Rascals - Chapter 11

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They were currently in the girls clothing section.  Looking out over it, it resembled very much a sea of pink, with a few spots here and there in a different colour.

"I hate pink." Sam proclaimed. "And dresses." She wrinkled her nose.

"Why do the girls get to pick clothes first?" Daniel complained.

"We can go to the boys clothes now. I don't wanna have anything here!" Sam stated with finality.

O'Neill scowled at her. "You can choose some from the boys clothes section later - when you've picked at least two pairs of pants, three shirts, and one dress - no make that two - here. And some night wear."

Janet had been looking through the shelves with underwear and threw several packs for each of the girls into the cart. She picked out some socks as well, being careful to choose at least some that were inoffensive to Sam's taste.

Compared with Sam, Yosuuf seemed very interested in the dresses. In the time it had taken Sam to find one pair of pants and one shirt, Yosuuf had picked out an armful of dresses, as well as two pairs of pants, a few shirts, a couple sweaters, and a jacket.

Much of it was pink, but she also had a few blue dresses. Having thrown them into the cart, she happily ran back for more dresses, bowing her head and giving Garshaw control. Her symbiote continued picking out dresses, though a bit more subdued in colour and pattern than those her host had chosen.

Finally, Sam had found the required pieces of clothing - including a sweater and a jacket that had passed her strict criteria. Daniel and Martouf had each spotted one shirt in this section, which they insisted they wanted.

"I believe they are good choices." Teal'c said.

O'Neill gave the shirts a look. They were both a pale blue colour, with several happy rabbits on. He decided they were probably OK. "Whatever."

The shirts were added to the pile of clothing in the cart and they continued on to the boys clothes section.

After the easy part, were Janet picked out underwear and socks for them, they came to the much harder one. They needed pants, shorts, shirts, sweaters, jackets, and pyjamases.

Sam was happier with the clothing here, and quickly picked out several pants - many of them cargo pants. She also found shirts and sweaters to her liking, continuing to pick clothes that resembled BDUs.

Martouf had found some clothes he liked and it was currently Lantash's turn. He looked interestedly at the tan-coloured pants and shirts Sam had found, and went to get the same. He returned with those, as well as very Tok'ra-y linen pants and shirts - and even a small leather vest and a belt.

Janet grinned. "Trying to put together a Tok'ra uniform?"

He nodded, a little sheepishly.

"Perhaps we can ask the Tok'ra to bring you one?"

Finally, they had found acceptable clothing for everyone, and headed for the shoes department.

"You need at least one pair of sandals and some sneakers." O'Neill told them, as they set out to look through the aisles.

"Perhaps they should also get a pair of nicer shoes each?" Janet suggested. "If they need to attend some party or something?"

"I doubt anyone would be foolish enough to invite those four...six little terrors to any official function!" O'Neill said, tiredly. "Besides, I sure hope Anise will show some skill for once and figure out how the damn machine works, so they can get back to normal! I'm even missing the normal Garshaw! Though I must admit she's cute as a kid." He smiled a little, looking at the children. He had a hard time feeling animosity against children, despite some of them being Tok'ra.

Janet giggled, knowing the kids had long since won him over. Teal'c raised an eyebrow at the two other adults.

"Can I have these shoes...uncle Jack?" Yosuuf smiled sweetly at him. "They match the dress I found earlier."

O'Neill took a look at the pink shoes. They did indeed look as if they belonged together with the princess-style dress Yosuuf had picked out earlier.

"Yeah, why not." He smiled at her.

She happily stood on her toes and put the shoes into the cart, then ran off to find more shoes.

Daniel had located little boots, similar to the ones they already wore for their BDUs, but these were tan and would match the desert uniforms they had each managed to scrounge together from the clothes here. They all got a pair of those, together with sandals, sneakers, and a pair of the 'nice' shoes, Janet insisted on.

They had already been in the store for more than two hours, and the cart was completely full and even overflowing, so they went to the cashier.

O'Neill took out the gold Visa card he had borrowed for this trip. It was backed up directly by the SGC's funding.

The clerk smiled happily at the large cart full of clothing and took the card with a grin.

"Neat - you got the Air Force to pay for clothes for your kids?"

"They're not my kids."

"Oh." The clerk looked a little strangely at Janet and Teal'c, then at the children.

"They're not theirs either...their..." O'Neill looked desperately at the two others. "Orphans. Their parents were killed by...hostiles and the Air Force are taking care of them."

Janet gave him a look as if she thought he was crazy. He glared back, daring her to come up with a better explanation.

"I'm not an orphan! I have a dad! And Selmak who's kinda like a mom, just in the same body, ya know?" Sam explained to the clerk who looked even more strangely at her.

"She's in denial." Janet quickly said, trying to save the situation. "I'm the doctor in charge of them." She pulled out her ID and flashed it at the clerk. "We needed to get them some clothes and I am accompanying them, to look after them."

The clerk nodded, giving the children a compassionate look. "I understand. Poor little ones." He quickly rang up their purchases and started stuffing everything into bags.

"Good luck - with everything!" He called out after them.

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