Rascals II - Chapter 18

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The adults ate their pieces of cake slowly, while the children wolfed theirs down.

"Gift-time!" Freya said, her mouth full of cake.

"Wait until we've all finished eating - and don't talk with your mouth full!" Janet admonished.

Freya emptied her glass of lemonade and put it down. "I am finished."

"I said all of us, not just you. What about Anise? Everyone else?" Janet asked gently.

"Anise is not hungry anymore either." Freya looked around. "Sam, Martouf, Lantash, and Daniel have finished their food as well."

"We kids can open gifts while you grown-ups finish eating, can't we?" Daniel suggested, hopeful. "After all, it's our birthday, so we're the only ones that have any gifts to open!"

"Yeah, can't we?" Lantash added.

"Please?" Sam looked at Janet with her most adorable expression. "Pretty please?"

Jacob grinned. "Give up and surrender, Janet! They won't give you the peace to eat your own cake, otherwise."

"Yeah, it may not be the right signal to send, but sometimes you have to cut your losses and give in." O'Neill said, smiling wryly. "Okay, kids. Go for it...there should be name tags on all the presents."

"Yaaaaaaaaaay!" Sam squealed, followed by similar outcries from the other children. They ran to the low table and started grabbing at the colourful, wrapped packages.

Daniel picked up one of the presents and shook it, trying to determine its contents.

"Careful, Danny-boy!" O'Neill called out. "Some of the stuff is fragile!"

"I am careful!" Daniel sounded indignant. He began tearing at the paper, suddenly seeing his name was not on the tag. "Oops..."

"Hey, that's mine!" Sam exclaimed, snatching the package from Daniel.

"Wheeeee! I got a D-V-D...'Finding Nemo'!" Anise squealed.

"It's about fish. Who wants to watch a movie about fish!" Lantash said, shuddering.

"I got a copy of the first season of 'Wormhole Extreme'..." Sam frowned. "If you want, I'll let you watch that."

"Maybe. What is it?" Lantash asked, as he unwrapped his gift.

"Science fiction." Sam explained.

"Made to take away peoples focus from the Stargate project." Daniel explained. "What did ya get?" He asked Lantash.

"DVDs...the 'Star Wars Collectors edition'" Lantash sighed. "From Teal'c. I believe we have watched this before."

"Several times." Sam said, grinning. "It's his favourite!"

"It also contains a figure...of a hairy, faintly humanoid creature. I believe it is a character in the movie, called 'Chewbacca', or something." Lantash said, then bowed his head and transferred control to Martouf. 

"Yup." Sam said. "You got that right."

Martouf looked over the packages and snatched one with his name on the tag, unwrapping it quickly. "First season of something called 'Star Trek: Deep Space 9'. Science fiction, I am guessing, from the picture on the front."

"I also got a D-V-D...it is called 'Star Trek: First Contact." Freya told them.

Daniel opened his present, finding a DVD also. "Star Trek: The Original Series. First season. We all got sci-fi - except Anise."

"Yes, Teal'c chose them for you." O'Neill said, smiling. He stuffed the rest of his cake into his mouth. "Great cake, T!" He said, with his mouth still full.

"I still think they're too young for most of those." Jacob complained. "They're only seven - and three!"

"Aw, come on! They've all got memories of much worse things than what those movies show!" O'Neill said. "They can handle it!" He sighed. "We should really have gotten you a couple seasons of Simpson's. It's a great series. You'll love it."

"Or you would, at any rate...as for them having memories of nasty stuff? Yes, but for some reason they usually do not actively remember many of their previous experiences and knowledge." Janet pointed out. She sighed. "But I agree, those movies will probably not hurt them." 

The children unwrapped the rest of their - quite many - gifts. Several of the people on the base, as well as many of the Tok'ra, had wanted to give them something. Among other things, they got the much-wanted playstation with a couple of games - though not the ones Sam had wished for. They also got LEGO, and new clothes and shoes, as they were starting to out-grow what they had. In addition to this, they each got swimwear - something which confused the Tok'ra greatly, because why would you wear clothes when you swim, if you don't when you bathe?

"Time to play a game!" Janet called out.

"Yay, game!" Sam clapped her hands.

"In a moment...I'm building an awesome model of the Sphinx," Daniel said, absent-mindedly.

"Now, Daniel," O'Neill told him, sternly.

Daniel sighed, but joined the others. "Okay, okay..."

"Come on! Not just the kids! The more the merrier!" Janet grinned. "Rhiva and I have picked several games that'll be fun for all of us!"

"I shall join you, then." Teal'c said.

"Dad?" Sam looked at Jacob.

He rolled his eyes, but eventually gave in to Selmak's desire to make the children happy. "Okay..."

"Cassie?" Janet asked.

Cassandra sighed, feeling she was really to old for these kinds of children's games, but if Jacob participated, she could hardly say that. "I guess." She shrugged and joined them.

"No one else?" Janet challenged. "Jack? Malek?"

Malek groaned inaudibly, but joined them. "As you wish."

"Ah...no, no, no!" O'Neill said. "My knee is hurting more than usually, so I don't think so!" He had barely gotten the words out, before he realised his error.

"Your knee hurts? Why haven't you come down to the infirmary, then?" Janet gave him a sharp look. "I expect to see you there first thing tomorrow morning!" She then gave control to Rhiva.

"While we can relieve the pain temporarily, with either a healing device or medicine, there is also a more permanent solution, as you know..." Rhiva said.

"Permanent solution?" O'Neill asked, suspiciously.

"Yes, a good friend of mine is currently in a tank, and he..."

"Ah. No!" O'Neill shook his head. "I'll happily admit I've gotten to like...most of you guys, but I'm not ready for a permanent lodger."

"That is your choice, of course," Rhiva said, shrugging. She then gave control back to Janet.

"You know, Jack, you really should consider it. There's lots of advantages, and as your doctor..." Janet said, smiling. O'Neill gave her a long-suffering look, and she decided to let it go. For now, at least. "Anyone else want to join our games?"

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