Rascals - Chapter 1

TITLE: Rascals
CATEGORY: Humour, fluff, kidfic
CHARACTERS: Sam, Daniel, Teal'c, O'Neill, Martouf/Lantash, Anise/Freya, Yosuuf/Garshaw, Hammond, Jacob/Selmak, Janet
RATING: PG or PG-13 at most
WARNINGS: Alcohol (minor)
DISCLAIMER: All publicly recognisable characters and places are the property of MGM, World Gekko Corp and Double Secret Productions. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment only and not monetary purposes and no infringement on copyrights or trademarks was intended. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.
SUMMARY: The Tok'ra and the Tau'ri are on a joint archaeological mission. What happens when Daniel activates an alien device? Can the effects be undone?
SPOILERS: Up to mid-season 7 or there about. Before Lost City I&II
NOTES: As canon, except all the Tok'ra are just fine! I got inspired by the Star Trek: TNG episode 'Rascals' to write this! Some OOC'ness and a little cracky at times.
NOTES 2: This story was originally written as an advent calendar (2010) and there are thus 24 chapters, some relatively short.

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"So, have you figured out what it says?" O'Neill said, as he entered the room.

"No, but we've made some progress." Daniel answered, not looking away from the inscriptions beside the locked door.

"Unfortunately, this dialect of Goa'uld really is very obscure, and there are several words I simply do not know." Lantash admitted, looking displeased.

He and Martouf were helping SG-1 translate some old Goa'uld writings that had been found in the ancient ruins of an unknown, but obviously very advanced, civilization.

The inscriptions they were currently trying to decipher, had clearly been added later. They were found just beside a locked door, which they had as yet been unable to open. Hopefully, the inscriptions would tell them how to open the door, since it was also a more recent addition.

They had found schematics in one of the other rooms, which seemed to imply the closed-off room was a laboratory. Not only that, but it should contain some sort of large device, that was labeled as 'vital to the survival of our race', by the people who had once lived here.

Naturally, SG-1 and the Tok'ra hoped it was a weapon that would aid them in their fight against the Goa'uld. Which meant they needed to get the door open!

The fact that the inscriptions beside the door was written in an obscure Goa'uld dialect, would seem to indicate a Goa'uld had once found the laboratory. For reasons unknown, he or she had decided not to use whatever it was that was in there - and had even choosen to seal the room.

Perhaps the Goa'uld had not been able to figure out how to use the technology, and had not wanted to risk others taking advantage of it instead?

In any case, a decision had been made by the SGC to open the door and examine what the contents of the room behind it.

Daniel and Teal'c had made no real progress on the inscriptions, and they had been unable to open the door. Thus, the Tok'ra had been contacted, and asked to send someone to assist with the translations. They had agreed, in return for a share of whatever was found. Since Freya/Anise were not available right now - and since all Tok'ra would normally be able to translate most Goa'uld writings - Martouf/Lantash had been sent.

"I was told you'd be able to help us?" O'Neill said, sounding somewhat sarcastic.

"Normally, I would be able to translate...almost...any Goa'uld texts. However, as I just said, this is a very obscure dialect. Very old and very different from the main dialects...."

"Ah, well....we'll just ask someone else. Someone with more knowledge..." He baited the Tok'ra.

"Actually, he has already helped us. We've gotten some of it translated." Sam said, defending Lantash.

"But not all...?" O'Neill continued.

Lantash looked annoyed.

"Most Tok'ra would know roughly the same Goa'uld dialects. There are several which are widely used, and these are in the genetic memory we all received from Egeria. To find someone who might translate this, you will either have to wait for Freya and Anise, who have studied some of the more obscure dialects...or, you need the assistance of one of those Tok'ra who were not born by Egeria. If you are lucky, one of those may be able to translate this."

"Garshaw, perhaps?" Sam suggested.

Lantash nodded slowly. "Perhaps..." 

Luckily, it turned out Garshaw was happy to go on a mission for once, instead of spending most of her time on politics and meetings. She agreed quickly, and a few days later they were again back among the ruins.

Martouf/Lantash accompanied Garshaw as her guard, since the council did not really like her going on missions like this. She was, after all, the most hunted Tok'ra of all times. They only allowed it since the planet they were going to was uninhabited and had been so for a very long time.

"So, Garshaw...I thought all Tok'ra had the same genetic memory? How come you think you know this dialect? Or have you perhaps studied ancient Goa'uld in your spare-time?" O'Neill smirked.

She sighed. "Your sarcasm is unnecessary, but you are correct. I was not originally Tok'ra. I was born a Goa'uld. It is not something I am proud of, but it was a long time ago, and I am as loyal a Tok'ra as anyone. I hope the Goa'uld knowledge I have, will help make up for my past."

O'Neill looked a little shameful at her complete honesty about her past. He mumbled something that might have been an apology, before he left to keep guard outside the building, together with Teal'c.

While it was very unlikely anyone would come through the Stargate, he felt it was always better to be safe than sorry. The ruins were close to the Stargate, so they would not have much time to react if someone hostile arrived through it.

Meanwhile, the others went to work on the translations.

Garshaw took a quick look at the inscriptions and found she could easily read them. It did not take long for her to translate the entire text, which turned out to be a code, likely to open the door. There were also some cryptic instructions, which did not give Sam, Martouf, and Daniel any problems. They soon figured it out and unlocked the door. It swung open noiselessly, revealing a dark room behind it.

Curious - and a little apprehensive - all four of them entered.

The light came on as soon as the first of them stepped through the door, revealing a huge room. It was immediately obvious it was some kind of laboratory, filled with alien looking machinery.

"Perhaps we should wait for the others before we examine the room further?" Martouf suggested, a little nervous. He felt his responsibility as guard for the grand councillor weigh heavily on him. 

"What's there to be afraid of? It's just old machines!" Daniel said, as he set out to examine the laboratory.

Sam shrugged and followed him, while Martouf threw Garshaw a worried look, then took a few steps further in.

"Do not be concerned. I shall just sit here and wait to see if I am needed." Garshaw said. "I do not much care for old laboratory equipment anyway." She smiled wryly. "Go and help them. Perhaps there is something that could be of use to the Tok'ra."

Martouf nodded. "I will."

He joined Sam and Daniel, and soon they were completely absorbed examining everything.

Eventurally, their interest focused on a large piece of machinery located in the very center of the room. Cables and wires running along the roof connected it to many of the smaller devices lining the walls. Whatever it was in here that the ancient aliens had considered vital to the survival of their race, this would be it.

"I have no idea what that is!" Sam said, looking at the odd machine.

It was huge and aside from the cables leading out from it, it also had lots of antennas and what looked like ceramic insulators sticking out from it. Two dishes, much like satellite dishes, sat on the top.

"Perhaps it's for communication?" Martouf suggested.

"Guys...I think I've found the control panel..." Daniel said, looking intently at something that was obviously a console.

"Wait! Don't touch anything!" Martouf exclaimed, suddenly spotting a sign written in Goa'uld.

"What does it say?" Sam wondered, seeing the same thing.

"Kree ta'tall...it loosely means 'Forbidden to touch. Danger!'"

"I don't think I did anything." Daniel said as he walked back towards the others. "I only touched..."

The faint, humming sound that Martouf thought he had noticed a few moments ago, were now growing stronger.

"Oops..." Daniel looked worried.

"Daniel! What did you..." Sam began, sounding exasperated.

"Not now. Get out!" Lantash exclaimed, having taken over from Martouf since he ran and reacted faster.

They all began to run, but before they got more than a few steps, an intense flash lit up the room, followed by a sound as if from thunder. They all collapsed to the floor.

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