Rascals - Chapter 8

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Finally, the children had eaten their food and were very full. They were also very tired, but the large amounts of sugar they had consumed meant they were a bit hyperactive and happily jumped around on the way to the elevator.

O'Neill and Teal'c lead them down to the briefing room where Hammond and Janet were waiting.

"So, did you get enough to eat?" Hammond gave them a friendly smile.

"Yes!" Daniel said, happily. "We got mashed potatoes with ketchup and pie and Coca Cola!"

"Uh...Colonel?" Janet frowned. "Didn't I tell you to give them real food?"

"We got fried chicken with gravy - it was nasty!" Sam said. "Colo-nel O'Neill suggested we use ketchup to hide the taste...and..."

"I think I can guess the rest." Janet sighed.

"If you're ready, we will begin the debrief!" Hammond said, smiling.

The children all dutifully sat down on their - much too large - chairs. They either insisted on crawling up on it on their own, or got help from the adults. They sat, dangling their legs and waiting to tell their story.

"We already know some of what happened. You went to P3X-739 to look at some promising and well preserved ruins. Colonel, will you continue?"

"Yes, sir. We found several texts, indicating a room in the main building, containing a lab with something that was called 'vital to the survival of our race', by the people who originally lived there. Some Goa'uld had been there centuries ago and studied the place and the stuff in the lab. He'd decided to put a locked door on the lab and stupid us decided to open it. Seems the snake had a good reason for locking the place down."

"Yes." Daniel continued. "We couldn't de-cipher it and asked the Tok'ra to help us, and with their help we got it opened. When we got in we found a shit-load of stuff."

"I don't think you're allowed to say shit!" Sam giggled.

"Stuff?" Hammond inquired.

"Yes." Sam said. "You know, alien machines and such. Anyway, in the middle of the room there was this huge thing with antennas and stuff, and we went to look at it."

"And I touched some buttons or something on a con-sole." Daniel explained.

"There was a funny humming sound and then it got louder and all thunder-like and then there was a flash!" Martouf said, wanting to help explain too.

"And then we woke up in the in...in-firmary." Garshaw finished. "Didn't remember a thing."

"That's basically it. Teal'c and I came running as fast as we could when we heard the noise. We discovered they'd gotten the door open and explored the lab. We found them unconscious on the floor - not that we believed it was them at first, because they'd been de-aged." O'Neill added.

Then Janet told Hammond what she had found, and after some more questions, the meeting was adjourned.

The children were exhausted from all the things that had happened that day, but they were still on somewhat of a sugar-high when they followed Janet down to the infirmary, where they would sleep for the night. Janet hoped to get them down there and prepared for bed before they had metabolised all the sugar - they would probably be really tired and mopey as soon as that happened. Better have them in bed by then! Hammond had ordered that a VIP room be prepared for them the next day.

O'Neill and Teal'c went to contact the Tok'ra and inform them of what had happened, as they had been ordered to.

"Damn, Delek was angry! The others weren't happy either, but him! It's like he thought I was personally to blame!" O'Neill grumbled as they walked back to the Stargate.

"I believe they are mainly concerned about their people." Teal'c observed.

"And they didn't trust us to fix this! They've recalled Anise and she'd come 'help' us in a couple days!" O'Neill did not like the thought of that. With Daniel transformed, Anise would not have him to focus her interest on, and she would no doubt let Freya follow her inclinations for him instead. "At least Jacob wasn't home."

"It was my understanding he is the Tok'ra you like best?"

"Normally, yeah, but I can't say I'm looking forward to telling him his daughter's been shrunk to child-size - and on a mission I was in charge of, no less!"

Teal'c nodded, understanding his misgivings. "He would return early in the day after tomorrow. That gives you a whole day to prepare your explanation."

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