlds, we're from different cultures...and we have both chosen to live a life that doesn't exactly leave us much time for relationships."

"Samantha, Lantash and I very much wish you to become our mate. We are willing to go to great lengths to make this work. It is true...there are some obstacles, but we love each other, and is that not what matters? Even if we can only be together now and then, would that not be worth fighting for? As Tok'ra, we have very little time to ourselves, but that does not stop us from enjoying that time, nor from finding mates. If we allowed ourselves no happiness, then what kind of life would that be? What would there be to fight for?"

"Eh, that's true, of course." Sam sighed. "I'm...just not sure if I'm ready to leave Earth and live in the tunnels...or if I'll ever be."

"Then, perhaps Lantash and I could move to your planet? We would have much to offer the SGC, if they would allow us to join."

"You would leave the Tok'ra for me?" Sam looked at him, shocked.

He shook his head. "We would not be leaving the Tok'ra. That we would never do. Tok'ra are loyal for life. No, but we might serve the Tok'ra as a...a liaison, perhaps. It could well be in the interest of the Tok'ra to have one of our people living with our allies, the Tau'ri - and helping them."

"That would be wonderful - and it is a great idea. We could certainly use your knowledge and experience in dealing with many things. However, I'm afraid it may be hard to get my superiors to see that."

"It would probably also be difficult to convince the Tok'ra Council, but perhaps not impossible. I am certain Selmak will support us, and maybe Garshaw as well. She has a soft spot for your people, Colonel O'Neill in particular, as unbelievable as that sounds!"

"Garshaw?" Sam said, sounding disbelieving. "You're right, that does sound unbelievable!"

"She may seem somewhat...harsh, especially if you do not know her well. She is, however, a nice person, and her fondness for the Tau'ri is genuine."

"Okay." Sam nodded. "Listen, let's talk about this later. I do agree it's worth trying." She smiled at him, then gave him a kiss. "It would be great if we could live on the same planet. It would certainly make a relationship easier!" She sighed. "It's time to get going, if we don't want to be late, and I guess we're still guests of honour, so that would probably not be good."

Sam smiled, a little forced, as yet another happy and smiling villager approached her and Martouf/Lantash, and said something in the local tongue. Neither she, nor Martouf/Lantash had any clue what was actually said, but it seemed to be some sort of greeting or blessing. The locals were saying variations of it to each other as well, so it probably had something to do with the festival, and was not something she needed to be concerned with. She nodded gracefully at the villager, and he left, looking pleased.

The sky was already blazing with the aurora, the displays even more colourful than the other days, even if there was still almost three hours left before it peaked, just around midnight. The sun had set nearly two hours ago, and the sky was otherwise dark. The lights that had been hung around the town square were colourful, but more subdued than the other days - it was clear the intention was that the aurora should be given as much attention as possible, while still ensuring there was enough light to see by.

People were dressed in clothes that mimicked the colours of the sky, and none more so than what she and Martouf/Lantash wore. She looked down at the shimmering material, which appeared to be some sort of silk, and which reflected the lights around them quite beautifully. Instead of being like the robes they had worn the first days here, and which everyone else wore, their clothes were cut more like what they had worn yesterday. Clearly, as the 'chosen' couple, they were still being singled out. Not really surprising, given that today was the height of the aurora, and probably also of the ritual part of the festival. She shrugged and looked up.

"Finally! There's Wihnek." She nodded in the direction of the group of Council members, priests, and priestesses that were coming their way.

Wihnek bowed to them, smiling happily. "Samantha, Martouf...Lantash," He made an extra deep bow as he said the last name. "How has the first day of your married life been?"

Sam looked at him, shocked. "Married?"

"We are married?" Martouf echoed.

"Of course." Wihnek frowned. "Was that not obvious? You served kama juice for each other, the gong was struck for you each time the priest chanted a blessing for you, and the children sprinkled leaves and flower petals over you each time as well. What else could this mean?"

"That's not how marriage is performed in my culture!" Sam exclaimed. "How should I know that's what it was?"

"I cannot say I have seen this ritual before either," Martouf added.

Wihnek looked puzzled. "I see...however, as gods are all knowing, Lord Lantash must have known, of course. Why else would he have drunk the 'nectar of the gods'? If he did not chose to inform either of you, he must have had his reasons."

Martouf opened his mouth to speak, but then closed it again, speechless. A few moments later, his eyes glowed.

Lantash frowned and seemed to consider what to say, "My reasons are none of your concern. However, though I know your motivation, it would please me, if you would explain your reasons for deciding to drug myself, my host, and my mate."

Sam gave him a strange look, but made no comment, realising he could hardly claim not to have known what was happening, or what the drug would do, if he were to continue to make them believe he was a god. Which they had decided was the better course of action, given there was no way of knowing how the people of this world would react otherwise.

"As you wish, my Lord." Wihnek said. He looked somewhat uncomfortable. "When Khoanna sensed you, she felt, ah, that you could perhaps not be trusted to perform your duty, and least not during this festival. She was certain you would want to eventually." He added, quickly. "We did not inform you that we knew of this, because Khoanna had sensed your deep wish to become mates. We decided to perform the marriage ritual, and when you did not object, we assumed you agreed, and had only objected to mating because you were not yet married. Such is the belief on some of the worlds we trade with, and we believed the same held true for you. Drinking kama fruit juice is a normal part of our joining ritual, and it would assure your willingness to, ah, perform the desired mating. The 'nectar of the gods' is rarer, and never used in such quantities, but it was obvious you were immune to the kama fruit."

"How would you dare do something like that to me?" Lantash demanded. "When you know what I am?"

"My Lord." Wihnek bowed deeply. "Khoanna sensed your deep love and desire for Samantha, and we immediately knew you would want us to do this. Of course, since you are a god, you would know this was our intention, and that you would actually be testing us, to see if we would do as the gods decreed, long ago, and ensure that the chosen couple mated."

Sam groaned softly, and Lantash felt like yelling at them - or possibly laughing at the insanity of all of this. As it was, he simply decided it was not worth it, and gave up questioning them. In a way, they were right - he had gotten that which he so dearly wanted.

Dinner had only started just before midnight, after a fairly long, elaborate ritual, celebrating the peak of the aurora. It consisted of priests chanting, the gong being struck, and then one person from each family walking up to the head priest, leaving an offering in front of him. It could be a basket of apples, a sack of grain, or something similar. All of this would be burned in a large fire in front of the Stargate the next day. Sam assumed this was some sort of adaption, since the Goa'uld would probably originally have sent Jaffa through to pick up tribute.

According to Wihnek, the crescendo of colours in the sky was a sign from the gods that they had noticed the celebrations and were approving. Now the people on this planet just had to perform the last rituals correctly, and they would then be blessed with a bountiful harvest.

The food had been as tasty today as it had all the other days - and this time there had been no suspicious fruit juice for her and Martouf/Lantash to drink, so apparently no one was trying to drug them today. That was something, at least. Sam allowed herself to relax and enjoy herself. Good food, nice company, and the opportunity to observe a quite alien culture. Daniel would become green with envy when she told him about it!

She reached out and took a piece of the pie that had just been placed on their table. It looked very good, and there did not seem to be any sort of suspicious sauce for it - just something that looked and tasted like sour cream. She took at bigger bite of the pie and munched on it. It tasted great - and she detected no traces of that damn kama fruit! She took a drink from the wine and turned to Martouf.

"I think it's safe to eat." She smiled at Martouf, who was giving her concerned looks. "Here, try it!" She held out a spoonful to him.

He opened his mouth and accepted the offering, eating it slowly, and with some trepidation. After a few moments, he nodded. "You are correct. Lantash agrees with you - there are no traces of either kama fruit or 'nectar of the gods'."

Reassured, he took a piece of the dessert himself, and ate it, enjoying it immensely. The food was good and the locals really did not seem out to drug them tonight, so he would relax and enjoy himself - as Samantha wisely had chosen to.

"Come and dance with me?" Sam grabbed Martouf's hand and pulled at it, giggling.

*I believe Samantha is somewhat intoxicated. We should warn her. The wine she seems to have a fondness for is quite strong.* Martouf remarked.

*We should, I suppose...however, there is no danger here, and we will protect her in any case. She works much too hard normally, and I believe it would only be good for her to relax and enjoy herself. If getting drunk and dancing will achieve that, then I am very much in favour of it.*

*I agree. Actually, Lantash, why don't you let us feel the alcohol a little too?*

*We have drunk enough that it is already affecting us slightly, you wish. I will not filter it out for the rest of the evening, though we should not drink so much that we are not in control of ourselves. We both desire Samantha very much and I do not wish to risk, ah, ravishing her.*

*One of us should answer her. She is pulling at us, and I believe she has inquired several times if we wish to dance. She is...pouting.* Martouf smiled at Sam. "Forgive me. I was talking to Lantash. While we do not know the dances of this world, they do not look too difficult. We would very much enjoy dancing with you, Samantha."

Sam smiled happily again. "Great! Come, let's hurry, then. They've already started!"

Grinning, Martouf allowed himself to be pulled out among the dancers. He had to admit it looked fun.

They danced for almost two hours, now and then taking breaks to eat a little or drink something. Martouf and Lantash were drinking the sparkling fruit wine, while Sam mostly preferred a sweet fruit wine. She was getting quite drunk, as well as more than a little affectionate. Martouf - and Lantash - were getting tipsy as well, and did not really mind Sam's attention. Quite on the contrary, actually, but they were starting to get a little worried that some of the meddlesome priests or Council members had slipped kama fruit into her drink.

"Time to sit down and take a break!" Sam giggled. "I'll just go get a refill - and maybe some cake. What about you? Do you want anything, lover?" She gave him a passionate kiss, which made his mind go hazy for several moments.

"Um, yes...why not?" He managed.

Sam grinned and leaned in to kiss and suckle on his neck, on the exact spot where she remembered Lantash could be pleasured best. Martouf made a strangled sound, and Sam smiled. She hurried off to get them the drinks before Martouf could grab her and kiss her again. Just as she turned, winking at him, she saw his eyes flash, indicating Lantash had come fore.

She smiled to herself as she accepted the two large glasses a server handed her, then swayed suggestively with her hips as she sauntered over to Lantash. "Hi, there sexy..." She let her eyes slide over him, from head to toe, a somewhat predatory look on her face.

Lantash was a little surprised at her unusual behaviour, but in no way adverse to it. He gave her a naughty smile and shamelessly admired her shape. "My Samantha..."

Sam went over to him, but instead of handing him his glass, she took a large drink from it - but did not swallow it. She pressed her lips to his and when he parted them, she allowed the liquid to flow into his mouth. He drank it quickly, focusing on Sam and the passionate kiss she was now giving him, entangling her tongue with his. He felt a strong rush of desire, and embraced her tightly.

When they broke for air, Sam giggled and looked happily at him. She handed him his glass, and touched her own to it. "Cheers! To us!" She giggled again before she drank the contents of the glass in one long gulp.

"To us!" Lantash said, hoarsely. He took a long drink, emptying the glass and putting it down before reaching for Sam again. He felt incredibly horny, and as he pressed his already hard erection against her, he realised something. *Go'tak, kel kek tar'kreshta!* He swore.

*Language...* Martouf chided abstractedly. *Why are we not hurrying back to the hut? Or better, let's just take a walk to somewhere less populated...say, over behind that building over there. Our shaft is aching, and Samantha is clearly willing...*

*The gonach hasshaks drugged us again!*

Any further comments he might have had on the subject were interrupted when Sam threw her arms around him and kissed him, one of her hands again going to the place on his neck that was most pleasurable for Lantash. He made a strangled sound and kissed her deeply, slipping a hand up under her shirt and fondling her breasts, the other going to caress and cup her ass. He distantly heard people around them cheering them on, and he decided to find a better place.

Lantash lifted Sam up and carried her off in the direction of their small cottage, walking there as quickly as he could.

He put her down just inside the door, turning to close it. He had barely done so when Sam pushed him against it and began kissing him, her hands roving all over him. He groaned as she cupped his erection, fondling it slowly through the material of his pants. He returned her kisses, pressing himself into her caress. The combination of his lovely - and very horny - Samantha, and the strong aphrodisiac was making his blood burn and his mind hazy with lust. He could not think of anything except her - and of how he as quickly as possible could bury his aching shaft inside her and get some relief from the agony.

They pulled at each other's clothing, getting it off as quickly as possible and not caring if they ripped anything. Sam was naked except for her bra, and Lantash was wearing only his shirt, when he grabbed her and turned them around, pushing her against the wall beside the door. She moaned and wrapped one of her legs around him as he lifted her up. He found her opening and thrust inside hard, sinking deeply. They both hissed from the sensation. Sam was very wet, but also very tight around him, and he held himself very still for a few moments, waiting until he was not quite as close to coming. Sam wriggled against him, and he gave in, beginning to move, as slowly as he could at first.

She wrapped her other leg around him and used the wall and her legs to push against him in time with his thrusts, making them move faster than he had intended. She again slid a hand to his neck and began pleasuring him there. He groaned and embraced her tightly, putting one of his hands under her ass for support as he walked to the nearby table.

Not caring if the things on the surface broke, he swept the bowl with fruit and the small vase there to the floor, putting Sam down on the table. The height was perfect and he began thrusting hard into her. Sam leaned back on the table and bent her knees, pressing her feet against the surface to have some leverage. She began moving her pelvis in rhythm with his thrusts, groaning as he increased his speed. Wanting, needing more contact, she put her legs around him again and used her heels to press him towards her.

"OH...Lantash!" She panted. " very close...I need...need you to...fuck me harder!" She arched against him.

Lantash placed a finger against her clit and rubbed it as he started ramming himself into her. It took very little before Sam cried out from her intense climax, bucking against him. Lantash moaned and closed his eyes, the contractions of her pussy pushing him over the edge and he came hard.

When he had recovered enough to be able to move, he lifted her up and carried her to the bed. He joined her there and pulled the blanket over them, as Sam snuggled against him. They were asleep almost immediately.

It was about an hour later when Sam woke up from an intensely erotic dream. She moaned softly and slid a hand down between her legs, touching herself. Beside her, Martouf/Lantash stirred in his sleep, rolling over on his back, and Sam turned towards him. She put her hand on his semi-erect manhood, and began to pump it with slow, gentle movements.

His member hardened quickly under Sam's fondling, and an soft moan escaped him. Sam felt an even stronger need to feel him inside her, and she kissed the head of his now very hard cock. She licked it from the tip all the way down to the base, then back up again. Twirling her tongue around the top, she then opened her mouth and took as much of him as she could inside, sucking gently, then harder, as she slid up and down.

Martouf/Lantash woke up, groaning and thrusting upwards. "Samantha!"

She pulled back a little and giggled. "You want more?"

"Yes!" Martouf exclaimed. He looked at her in the semi-darkness, an expression of almost desperation on his face. "I need you! Now!"

"Good, because I need you as well...I need that big, hard cock of yours inside me..." Sam cooed as she straddled him, then slowly sank down over him, filling herself at a leisurely pace. She wriggled a little and took another inch, then one more, slowly taking him all the way, then making a satisfied sound.

Martouf swallowed and did his best to control himself, allowing her to do this at her own speed. He cupped her breasts and began kneading them gently, as Sam started sliding up and down on him. He closed his eyes for a few moments, enjoying the sensations she was causing.

She gyrated her hips and rubbed herself against him every time she reached bottom, then rose over him again, before sliding down, slowly building speed. Martouf put his hands on her hips, and pulled her down hard as he thrust upwards, groaning, "My Samantha...I..."

She gasped. then giggled. "Ah...ah..." She tried to sound stern, "Behave..."

Martouf let out a small whimper and moved his hands away, grabbing hold of the sheets instead. A few moments later his eyes suddenly glowed, as Lantash took over. He immediately grabbed hold of Sam's hips again and flipped them over, starting to pound into her.

Sam squealed, then moaned softly and started arching up towards him in rhythm with his thrusts. She ran a hand over his chest, finding a nipple and pinching it lightly, making Lantash gasp. She put her legs around him, and using them for leverage, she pulled him down towards her in time with his hard thrusts. She was so very close now, her world consisting only of Lantash who was pounding into her, the pleasure rising with each thrust and threatening to spiral out of control. Suddenly, she cried out, coming hard.

She writhed under him, rubbing against him. Lantash made an unintelligible sound as her pussy contracted around his cock, and he started thrusting frantically, almost ramming himself into her. It took very little time before he came, pressing himself as deeply inside her as possible and uttering some words in Goa'uld - and Samantha's name - as he spilled his seed. Panting, he collapsed on top of her, still jerking/spasming a little against her, highly sensitive after the intensity of his climax.

Sam held him to her, kissing his neck and shoulder, until he had recovered enough that he could raise himself up over her again. He smiled at her, leaning in and kissing her deeply. "My wonderful naughty Samantha!" He rolled off her and pulled her to him, snuggling against her back and kissing her hair and neck. "I love you so much!"

She sighed happily. "I love you too, Lantash...and Martouf. I must admit I am very happy we ended up on this planet - and that we're married, I guess. We will find a way to make it work."

"Of that I am certain." He kissed her neck again, then yawned. "We should sleep a little before this drug makes us mad with lust and wakes us up again."

Sam giggled. "Yeah. I guess we should." She snuggled even closer to him, yawning as well. "I am quite tired. Though this is definitively the most pleasant way of being kept awake, I can think of!"

Day 7.

It was late when they finally got out of bed and dressed. Today would be the last day of the festival, and there would be another big celebration in the evening. These people really believed in partying! Tonight, however, there should be no religious ceremonies or rituals. It was simply a celebration of a - hopefully - successful festival. Tomorrow the Stargate should again function normally, and they would be going home.

Sam had to admit that as much as she was looking forward to that, there was also a part of her that felt sorry for leaving, mostly because having a relationship with Martouf and Lantash would not be as easy when they were all back to their daily lives and duties.

What would she tell her team mates? Was she even ready to admit she had not only started a relationship with Martouf/Lantash, but was now married to them? For that matter, would the marriage even be valid on Earth? Thinking more about it, she actually seemed to remember it being something that had been discussed, because Earth now had allies on other worlds. She did not know what the results had been of those discussions, but that was for later, anyway.

Then, what would the Tok'ra say? She more than suspected they would recognize the joining, but she also suspected they would not be happy if Martouf/Lantash ended up living on Earth, even if it was only for a period of time. She sighed. So many questions.

She looked up at the sky, with the blazing sun, and remembered the predicament these people were in. She was no longer angry at them, not really - at least she did not want them to die because their sun was perhaps becoming unstable, and their planet's climate was turning more inhospitable, as they had discussed earlier. They would have to make a proper study of it all and determine if it was as they suspected. If the changes were temporary or periodic, Earth and the Tok'ra could help them with irrigation techniques and such, but if it was a permanent or very long-term change for the worse, the population would eventually have to be moved. She did not think they would be very pleased about that, and they might even resist. She sighed again, deeply.

Martouf looked at her with some concern. "Is there a problem, Samantha?"

", not really. I was just thinking about...well, about going home and what would happen then. With us, I mean."

"You are my mate. The Tok'ra will acknowledge that. Will your Stargate Command not do so?"

"I don't know. Perhaps." She said, honestly. "I hope so."

Martouf gave control to Lantash, who looked up, eyes flashing. "If they do not, it is an insult to the Tok'ra. Your people are our allies. If they will not acknowledge a joining which the Tok'ra have told them is valid, then it may well turn into a serious crisis. Whatever the Council would otherwise feel about me taking a non-Tok'ra mate, or me going to live on the world of the Tau'ri, they would certainly not accept insults like that."

Sam suddenly felt as if she was getting a headache. "I do know there's been some talk about us acknowledging off-world marriages - prompted by several of our allies, so perhaps it won't be a problem." She said, hurriedly.

"I certainly hope not! We allow marriage between consenting adults...any consenting adults, so your people deciding on anything less would be very disappointing."

She decided to steer the discussion in another direction. "Another thing...what about the people here? What if we learn their planet won't sustain them for much longer and they'll have to move? Do you think they would even agree to that?"

Lantash calmed down and gave it some thought. "I very much suspect they would not be happy to do so. I am almost certain they will claim they have to stay here, because their 'gods' have told them to - and that they will fear some sort of bad luck or retribution from these 'gods', if they should chose to evacuate."

"That's kinda what I though too. Well, I suppose we'll just have to hope it's just a temporary phase their star is going through, then...or else hope the diplomats can convince them!"

He sighed. "Even if they have to be evacuated, it may not be an insurmountable problem. If diplomacy fails, and they need their 'gods' to tell them it is acceptable - or even imperative - that they move, some of the Tok'ra can dress up and pretend to be whatever Goa'uld ruled this world. I am sure we can find that information somewhere."

Sam stared at him for a moment, then grinned. "Of course! Why didn't I think of that? They think you're a god, so they may even move if you tell them they should!"

"They very well may," Lantash agreed. "But I believe we should determine if it is even needed before I or other Tok'ra attempt it. As you say, it may be a temporary problem."

"If we help them - either to move or otherwise - then perhaps they'll agree to share some of their medical knowledge. I mean, they healed my foot in no time, with that ointment - and they can cure a hangover too. Who knows what else they can do?"

"Make people libidinous, though I doubt that particular drug will be among those your people will want." He smiled wryly.

"Well, you never know..." Sam grinned mischievously at him. "I think it had a rather nice effect..." She pulled him close and kissed him.

"Very nice, but I don't need an aphrodisiac for that. You are more than enough to drug me..." Lantash murmured before he deepened the kiss. He was suddenly very happy there were still several hours before they had to be anywhere.

The evening's party had been nice. The food had been just as good as the other days, and there had been plenty of it - as well as lots to drink. There had also been happy music and much dancing. Everyone felt it had been a good festival, and repeatedly thanked Sam and Martouf/Lantash for assuring the success.

Lantash had talked with Wihnek, and made sure he understood there would be no drugging of either him and his host, or of Sam. Wihnek had promised to take care of it, and he had clearly done as he promised, because neither Sam, nor Martouf and Lantash were given any kind of aphrodisiac. When they returned to their hut, they were a little tipsy, but otherwise themselves.

When the door had closed behind them, Sam turned to Martouf/Lantash and smiled at them. "My sweet beloveds! Finally alone..." She threw her arms around them and started to kiss them.

Martouf happily embraced her and returned the kiss, ecstatic she desired him as much now as she had when under the influence of the aphrodisiac. "My lovely Samantha..."

The kiss deepened quickly, and they began tearing at each others clothes. Sam's skirt fell to the ground and she moaned as Martouf began pleasuring her with his hand, stroking her clit and pumping in and out of her with first one, then two, later three fingers.

She pushed against his fingers, writhing and panting a little. "I want you. Now!"

Martouf smirked, then lifted her up and carried her to the bed.

Sam gazed at the sky, frowning. "I really hope the locals here will listen, if it turns out we have to evacuate them. Do you think they will accept that whatever Tok'ra visit them, are actually their gods?"

Lantash pondered this. "No, perhaps not. However, Martouf and I have an idea. We will tell the people here that I will check with their 'gods' and see if they have been too busy with other things to notice the problems here. Then, I will say that if their 'gods' determine there is a problem they need to address, they will contact the people here about it. They...may have plans for this world which is not for mere mortals to know...and which necessitates the people here moving somewhere else."

Sam nodded. "That sounds as something they would believe. Good idea!" She smiled at him.

"Thank you." He smiled wryly. "I suggest we go an approach them about it now."

They stood at the Stargate, wearing local clothing, similar to what they had worn on the day they had ended up married, though not quite as heavily embroidered. It turned out their uniforms had been destroyed - accidentally, or so it was claimed - shortly after they had been taken from them. So sorry. Sam was at the point were nothing surprised her from these people anymore, and just put on the clothes they wanted her to wear, hoping dearly her team mates would one day stop laughing.

They had said their goodbyes to Wihnek and the local delegation from the Council - as well as received several gifts from them. Lantash had given them the story about him wanting to check in with their 'gods', and making sure they had not overlooked something. He assured them that if there was a real problem that needed taking care of, their 'gods' would arrive and tell them what should be done. This had made Wihnek and the others even more grateful, and Lantash had to stop them from falling to their knees and worshipping him.

Still grinning to herself when she remembered Lantash's unhappy expression, Sam dialed the address to Earth, and the Stargate connected, the wormhole opening with the usual kawoosh a few moments later.

Sam relaxed, no longer afraid they would be stranded here forever. She input the IDC into her GDO, and waited for the clear signal. "Okay, they're receiving us! We're good to go!" She smiled at Martouf, who nodded solemnly.

They walked through, exiting on the ramp at Stargate Command.

"Stand down!" Hammond ordered, and the soldiers lowered their weapons. Daniel, O'Neill, and Teal'c came through the door to the gateroom at the same moment, and Sam smiled. She was home.

"Hi, Sam!" Daniel called out, smiling. "Martouf. Wow, you both look...ah, different in that!"

"Welcome back, Carter." O'Neill said, grinning as he appraised the way she and Martouf looked. "And Marty. Interesting outfits."

Teal'c and Hammond both greeted them as well, but made not comments about their clothes, something Sam felt like kissing them for.

"Hi, guys. It's nice to be home." Sam said.

"Greetings. Our uniforms were...ah...destroyed, so we got these from the population of the planet we stayed on." Martouf told them.

"Yeah, why didn't you come back earlier if you weren't wounded? We've been worried - I mean, Sam, we did figure out the wormhole must've jumped like it did when you and Jack got sent to Antarctica, but we had no idea where it might have sent you guys." Daniel said.

"There were some periodic, intense flares from the sun there, which would've harmed travellers, so the Stargate wouldn't even activate." Sam explained. "Which reminds me...we need to check out their sun more closely. Their climate is getting hotter, and they have problems growing enough food. We may have to help them or evacuate them."

"I wish we could help them, but I am afraid we've been told we can't spend resources on things like that. Unless they have something to offer." Hammond said, looking apologetic.

"Actually, they do. They have some advanced medical knowledge. Using some sort of ointment, they cured my twisted ankle in minutes!" Sam told him.

Hammond nodded. "That is certainly of interest. I will see what I can do about getting a team sent there to check it out. Now, why don't you come with me to the briefing room, so we can hear all about what happened."

"Yes, sir." Sam said, not sure what she was going to tell them.

"Nice necklaces you both have," Daniel noted, interestedly, as they walked along the corridor to the briefing room. "Do they have some sort of significance?"

"Yes. They are joining necklaces, signifying we are mated," Martouf informed him.

"They are...what?" O'Neill stopped in his tracks and turned to him.

"Joining necklaces."

"Yeah, I heard that!"

Martouf's eyes flashed. "Why, then, did you ask?" Lantash sounded annoyed.

"Congratulations, Major Carter, Martouf, Lantash," Teal'c said, inclining his head to them and smiling a little.

"Eh, yes. Congratulations, Sam." Daniel looked confused, then smiled. "Oh, and to you too, Lantash - and Martouf."

"Thanks, Teal'c, Daniel." Sam looked a little embarrassed to have this information thrown out there like this, but also relieved. She smiled at Lantash, reassuring him she was not angry at him and Martouf.

"Why did you suddenly decide to get married? Wasn't that a bit sudden?" O'Neill asked, still in shock.

"It wasn't actually our first, anyway," She explained.

"They married us without saying so - and speaking only a language we did not understand. It was not translated until the next day. They also drugged us." Lantash said.

"Drugged you?" Daniel frowned.

"Yes. With a very potent aphrodisiac," Lantash told them. "I was completely unable to negate its effects."

"How convenient!" O'Neill scoffed.

"Are you implying I deliberately allowed it to affect me as an excuse to mate with Samantha?" Lantash sounded enraged.

"Oh, yeah," O'Neill said. "I mean, you haven't exactly done a great job of hiding your lust for her! I wouldn't put it beyond you snakes to be completely unscrupulous."

"Colonel! That's just not true!" Sam said quickly, looking angry. "He wasn't to blame! It was part of their, uh, fertility rituals, in order to ensure a good harvest. Besides, they drugged me too."

"And these people we're supposed to help!" O'Neill exclaimed. "Not that snakeboy here's off the hook. How do ya know he wasn't scheming with them?"

"How dare you suggest I was working with the locals in order to seduce Samantha!" Lantash's eyes flared golden-white as he took a step towards O'Neill.

"Okay, stop it!" Sam hissed at O'Neill. "Why do you behave like this?"

"How come you're so accepting?" O'Neill threw Lantash a quick look before returning his gaze to Sam.

"We were angry at them at first," Sam said. "A lot!"

"However, they did the only thing they felt they could do, in order to save their world," Lantash explained, only moderately calmer.

Daniel nodded. "That's probably correct. You really need to tell me everything about this culture!" He again looked with interest on both their clothing and the jewelry.

"Well, I guess polygamous, alien marriage rituals done against your will wouldn't be recognized in any court, so you should be home free!" O'Neill snorted.

"The Tok'ra will acknowledge our joining, provided we all wish it to remain valid." Lantash informed him. "We do." He looked at O'Neill, daring him to say otherwise.

"Carter! You can't possibly..." O'Neill began, shaking his head.

"Sam?" Daniel looked at her, surprised.

"Ah, yes. Um, yes, I guess we do." She blushed, and smiled at Lantash.

"Then you are most fortunate," Teal'c informed them. "The law to acknowledge off-world marriages was passed one month ago."

"What!" O'Neill stared at him.

"Indeed. Do you not read your memos?" Teal'c wondered.

"Right!" Daniel suddenly remembered. "I saw that. As long as it happened off-world, there weren't even any limitations to it - number of participants, genders, species....they wanted to make sure they weren't inadvertently offending any of our allies!"

Lantash nodded, looking satisfied. "The Tok'ra will be pleased."

"We're actually married? Even here...on Earth?" Sam looked shocked - and happy.

"Yes," Daniel confirmed.

O'Neill shook his head, then saw how happy his team mate looked at being married to the Tok'ra. He sighed, then suddenly grinned. "Well, if that's the case...where's the cake? Shouldn't there be cake?"