Rascals - Chapter 5

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"No one else but us here." Sam concluded, returning from checking in the other room.

"Doctor Janet is in her of-fice." Martouf said, pointing at the closed door at the end of the room.

"Let's go ex-plo-ring!" Daniel said, enthusiastically.

"Good idea." Garshaw agreed. She was less shy now, when she had gotten to know them a little. "I will look over here."

She started looking through the contents of a cart which held an assortment of odd things. She picked them up, one at a time, looking closely at them.

"Lots of weird stuff in here..." Daniel said, gazing at the shelves in the closet he had just opened. He stretched as much as he could and tried to reach a wire-rack full of test-tubes. "What do you think these are?" He pulled them out, almost dropping them, but at the last moment managed to steady the rack.

"Maybe we shouldn't do this..." Lantash said, cautiously. "Doctor Janet said not to touch stuff. So did O-Neill - and Teal'c! They'll get angry." He looked worried.

"We're not doing any harm - we're just looking." Sam said, putting on a much too large white coat she had pulled off a chair. Looking through the pockets, she found a stethoscope and put it on. "See? Now I'm a doctor! Just like Janet!" She looked excited.

"Cool!" Daniel said, impressed. He lost interest in the rack of test tubes, and left them on the floor.

Lantash had gotten hold of a box of tongue depressors. He was curiously pulling them out of the box, studying them. "What are these, you think?"

"For checking your mouth! Didn't Doctor Janet do that to you?" Daniel said.

"Martouf says she did. I just didn't notice."

Sam grabbed a handful of them. "Then I'll do it. Open your mouth!"

He opened up obediently, dropping the rest of the packet on the floor. The tongue depressors scattered.

Yosuuf handed Sam a small flashlight. "Doctor used this."

Sam nodded. She turned it on and put the flash light in Lantash's mouth, while putting the tongue depressor in there too. Lantash made a gagging sound and she pulled both out.

"Looks OK to me." She concluded. "You should eat more ice cream." She added, hoping it sounded like something a doctor would say.

Lantash nodded, then looked unsure. "What is ice cream?"

"It's great! You'll love it!"

Meanwhile, Daniel had returned to examining the contents of the closets. He was currently pulling at some white cloth at the bottom of a tall pile, hoping it would be a doctor's coat like the one Sam had on. Garshaw decided to help him, and soon both of them were pulling hard.

Suddenly, they succeed. Immediately afterwards, the pile tipped and clean towels fell all over them.

Daniel and Garshaw both cried out and tried to get away from the falling cloths, as quickly as possible. In their haste, neither saw the cart with medical equipment standing behind them and it fell over with a loud crash, spilling everything from it, and breaking several things.

Janet came running into the room, alerted by the noise. "What is going on?!" She surveyed the place. Previously clean towels were spread over the floor. A cart had tipped over, and broken glasses, test tubes, and thermometers were scattered all over the floor around it. Sam stood a small distance away, wearing a laboratory coat and wielding a flash light, while Lantash was trying to pick tongue depressor up from the floor and put them back into a big box. Daniel and Garshaw stood beside the tipped over cart, looking guilty. Janet realised no one else, except the children were in the room. "Where is Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c?"

"They left." Sam offered.

"To get some cookies for us." Lantash added, wanting to defend them a little.

"They were supposed to watch you! I will make sure they remember next time! How did all this happen? I told you not to touch anything!"

"I didn't mean to break the stuff." Daniel said, looking like he was close to tears. "I just wanted a coat like Sam has - and all this fell on me!"

"We're sorry!" Garshaw added, looking scared. Sam and Lantash quickly repeated how sorry they were. Then Lantash gave Martouf control.

"Are you angry?"  He looked at her with an innocent expression. "Please don't be angry with us!"

Janet closed her eyes for a moment, telling herself they were small children and had just been playing. O'Neill and Teal'c were the guilty ones. They would pay for this! Oh, would they ever!

"I'm not angry. You didn't hurt yourself?" She began examining them.

"No. We're fine." They all assured her.

Relieved, Janet told them to stay in the other end of the infirmary, while she cleaned up the broken glass.

"Let me help you." Sam offered.

"Yeah, me too!" Daniel started picking up towels.

Martouf and Garshaw enthusiastically began grabbing stuff too, trying to get it all back where it came from.

"No! You'll just hurt yourself. Go!" Janet pointed to where she wanted them to go.

A little disappointed, they dumped the stuff where they stood and turned to leave.

"AUCH!" Martouf cried out, then immediately began to cry.

Janet turned to see what had happened. Somehow, he had managed to step on some broken glass from the - fortunately unused - test tubes. She ran to pick him up, ordering the rest of the kids away as she checked out his foot.

"It hurts!"

"I know, sweetie. I'll fix it." She helped him to get up to sit on one of the beds, then left to quickly return with cotton balls, cleaning alcohol, bandages, and other things.

Martouf was now looking at his foot. It was bleeding from a relatively deep cut stretching across most of the width of the sole. He did not cry anymore, though.

"Lantash did something that made the pain go away."

Janet smiled. "Good. Now, just sit still!" She examined the wound. There was no glass in it, so she just cleaned it. Martouf made a sound as she did so - apparently Lantash did not expect the sting from the alcohol, and so could not counter it.

"Sorry. Now I just need to put a bandage on it, then you'll be fine!"

She prepared the bandage, then looked closer at the injury. It was closing and had already started to heal. Lantash had clearly figured out how to do this, despite not having his memories back yet. Very neat! Janet put the bandage on anyway, to protect the wound.

Martouf carefully got down on the floor, helped by Janet, then limped over to his friends.

He had only just gotten over there, when O'Neill and Teal'c returned to the infirmary, each carrying a tray with some food on.

"Hi, guys!" O'Neill greeted happily. "We've brought you food!"

"Yaaay!" All of them them hurried to see what they had brought.

"And milk." Teal'c added.

"I want coke!" Daniel complained.

"Milk's better for you." O'Neill handed him a small carton, then gave the others one each.

"Colonel!" Janet said sternly, approaching them. "Why did you leave the children alone without informing me?"

"Uh..." O'Neill looked at Teal'c for support. "They were hungry, so we wanted to get them some stuff..."

"Indeed." Teal'c put the tray on one of the beds. "They were hungry, so we brought them food."

The children each grabbed an apple or a banana, as well as two large cookies with colourful M&M's in.

Daniel and Sam enthusiastically bit into the cookies, while Martouf studies the candies embedded in it suspiciously. Garshaw just looked unhappy.

"I don't like apples!" She stared at the offending fruit. "I wanna have a banana!"

"There weren't enough of them. Sorry!" O'Neill apologized. It was a little late in the day for fruit in the mess hall, especially since it was Sunday, and the base usually got new deliveries on Mondays, so...

Garshaw started sniffling, but before she could begin crying in earnest, Daniel handed her his banana. "We can switch. I don't care." He took her apple.

She smiled and happily accepted the banana. "Thank you!"

Daniel shrugged, putting the apple on the bed. "I'm not gonna eat any fruit anyway." He scarfed down the rest of his cookie.

Janet frowned at the displays, but mostly at the 'food'. "Colonel, it's good you got them something to eat, but couldn't you at least have brought them some real food, instead of cookies? All that sugar isn't good for them."

"Ah, come on! They've had a hard day! Gotten...de-aged...and all." He looked hopefully at Janet.

She rolled her eyes. "All right, I'll let this one slide - for now."

O'Neill suddenly noticed the room. "What happened in here?"

"Your charges went exploring when you left them on their own, that's what happened!"

"Oops..." O'Neill looked guilty. Even more so, when he noticed the bandage on Martouf's foot. "Sorry..."

"'Oops' won't cut it! If you want to apologize, you can help cleaning up the place. You, too, Teal'c."

Thankfully, the airman sent out for clothes, returned then.

"Did you have to buy four identical mini-BDUs - complete with combat boots?" O'Neill exclaimed, incredulous.

The children had just changed into their new clothes, and they were looking like a mini-SG team.

"I think they're adorable!" Janet grinned.

"Sorry, sir, but it was past 6 PM when I reached the nearest store, and they had just closed. It's Sunday. Fortunately, my sister works in a store that sell military apparel to tourists, and she got her nice boss to open the store, since it was an emergency."

O'Neill hid his face in his hand. "I hope you didn't tell her four of our people got shrunk in an alien do-hickey!"

"No, sir. I told her we rescued them after bad guys killed their parents..." He looked guilty. "I got a bit desperate when they continued asking. So..."

O'Neill sighed. "Oh, well. Could be worse, I guess." He suddenly noticed the mess that was still apparent in the infirmary. "General Hammond will be back soon. I have some...reports I need to write first. Call me if something happens...like, they get their memories back - or grow up!" He hurried out the door before Janet could say anything.

Teal'c got a faintly panicked expression. "I...need to kel'no'reem. Excuse me." He left quickly.

Janet sighed deeply and shook her head, then turned to the kids.

"Could you sweeties run and play in my office while I take care of this?" She indicated the mess. At least there was nothing they could harm themselves on in her office.

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