Rascals II - Chapter 1

TITLE: Rascals II
CATEGORY: Humour, fluff, kidfic
CHARACTERS: Sam, Martouf/Lantash, Freya/Anise, Daniel, Jack O'Neill, Jacob/Selmak, Janet, Teal'c, others
RATING: PG-13 (probably less)
DISCLAIMER: All publicly recognisable characters and places are the property of MGM, World Gekko Corp and Double Secret Productions. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment only and not monetary purposes and no infringement on copyrights or trademarks was intended. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.
SUMMARY: Sequel to Rascals. The continued adventures of Sam, Martouf, Lantash, Freya, Anise, and Daniel, after they have been turned into children.
SPOILERS: Up to early season 8 or there about.
NOTES: As canon, except all the Tok'ra - and Janet - are just fine! I got inspired by the Star Trek: TNG episode 'Rascals' to write the first installment, and I just found I had more ideas for the story! Some OOC'ness and a little cracky at times.

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"It's snowing!" Sam declared, excitedly, as she looked out of the window.

"Wheeeeeeee! Snowing!" Martouf exclaimed, jumping up on the couch beside Sam, looking out as well.

"Yay! Jack! You promised we could have sleighs if it snowed!" Daniel yelled, wanting to make sure he was heard.

"Snow, snow, snow!" Anise chanted happily as she jumped up and down.

The children were spending two weeks at O'Neill's place after Christmas. They were still staying at the base otherwise, but there was talk about maybe letting them live with O'Neill or Janet, eventually.

The base was not really the right place for children to stay for many years, and since they were only six years old - or the equivalent for the symbiotes - it would be quite many years.

The alien device that had originally turned them into children had short-circuited. As well, Thor had examined them and answered that while it was probably possible for the Asgard to grow the children's bodies back to adult size, their personalities would be another matter. The alien machine had transferred memories, knowledge, feelings...everything, quite faithfully as they were turned into children. However, the personalities were now that of children, and so they would remain, even if the bodies were grown to adult size by the Asgard. The only thing that would transform the personalities to those of adults, were time. They needed to mature naturally, and it was better if the bodies matched their personalities meanwhile.

Currently, the children were on vacation, staying with Colonel O'Neill.

"Not so loud, dammit!" O'Neill complained, sleepily, as he appeared bleary-eyed from his bedroom. "My head hurts!"

"You shouldn't have drunk all that whi-sky with Dad and George yesterday." Sam pointed out. "Janet and Teal'c said so!"

"It was New Year's Eve!" O'Neill defended himself. "It's normal to have a few."

"Teal'c only had soft drinks - as did we." Daniel told him.

"Yeah, yeah. Wise guy." O'Neill yawned. "What time is it? It's barely light outside."

Martouf ran to check the clock in the kitchen. "Almost seven-fifteen!" He yelled.

"I told you guys to be quiet!" O'Neill groaned. "Seven-fifteen! Are you crazy? I've only slept for four hours! I'm going back to bed!"

"But it's snowing!" Anise said.

"I'm hungry!" Daniel whined.

"So am I!" Martouf told him. "And Lantash is too!"

"Well, there's toast in the kitchen, you know how to make that. I think there's peanut butter and other stuff in the fridge." O'Neill turned and started towards his bedroom again.

"I want pancakes!" Sam declared. "With strawberry jam!"

"So do I! With maple syrup! Please?" Martouf begged.

"Gah!" O'Neill hid his face in his hand. What had he done to deserve this? "Listen, if you let me sleep for...ah, four more hours? Then I promise to take you somewhere we can buy toboggans, and I'll make you pancakes for dinner. Deal?"

"But what if the snow has melted before then?" Anise asked, worried.

"I want pancakes now!" Sam stomped her foot.

"Behave yourself, young lady!" O'Neill sent Sam a warning look. "Listen, the snow will be there, trust me." He said tiredly. "Chocolate bars - and toasts - now, pancakes and toboggans later - and ice cream."

Sam nodded happily. "Okay."

"Deal." Daniel said, looking pleased.

Martouf and Anise nodded as well, and O'Neill went to his secret locked cupboard and took out four chocolate bars, not caring if what he did set a bad presedence. That could be handled later. With Janet, he feared, but he was too tired to worry about that now.

"Here." He threw them the candy. "Now, be nice and play quietly. Okay?"

"Lantash wants candy too!" Martouf complained. "Why did we only get one piece?"

"Share it!" O'Neill pulled the door shut behind him and threw himself on the bed, then pulled the blanket up over his head, trying to sleep.

Sam stood balancing on a chair, popping bread into the toaster. "How many pieces of toast do you want?"

"Two." Anise told her. "Freya wants one extra."

"Two - and a half." Daniel added after thinking about it.

"I don't want toast. I want pancakes." Martouf grumbled. "Lantash says he wants two pieces."

"Okay..." Sam thought about it. "So...two plus one plus two-and-a-half...plus two...plus two for me...that's...nine-and-a-half." She started plucking more bread out of the bag. She was about to tear one of the pieces in two when Martouf stopped her.

"If I can't have pancakes now, I want the extra half piece."

"But what if I don't want it roasted the same amount as you do?" Daniel complained. "Sam, you should still cut it before roasting it."

She tore the bread, making it crumble into pieces. "Oops."

"I told you to cut it." Daniel admonished. "Not tear it."

Sam stuck her tongue out. "Wise guy!"

"Hey! Only Jack can call me that!"

He pushed her, and she swayed precariously for a moment before grabbing hold of the cable to the toaster. It was ripped from the wall and Sam tumbled backwards. Martouf, Daniel, and Anise all tried to catch her, but the chair tipped and Sam fell to the floor, knocking down the others as well. There was a loud crash, followed by a smaller crash as the toaster fell as well. They all started crying.

O'Neill came running into the kitchen, looking suddenly scared. "What happened?!" He stared at the scenario. "Is anyone hurt?" He picked up the toaster and put it away before anyone got burned, then checked out the children.

"Daniel pushed me!" Sam cried.

"No, I didn't!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"He did!" Freya and Martouf said in unison.

"Okay, listen it doesn't matter who did what!" He did his best to embrace all of the crying children. "Are you allright?"

"My finger hurts!" Freya complained, holding out the little finger of her right hand. "Anise says she is healing it."

O'Neill took a look at it. There was a small scrape on it, which he deemed not even needing of a band-aid. He blew on it. "So, better?"

Freya nodded. "A little."

Having checked that none of the others were hurt, he moved the chair away and started toasting the bread for them. "I guess I should have done this in the first place." He sighed. Sleep would have to wait until the children had eaten breakfast - he was just happy none of them were seriously hurt, and he was feeling more than a little ashamed at not having been more attentive.

"Shh, quiet." Sam whispered as they opened the outer door. "The Colonel needs to sleep."

They all went outside, stopping at the doorstep to look at the snow for a moment before leaving the house. They all wore warm clothing, having remembered they would need it.

"Snow! Lots and lots and lots of snow!" Anise squealed.

"Remember, Jack says to use Freya's voice or let her talk when we're outside." Daniel reminded her.

"Yes, I remember!" Anise rolled her eyes. "Usually." She grinned. Suddenly she was hit by a snowball in the back of her head, almost knocking off her knitted hat. "Augh! WHO DID THAT!" She turned around to see a widely grinning Martouf. "I WILL GET YOU FOR THAT!" She ran after him.

"Snowball fight!" Sam cried at the top of her voice, as she started throwing snowballs at Martouf and Anise who were now fighting in the snow.

Martouf had wrestled Anise to the ground, and were about to dump a large armful of snow on her, when Sam dropped a huge bunch of snow on him. She giggled as she ran.

"Samantha!" Martouf exclaimed. "Just wait until I catch you!" He gave control to Lantash, in order to gain a little extra speed, and they spurted off after Sam.

Meanwhile, Anise was trying to get up, spluttering from the snow that had fallen as much on her, as on Martouf. She was almost standing when Daniel snuck up from behind her and threw a soft snowball at short distance - which meant it exploded in a cascade of snow over her.
He turned to run, but was not quite fast enough, and Anise grabbed hold of him and pulled him down with her, shoveling snow over him as fast as she could.

Lantash made a jump and caught Sam, both of them tumbling to the ground. They rolled around for a few moments, before Lantash came up on top, holding Sam down as best he could with his legs and one hand, while he used the other to dump snow on her, laughing triumphantly.

"Okay, peace?" Sam suggested, holding out a snow-covered glove.

"Peace." The others all agreed, all of them looking just as much like snowmen as she did.

"We should build a snowman." Daniel suggested, looking down himself.

"I'm tired." Lantash said, yawning. "And hungry."

"Why not a snowwoman." Freya insisted.

"We need a carrot, a scarf, a broom, a hat, and some small rocks." Sam listed.

"Can I have a carrot too?" Lantash sounded interested.

"It's for decorating the snowman, silly!" Sam smiled.

"How can you decorate something with those things?" Freya wondered.

"Carrot for nose, rocks for eyes and mouth...and so on...but if you wanna make a snowwoman we need a skirt or something." Daniel explained.

"Why? Why can't a woman wear the same things as a man?" Sam said.

"How do we know she's a snowwoman then?" Daniel pointed out.

"We give her large breasts." Lantash said.

The others shrugged. "Okay."

They set to building.

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