Rascals - Chapter 4

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Not long after, first Daniel, then Yosuuf, and last Garshaw woke up. None of them remembered anything.

Since all of them had clothing that was much too large, they each got a t-shirt to wear instead. Even if it was the smallest size they had in the commisary, it was still long enough to be like a dress for them, which was good, since it was all they had to wear.

With everyone awake, Janet gave them another quick examination. She then went over to O'Neill and Teal'c, who were waiting eagerly to hear what she had found.

"Well, I can confirm what I found before - they're all perfectly healthy and normal - except they have no memories. I'm hoping - and expecting - that to be temporary." Janet said.

"That...and they're kids." O'Neill added, dryly. "Any ideas how to turn them into their adult versions again?"

"They are...and no, I don't."

"Perhaps now would be a good time to contact General Hammond?" Teal'c suggested.

O'Neill sighed. "Hammond won't be back on base for another 2 hours or so. No reason to call him and trouble him with it now. Perhaps...everything will somehow reverse itself before he's back? It could, couldn't it?" He looked hopeful.

"It's not likely. I'm sorry, sir, but any reversal is probably going to have to include the alien device that caused this - or time..."

"I don't want to hear that!" He frowned. "Listen, is there any way this could've been caused by Loki? Could they be clones? Like that other me?"

Janet shook her head. "I don't think so. If I understood it correctly, the laboratory did contain anything resembling Asgard technology at all. Also, we have not found adult versions of our people anywhere. Besides, it would be a strange coincidence if an Asgard decided to go and abduct and clone them exactly while they're examining an alien device on another planet!"

"Yeah, there's that." O'Neill agreed.

"In any case, this isn't something that's going to be fixed quickly, and those kids can't walk around just wearing an over-sized t-shirt! Why don't you use the time until Hammond gets here to go some place and buy them some temporary clothing?"

"I'll find someone to take care of that." O'Neill said, giving Teal'c a brief glance. He did not want that job. Spotting an unlucky airman, he grabbed the man and ordered him off to get clothes for four kids, about 5-6 years of age.

Janet was in her office, looking through the data she had collected. Meanwhile, she had allowed the children down on the floor to play, since they really were healthy. There was no one else in the infirmary. It was a slow day, and already late afternoon. Most had left for the day, and Janet had let the rest of them take a break.

O'Neill and Teal'c had left for the mess hall. It was early evening, and they were getting hungry. Janet probably expected them to stay and keep an eye on the children, but what could go wrong? Before they left, they made sure to get the kids assurances they would not create mischief while they were gone. Promising they would bring something back for them all to eat, O'Neill and Teal'c then left.

"Hi! I'm Daniel." The boy said, smiling widely at the other children. He tried to make his much too large glasses stay on, then gave up. He did not really need them anymore - or yet. He put them on the bed.

"Hi, Daniel." Sam smiled at him, then turned to the other boy. "You're Martouf? Right?"

He nodded, happy she remembered. "Yes, and you're Samantha!"

"Sam-antha." Daniel repeated. "It's diffi-cult to say."

Sam giggled. "No, it's not!"

"You're two people - like me and Lantash?" Martouf asked the dark haired girl. She was being very shy and stood some distance away, not saying anything, but following their discussion with interest.

"Yes." She answered, in a low voice. "Two people. Me and Yosuuf."

"You talk funny - like Lantash!" Sam said. "I don't mean it in any bad way!" She quickly added, when both Martouf and Garshaw started to look unhappy. "I think it's cool!"

"Yeah, me too. I'd like to speak like that!" Daniel said, trying. It sounded really weird and they all giggled.

Martouf got a look of concentration for a moment, then his eyes glowed as Lantash took control.

They all greeted him. "Hi, Lantash!"

"Hello." He smiled at them. "Doesn't Yosuuf speak?"

"Yes, all the time." Garshaw said.

"He meant to us!" Daniel said, giving her a small push and giggling.

Garshaw blushed, then looked very focused. She finally figured out how to let Yosuuf have control. She smiled at them, even more shyly than Garshaw.


Sam gave her a hug. "Hi! Don't be afraid!"
When she stepped back, she had gotten an expression of deep thought on her face.

"Sam-antha. What's up?" Daniel demanded.

"I noticed something funny." Sam walked closer to Lantash.

"What?" He looked at his hands and down himself. "I am funny?"

"No, but you feel funny." She gave him a hug as well. "Yep! You do. You and Yosuuf." She walked over to Daniel and gave him a hug as well, just for good measure. "But not you!"

Lantash pondered this, taking a few steps towards Sam. "You're right. I feel...tingly? when I come closer to you too..." He stepped towards Yosuuf. "And you...but not Daniel." He walked further away, slowly, all the time looking very concentrated.

"What?" Sam demanded, when he returned to them, after circling them.

"You and Yosuuf feel...not the same. You're sort of more...spread out." He gave her a helpless look.

"OK, what's this thing you feel?" Daniel looked both puzzled and angry at being left out.

"Like...a humming? I don't know! But it's stronger near some people." Sam explained.

"Yes, humming or tingling." Lantash agreed.

"Everyone but me?" Daniel looked like he was about to cry.

"No..." Sam thought about it for a long time. "Colo-nel O-Neill didn't...I think."

"Janet didn't too." Yosuuf added.

"See? Just some people." Sam shrugged.

Daniel nodded. "Some people. OK." He still did not look completely happy.

They continued to talk for some time, getting to know each other. The Tok'ra tried to be fair and shifted back and forth between host and symbiote regularly, wanting each to have as much time in control as the other.

Both Daniel and Sam found it endlessly fascinating and were more than a little envious, both that they had such a close friend who was always there, and of them being able to make their eyes glow and talk all funny.

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