Rascals - Chapter 3

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"So...I am snake-like and with fins?" He gave her a very sceptical look. He lifted a hand and studied it carefully. He then proceeded to look at his legs and naked feet. "No, I'm not!"

"You're inside. That's Marty's body you're looking at! Now let him out so we can talk to him!" O'Neill said, irritated.

"I don't understand!" Lantash exclaimed.

"Give. Martouf. Control! How hard can it be? Dammit!"

"Colonel..." Janet warned. "He's a little kid."

"He's a snake! He's just..."

Lantash suddenly started crying. "He hates me. O'Neill does." He sniffled. "I'm not a snake and I don't know how to let Martouf talk to you!" He buried his face in the pillow and sobbed loudly.

Janet gave O'Neill a sharp look.

"Listen. I'm...I'm sorry..." O'Neill looked confused - but ashamed, realising he was acting on his dislike for the adult Lantash - and the Tok'ra and symbiotes in general. "I didn't mean to say the things I did. I'm just worried...about you and the others. Grown-ups...behave strangely then..."

Lantash looked up, still sniffling. "I am trying to let Martouf...have...con-trol?" He looked like he concentrated intensely, his little face scrunching up from the effort. He closed his eyes and made fists with his hands.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and looked at them, his expression clearly different. He unclenched his hands and looked around with a puzzled expression.

"It...worked? Lantash...he told me to, you know, just try and take over...and that worked!" He smiled, triumphantly.


"Yes?! I...I think so...?"

"I though the host couldn't just grab control like that, unless the sn...symbiote let him?" O'Neill said.

"Lantash is much too young to be able to keep control against Martouf's will." Teal'c informed them. "Though since Martouf is a child as well, they probably have about the same level of control."

Janet nodded, then turned to Martouf. "I take it you don't remember anything either? Of what's happened, I mean."

"I...I'm not even sure who I am, except...you thought Lantash was someone called Martouf, so...so I must be...Martouf?" He rationalised.

"Very smart." Janet smiled at him and patted him on the head. "Yes, you are Martouf."

"Doctor Fraiser, O'Neill. Major Carter is waking up as well." Teal'c said.

"Coming." Janet raised the rails around Martouf's bed so he would not fall out. "I just need to go check on Sam. I'll be back with you in a moment, sweetie. Okay?"

Martouf nodded.

"Teal'c, keep an eye on him, will you?" O'Neill said as he followed Janet.

"Of course." Teal'c pulled up a chair and sat down beside the child.

Martouf looked at him, studying his face. Then his gaze focused on Teal'c's forehead.

"Why do you have a...gold thing... on your head?" He pointed.

Teal'c pondered this, uncertain what would be the best answer, but quickly realised he had to say something.

"It is...an indication of my former rank."

"So it means you are im-portant?"

"It did, yes. Fortunately I am no longer that person."

"How can you be someone else?"

"I am." Teal'c gave him a look which immediately made him stop asking about it.

The little girl looked much like the adult version of her, but her face was more rounded, just like Martouf's. Like him, she also studied her surroundings with interest.

Janet smiled at her.

"Hi. Do you feel like talking to me for a little while?"

Sam looked at her, a little unsure. "Yes..."

"Can you tell me your name?"

Sam thought about that for some time. "No." She finally said, shaking her head.

"Okay. Your name is Samantha Carter - does that ring a bell?"

Sam wrinkled her brow, which made her look adorable. "I don't hear any bells."

Janet laughed, and O'Neill snorted.

"That's not what I meant, honey. Does your name mean anything to you? Like, do you remember hearing it before?"

"Yes. You just said it to me." Sam looked puzzled.

"I think we can conclude she remembers no more than Martouf or Lantash." O'Neill said, tiredly.

"Why am I here? And who are you?"

"I'm Janet. That's Colonel Jack O'Neill, and the big man sitting over there is Teal'c."

Sam nodded. "Okay. Who's the boy?"

"His name is Martouf - and Lantash." Janet answered, suddenly realising this might be difficult to explain.

"They're...kinda two people in one body." O'Neill tried.

"Really? Cool!" Sam smiled widely. She waved at Martouf. "Hi, Martouf. Hi, Lantash! I am Samantha!"

Martouf sat up on his knees and leaned out over the rail, making Teal'c catch him quickly before he fell.

"Hello, Samantha!" He smiled, a little shyly, and waved back. Then his eyes flashed, indicating Lantash had control.

"Hello, Samantha!" He repeated.

Sam giggled. "That's soo great! How did you do that with the eyes? And your voice?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe O'Neill knows?"

Janet grinned and looked at O'Neill, who just groaned.

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